Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tim's Mom and Sis

by unknown

Tim was 14. He lived in New York with his mother and sister, Cindy. Tim's dad had died when he was 10, leaving him under the care of his mother. However, Tim’s mother was a femi-nazi lesbian. She hated males and was thus determined to make all males she knew suffer. She even made up her mind to bring up Cindy in an "upright" way so that she could pass down the skill to her future generations of females.

Ever since he was 11, his mother made him do all household chores. To train her daughter, she made Cindy the mistress of Tim. He had to obey his sister in whatever she told him to do. Every morning, Cindy would make Tim prepare breakfast, sweep the floor, wash the clothes. When Tim reached 14, Cindy was a stunning beauty at 16. Having reached puberty, mother decided to each daughter more about boys and how to exploit them more easily.

"Boys have something that females do not have. Do you know that, Cindy?" asked mother.

"They have birds while we have bees?" replied Cindy.

"Smart girl. They have penises and balls."


"Yeah. And if you or any girl were to hit a boy in his balls... ahaha---"

"I know! They will scream in a darn high-pitched voice and clutch their balls! Right mummy? Just like when cousin Janice hit daddy with a golf stick in his balls when I was 8, remember?"

"Oh yes, how could I ever forget. Your poor old father. He was in such pain. Heehee.

Anyway, being a girl, you have to learn more about boy's birds. Now that you are reaching womanhood, I guess it's time you learn how wimpy and weak boys are. Lets go to Tim now."

Mother summoned Tim and ordered him to get undressed right away. Tim looked about awkwardly and shyly as his sister was present as well but the look at his mother’s face told him to obey. So Tim stripped and was blushing shyly in front of two women.

"Here’s the cock and there's the balls." Mother grabbed hold of Tim's organs and explained. "Alright Cindy. Come hold it, feel it and play with it."

Cindy just grabbed hold of it. It was her first time seeing and touching a cock so she felt equally awkward.

"No, squeeze them."

Cindy did just as she was told and he squirmed uncomfortably. Being a sadist, Cindy really enjoyed seeing her brother so uncomfortable. However, her tender and soft hands grabbing his balls and her eyes staring at his cock made it suddenly spring to 5 1/2 inches long. "Wow!"

Mother started to explain, "That's the male’s specialty. Whenever they see a pretty girl or are excited, their cocks elongate. Tim is probably sexually aroused by your presence, Cindy. Am I right, Tim?" Tim was so ashamed and humiliated. He had to admit.

"Shall we punish him?" asked mother.

"Sure!" an excited Cindy replied.

"Shall I kick him in the balls just like cousin Janice did to dad? Can I mother? Please?

"Wow you sure are a fast learner. Since you sound so certain, from today onwards, you are in full control over Tim. He now needs your permission to pee or to do anything. I do not care about Tim. Cindy, you are a girl. You should know how to bully boys by now."

"Thanks mum. But I have a question mother. The other day, while Tim was washing our clothes, I saw him sniff my pink panties and rub his cock. What was he doing?" Tim was horrified. He had been caught. Oh how humiliated he felt.

"Oh, so that’s what our Tim has been up to. Come here Tim! Cindy, he was actually masturbating and using your panties as he finds you really sexy. He needs you to find sexual release. That’s another problem with boys. They need to play with their pricks; otherwise they will 'die'. And to do that, Tim actually needs your panties, which shows how much your panties and cunt means to him. He sniffs them, which shows that he actually worships your cunt and panties like he does to a goddess."

"Wow! Is that true, Tim?" an excited and bewildered Cindy asked. Tim could only nod his head ashamedly.

"Leave us alone you pervert," mother told Tim, who rushed away.

"Cindy, from now on, you are in control. You can do whatever you want to him. Do you know what to do, Cindy?"

"Sure. I could kick his balls, squeeze them whenever I like."

"Is that all you can think of?"


"Omigosh. You have a lot to learn, dear. I will teach you, don't worry. You are 16 this year Cindy. Like boys, we women need sexual releases as well."

"We do? How? We do not have cocks."

"Come, lemme teach you. I am sure you are going to enjoy this. Strip, dear." Meanwhile, Tim had recovered and was peeping. Cindy unbuckled her blouse, revealing a white lacy bra. Her skirt was off next, followed by her panties. Mother said, "Watch and learn." She put her tongue in Cindy's cunt and began to lick it. Cindy suddenly groaned and felt like she was in heaven. Never had she felt so good in her life. Tim was also in heaven. Never had he seen his sister's cunt. He was jerking off. All of a sudden, Cindy screamed. She had reached her first climax.

"Wow mum, that was good," Cindy said.

