Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tom Learns from Jennifer


Mandy did not see Jennifer and Tom fight the next day as Jennifer had promised, so she never knew if they had fought that the day after watching her brutalize Greg in her fight with him. She had fantasized about the fight that Jennifer and Tom might have had, had they let her watch, but it was not the same as being there.

The thought of the two adults going at it in a no holds barred physical contest melted her insides as she envisioned Jennifer dominating Tom in a fight until he pleaded for mercy as Greg and other boys had done under her youthful punishment. When she thought about it she realized she had not seen them much at all since that day when Greg had crawled from her victorious field of battle holding his balls in agony as he moaned in humiliated and very pained defeat. It had not been the last time for him either.

On occasion, she saw the comings and goings of Jennifer and Tom, but almost always separately and her parents had let slip in their conversations that the young couple next door might be having a few problems in their now one year marriage. At night she had heard their occasional shoutings and some thumps and muffled cries of pain from next door, but those few times merely fueled her curiosity and imaginings.

It was nearly the anniversary of Mandy's first ball stomping defeat of Greg when Jennifer saw Mandy outside as she came home from work and waved to her. On the occasions Mandy saw Jennifer she was always struck by how beautiful she thought Jennifer was and sophisticated in her striking business suits. About 27 and 5'6" in height Jennifer was entering her span of peak years of maturity and beauty. She was four years older than her husband Tom and believed that might be part of her problem with him. Jennifer's finely shaped feminine, but muscular taut legs were her best feature in Mandy's opinion, although as Mandy's Dad had observed and stated when his wife wasn't present, 'That Jennifer is quite a package." meaning he liked all of her features. Slender and graceful with a well but not overly endowed bust, Jennifer exuded a confident elegance and sexuality in her manner. While elegant and graceful, her appearance was one of well-toned muscular power as well. Her confident stride and purposeful manner made it clear that she would not be deterred in her objectives and any one in her way would have regrets when she finished with him. Mandy knew she would not want to tangle with her.

"Mandy, come on over," Jennifer called to Mandy as their eyes met while Jennifer was heading into her house. Mandy responded by breaking into a large smile and skipping over to Jennifer's drive, her well shaped bare legs flashing attractively in the sunlight. "Remember last year when I said I would invite you over to watch Tom and I fight after you crushed that bully Greg?"

"Yes, I remember, but you never did call me. Did you have a fight and did you win?" Mandy asked with an expectant gleam in her eyes.

"No, we didn't that next night, but we have had some run-in's recently. That's the reason I called you over. I'm tired of him and the way he acts like such a spoiled child anymore. I'm calling a showdown tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I want to really make him hurt. Really hurt where it will count. You know what I mean," Jennifer said looking Mandy straight in the eye with a cruel glint.

"I know what you mean," Mandy smiled in reply pantomiming with her attractive adolescent leg a knee being driven into a groin.

"Good girl, you've got the picture, only if I have my way, there will be a lot more than just a knee and it will be my pleasure to do it to him too. He has really grown insufferable and obstinate. I would like someone here to watch me humiliate him. He is petty and thinks he is just too tough. He doesn't know the meaning. I want to make him pay for this past year and pay for it into the future." Just hearing Jennifer's voice state her desire to crush her husband left Mandy feeling slightly weakened with excitement as she imagined Jennifer doing to Tom what she had done to Greg several times since the first time.

Jennifer continued, "I overheard your folks yesterday saying the family was going to the lake this weekend. I know it is a holiday week end and most of the neighborhood will be gone, which is going to be perfect for me, but would your parents let you come over instead while they are at the lake? Would you mind staying? I think you might get to see more fun that you would have at the lake. Don't tell them what it is about though, I don't think they would like that, although I don't think your mother minds you hurting boys they way you do. By the way, it is very exciting to watch you physically master those boys. Would you like to watch me beat Tom? I would really like to have you watching. I want to return the exciting favor you gave me last year. You could bring one of those other pretty girls that you run around with if you like."

Mandy's response was an instant "Yes!! Don't worry about Mom; she'll let me stay here with you. In fact, she frequently says she wishes I would grow up to be more like you. This will be perfect! Besides, it would surprise you if I told you some of the things about my Mom. I think you might like them."

