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Truth or Dare (Chapter 1)

By Naive

A game sends six girls into the world of pain and kidnap.


1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

Copyright information: This story is the sole property of SJTJ (aka Naive). No one has the right to alter distribute or sell this story with out my written permission. I do hear by give the right to copy, give, or display this story to anyone who wants it. Changes and follow-up stories should have my permission. Any grammatical or spelling changes are permissible as long as it does not change the ideas or concept.


This story is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read this story. This story contains violence and ball busting. If this subject matter offends please DO NOT read. Thank you.


Truth or Dare

(chapter 1)

Jenny's parents had gone to her grandmother's place in Missouri leaving the girls alone for the weekend. It was almost one in the morning. The girls had snuck a few drinks from Jenny's parents' liquor cabinet and were getting a bit giddy. It was the first week of their summer break and they planed to have one hell of a summer. Next year they would all be seniors and getting ready to go off to college - it was hard to think about. The little group had gotten pretty close over the past year. Of course, Jenny and Ginger had been friends since they were little. But, Melissa, Teresa, Angie, and Heather had just become good friends with them.

Each one had a strong point that made the group whole; Jenny was the leader - she had a strong spirit and always seemed to know what she wanted. Ginger knew fashion. She had all the trendy magazines, knew what shoes went with what earrings, and of course the whole art of being noticed. Melissa owned the transportation and knew all the places to go. Angie was great with people - she could sell ice to the Eskimos and talk to anyone. Heather was the idea person: she could always think of something to do, or some money-making idea. And, last but not least was Teresa; she was the brains of the group. She could remember anything, and knew some of the most obscure facts. Also, she was great in school, computers, and tutored most of the other girls - that's how she became part of their click.

"Well the drinks were a kick, but what do we do now?" Angie belched out. All the girls started to giggle. "This is a slumber party right? What do girls do at slumber parties?"

"Talk about boys?" Teresa chirped.

"We did that." Angie scolded.

"Pillow fight?" Melissa yelled as she yanked out a pillow.

"Too, childish!"

"Truth or Dare?" Heather piped in.

"Yea! Truth or Dare!" Angie cheered.

"I don't know." Teresa leaned back on the bed, her face cherry red. "The last time I played it wasn't so much fun."

"Don't worry about it Teresa, we'll take it easy on you. You can even go first." Taking charge as always Jenny walked over and sat beside Teresa to reassure her.

"Great, this should be fun!" Ginger rubbed her hands together.

"OK, fine since you suggested it Heather I'll ask you. Truth or dare?"


"Fine, what boy in school would you go down on in public?" Heather's mouth gaped at the first question; all the other girls stared at her intently.

"Um… Davie Trudor."

"The football star? You slut!" Angie blurted out. Heather turned redder then a stop sign, while the rest were rolling on the floor.

"Well, he has a great ass and he's hung like a…" Heather slapped a hand over her mouth - knowing she said too much.

"You've seen him naked! You have to tell us all about it!" Jenny hissed out in shock.

"No I don't. It's my turn. Angie - truth or dare." Leaping to avoid the subject, to jeers and boos.

"All right, dare."

"I dare you to take off all your clothes and run around the outside of the house."

"You can't expect me…"

"Oh yes I can!" Heather smirked cutting Angie off in mid sentence. "Chicken?" Angie started to strip off her clothes glowing shades of red. The other girls whistled and did catcalls as she slipped the last of her clothes off. Angie was well built and tan all over - she had her share of nude sun bathing. Angie tried to cover her red patch and pert breasts as she ran out the room with a squeak. The rest ran to follow.

Down the stairs and out the door the cute little redhead streaked around the house. Ginger's mean streak kicked in, so she locked the door. When Angie bounded back to the front, her nipples erect and hard from the cold night air, she found the door impassable. After banging on the door for a few minutes the other girls let her in with evil laughter.

"That was just mean!" Rage burned in her chest as she stormed upstairs to get her clothes. "Now it's my turn and because you were so mean I chose dare for you all. My dare is you have to kidnap a guy so we can have fun with him." The other girls stopped laughing and stared at her.

