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Torera 2 (Bullfighter 2)

By Andy Terrada

A note: I wrote this story inspired and perhaps as a freestyle continuation of the story Bullfighter that was posted somewhere as a file toro.txt years ago. I could not ask permission form the writer to continue his story in my own way because I don't really know who wrote it.

Katarina Magdalena Garcia Pinto was glad to see that Ramirez did not remember her at all. if only Ramirez knew who she was and how much she hated him.

The next day, Katarina went with Ramirez to see the registrar and she was let in the ring for that afternoon. She entered the only changing room and had to strip in front of Ramirez and the other three bullfighters. Leaving her tight torero outfit she went to the showers room leaving the already naked men alone. She took a quick shower because she saw the men's cocks stiffened when they saw her in the nude and she feared to be raped. While she was in the shower the men got in action setting the trap, cutting her outfit and simple shoes in strategic places and hiding her underwear to make sure she ended up completely naked minutes after she went in the arena. Then they went through with their plan once more, only now Katarina was already out the shower and listening to them from the other room. They were discussing how they thought she would surrender as soon as she were naked in the arena and how they would make the bull fuck her in her cunt and ass. She waited a few seconds and entered the room innocently and started toweling her body with her naked backside turned towards the men. They were not aware of her previous presence. Katarina then checked her outfit and discovered the cuts but didn't have a way to repair it, so she did the same thing with the male bullfighters’ outfits.

When the men got out the showers she was already inside her super tight suit and was getting her beautiful 7 size feet inside her simple shoes without socks of any kind. When Katarina saw the thick cocks and huge low hanging balls of the men, she started to get wet just thinking what she was going to do with their genitals.

Outside in the "picadero" where the bulls are kept before their entrance to the court, Katarina's bull was getting a special treatment. The mozos in charge of him had fed him a pill used to turn bulls on when they are required to inseminate a cow and they brought a village's girl to masturbate the huge bull's cock to full length with her feminine hands. Katarina stepped into the arena and received the disapproval of most of the people and the encouraging cheers from some young girls who were also against the sexist traditions. She went to the center of the round arena to wait for her bull. The bull came out immediately and Katarina realized the set up was bigger than it seemed when she saw the hard cock of the bull. She made several passes and in a particularly forced movement her outfit finally tore apart and felt to the floor leaving her absolutely naked, then she kicked off her pretty damaged sandals and stood proudly in spite of her full nudity she prepared to fight the bull. She then realized that it was a contest between her femininity and the maleness of the bullfighters also represented by the bull. She decided she was going to face the battle that way and next she made a pass in such a way that she could end the move right behind the huge bull. Then looking at the other toreros who were enjoying the moment of seeing her humiliated by her nudity in front of the whole stadium, Katarina took the bull by his tail from behind and, with a powerful kick, she sunk her delicate bare foot in the orange sized testicles of the bull, splitting them with the top of her foot, making the animal howl in a pain he never knew before.

The bullfighters looked in the other way, embarrassed by such a graphic display of a woman's effect on a maleness several times larger than their own. Katarina received the support from her female fans and returned to the bull. He was charging again even more enraged than he was before, this time Katarina made a move letting him pass behind her back and then lifted up her right heel hard against the balls of the passing bull that were impossible to miss due to their amazing size and low hanging disposition. The bull stopped dead in his tracks in obvious pain. The crowd went crazy, most women and girls were now on her side, finding the corrida exiting for the first time. And the men were yelling her things like ‘castrating bitch’ or ‘ballbuster slut’. But she didn't care; she was going to end the afternoon with the balls of the bull as her prize, maybe the bullfighters balls too. She gave the bull another three kicks in the balls smashing her small, white, feminine foot against the firm testicles of the animal and took the sword to finish him. Then the bullfighters ran towards her to take her sword away and give the bull another chance but, when they were almost reaching her, their outfits tore apart, leaving them naked too. They stopped right there covering their genitals with their hands. Katarina then with a fast stockade cut the bull's testicles off, slicing through the narrowest part of the scrotum and making the two balls hit the sand still inside the sack of skin. The bull was paralyzed and she used her sword to finish him. The men were now a bit scared. Ramirez sent the two bigger men to attack her. One escaped immediately, too concerned with his masculinity to risk it. The other one, Manolo, walked to her.