"Come about 3:00 o'clock" Jennifer said closing the conversation with a satisfied smile and a shiver of anticipation. Mandy arrived a few minutes ahead of 3:00 p.m. and brought her friend Anne with her. Both were very excited since Mandy had explained to Anne what had transpired the day before. The neighborhood was empty and quiet since there had been a block party which the neighbors had agreed to move to the local lake. Anne's family, who lived several blocks away, had gone to visit relatives and had reluctantly allowed her to go with Mandy and avoid the family outing. Mandy's mother had asked only a few questions and then allowed her daughter to stay. When the girls opened the gate walked into the tall fenced back yard where they had heard sounds of heated conversation, Jennifer saw them and waved them in.

"What are they doing here?" Tom had asked surprised and sullenly.

"I invited them to watch me bust you up," Jennifer responded assertively.

"Fine by me, only they are going to learn their place from the lesson I'll be teaching you," Tom stated toughly.

"I'm ready whenever you are," Jennifer said.

"Girls go ahead and take those two ring side seats," Jennifer said pointing to two lawn chairs. Tom knew all too well the power of his maturing wife. Since the episode where Jennifer had brought him off with her hand while they both watched Mandy humiliate her brother in a fight with the final crushing kicks to his balls, he and Jennifer had "tussled" more than once in the ensuing weeks, but then things had changed gradually between them to a point of underlying but mutual anger towards each other. During those earlier "tussles" he had held his own even while holding back and letting Jennifer sometimes overcome him, in his own mind, but the tussles had never gotten really serious. A few times he had taken a bared knee in the balls when the tussling became a bit rambunctious, but never too hard and they were always accidental according to Jennifer and they would eventually move on to other adult activities in which he assumed the dominant role. In a real struggle, he knew she would be no match for him and had decided now, since she was forcing the issue, that he would teach her a lesson she would not forget. He might make it so that she wouldn't be able to forget it.

He had resisted her arguments at first, but as she had challenged his manhood he felt he had reached sufficient grounds to teach her a lesson. And after the first lesson, he vowed to bully her every chance he got. While the two adolescent girls were well shaped for their age, they eyed Jennifer Martin with a certain envy as she stood in her aggressive pose facing her husband Tom.

The girls themselves had nothing to be ashamed of and were just in the early stages of maturing into what would be ravagingly attractive women. For their ages they were knockouts in themselves. Jennifer Martin was wearing a sports type bikini of which the bottom was cut to accentuate her well shaped legs making them appear long enough to kick out and touch the moon. The top firmly held her breasts in place with the nipples pointing aggressively into the fabric displaying them clearly. Jennifer's long luxuriant hair was pulled back and tied into an unbraided ponytail by a forest green elastic hair band. Mandy noted she was also wearing black shoes with a strap to hold it firmly to her foot that Mandy's mother had often called Mary Janes. They appeared delicate and yet looked as though attached to a woman that knew how to use her feet and legs would create a lot of damage to a man, in about any place she would choose to strike. Firm rounded toe and low broad hard heel which clacked when it struck a hard surface made Mandy warm inside when she thought of the hurt she could cause her brother or any other boys when kicking their face, stomach and best of all their nuts with shoes like those. Those shoes meant business and Mandy felt a tingle in her own groin as she envisioned what those shoes behind well-placed kicks might do to Jennifer's man.

Still the girls weren't certain. Even though only twenty-two, Tom was not a boy and even though Mrs. Martin seemed to be vibrating with emotional energy, Tom appeared a formidable opponent with his broad chest, hard stomach and muscular legs. In his own eye he had a mean glint as he stared with insolent confidence at his wife. The girls whispered to one another that they would be prepared to help break his balls if he started getting the better of Mrs. Martin. Who said a fight had to be fair?

Watching the anger in her eyes, Tom was sure her first strike would be into his nutsack and he positioned himself for defense of his jewels. Jennifer was confident of her win and knew Tom might get in a punch or two but in her own mind the outcome and agony she would inflict on Tom were as good as a sure bet. At this stage of the fight, each envisioned themselves as victors.