"Are you serious? We can't do that! We'll all get in trouble. Anyway that's not fair," Jenny blurted out.

"Chicken? I thought you said we could do anything we wanted Jenny. Can you only lead when it's convenient?" Venom burned in Angie's voice as she mocked Jenny's words.

"We can do anything! And, we'll prove it!" Jenny looked at the other girls and waved them to sit.

"Fine, so who do we kidnap and how do we do it?"

"Well we have a car. If we could find a guy we could push him in the car. But, we need some way to make sure he doesn't tell on us." Melissa mused from her thoughts.

"Pictures." Heather received a slue of questioning looks. "If we take pictures we'd have a way to make sure he didn't say anything, or we'd put them on the bulletin board at school."

"Yea that would work." Ginger perked in. "If we got some stockings, scarves and a bed sheet we could tie him up in it. But, how do we stop him from fighting back?"

"None of you have brothers do you? Well if you did, you'd know a good kick to the nuts'll put him down." After awhile the girls got their plans down, but didn't have a victim. A couple suggested a random guy off the street, but with all the diseases who wanted to risk it. When Teresa spoke up.

"I know someone."

"Really, who?" Melissa clamored.

"Roger James."

"Roger the nerd? Why would we want to get him?" Ginger balked.

"Well, without his glasses, he's kind of cute. He does karate too, so he's more fit then he looks. He's just really shy. Also, his parents are gone this week, on vacation; they let Roger stay by himself."

"That's perfect!" leaping to her feet Jenny ran to the stairs. "Come on let's do it."

"Wait! He's a friend of mine. We're not going to hurt him are we?" Teresa wore a look of shame.

"Of course not!" crossing her fingers behind her back Angie smiled at Teresa.

"Just to make you feel better, lets repay him for his service." Heather said.

"With what?"

"I'll make him popular." Ginger said with a smirk. "Now there's a challenge worthy of me."

"Oh, all right. But, we can't hurt him." Teresa caved in to the looks the other girls gave her.

"Now for the fun!" Jenny and the others ran up to her room to get ready for their late night raid.

Roger awoke with a start. Banging noises shook him from his deep sleep. Again, the noise came. It sounded like someone knocking on the door. Roger thought he must of over slept, and it was Greg, his best friend. They were going to go play volleyball with a few of their other friends in the morning, nothing else to do in the summer. He glanced at the clock, but had to take a second glance - it was only three A.M. `Who could be at the door at this hour?' he thought to himself, as the knocking continued.

Roger fumbled for his glasses and slipped the jeans, he had tossed on the floor the night before, over his boxers. He grabbed the robe from the back of his door and started stumbling toward the front door. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he slipped on his glasses: the world was just a blur without them. Flicking on lights here and there he finally got to the front door and opened it - slightly annoyed at being woken in the middle of the night. A young woman stood with her back to the door, her long red hair swept back into a ponytail.

"Can I help you?" placing a hand on the girls shoulder Roger felt a little concerned for her. `What could a young lady need in the middle of the night?' Roger thought 'Maybe someone tried to rape her?' 911 kept repeating in his head. Suddenly she turned. Just before the pain hit, Roger had time to notice the wicked smile on her face. The Impact to his balls dropped him like a rock. He wasn't prepared and half asleep, so he took the full force without even the slightest readiness. After gagging a few times, he could just hear voices through the ringing in his ears. Trying to open his eyes he was blinded by tears, as he felt many hands grab him. Using all his strength he started to yank his arms free - when a second strike got him in the groin again. With a sudden violent jerk Roger puked all over his front lawn. He tried to curl up into a ball: he could hear a few squeaks of gross and eww as he retched.

But, still the hands grabbed him - he didn't have any fight left. He felt his arms and legs taped together and something cloth pulled over him. Roger tried hard to gain control over himself, but the pain in his head and groin was excruciating; it was like nothing he had ever felt before, and he still felt like he was about to lose his lunch. His temples were pounding and he was scared, scared like never before. `Why would anyone kidnap me?' He thought. 'My parents aren't rich. I didn't do anything! What's going on?'

