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The Toy (Chapter 1)

By Naive

A man finds that maybe he can survive life as a slave.


© 1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

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This story is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read this story. This story contains violence and ball busting. If this subject matter offends please DO NOT read. Thank you.


The Toy

(Chapter 1)

The crack of leather on flesh rippled through my ears, as white-hot pain seared into my mind. I could hear myself panting, as a grunt of pain escaped. Like a mouse caught by its tail in a trap, I flailed against my bonds. The air fled the crop as it came down again. I could feel hot liquid running down my spine - blood or sweat I couldn't tell, and I didn't care.

"I like to watch a man writhe under my touch." Mona whispered in my ear, as her hand clamped onto my balls. Deep in my stomach I could feel a nausea building. Her grip was a vice of iron, and all I could do was grit my teeth and take it. "Beg for me, baby. Beg or I'll crush them!”

"Please Mistress, please let me go. I'll do whatever you want." At this point I really was begging. Would she really crush them? I sure hoped not. But, I guess this was a lesson to be burned in my mind: never let a strange woman get you drunk and take you home.

"Oh, you can do better then that. Beg like your balls depend on it, `cause they just might." I couldn't see her, but I could hear the smirk in her voice. The grip tightened as she pulled down. I felt a gag pulsing in my throat, as the burning started in my ears. I had never experienced such pain. Little white dots started to flood my vision, and I involuntarily pulled against my bonds; I would've curled up right there, but the leather manacles held me tight. The leather bit into my flesh, like rats feasting on a carcass, as I tried to twist free.

"Mistress, my Goddess. Please spare my pitiful little balls, so they may please you again." I choked out - with what little breath I could draw in.

"Oh, my - that was good. For a first timer like yourself I wouldn't expect such eloquence." She cooed as her grip loosened, but never let go. I could feel the leather of her corset and the mounds of flesh beneath rubbing against my back. "You little pervert. You must read all the dirty little S&M books, don't you?" Her question was followed by an ever-increasing pressure.

"Yes, Mistress. I read all I can about bondage on the web."

"So, my little prick - do you want to keep those tender little morsels?" Like a snake working it's pray her fingers twisted and shifted my nuts to the bottom of their sac. I looked down and could see a purple swell growing from bellow my belly. A white glove was just barely visible as she pushed my sac forward. I couldn't believe I let this woman get me naked and tied up. I was overweight and hated the way I looked; I guess the booze got to me, but I sure was sober now.

"Yes Mistress, I want to keep them." I said in as steady a voice I could muster.

"Good! Then we'll play a little game. If you win you keep them; if I win - say goodbye." I could only hear the grinding of my teeth after that, because she emphasized the statement with a hard yank back. I could feel my balls buried between my checks along with that leather glove. A throbbing pain echoed in my temples, as she seemed to stretch my cords to their limits. All I could wonder was `how in the hell did I get myself into this?'

Thinking back, I went to the bar to get away: away from my self, and my problems. I walk into a seedy little place - called appropriately `The Dive'. It was a smoky little room on the main strip. The neon lights flashed outside, and the rumble of the band seemed to even shake the cement. The band sounded more like noise then music, but I wasn't here for the sounds. I walked to the end of the bar and could smell the thick corrosive scent of liquor from all around. My stomach turned. I hate the taste of alcohol, but I wasn't interested in taste; I just wanted to forget. All the bottles were lined up in front of the mirror behind the bar. You could just barely make out the name `Bruno's Grill' painted across it. It must have been left by the last owner; I guess Dave decided to just put shelves up in front of it - instead of paying a little more to get it redone. Dave Cohen was the owner. He came in about once a week and talked to all the regulars. More like he bored the hell out of them trying to sell them on one of his new projects. I just recently became a `regular': trying to get out more and get a social life. But, being shy and uncoordinated I haven't had too much luck yet. Oh, by the way, my name is Adrian - Adrian Briant. I'm a short stocky 5' 9" and a little over weight, but not too bad looking, so I've been told. Today was a bad day. I lost my job, the bill collectors were calling, and just before I came here I seriously thought about playing Russian roulette with six chambers loaded; I'm not sure what stopped me. Instead, I decided to come here and drink away my sorrows - it couldn't get worse. I picked a stool by the back of the bar; it was dark, and sheltered a little from the racket. I caught the bartender’s eye, and waved him over.

"Hey, Adrian. What'll you have tonight?"

"Give me anything that doesn't taste bad Sam."

"You've come to the wrong place for good taste." Sam joked as he started to make one of his concoctions. "Bad day, you don't look so hot?"

"Hmm, lost my job, have no girlfriend, and I'm a 26 year old virgin, who's about to be homeless: what do you think?"

"Sounds like you need a drink."

"That I'll agree on." I tried to smile, but I just couldn't make it. Sam dropped a glass in front of me and patted me on the shoulder. He wondered away to help some of the other patrons. It looked like a glass of tea in front of me and kind of tasted like one, but I could smell the harsh scent of alcohol in it. I swallowed it down as fast as I could, and knew I'd get drunk pretty fast since I hadn't eaten all day.