Mandy and Anne watched while Tom and Jennifer circled each other cautiously, Tom's larger frame blotting out Jennifer from the watching girls view each time as they maneuvered in circles. Finally Tom's patience for waiting for the most desirable opening wore thin and he approached Jennifer in a crouch with left arm and hand lowed to protect his balls with the intent to bowl her over. The lowered arm and hand were all Jennifer needed and in the last three feet of his approach she sprung from her low defensive position into a devastatingly powerful spinning circle in which her well shaped right leg extended itself with her right foot crushing into the side of Tom's head. The heel of the Mary Jane gave a forceful crack and Tom's body fell hard on his right side with him too stunned to utter a sound.

She was serious, his spinning head told him, but it was too late and his head hurt too much to take a defensive action as she crowded towards him drawing her foot back and striking the toe of her Mary Jane into his exposed throat. If he had wanted to say anything before he couldn't now other than to moan or scream out - intelligible words could not make it past the pain of his kicked windpipe. This forceful kick had laid him out and back on the thick grass with the pain from her powerful kick involuntarily convulsing him into a position wrestlers refer to as a bridge, where head and neck and the feet keep the body elevated off the mat to avoid a pin. While useful in wrestling, it merely exposed his walnut sized balls and thick cock beneath his cotton shorts as the most desired target on Jennifer's wish list.

She thrilled at this early opportunity to kick into his nuts and knew it wouldn't last long -it would be only a second or two before he collapsed from this involuntary position of pain. Mandy and her friend Anne also recognized this opportunity which shouldn't be wasted. Only for a moment they feared that Jennifer would not come through with the blow to his nuts since he was her husband. Each girl observed excitedly that Tom's balls and cock were bigger than those of the boys they had witnessed before. They wondered silently if the bigger the balls the greater the pain.

Both shouted with demand in unison, "Kick his balls Mrs. Martin, kick his balls! Hurt him good! Please!" they begged and were satisfied as Jennifer favored them with a cruel glint in her eye and went into action.

Staring almost mesmerized by this opportunity at his nuts she whispered, "Beautiful." to herself at this wonderful opportunity to do Tom hurtful damage for the disinterest and pain she had experienced from him the past few months, and then without wasting a motion Jennifer glided forward closing the distance between where she stood and where her last powerful kick to the throat had landed Tom. She seized opportunity while it was available to her, planting her left foot firmly outside of his right hip while arcing her right leg and foot backwards and then in a single graceful motion forward brought her Mary Jane clad foot powerfully between the elevated vee created by his legs just as his agonized body reached it's involuntary arching apex from her last kick to his throat.

In this instant of his helpless pained state, Tom could only witness the inevitable through the welling tears of hurt in his eyes from her kick to his throat and head as her pretty leg accelerated toward his balls. The toe of her Mary Jane drove deep into the vee of his legs and punched his scrotum and balls deep into him leaving her with a pleasured and satisfied feeling especially as his body bucked with her strike and she heard the animal sound of his tortured scream from the agony she created in his balls. She felt his legs close involuntarily and powerfully from anguished pain against her right leg which was still placed deep in his crotch with her knowing that his pain was tremendous. His muscular thighs closing on her ankle only increased her sense of power and pleasured feeling knowing that his legs were drawn tight involuntarily by the monstrous hurt her kick had given to his balls and knowing his thighs were no match for hers even in his involuntary tortured state.

She wiggled her foot savagely scrambling his nuts, maintaining the pain at a crescendo level and then drew back forcefully bringing her knee up high enough to touch her breast and then delivered a tremendous stomp to his pain softened gut before the powerful contraction of his muscles pulled him into a fetal ball from her previous deep nut kick. His whoosh of air left him feeling the pain in his balls, but no air to even scream further in agony. He was silenced and gasping by her stomping. When Jennifer's powerful kick had connected with Tom's nutsack, she had shouted "Yes!" in exultation while the girls sitting in the lawn chairs watching with admiration at her power had leapt from their chairs and also shouted "Ohhhh Yesssss!" excitedly in delighted chorus.