"Of course, when your dad was courting me, I always made him kiss and lick my feet and also lick my cunt. That’s why I say, Cindy, you are gonna have lots of fun from now on." Just then, Tim suddenly groaned as he shot his cum onto the floor from upstairs. His cum landed exactly on Cindy's white canvas shoes, one floor down.

"TIM!!! Come down now!" An angry mother shrieked. "What were you doing upstairs?”

“Cindy, I am handling him to you from now on."

"Hey you fucking pervert. You were peeping at me and mum, weren't you?" Cindy yelled at her terrified brother. He nodded. "Now get down on your knees." Tim obeyed. Cindy then sat on his back and made Tim crawl over to her shoes.

"You messed up my shoe. I want you to clean them with your mouth!" Cindy shouted. The timid Tim then humilatedly licked up every drop of his cum on his sister’s shoes. As he did so, Cindy noticed that his dick was erect again. She sat herself comfortably on a chair and told Tim to kneel before her. Tim ashamedly looked down at her sister’s feet, avoiding her gaze. Cindy used her barefoot and felt his dick. It felt rock-hard. The 16-year-old sadist suddenly stabbed her barefoot into his balls and suddenly he shrieked and grabbed his balls, grimacing in pain. Mother looked from upstairs and felt happy that Cindy was learning fast. That was the one and only way men should be treated.

"I am gonna punish you for always sniffing my panties without my permission." Unknown to them, Mother had been secretly filming everything on the video cam. Cindy made Tim lie on the floor. She lifted up her skirt and suddenly sat on his face, with her pantied crotch covering his nose and mouth, while her free hands were squeezing his balls

Tim really was out of breath. His sister's cute ass and crotch really was too much for him. He passed out. Cindy went to her wardrobe and picked out four of her favorite panties and tied Tim spread-eagled to the legs of the tables. Mother came down and told Cindy about the tape and Cindy became very excited.

“Let's duplicate it and send to all of Tim’s friends. When will he wake up?"

"Trust me! Just urinate on him and he will recover in no time," mother said. Cindy removed her panties and just peed on Tim. Sure enough, he did recover, only to be met by Cindy's black high heels on his balls. He groaned in agony but could do nothing.

"I got it. Mum. Let’s play a game. You get all your panties downstairs and I’ll get mine. We blindfold him and place a panty over his nose each time. If he sniffs wrongly, we stomp his balls hard!"

"That sounds like fun!" mother said. Tim was blindfolded with mother’s black nyloned stockings and the game started. Cindy put her panty over Tim's nose and removed it in four seconds.

"So whose panty is it?"

"... erm..."

"Wrong! It’s mine. Heehee." Cindy put on her high heels and gave Tim’s balls a hard stomp. Tim's face changed in expression as both women witnessed his look. They sure enjoyed it.

They played on for over two hours but even when Tim guessed it right, which he did almost all of the time, both sadists would lie and say he was wrong. At the end of the game Tim’s' balls had swelled considerably and he looked worn out.

"Let call it a day. Tim! Take me to my room now!" Cindy ordered. The meek Tim carried Cindy up to her room and laid her down. She made him open his mouth as she peed into his mouth before making him lick her cunt dry. Cindy whacked him in the balls using her magazine, removed her panties and placed it over Tim's face. Sleep with the panty over you, wimp! And if you dare cum, I am gonna break your balls."

The next morning Tim woke up early to prepare breakfast. Cindy and mother woke up and Tim greeted them.

"Fuck You! Where are your manners? Don't you know how to treat women? On your knees and kowtow!” mother said as she whammed her heels into his swelling balls. Cindy did likewise.

As the trio got ready to have breakfast Cindy grabbed Tim's balls and said, "You wanna eat? Eat me out first!" Cindy lifted her nightgown and signaled for Tim. He hesitated but was reminded almost immediately with mother’s rolling pin against his balls. He licked her cunt while Cindy ate breakfast. Cindy winked to her mother as her mum toed his dick to orgasm.

"Fuck You! How dare you cum on my feet!!" Cindy yelled angrily. Cindy and mother then lifted Tim and carried him to the staircase railing.

"N-No, pleaseee! No!" Tim pleaded but Cindy released him and down he slid down the railings and right into the pillar.

"AAWWWWW! That’s gotta hurt man!" Cindy said.

Cindy made Tim wear a black bra over his white school shirt before they left for school. "From now on, that's what you will wear to school everyday!! And whenever I stand up from my chair, you are to kiss the seat. You got me, wimp?" Cindy asked as she squeezed Tim's balls, showing him that he meant business. Tim couldn’t wait to get home that day because of the numerous stares he got from girls

He got home and immediately stripped naked and kneeled on the floor in front of the door. Cindy entered and greeted him with a straight kick to his balls. Tim doubled up but quickly recovered to lick Cindy’s' shoes and feet clean.