Minutes turned to hours, and the drinks flowed in and out of my hand like the tics of a clock. The lights swirled around me; I was getting pretty plastered. Suddenly a woman was sitting next to me - smiling at me. Me? I looked around and was the only one there; most of the other people had slowly shifted to the tables since a decent band had come in, or had the band changed?

"Hi there, handsome. Wanna buy a girl a drink." She said in a silky voice.

"Sure, what'd you like?" I stammered.

"A rum and coke. By the way, I'm Mona and you are?" putting her hand out. I shook her hand and told her my name. I seriously thought of kissing her hand, but it seemed pompous and out of touch. But, the romantic in me wouldn't die. I called Sam over and ordered us some drinks. Mona was a pretty woman well built and you could see confidence radiating in her deep blue eyes. Her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her body looked phenomenal in the silky red dress she wore. I guess she caught my looks, because she asked if I liked what I saw. I nodded as I swallowed my drink down. We made small talk, and I guess I just started to spill my guts to her. She made it so easy to talk to her, and I guess the drinks she kept buying for me helped loosen my already wagging tongue.

"You look like you’re in no condition to drive. Why don't you come back to my place?"

"Really?” was all I could say. She took my hand and led me to a beauty of a black Mercedes, convertible too. All I could guess was she wanted a one-night stand; though, the way I felt I would of probably left with anyone if they said `come on' - I was just that out of it. We didn't talk in the car and as I watched the world around me changed. The crappy city I lived in was slowly replaced by the greener, cleaner suburbs. We took a turn down a long wooded drive that led to this huge iron gate. The metal was wrought to resemble two lovers caught in the midst of rose vines - it was a striking vision. After a small drive into the gate we came to large mansion. It was like one of those houses you only see in the movies; she had to be wealthy. The grounds were well kept and all the hedges were cut into animal forms. As I stumbled out of the car, I landed face first on the cobbled drive. Mona rushed over to help me up, and I leaned against her as I stagger into the house. I didn't notice much except for the tiled floor. It was a large mosaic that looked like the roof of the Sistine Chapel with a large marble staircase that I haphazardly climbed. Mona pushed me down onto one of the guest beds. It's not like I could stop her - I was so drunk I could barely stand and I was seeing double. She started to unbutton my pants; I reached down to stop her, but she just slapped my hand away. As she was undressing me, I passed out.

I'm not sure how long I was out, but I woke up feeling groggy. My arms and legs felt like they weighed a ton. I could barely move. I opened my eyes and noticed manacles. Being strapped down to a bed naked was a first, but waking up that way was, needless to say, scary. My heart was pumping really fast and I could hear the pounding in my ears. What was going on? I started to struggle to try to free myself, but I was bound tight. A cough came from the doorway. Mona was standing there with a steaming cup. I was terrified, but a part of me was aroused and it started to show. It was humiliating not only had she tied me up, but now she could see it turned me on too. A flush raced across my face and down my body as she sat down on the bed next to me.

"So, I see you and your little man have woken up. Would you like something to drink?" Her voice was so steady and calm that it was frightening; had she done this before?

"Actually, I'd like to be released please." My voice sounded shaky, and I could tell by the flash in her eyes that she heard it too.

"Now why would I do that? You came home with me to have some fun, and I plan on having it. It looks like your little man is up for some fun too." Her hand reached out and caressed the head of my penis. I could see her fingers glistening from the pre-cum she wiped away. And, my erection pulsed involuntarily as my hips pushed to continue her touch. Again, I flushed and turned away from her. I couldn't believe my own reactions; I couldn't stop myself. I felt helpless - between her and my hormones I was truly a prisoner. "Oh don't fret Adrian. I won't hurt you. Much." She laughed with a wicked smile across her face. "If you really want to leave I'll let you go. But, you'll never get to have me. It's also a long walk home. I promise that we'll have fun, but you have to decide now my way or the highway." I didn't know what to do. She just gave me the out I so wanted, but now the doubts were creeping in. What if it is just for fun? She said she wouldn't hurt me, so what could go wrong? I was ready to end it earlier today - at least this way I won't die a virgin.

"Your way." I whispered in shame. I couldn't believe my libido had won.

"Lovely, from now on then you'll call me Mistress. And, you'll only speak when I ask you something got it?"

"Yes." My answer was followed with pain. Her hands moved quickly to correct my mistake: I had to bite my lip to keep from yelping in pain as she twisted my nipples.

"Lets try that again. Got it?"

"Yes Mistress." I squeaked in pain.

"I'm so glad you said yes. We're going to have so much fun. Now back to the original question - would you like something to drink?"

"Yes Mistress." Mona just smiled at me and reached behind my head to help me lift it as she turned the glass up to my lips. The liquid was warm and tasted a bit bitter, but she didn't stop pouring until the small glass was empty.

"I hope you liked my little concoction. Would you like to know what's in it?" I nodded as I finished swallowing the last of it. "Well my dear, it's a few herbs and vitamins; along with a very mild sedative, which should wear off quickly, and some crushed Viagra. Delicious isn't it. The sedative should give me some time to get you prepared the way I like you without too much of a fight. This should be a night you'll remember forever." I was scared she was she might be right.

&#169 1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)


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