Jennifer and the two watching girls were getting wet and fiery in their loins with Jennifer's easy triumph of Tom and the promise of more to come. Anne's hand had drifted lazily to between her slender silken thighs thinking it might be even easier to beat men than it had the boys she had humiliated but recognized that Jennifer was a full grown woman with powerful shapely calves, thighs, and ankles with a hardened belly and muscular arms like her own, only more matured. She thought forward with anticipated pleasure to a future when she would be busting a man's balls rather than a boys.

Mandy also felt the heated pleasure between her legs and wondered if her new idol, Jennifer, felt these same sensations. She vowed to ask her later. Jennifer and the two girls watched and listened in appreciation at Tom's agonized sounds of testicular torture. His gagging and retching sounds proved his pain and the stuttering cough was almost sweet music to Jennifer knowing what had caused it. Jennifer stood with her feet firmly planted apart a small distance away from Tom, her golden legs and abdomen gleaming in the afternoon sun. She was pleased and disappointed. Pleased that Tom was suffering deeply from her three powerful kicks which had happened more quickly and with spectacular early result much greater than she had expected and disappointed because he was not getting up. It was too soon to be over.

No way she thought to herself. He was going to suffer much more before the sun set today. She watched him try to rise twice but his pain kept him pulled to the ground, his groans of misery describing pain in his balls that kept the woman and girls entertained. Their desire for more action though eventually overcame their watchful pleasure and imaginings and they fervently hoped for Tom to rise again for another fall.

"My balls!" he choked out between panting gasps and whimpers of pain. "You've crushed my nuts Jen. Ohhhhhh, my nuts! I can't get up. It hurts too bad. You really racked me bad," he whimpered in defeat, the fight gone from him too soon. While he spoke he struggled to his knees, bending forward at the waist, both hands cupping his swelling and very aching testicles, choking gasps coming from him.

"Be a man!" Jennifer spoke down to the squirming form of her hurting husband. "We haven't even begun yet. If you don't get up I'll have Mandy and Anne help you up. I'll have them strip you and then you'll get a real going over. You have earned it," she threatened to the delight of the girls who immediately stood up to do her bidding anticipating creating some pain of their own on him, but Jennifer waved them back which was disappointing for them.

Tom almost appeared not to have heard, but in a few moments with his hands clutched to his balls he began to lever himself up at his waist to face her. He wasn't thinking clearly and while still on his knees he looked at Jennifer and since his throat was damaged from her kick, could only mouth the words which Jennifer and Mandy and Anne easily read from the movement of his lips, "You bitch."

Jennifer smiled in delighted fury. She had feared he might want to give up and crawl away, but this unwise and unheard remark, only mouthed due to the pain in his throat, would ensure a second round of torture for him and more. Mandy and Anne were expecting more immediate powerful kicks from Mrs. Martin's beautiful legs into Tom in retribution to his seen but unheard remark and were already rubbing their thighs together in excitement. They were hoping again for a combination which would expose his groin like before, but Jennifer surprised them by kneeling down face to face against her kneeling husband and grabbing his head and looking deep into the pain found within his eyes and said in a whisper, "I'm going to love hurting you even more. Thank you for calling me a bitch. It's going to make your suffering all the sweeter for me. I've really wanted this the past few months since you have been acting like such a jerk." and then she kissed him deep and long on his mouth and then rose while he was still kneeling and with her hands steadying and controlling his head, drew her knee back and slammed it full force into his face once, twice and then three times crushing his nose and leaving him senseless, but not so much that he removed his hands from his tortured nut sack from her one earlier kick to protect his face.

She was watching for his release of his balls to protect his face knowing that again with her superior position of upright dominance and he on his knees before her she could really do a job on his balls. In her minds eye she envisioned her foot sweeping back and then viciously forward toward his unprotected balls. He didn't leave his balls unprotected despite her brutal knees to his face though and she continued with her strategy. Grabbing his hair and ears tightly she forced his head back exposing his throat and she gave him a final right knee to the throat. Still, he protected his precious jewels even though he gagged horribly from her knee thrust to his neck. She switched to her left knee planting three more knees to his head and face before grabbing one of his arms and began pulling it back and forcing the tendons and ligaments to strain to the point of it being a useless offensive or defensive tool against her.