Confusion reigned his thoughts.

It wasn't a long drive, but to Roger it felt like forever. His groin was aching, and he was starting to lose feeling in his hands and feet. Suddenly, the car stopped and shut off. All he could do was wonder what fate was before him. The voices were all high and muffled; they sounded female, but Roger wasn't sure. The bag, he was in, started to move it lurched back and suddenly he fell downward. With a large thud the bad impacted with the bottom of the doorframe. A shock of pain flashed in his mind before consciousness fluttered away. The girls quickly dragged Roger, wrapped in the sheet, into the house.

"How could you drop him?" Teresa yelled at Melissa. "He could be hurt!"

"It was heavier then I thought. Sorry, it slipped. Anyway a little fall like that wouldn't hurt anyone." Melissa gave a shrug as they pulled him into the living room. Melissa didn't seem to care all that much about their new toy.

"That's enough!" Jenny hollered. "Let's just get him out of this sheet." Jenny leaned to forward to untie the stockings around the sheet. The other girls quickly unrolled the sheet and noticed Roger wasn't moving.

"Is he ok?" Melissa wore a look of terror. She hoped that she didn't really hurt him. They unrolled the sheet and she saw him laying there, so unreal. But, there he was: a product of her carelessness.

"Angie, you were a lifeguard you check him."

"Help me untape him." Angie reacted quickly to Jenny's suggestion. She and Jenny untied the scarves that bound Roger's hands and feet. A red welt was starting to form on his head. She looked in his eyes and checked his pulse. "He seems ok to me, but I'm no doctor. I think he'll be fine, but he'll have one hell of a headache. "They all giggled letting off some of the tension that had built up so quickly.

"Let's just get him up stairs to my room," Jenny said.

"Do we have to?" Ginger sighed. "He's way to heavy. For a small guy he sure weighs allot."

"Yea, we don't want to hurt him anymore." Teresa said with a pitiful guilty look.

"Fine, let's drag him into my parents room." Jenny grabbed an arm and started to heave him toward her parents’ room. The other girls jumped to help, picking up his arms and legs and carried him to the bed. Melissa ran and got some ice and a washrag to put on his head, at Angie's request. Jenny left to go get `things' as she put it. After awhile Jenny came back with some lingerie and a pair of scissors.

"I thought we might do something interesting with these." She put the lingerie on the chest of drawers. Jenny picked up a handful of scarves and tossed them to a few of the girls and they started to tie Roger to the bed. His glasses were gone, lost during the kidnapping. Heather reached out and slid his robe open and looked at their prize. As she looked at his face, she couldn't help but notice he was kind of cute. His chest was well sculpted, and he had tight abs. She let her finger run around his belly button and pull at the hair that grew from there down into his pants. She didn't notice that the other girls had finished and were watching her.

"What? I'm just looking." Her said her face flushed. The other girls giggled at her.

"Your right he's not so bad looking." Angie admitted as she placed the washrag across his forehead, gently brushing his hair back. "But, what do we do now?"

"Now we see what we got." Jenny snipped at the air a few times with the scissors, her face wore a wicked little smile. "So, who wants to cut him free of those constricting clothes?" Jenny asked. "I know I would, but we should be fair about it."

"So how do we decide?" Ginger looked ready to jump for the scissors.