She dropped the sword and prepared for him; she knew she had to beat this man easily to gain a place in this male's world of bullfighting for herself. And she decided to humiliate them as well, so she was going to use their masculinity to defeat them. Katarina let the man approach and then just did what a girl does better. The hands of Manolo were almost reaching her neck when her beautiful toes connected with his testicles, then her foot went on deeper into his balls until they were flat between her foot and his pubic bone. The big man yelled in agony, falling to his knees. Not giving him time to recover she forced him to his feet by the hair. Once he was standing she gave him two brutal knees in the nuts, leaving him out cold on the sand with his arms and legs spread. Then she turned around on the spot, to look at Ramirez, still standing between the open legs of the defeated man. Then, while giving her sexiest smile to Ramirez she kicked back her heel into the exposed genitals of Manolo, who spasmed on the ground. Ramirez, enraged by the look of his man being mercilessly abused, sent the other bullfighter against her. This man was huge. Muscular and tall, he looked far stronger than the naked girl; he also had big and low hanging testicles. But Katarina knew the man was not as big as the bull she had just castrated and his balls were for sure smaller. The man charged on her like bull and Katarina let him approach. Then one second before the crash she turned her back on him and jumped, so he took her in a bear hug from behind, bur her naked ass was at the level of his chest. She formed a triangle with her legs joining the soles of her feet at the man's groin and captured his genitals between them and then stretched her legs pulling with extreme force his testicles towards the floor, the man who thought he had succeed in taking her, fell screaming to his knees trying to relieve some of the pulling his balls were enduring, but it was useless, she obviously came down with him so the pulling force didn't stop. But Katarina now could stand on the ground, so she let his balls go and posing on her feet, started to kick her heels back into the fragile content of the man's stretched scrotum.

He was devastated and her sexy feet kept flying up, over and over, between his muscular thighs, ending well buried in his man nuts. Her beautiful gluteus got tensed every time she kicked. And he was paralyzed partially by the sickening pain of his almost busted balls but also because of her mesmerizing buns, just inches from his face. After 11 or 12 back kicks the sobbing man collapsed to the ground. Now Ramirez was all alone to fight this dangerous beauty. The proud bullfighter approached her with confidence, he was better than his man and though he was going to beat her at the end. The large man ran to her with his heavy balls, the biggest set on the arena, flopping freely.

For a man like him, pride was everything, so he could not show any sign of fear or hesitation, he was force to attack her almost carelessly, for his name's sake.

Katarina remained still until he was six feet away. Only then she moved aside, letting him pass by, but slapping him hard in the balls. El Macho, that was his nickname, knew then the kind of pain she was going to put him through.

She was quite amazed when he turned around to charge her not showing any sign of pain, she knew she hadn't missed, she clearly felt her hand colliding hard against his soft man-bag. He must have much more resistance to pain that the other two men. Still she knew that if she could stay out of his reach and use every dirty trick she had learned to keep hitting him, his testicles would became more and more sensitive with each blow and eventually like every man, he was going to end up on his knees. With this in mind she danced out of his way and waited an opening. He threw some punches at her, but she was only one step ahead of him. After the third punch she counter with a punch of her own. He didn't even bother to block it because he was clearly out of her arms reach but right in front of his face she opened her hand sending a fistful of dust she had picked from the ground when he was not looking. Immediately his eyes burned so bad the natural reflex took over and he had to close them and begin rubbing them with his hands. Perhaps with two or three more seconds he might have been able to start thinking again and turn away to avoid the obvious attack, but she didn't let that happen. He was still trying to recover from the temporary blindness when he felt her feminine hands on his shoulders and then an explosion on his lower body, that at first he could not locate. It took him an extra second to realize what Katarina and everyone else in the arena already knew, the force had been a knee so solid and strong his whole body shook with it and it was right on target, crushing both his balls.