Despite his pain in face and balls, Tom struggled against her demanding pressure on his arm sensing her desire to expose his groin and the rest of his body to her powerful kicks again leaving him helpless to provide what little protection he could in his present state. Her pressure was relentless and eventually inch-by-inch he lost the battle for his arm and she had his arm behind him and twisted. This beginning pain as she twisted more was nothing like the agony remaining in his balls, but still he struggled hoping for her to weaken first.

She worked until having his arm where she wanted it, behind him and up while he knelt trying to stay upright, she then planted a powerful kick with her left Mary Jane into the middle of his back which punched him face down to the ground and increased her leverage on his arm until she twisted his ligaments and finished the usefulness of his arm off by stomping her right foot on his shoulder joint while she twisted and pulled, ultimately dislocating his arm. His cry was muffled by the grass which forced itself into his mouth as he screamed.

Momentarily he forgot about his balls in this wrenching torture. Jennifer dropped his now useless arm and it flopped to his side. Mandy and Anne on the chairs watching squirmed in delight at the renewed one-sided action. Tom's one hand lay beneath him cupping most of his ball sack. Jennifer thought only for a moment about leaving him one arm for defense, but quickly decided against it. This wasn't about mercy or fairness, it was about making good with her grudge and showing him who was boss. "Kicking him where it counted," as she had told Mandy. When she finished with him he would be changed and understand he was not to oppose her in anything. Her wish would be his command. No questions asked. If not, she realized she could have any man and beat them just as well.

Tom wasn't the only man, but probably the most hurting right now she thought and smiled with grim satisfaction. With this realization she went after his other arm, first by standing to one side of his prone and pained body and stomping down fiercely on his good shoulder softening him up while he still lay face down, like banging a jar rim on a counter until it loosened and the lid could be easily twisted off.

"Stomp his muscles to jelly!" Mandy yelled out excitedly with a cruel gleam in her eye. She had only seen the boys’ ball bags and cocks she had humiliated and she was anxious to see Tom's hoping Jennifer would not stop now. She knew Jennifer would be in absolute control of Tom's beating once she made his arms totally useless. There would be no question - not that there had been much to this point. In the future it was clear that Tom would no longer be calling the shots. She hoped Jennifer would strip him naked leaving his plums exposed for more abuse and so she could see them. She wondered with excited pleasure what her own small foot, fist and knee would feel like smashing against his nuts and shivered with enjoyment at the thought. Her hand, like Anne's drifted to between her thighs and she softly but firmly massaged her place of pleasure.

Jennifer gave several cruel kicks utilizing her fabulous legs and feet to strike devastating blow into Tom's ribs, side and hip until he cried out in anguish and tried to move himself up, but his damaged arm was too much hindrance and he succeeded only in helping Jennifer as she used the opportunity of his lift to rip his remaining good arm out to the side and then sat perpendicular to him down on the ground as he tried to pull his arm back with all his remaining strength while Jennifer pulled his arm out and then holding him firmly by the wrist with her two hands. With her long attractive legs she gave a brutal kick to the side of his head while pulling his arm and with her other foot and leg and stomped down underneath his arm. Each hit created different, but satisfying sounds of heel against flesh and cries of pain from her victim upon impact.

Jennifer continued to apply her shapely leg pressure at those points and pulled torturously on his arm towards the vee of her seated crotch created by her legs while gasps of pain escaped Tom's tortured throat. Tom fought hard to retain his arm from becoming a useless appendage under Jennifer's pressure and despite her tremendous effort was holding his own until Jennifer moved her left foot forcing his head almost from his neck back down to his tortured throat and reapplied the pressure cutting off the blood supply and oxygen to him until he weakened sufficiently for her to successfully wreak havoc without restraint on his remaining arm and then dancing up in triumph as both his arms lay uselessly beside him.

Eyeing him laying face down on his stomach with his useless arms beside him Jennifer prepared for her next acts of aggression. Jennifer ordered Tom to roll over, but in his pain he did not hear her or elected to ignore her. That was cool with her; she could accomplish her goal in more than one way. "Spread your legs Tom. Now!"