"How about we draw cards for it?" Heather suggested, to quick agreement. It took a little while for them to find a pack of cards. One by one they drew their card and placed it before them. Ginger got lucky and pulled the ace of hearts - the scissors were hers. Ginger took them from Jenny and walked toward her prey. She felt like a predator; hunting her wounded helpless prey. It made her wet thinking of the power she had over him. He belonged to her at the moment. She walked to the head of the bed and looked at his unconscious form before her. Placing the scissors to his neck she ran them down the center of his body, letting them ride gently over his skin, as they trailed behind her fingers. Turning them around she slid the sharp metal under his jeans and his underwear, but that would be too quick she thought to herself. Pulling them back out she placed them between his underwear and the left seam of his jeans. She started to snip away at the cloth. Like pealing an orange she took it slow and gentle: it made her tingle with each little cut. She could feel her whole body flush and her nipples start to harden under her thin blouse. With the last snip his leg was free. Ginger quickly cut off his sock and walked to his other side. Again she ran the scissors down his chest; the silence in the room was deafening, as the others watched. Working her magic little snips, Ginger had to stop as she shook with pleasure. Her other hand wandered over her breasts as she finished the last few slices. Heather and Jenny pulled the remnants of his pants away. Gently she slide the blade under the left leg hole, pulling it away so she wouldn't cut flesh as she sniped them away, then the other side. Angie reached in and pulled the underwear away leaving him stark naked before them. The room was a hushed silence.

"Is that all?" Teresa broke the quiet, changing through various shades of red.

"No silly. It's gets bigger when he's aroused. Want to see?" Angie didn't wait for a response as she started rubbing his cock and massaging his balls. It didn't take long for Roger to rise to the stimulation. A thin sweat started to glisten over his body, and his breathing became raspy. Suddenly, Roger’s eyes popped open. The room was a blur for a moment, and it took all his concentration to focus his eyes.

"What the hell!?!?" Roger roared as he started to struggle to get up. He noticed his nudity, so struggled even harder. All the girls gasped and retreated in surprise. "Help! Somebody Help!" He yelled hoping beyond hope someone would get him out of this. Melissa and Heather reacted simultaneously. Melissa clamped her chocolate colored hand over Roger's mouth as Heather reached down and took hold of his balls and started to squeeze. Roger's call for help died in the palm of Melissa's hand as pain ripped through his balls.

"Shut up or I'll keep squeezing." Heather said. Melissa looked so calm as she stared into Roger's frightened eyes. But, not another sound left him.

"Good boy," Melissa said. "Now you stay quiet while we talk. You belong to us now, so you will do as we say or you will be punished." With that she let go. Roger caught his breath and had time to look around. His situation just starting to dawn on him. He knew these girls they were all from his school. The shocker though, was Teresa, his own friend, betraying him like this. A cold feeling of fear and anger burned in his chest as he pondered his fate.

(chapter 2)

The door closed as the girls left to talk over his fate. It was kind of erotic, but Roger was still scared. Were they going to let him go? What was going to happen when they finished their little game? He tried not to think about it. Roger glanced around the room and could see his sliced up clothes piled on the floor. The bedroom was not one he recognized; it looked like a master bedroom, a picture of a man and woman getting married sat on the chest of drawers. The blankets beneath him were a deep royal blue and went nicely with the light blue color of the walls. A few family pictures were hung around the room, Jenny Larson was in a few of them. This had to be her house - her parents’ room to be exact. How could she think to get away with this? The door creaking open pulled him back to the present. Teresa stood beside the door and look across at him. She had a concerned but excited look in her eyes. Swinging the door closed behind her, she sat down on the bed. Taking her hand she brushed his hair away from his eyes and let the back of her fingers caress down his face.

"What's going on Teresa, I thought you were my friend?" His words bit like wounds.

"I am your friend Roger." Teresa tried to smile. "The girls just want to have a little fun with you, that's all. No ones going to hurt you."

"Tell that to my head - it's still pounding. Who hit me?"

"No one hit you. You just bumped your head when we got you out of the car." Lifting the rag she could see a bump and a bruise forming around it. "It was just an accident."

"So, you've had your fun - now your going to let me go now, right?"

"Not exactly." Apprehension spread across her face. "We're going to keep you till tomorrow, then we'll let you go." A cough came from behind them and the both turned to see the rest of the girls walk in.

"Plans changed." Angie beamed at them. "We're going to keep him all week."

"What?!?!" They both said in unison.

"But, that wasn't the plan!" Teresa paled. "You said we'd let him go tomorrow."

"We've decided that we all get a day with him to do as we like; tonight we'll share him." Jenny eyes gleamed with delight.

"But, we can't."

