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A Touch of Art

By Naive

Roger is left to the experimentation of the class; art in a whole new way.

© 1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)
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A Touch of Art
(Chapter 2)

Roger could hear the door open and the voices of the young women as they came into the room. A few gasps and giggles floated to him as he fidgeted and tried to lose the bonds. Suddenly a voice came to him, he could feel the hot breath as the woman spoke into his ear, "I’m going to enjoy teaching you this year Roger, as are all the other teacher you have." It was Mrs. Rawlings his calculus teacher; what was she doing here?

"You’re going to do so well this semester." He could here the laugh in a new voice. It was Mrs. Tyler his English professor. It didn’t take long for him to realize that all his professors this semester were female. Was all this really a trap for him? He felt so helpless trapped in the chair. A few tears escaped as the frustration welled inside.

"Poor Roger, you must feel so betrayed. It’s okay to feel that way, because you have been." Ronda whispered into his ear. He hadn’t heard her return. "But, you’ll be much happier in the end really. Try to accept what life has given to you. Your now free of all the responsibilities of a normal life now." She patted him on the shoulder and went to address the class.

"This morning we finally have reached the point in the class that you’ve all been waiting for. The hands-on section. As you start to draw, feel free to come up and examine our young model so you can feel exactly what you’re drawing. Also for those working in colors you can come up and make sure that you have a colorful working subject. If the model becomes a little rowdy feel free to punish him." Roger could feel Ronda’s grip on testicles as she pulled them up hard.

"These are the easiest tools for the job. Please try hard not to cause any permanent damage." Roger tried hard to stop as much pressure as possible, but he had no room to follow the movement. He was strapped down tight. It almost felt like she was trying to pull them off. All Roger could do was whimper into his gag. "Let me demonstrate some of the best techniques." With that she dropped his nuts; he could feel a deep throb of pain, but was relieved to have them released. "The first is the common punch." Roger felt Ronda’s fist slam into his groin and behind the gag he yelped in pain. It was like lightning flaring up his spine. He tried to curl up but he was strapped down tight he could lean over though and tried hard to move his head down far enough to protect his groin.

"Now, now Roger it wasn’t that bad," Ronda said as she pulled a strap from just beneath the headrest and wrapped it around his neck. Roger could feel it starting to choke him as Ronda pulled back. He tried to hold out but flecks of light started to appear in his eyes and a weak feeling came over him till he finally leaned back. Ronda tightened the collar so he couldn’t lean forward anymore. "That’s better."

"As I was saying the punch works nicely." Again Ronda’s fist slammed into his jewels but Roger could only tight up, he tried to curl up again involuntarily, but the choke collar kept him from moving to far. "Also, there’s the upper cut, and the downward smash." Her small hard knuckles rammed hard into his sac Roger gagged and begged into the gag but no one cared. Pain was his world: Both the punches came so quick that the pain was just all there was. Tears seeped from the gag, as the pain was too much to hold back.

"It won’t last too much longer dear." Ronda whispered in his ear as she wiped away some of the tears. Moving back to her position Ronda pulled a metal rod that moved Roger’s legs farther apart. To him it felt like she was ripping his legs off. It also moved his body into a position closer to standing.

"We also have the knee." Ronda brought her knee hard into his nuts and could feel them compress. She liked the feeling, so did it a second, then third time. Roger screamed into the gag as nausea swept through him. His fingers and toes curled up as he tried to fight the pain. His consciousness wavered but he clung to it. He could feel his body convulsing as he tried hard not to retch. Pulling the bar it moved him back into the sitting position. Roger’s heart was racing and he could feel the constant ache in his groin.

"The squeeze works well." Ronda grabbed his jewels and could tell that they had swollen in the short little session. He would get tougher, she thought with a little smile. Her grip tightened and Roger started to fidget in his seat. He couldn’t get away from the ever-increasing pain. He begged into the gag as she tightened her grip and struggled with his bonds but the pain just kept getting worse. It felt like someone had set his groin on fire and he could do nothing. His body started to shake as the pain got worse. Again the flecks of lights returned and subsumed him. Consciousness fled from the bodily pain. Ronda watched as his head slumped but his body would still react to her she knew.