Tom did not do as he was ordered. Jennifer stood back and placed her foot forcefully between his resisting thighs twisting her foot towards nuts that his now useless arms would no longer allow his hands to protect. She looked forward to renewing the peak agony he would feel in his balls which she would create. She worked her foot towards his clenched legs with pleasure and determination. Her mouth opened slackly in anticipated pleasure and her eyes gleamed sensing his desperation in resisting and struggling against her intrusion between his legs. He was using all the exertion he could muster and pleading at the same time for her to stop which excited her to hear his begging for mercy. Now she was on a mission and would stop only when she had conquered him into complete submission.

She was winning and nearing her objective when in a last gesture of defiance Tom twisted his body as violently as possible in his condition with Jennifer's foot between his legs causing her to be off balance and fall down. Using her natural athletic abilities she made the fall almost seem planned and struck out strong and hard twice with the heel of her Mary Jane into the back of Tom's thighs causing them to numb and she easily pulled her other foot out from between his legs. With his legs still numbed and suffering from those blows, Jennifer scrambled and grabbed his ankles and twisted him over to his back and then with forceful strength pulled his legs apart, one to each side of her, and leaned forward folding his legs as much as they would go to the sides of his chest, like an accordion, fully exposing his genitals in their cotton cloth covering to the putting her face only a foot or so directly above his.

The eager eyes of Mandy and Anne anticipated the explosive strikes from Jennifer's knees. Jennifer looked deeply into Tom's eyes from her position of superiority and saw in his eyes fear and anguish as he understood what she intended to do to his jewels and he was helpless to stop it. He attempted to twist on his back but was helpless against her pressure. His movement caused one of his balls to escape from beneath the cloth covering making Anne and Mandy shiver in delight and wish for the rest of him to be exposed, but it didn't happen despite their highest hope. Jennifer was strategically positioned to do him damage if she wanted and they fervently hoped she wanted.

"I'm really going to hurt you now Tommy. Really hurt you - right where it counts most. It will give me the greatest pleasure you have ever given me. You've been a son of a bitch the last few months and it's going to cost you now. I'm wet now just thinking about what I am going to do next. You know what it is don't you? Prepare yourself," Jennifer said with languid pleasure in her voice, her eyes bright with the anticipation of using her shapely knees to crush his balls at her leisure while she kept him helpless in this position. They both knew there was no escape for him in her dominant position and the position of helplessness in which she held him. No rolling into a fetal ball of protection. No twisting in escape. No way to use his more powerful body from this position to overcome hers. He was at her mercy. He did not see mercy in her eyes. His balls still ached ferociously and he thought even without any more hits they might burst.

He moaned and whimpered in pleading submission asking her in a choked whisper, "You win, please you win. Please Jenn, don't do my balls again. Please."

"It’s not over yet Tommy. Not yet Tommy, not yet. You called me a bitch. I'm going to show you what a ball busting bitch is like," she grinned ferociously. “Your pain is just beginning. Remember, you asked for it. I'm loving it. You are going to hurt, Tommy. Right where it really counts," she said with a husky pleasure which frightened Tom even further.

Mandy and Anne were very excited at this clever hold Jennifer had achieved. In their own minds they envisioned their own use of it and dreamed they would smash the balls hurtfully and without mercy of anyone they got in this position. Their excitement and anticipation deepened as they waited for the finale. A man could only take so much they knew even if they did deserve more pain than a girl could dish out. It was obvious that Tom was completely helpless now against Jennifer and that Jennifer could do whatever she wanted against his balls and they hoped it would be plenty.

They cheered her on, "Finish him Mrs. Martin! Finish him! He can't get away. You've got him perfect. Crush his nuts. Knee him where it counts and so he'll remember it for a long time Mrs. Martin." Their excitement was in their voices and actions as their slender well shaped legs squirmed to increase the friction between them; their breasts of puberty thrust their recently formed nipples against the cloth of their t-shirts in excitement.

Jennifer looked back in satisfaction, glad she had these enthusiastic witnesses and from her look the girls knew she was going to grant their wish and finish him. They lay back languorously with their fingers busily caressing themselves in pleasure saving the peaks to coincide with the devastating knees to Tom's groin they would soon witness.