"Why not Teresa?" Melissa said as she towered over her. "Want him all to yourself?"

"No, that's not it." Teresa stammered as all the girls stared at her "It's just not right."

"And this was." Angie piped in, waving to the young man tied to the bed. "Come on we voted, so just agree and we'll get on with it."

"Oh, all right." Teresa caved.

"Teresa!" Roger yelled in shock.

"That's enough out of you." Angie smiled as she retrieved the scissors from the cabinet. Sliding the cold metal down in her jeans she made a little snip, then on the other side she sniped again. With a little jiggle she pulled out a pair of red silk panties and balled them up in her hand. "Open wide big boy." Roger clamped his mouth shut tight and shook his head. "Don't make us play rough." Angie placed her other hand on his thigh and rubbed it softly, nudging his balls slightly. Roger remembered the pain from before and didn't want to repeat it, so he opened his mouth. Angie slid the panties into his mouth and tied a scarf around it so it couldn't be pushed out. Rubbing his head and scratching softy behind his ear she leaned down and whispered, "That's a good pet." Roger's eyes pierced her, his rage flaring through him. Taking another scarf she blindfolded him.

"So what do we do with him?" Ginger said as she pulled out her camera, and started to click away. "Oh, do it for me baby! Shake it! Lovely, just lovely!" Ginger jiggled and pranced around, like one of the silly fashion photographers they had see on TV. All the girls giggled, and Roger struggled as he saw the flashes from the bottom of his blindfold; he couldn't let anyone see him like this!

"I say we let off some of the tension he seems to have built up." Heather said as she took hold of his dick and started stroking it. "I like the way he feels." Licking her palm she gripped his rod again and started pumping it faster. The rest watched mesmerized, as he started to tremble and work it in her grip. With a moan into his gag, Roger started to spurt. Angie reached over and took hold of his sac and squeezed. His ejaculation wasn't pleasant, with Angie squeezing every last drop from him. All he could do was groan - humiliated as they emptied him.

"That was so wild! Can we do it again?" Teresa said as she made circles in the semen that covered his stomach and chest. All the other girls tried to hide the little grins they wore: Teresa was so naive.

"We'll have to give him some time to get his little man back up." Melissa said as she rubbed her finger over the head of his penis. He was starting to go flaccid, but it stopped with Melissa's touch. Roger could feel the erection coming back, he tried hard to think of anything else, but it was no use. It only took a few minutes for him to get back to full throbbing strength, as he felt something wet, soft, and warm climb up his shaft. Melissa's tongue wrapped around his cock, and she could taste the seed of his manhood coating it. Pulling away, her tongue hungrily claimed every drop from her lips, as she smiled.

"Eww, how can you do that? With all that stuff all over it?" Teresa looked ready to hurl. "Isn't that nasty?"

"I like it." Melissa leaned on the bed and scooped some of the cum from his chest. "Taste for yourself." All the girls started to clamor for her to do it. She had no choice - she took the chocolate finger, covered in Roger's seed, into her mouth: Her tongue ran up and down her finger, and its salty taste made her mouth water. It was so sensual, and Teresa sucked the finger dry. Melissa laughed and mouthed ‘slut’ as Teresa's eyes met hers. They both knew she liked it.

"The rest of you scared?" Teresa barked as they stared at her in a mix between awe and revulsion. She was tired of them all staring at her. The rest came forward and took their taste of the still warm semen. Roger felt like he wasn't even there, all they wanted was his body. So many times he had dreamed of women wanting him for that, but this was no fantasy. It was like he wasn't even human.

"He hasn't tried any yet." Angie's eyes gleamed with an evil light. "I think Roger should at least know what we're talking about."

"Yea! That could be fun, they say guys always want the girls to swallow; Now it's his turn," Jenny agreed. Crawling up between his legs Jenny started taking off Roger's gag. The scarf was easy, but he locked his teeth on the panties and wouldn't let them go. "I can't get it out of his mouth." Jenny pouted.