"I've got a real treat for you today," Cindy said as she and mother bound Tim up with bras. Cindy removed her panty and blood soaked tampon and ordered Tim to suck it clean. Tears flowed down his eyes as he did so whilst mother chatted with Cindy in private.

"Cindy, you know nothing gives a woman greater pleasure than popping a guy’s balls?"

"Popping?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah. You know the balls are like eggs. They will break if you apply enough force on them. Since he has two balls, lets break one each alright?"

"Deal! Sounds like fun." Cindy and mother chatted till morning.

The next morning Cindy dressed up in a real tight miniskirt and very tight-fitting blouse, putting on her favorite pair of stilettos, while mother dressed in a leather outfit with heels of at least seven inches. As they walked down Tim’s eyes stared at their bodies and feet. Cindy tied his hands to the tables with her stockings and placed her pad into his mouth to gag him.

"Party time!" Music suddenly blasted as mother and Cindy danced to the music on Tim, trampling him badly and occasionally stomping on his balls. Then came the Macarena and Cindy started to really stamp her feet on Tim's balls as his face showed sever discomfort. Nevertheless, his dick still sprang to life to the music and in royal acknowledgement of the women's superiority. He really was excited by Cindy's legs.

Suddenly, Cindy just placed her full body weight on Tim's left ball and stayed there till the trio heard an audible sound. Tim wanted to yell but the sanitary pad in his mouth only served to humiliate him further. Cindy was also in a frenzy now. She groaned and the juices flowed. Mother got real excited and decided she wanted her share in it too. Being much heavier, and the constant abusing of Tim’s balls, mother needed only a fraction of a second to pop Tim's ball, though her orgasm came later.

Tim was really red-faced and in agony now. He could not have any kids in the future. Cindy took out her lipstick and wrote on Tim's body, "GAL POWER!!" She blindfolded him with her bra and tied him up with her panties before dumping him at the busy town square.

Epilogue: Later, Tim was sent to the asylum. Cindy became a professional dominatrix while mother became a university lecturer in woman studies.


Anonymous said...

i can see myself kissing the chair of a woman when she gets up .. and being kicked in the balls over and over .. but the popping of balls seems to be a self defeating thing. they can only be popped once ....

slaveBoy said...

I love the most severe female domination in the family, violent and merciless Moms and Sisters who keep their husbands, sons and brothers under all sort of abuses, humiliations and savage beatings.

All time I dream about families where men live in a FemDom hell under sadistic and brutal female relatives. :)

Anonymous said...

This sort of thing almost happened to me when I was visiting family in Ireland.

I was asleep on the couch, but when I awoke, I had been moved to the kitchen table and my hands and feet were bound to the legs of it. The next thing I noticed were my two cousin's (we'll just call them susan and tiffany) standing next to me almost completely naked with high heels on their feet. Immediately they began jumpping on me and kicking my balls, I'd never felt so much pain in my life it was unreal....Now being Scottish(yeah forgot to mention I'm from Scotland) whenever I'm in phisical pain caused by someone else instead of crying like a big baby and begging for mercy like most of the twerps in these stories do, I got very angry, I got so angry i ripped the bonds from my hands and threw myself up at them landing two solid punches in their coupons(faces) I untied the bonds on my feet and got up oof the table. To my surprise the punches had been so hard that I'd knocked my cousins out cold or so I thought, as I began to pull my boxers on. my cousin tiff stood up and tried to kick me in the nuts from behind only to be stopped by her mum, my aunt ellen. I told her what was goin on but what I heard next will haunt me forever. She said "Can I give it a go?" after hearing this I grabbed my pants and shoes and ran upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Eventually they gave up trying to get in and went out, I then packed my things grabbed my passport and got a taxi to the airport and I've never been back to Ireland since.

Anonymous said...

What a wimp. I mean seriously. I could take any of that shit with out flinching. Most guys are like: "Man i can take anything" BULL SHIT! Kick them in the balls and they are down. Yes im a guy and im not just saying I can take it. I have been in a dungeon. Almost everything has been dont ta me. I mean, seriously. Either this guy secretly loved it, or he was too weak to say no. End of story.

Anonymous said...

You did good man. My name is Tyrus Silvertail and i want to say that i would be proud to have a friend like you. Strong, almost fearless, and emotions beyond the human spectrum. You should become a furry. I am. Contact me via or by via facebook under Pup Tyrus. And yes. My comment for this page is below yours where i put "BULL SHIT." So yeah. Contact me.

Anonymous said...

Also. I will be keeping track this page to see if you respond.

Anonymous said...

You have not responded