"Please," Tom begged in a whining voice to Jennifer which she found surprisingly pleasant to listen to in the circumstances. "You win. I'll do whatever you ask. I prom...” Balancing on her left leg, she drew her right knee up and back as far as possible and drove it in with all her power striking deeply into his exposed groin catching him in mid sentence. She felt him shudder with the crush of her knee as he spasmed from the pain she caused and watched his eyes grow bright with pain and then dull and finally close in agony listening to the scream which gurgled from his throat. She had caught him good, but in her position and control over him there would be many chances now to improve her performance. His spasms of pain from the power of her knee to his groin created the opposite and pleasant sensation in her own - the excited tingle that was swelling with her dominance was reaching crescendo proportions. With his back pressed tightly into the grass covered earth and her power pressing dominantly down to him he could only submit himself for more abuse.

When the knee had struck home, despite his loud cry, she had heard Mandy or Anne or maybe both shout "Oh Yesss!!" in pleasure and could hear them saying now "Again, again, again - Do it Mrs. Martin, finish him again - he still hasn't passed out, knee him again, harder this time."

"Please," Tom choked out in a gurgled whimper, "No more. I'm begging for mercy." his voice choked and coughed out from the pain just audible enough to barely reach the girls. In between his pleading he groaned from the terrible messages of pain his balls were sending to his brain.

"Don't listen to him Mrs. Martin. Make him really hurt Mrs. Martin, just like Anne and I have done to Greg and Paul. He can take it. He has to take it. Knee him again so it counts.” The girls were panting out the words now with increasingly excited pleasure.

"You're not a little boy. You're a man. You must learn to be punished like a man, even if it is by a woman," Jennifer said and then altered her position and slammed her other knee deep into his already crushed groin. His scream had not died from her ears when she struck again and then again. She reached her own orgasm with the fourth crushing knee to his nutsack. She recovered from the most powerful orgasm in her memory while Tom shuddered and convulsed beneath her sustaining her pleasure.

His face radiated the pain his balls must feel and yet she remained unsympathetic. He had brought this on, not her, she felt. She would be in control now. She knew from this onslaught that his plum size balls would be the size of large oranges by tomorrow and hurt for weeks. She was pleased. Each step when he moved for the next few weeks would painfully remind him who was boss and what he could expect if he didn't satisfy. It was good to be a winner and dominant over a man who by size and gender was rated more powerful but was now helpless, hurt and humiliated beneath her. It had been easy. Much easier than she had thought. She was unscathed and experienced an increasing sexual excitement from it all. She had not really expected to orgasm with her triumph, but that she did made it even sweeter. His shuddering and screams from her violent attack on his nuts had excited her tremendously, ultimately to the point of an incredible orgasm. The intensely pleasurable feeling of his quaking in pain beneath her was a turn-on that could not be duplicated in other ways. Something to use again on Tom and perhaps other men and maybe boys.

"Once more Mrs. Martin,” the girls encouraged. “Finish him. Stomp his nuts this time. Knock him out!" She listened to the girls and agreed and thought it would be a rewarding touch to give one last kick that would make him unconscious and wake up into his world of pain again. She smiled down into his agonized and pleading eyes, listening to his coughing and near retching from the tremendous pain she had forced him to endure and then stood up and before his strained legs could recover to more normal and protective positions, she drew back a perfectly shaped and tanned leg, fully bent at the knee and pulled it tight against the thin cloth covering her excited and tautly nippled breast and then drove it down into his nutsack, the black heel of her shoe burying itself in his scrotum. His scream was brief and when she looked up towards his face she saw his eyes roll back and his face black out. She thought about it philosophically. That last kick had pleasured her and would give him a few minutes of peace until he came to. Watching him try to walk the next few weeks would be a treat she thought. He would not forget this beating and she would use her dominance from this fight to her fullest advantage.

"Ooooohhhhhhh, yesssssssssss!” Mandy and Anne pronounced together as their hands relaxed their manipulations on themselves through their thin shorts as this last kick ended the fight. Tom was still fully clothed in his tight t-shirt and loose exercise shorts with only one swollen testicle partially displayed and it was the one disappointing aspect of this pleasurable afternoon to Mandy and Anne. They had hoped at least to see him fully exposed instead of remaining clothed in t-shirt and briefs, no matter how tight. They had hungered to have an opportunity to fight him themselves and had hoped Mrs. Martin would invite them before she had crushed him. They imagined their fists, knees and feet driving into his balls, belly and face. It would not be this time they realized, but perhaps there would come an opportunity, with or without Mrs. Martin present they whispered to one another. But still, it had been good for them. Better really than they could have imagined to see Jennifer dominate with her kicks and knees.