"And last the front kick." She thought for a second about removing her heels, but thought, what the hell. She landed square in his sac and his body grunted as the pain kept coming. Tears flowed from under the blindfold and shattered on the hard wood of the dais. Ronda was glad that he was wearing the blindfold - she would hate to have seen the hurt, betrayed look as he suffered. It took a while for it to move to resigned. She preferred that better.

"Now class I must go. Mrs. Bird will be in charge. She’s a nurse and will tell you when to stop and when it’s okay. If you don’t listen you will be removed from the class for the rest of the semester." Stroking Roger’s flaccid cock she started to get it to rise until he was completely hard. "And would you really want to miss this? Sheila, you’re in charge of keeping him up. Tie a string to his toys and pull when you need to help him keep focus." Ronda walked to the door and left, "Good day class."

It didn’t take long for the class to start full swing. Mrs. Bird declared that today he would not be able to be punished again as she fondled his balls in her hand. Girl after girl came up and stroked him played with him, and some even tasted him. After a while Roger came to, and could hear the girls talking about "clean-shaven", but he was clean-shaven. He was very anal about keeping his look clean and professional. Suddenly he heard the sound of shaving cream, but the didn’t put it on his face. He could feel many hands rubbing and stroking him as they lathered up his cock and balls. Suddenly, he was pulled back to that standing position, and he could feel the cream being lathered on him all the way to his ass. All he could think was, they wouldn’t. Then he felt the lather spreading as they covered more and more of him. He could hear the girls laughing as they rubbed him down; he could do nothing but lie there. His cock was hard and he could feel pre-cum on the tip as someone kept blowing on it. But, he didn’t panic until he heard someone say, "Here’s the straight razor."

"Stop struggling, I don’t want to slip and cut something off." Roger heard a round of giggles as the blade touched his shaft. He froze dead still. The razor moved slowly down his shaft from head to base - over and over again. It was an odd feeling. Roger could feel the air moving over his skin and his cock pulsed with the air. Someone gripped his balls.

"Don’t move! I don’t want to cut you." Roger held still but was in pain the person gripped his balls like they were holding a sack of candy and were afraid that someone was going to take it from them. He could feel the bite of the string as whomever tied it tight to something on the chair, so they could do the back of it. He could feel the blade pressed tight to him. He couldn’t even breathe hard; sure the blade would cut him. He could hear the splash of water as they cleaned the blade after every stroke. It seemed to last forever as the blade moved away and back.

"Good Job." He heard Mrs. Bird say as the girl finished shaving his cock. "Next," was all she said as he felt a horror come over him that he was going to be shaved by random girls.

"I’m glad you’re awake for this. I had to promise two girls A(s) to be able to shave you." He could feel the blade touch his sac. "I hope you appreciate that." Roger nodded quickly. "Good" Mrs. Rawlings said, "You’ll get an A too I’m sure." Suddenly his cock jumped free as she cut the string to get to his balls. The blade moved slowly over his sac as she pulled it tight, his balls trapped against the bottom. He could feel the precise pressure as she rubbed the blade over his left nut. Her fingers moved to grip the center of it and he could feel her tight fingers gripping it as the blade moved over it. She squeezed tighter as she rubbed more shaving cream over it and started to shave that side of his sac again. Roger had to try hard not to flinch in her grip; it was like she was trying to pop it with her finger and thumb. He was sure that she would be able to feel her fingers through his nut soon, but her grip kept tightening. His body started to shake as her fingers tightened. All of a sudden her fingers clamped down hard: Roger jerked in pain, but another pain caught him: he could feel the blade bite into flesh.

"Damn, look at the blood. Can you stop it Mrs. Bird?" Roger could feel hot liquid running down his leg; he panicked. Thrashing against his bonds he used all his strength to get free. They were just going to watch as he was tied there and bleed to death. Roger cocked his arm as well as he could and started to pull the bonds on his right arm. He could feel the leather stretching and the pain in his arm was excruciating, but he had to get free. His heart pumped and he could feel the adrenaline flowing through him. The leather snapped and he could feel one of the bones in his arm crack or break as he pulled it loose. The women in the room started to scream and run, caught up in his fear and anger. As he reached over to loose the strap on his other arm, pain racked through his head. Then again - all went black. Ms. Bird dropped the art book, she instructed the others to calm down as she looked at the now wounded young man. After announcing class was over she started to untie Roger so she could check him over. She hoped that he was not seriously hurt - if he was they would all be in for a lot of trouble.

© 1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

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