When the information reached his brain, "El Macho" froze in shock. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cover his sore nuts, but he just could not organize his thoughts enough to make his body move. Based on her previous experience, this reaction was exactly what she was expecting. And she was ready to capitalize on his momentary defenselessness. without a moment’s hesitation, the classy Hispanic lady, took one small step back and kicked her right foot between his legs. This time his pain was different, it caused his legs to give and he fell to his knees. Katarina following the bullfight rites let him recover to extend his humiliation and walked around the arena saluting the female part of crowd who cheered her.

After almost a minute and resorting to all his pride, he managed to force himself on his feet. He looked around still dazed and saw her sixty feet away walking away from him, waving at the crowd. Her tanned body glistened, totally soaked in sweat and her lean female muscles sinewy under her skin with each sexy waving step, especially the hard but round buttocks of her perfect butt. He hated her so much. This was his chance to catch her by surprise. He started running fast but silently in order to push her to the ground and use his greater force and wait to dominate her. After a few steps he felt his swollen balls being hurt by his own thighs so he kept running, his legs slightly stretched.

Katarina, being a skilled bullfighter was very used to telling when a bull was charging her from behind by the audience’s reaction and almost immediately knew he was coming. With that pre-notice, it was easy to hear his steps and calculate his distance. When he was six feet away she dropped to the ground, supporting her body with her two hands, her left knee and her right foot. When he saw this he tried to stop, but he was running so fast that even opening his arms wide trying to shift his weight back and opening his legs like someone who is going down a hill, he only managed to slow down, giving her more time to aim her blow. She looked back over her right shoulder and saw he was right where she wanted him. Legs spread, angled torso, lean back, unable to stop his momentum that she used to her advantage. Her right foot flew back and up, her toes retracted towards her shin and her round bare heel and sole as striking surface. His meaty balls were the cushioning between his pelvis and her sole. Her foot end up buried so deep in his groin, his testicles were for a second crushed flat as pancakes. "El Macho's" savage scream filled the arena. Katarina stood up and faced him defiantly. Ramirez’s eyes were open wide in shock and after just a few moments, he collapsed on his knees. Then one of Katarina's assistants, a beautiful 15 years old girl by the name of Elena, brought her sword. Ramirez was kneeling down, head bent and hyperventilating, trying to regain control of himself while cradling his agonizing testicles, Katarina held the sword to his neck and looked up towards El Alcalde (the city mayor) and highest authority in town who presided over the corrida. The old man stood up and raised his hands to command silence from the crowd. Being not only a civic authority but also the business partner of Mr. Castillo, literal owner of the city's underground and dirty businesses, everybody respectfully (almost fearfully) held silent. With a deep voice that was heard all around the arena, he said -"Señorita Garcia Pintos, there is no tradition that could guide me on how to judge the events we all witnessed this afternoon, so if you will spare this man his life, I'll grant you both the bull as his own cojones as reward". The arena was dead silent and Ramirez raised his eyes towards the Alcalde, not believing his own ears.

If he only knew that Katarina had spent last night in Castillo's bed and had been in the Alcalde's residence that same morning with Mr. Castillo signing a secret agreement that would grant her his balls in exchange for her professional and personal services for two years. A contract she could gladly honor if she were to receive the satisfaction of her revenge.

The audience did not want to offend the powerful Alcalde and cheered loudly. Before Ramirez could react, Katarina knocked him out cold to the ground hitting him with the steel hand guard of her sword. The same young pretty girl who had brought her the sword came back with the small knife used to finish off bulls and claiming prizes. Without any shame, she knelt between his legs and pulled on his huge nuts with one small hand while handling the knife with the other. She was about to make a quick cut through his thinly stretched scrotum when Katarina told her -"Stop Elena, I want to claim this prize myself." Smiling to her Señora, Elenita released him and offered the small sharp knife to Katarina.