Jennifer thanked the girls for coming over and encouraged them to keep it "their secret". The girls promised. She was anxious for them to leave now. She had thought she might let them have a turn at Tom, but her beating of him was more complete than even she expected. Her arousal was such that she had even more adult pleasures in mind to use his body to pleasure her more and did not want these young adolescents to see that. She wanted to spend a few minutes or maybe hours queening him - sit on his face and grind her pussy onto his mouth - but decided against it. Force him to service her. She thought the girls would be too young to witness that aspect of her triumph despite the obvious forming of their bodies now into attractive young women. Little did she know that they had ways of seeing into her life and house if the reward was great enough. She might also have been surprised that these girls knew a few things that she herself had not imagined at that age. Girls were growing up to the world ever faster these days.

She planned on Tom bringing her off many times that night yet with his lips and tongue which she had intentionally avoided damaging. He wouldn't be able to say no with his crushed windpipe she giggled to herself. And then there was her new cock toy designed to enter a man deeply when attached to a woman with a deep vibrating insert attached for her. She might even have to muffle his mouth for that and smiled in relish at her vision of entering him with him taking it soundlessly behind humiliated eyes as she forced him to receive her. Imagining the device attached firmly to her hips and with the vibrating appendage placed inside of her vibrating against her clitoris while deep thrusting and twisting the eight-inch boner into Tom left her breathless with expectation for a moment. Her pussy dampened at the thought of her weekend evenings of pleasure.

As the girls turned to leave, Jennifer called them back to them as a pleasant afterthought struck her and spoke to Mandy, "Why don't you bring your big brother over sometime for me." Jennifer said. "I'd like to bust his balls sometime. I've seen him taking peeks at me in the back yard between the fence boards. It might be fun for you to watch me work him over. I learned a few things when I watched you beat your brother, maybe I could teach you a thing or two you could use on him. Maybe I'll let you and Anne beat Tom to return the favor."

“You can bet I will bring him over,” Mandy said.


Anne said she had two boy cousins and Jennifer told her they could be brought over as well. “We could become the neighborhood ball busting team.” They laughed on parting and Jennifer left Tom outside knowing he would crawl in when his tortured body could make it. It would enhance her anticipation. She knew he would slowly be coming around to his pain and recognize his humiliation at being beaten so soundly and easily in front of the two girl witnesses which he would face every day.

She stepped inside and prepared the house and bedroom with her new accouterments of pleasure. If Tom was surprised by her ruthless beating of him, he was only just beginning to be surprised. His weeping moans as he came to while she stepped back into the house were music to her ears and she anticipated more tears to come from him from new ways she had devised for him to pleasure her.


twonutbuster said...

This is an amazing story, Tom was so tough, wearing tight fitted shirts to show off his muscle body. He thought he could win, and even could the most cautious approach to fighting her, he really wanted to win, and prove the reason why male or better than females. However, Jenifer outsmarted him in every way, she owned his muscular male body, and hurt the most important part of his anatomy....his balls. Poor Dude, he tried, but got owned.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite ballbusting stories! I love the detail that this fight was described in; that really made it superior to most stories. This story seems to be a continuation of the story Cheatbeat3 by Hardie, where Mandy busts her brother with Jennifer and Tom watching and Jennifer brings Tom off with her hand.

Tom thought that because he was a guy and bigger and stronger than his wife that he would be able to bully his wife throughout their marriage. His wife sure showed him the true meaning of having balls dangling in between his legs. By the end, Bob finally realized that his nuts more than made up for his strength/size advantage and that women are superior to men!

I love that Tom's humiliation happened in front of two neighbor girls who were constantly encouraging Jennifer to kick him in the jewels. The only slightly disappointing thing in this story was: I think Jennifer should taken off Tom's briefs and stripped him naked, exposing his penis and nuts, and made him wank off in front of the girls!