"Well, we told him what would happen if he didn't obey." Angie grinned. She offered her suggestion for how she would change his attitude. Jenny reached down and pulled his balls tight to the bottom of his sac. Now, Roger had another reason for clamping down on the panties - pain. Jenny slowly lowered her knee on top of them and pressed down. The pain just kept growing as Jenny put more and more of her wait on them. Roger started to thrash his head back and forth trying to cope with the white-hot agony. Opening his mouth Jenny grabbed the panties out, but he jammed his mouth closed as they escaped.

"Naughty boy, keep the mouth open." Jenny taunted, as she put even more weight on his aching nuts. They felt like they were going to explode. Roger held out till the gagging was too much for him, he was close to puking. He opened his mouth and waited for the inevitable. Jenny scooped up some cum onto her fingers and placed them in his mouth. He immediately started to gag, he had nothing left to come out though: his dinner was already splayed across his front lawn. Jenny pulled her fingers out and took some of the weight of his balls. The gagging subsided, but Jenny said, "We're not done yet - you were supposed to swallow." Scooping up some more she placed her forefinger and middle finger into his mouth and started fucking it with her fingers. Roger started to bite down but Jenny quickly leaned down again, and said, “Swallow.” Tears formed in his eyes as he swallowed his own seed; this has to be a nightmare he thought to himself, as he cried under the blindfold. At least no one could see him cry.

"Well that was it. How did it taste, Honey?" Angie laughed at him as she said it. Roger uttered bitch under his breath but all heard. Teresa could hear the tears in his voice and she was sure the rest could too, but none of the others seemed to care or acknowledge it.

"Now, for the punishment." Jenny said as she rammed her knee into his flaccid groin. Roger groaned and bit his lip till it bled; all the muscles in his body flexed, as his reflexes tried hard to curl him into a fetal position. "Let's go get another drink while we give our boy some time to rest." Jenny headed to the door and waved all the girls out. "Come on Teresa, let’s go."

"I'll be there in a second." Jenny just shrugged and rolled her eyes, as Teresa watched her leave. "I'm sorry Roger. I didn't know they were going to do this."

"Then let me go!" Roger hissed through his grinding teeth.

"I can't. They kick me out the group if I do. Melissa might even hit me, if I did."

"I hate you, and all those other bitches. Just leave me alone." Turning his head away he tried hard to deal with all the feelings rushing through him, and the pain throbbing through his groin.

"But, Roger..." Teresa was cut off, as Roger yelled now at her. Slinking from the room Teresa felt lower then low - now she did need a drink. It took awhile but finally Roger cried himself to sleep afraid of what they might do next.

"Click on that." Melissa said as she pointed to a spot on the monitor. "Yea, the one that says ball torture." Heather had popped up with the idea to search the net for anything they could try on the helpless victim. A slue of ideas came over the screen, and they started printing the best ones. They would give Roger an hour to sleep, then the fun would start again; Anyway, it would take at least that long to gather all the toys they were going to need. Jenny sent all the girls off in search of the items they would need, as she stayed behind to talk with Teresa.

"What's wrong, Sweety?" Jenny lifted Teresa's chin and could see tears in her pretty oval eyes.

"He said he hated me - he hated us all." Teresa started to cry. "We hurt him. You said we wouldn't do that."

"Oh, come on Teresa. It's not that bad." Picking up a handkerchief she wiped Teresa's tears away. "He's just mad and not thinking what he's saying. Guys dream of this sort of thing. He just won't admit it right now." Smiling Jenny hugged the other girl. "When this is all over he'll be thanking us. Don't worry. Now go help the others." Teresa wiped away the last of her tears and nodded. Jenny had to think: if she wasn't careful Teresa could ruin all their fun. It was time to talk with Roger. With purpose in her eyes, she strode down the stairs to her parents' room, to confront their captive.

Roger woke with a yell of pain, as an iron grip latched onto his dick. A solid pull up made Roger arch his back, trying to take some of the pressure off of his member. Jenny flexed her grip and she could feel the blood begging to flow into the limp meat in her hand.