Katarina in turn, knelt between his spread legs and took a hold of his genitals. She was pleased to notice that, despite the abuse received, his testicles were still two large round orbs of firm male meat. She pulled the balls away from his body as much as his very loose scrotum would allow. He was still knocked out so she squeezed his balls one against the other, he woke up screaming only to see her take the short knife to the stretched neck of his scrotum and slash trough. All he felt was a burning sensation in his groin and that was it. After that he could only remember her walking away, shaking her sexy ass while parading around the arena with her arms held high, his full scrotum in one hand and the bull's in the other being cheered by the crowd. He was then taken to the sanitary room but his injury was clean and he only lost a few drops of blood. The nurse was surprised of the proficiency of the cutter, she didn't knew Katarina grew up helping her father castrate the pigs in the farm and with an experience of hundreds of testicles taken before she even met Ramirez, five years ago. He wasn't almost in any physical pain, other than a dull ache in his lower belly, but was of course, psychologically destroyed. The nurse sewed him up and said there was nothing else she could do but she mentioned that the cut was so clean that perhaps the testicles could still be reattached if found fast enough. Encouraged by this option, Ramirez instructed his men to go search for the slut right away and try to get his balls back, they were told to meet him at the traditional tasca (restaurant) right opposite the Arena. Most his men went in all directions trying to find out where Katarina might have gone and only the very large man that Katarina left on the Arena's ground walked his boss to the restaurant. He was actually in more pain than "El Macho" since he still had his beaten balls attached and walked with difficulty. When they entered the place, Ramirez could not believe her eyes, Katarina was in a table with her two assistants. He went straight to her table followed reluctantly by his aide. He made a terrible effort to control his temper because no matter how much he wanted to kill her, he was not in a position to get violent, at least not while she literally had his balls. Katarina offered him a seat. He accepted and asked her if they could speak alone. Katarina said her girls could hear everything he had to say. Embarrassed he sent his man to a far away table and began to try to negotiate. he offered her lots of money, then offered her a brilliant career with his help and many other things.

When none of that worked, "El Macho" swallowed his pride and began pitifully begging to get his balls back to Katarina. Only then he noticed that the two teenagers were not actually eating steaks but they were each very much enjoying a huge bull's testicle. His pleas were cut off by the waiter who approach Katarina and said -"Your order will be ready in another moment Señorita." Ramirez ignored the strange smile Elena directed to the other girl while chewing hard on a large piece of testicle she had in her fork. As soon as the waiter could not hear them he continued -"Please my Señorita, give me back my testicles and I will be your humble servant for ever. Please señorita, without them I'm nothing, not a Torero, not "El Macho", not even a man."

Katarina could not hold it any longer and told him -"Is it possible that even now you don't remember me!" He looked puzzled and said -"I will never forget you, since you took it all from me but what should I remember if we only met yesterday."

Katarina, fire coming out of her eyes told him -"Then you must have forgotten about the girl that five years ago went to see you after a corrida, as soon as the bullfight was over. You probably don't remember how you took her back to your hotel room, promising to teach her your technique. And you probably don't remember how you spent the rest of the afternoon raping her over and over again, in every way a woman can be taken."

He was speechless. And she made a pause when the waiter brought her dish, then she continued. "They say revenge is better served cold but I promised myself two things. First I was not going to give up my dream of becoming a bullfighter and second I was going to have my revenge served warm in olive oil and in front of you."

He was so petrified by horror he could not move, not when he realized that the two kidney shaped pieces of barely cooked meat in her dish were his own testicles. Not even when Katarina took knife and fork and proceeded in a very ladylike manner to eat his balls. Silent tears began running down from his eyes when he witnessed how she cut his smaller right testicle in half and took one part to her mouth with her fork. It would have been logical if he had burst in fury seeing how Katarina chewed his maleness with gusto and how much the girls enjoyed it, but he was a broken down man. He only sat there and watched Katarina chew his balls to paste and swallow them. When she was done, Katarina stood up to leave and told him -"Now we can really say I have

more balls in me than you." The three women left laughing. Ramirez was never seen again.

The end

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