"We need to talk." Jenny said in a voice so calm that it scared him. "You see I need you to not tell Teresa the things you did. She's fragile and can't take the strain, so you’re going to keep your opinions to yourself: got it?" Pulling up a little harder and adding a mean edge to her voice she asked again. "Got it?" Roger quickly nodded. Jenny let go and watched his muscles release as he collapsed back to the bed. "Now, remember - if I hear a word out of you about how you hate us or don't want to be here, I'm going to strap that gag into your mouth for the whole week. Understand?" Roger meekly said yes. He couldn't help but shift his body, as his penis was a fire with little white pricks of pain, it was like it had fallen asleep, as it surged erect. "What's wrong?"

"My dick feels like it fell asleep." Roger said as he wiggled.

"Oh. Cool." Her eyes twinkled with delight. "I'll have to remember that." Looking at his pulsing cock she couldn't help but get wet. Peeking back at the door she noticed she had closed and locked it, so no one would hear their little conversation. But, it also gave her an opportunity to relieve her own needs. "Don't worry Roger, it's not all going to be bad." She said as she started to strip off her clothes. After removing each item, she held it over him just letting the tip of them tickle across his skin. She could see goose bumps rising across his flesh.

"Now here's a little prize for you." Roger could feel her knees touching his shoulders as she squatted over his face. He felt the soft flesh of her cunt touch his lips, as her hand and mouth enveloped his cock. Pulling her mouth away she told him to lick it, as his tongue started to play across her lips she returned to his pulsing member. Roger felt the soft touch of her pubic hair against his chin, as his tongue and lips sucked and licked at her lips and the hard nub of her clit. He could taste her sweet nectar, as she started to grind her pussy into his mouth. It was kind of hard to breathe, but instinct took over, and he ravished her soft flesh with his probing tongue.

Jenny's hands slid to his soft balls and started to message them, and as she did his flicking tongue gained speed. Lightly she bit down on his dick as she let it flow in and out of her mouth, to the rhythm of their thrashing bodies. Like a snake working it's prey, her tongue wrestled with cock, keeping total control; playing it over his head she could taste his fluid starting to run, and she slurped at it hungrily, her long blond hair tickling his thighs as she rocked. Roger let his teeth play lightly across her clit and bit softly at her soft lips, he could feel the muscles in her legs tighten as an orgasm started to hit her. Liquid started to flow from her and Roger sucked it down without hesitation, as it coated his face. Jenny legs clamped hard against Roger's head as her body danced to the rhythm of her orgasm. Roger could barely breath as she clamped down; all he could do was work his tongue trying to help her body finish what he had started. Finally, her body stopped and she slid off of him, so close to cumming but left high and dry. It was maddening, he had never felt so aroused and so unable to do anything about it.

Jenny slid the blindfold from his eyes, and he marveled at her beauty. Her pert little breasts were crowned with hard little nipples. She had her blond patch cropped short and her legs were so long and sexy. Her sexy little ass jiggled as she crawled down between his legs. Jenny leaned back on her elbows and faced Roger, his eyes hungry for her flesh. She smiled to herself – ‘this was going to be fun,’ she couldn't help but think. Roger could just see her leaning up past his erection. Pulling a pillow from beside the bed she propped up his head so he could see her. Again she leaned back on her elbows and looked at him. Too bad he was all their slave - she would of loved to have him all to herself. He was much more handsome without his glasses. Letting her foot gently glide up and down his thigh, she watched as he rolled his eyes and moaned for release. Resting the ball of her foot on his cock and her heal on his balls she started to play with him.

"Now see that wasn't so bad was it?" Roger shook his head as he prayed she would get him off. The frustration was killing him, but every time he started to get near she would grind her foot into his nuts. "You like what you see?" Again, all Roger could do was nod and grunt yes: it was like his brain was gone all he could think of was sex. His young hormones were flaring into overdrive. "Well on Monday you’re mine, and I just might let you stick your little guy in my hole." Licking her finger she played it across her engorged clit, as her toes griped his rod and stroked it. "But, for now I have to get back to our little scavenger hunt. Rest up, you’re going to need it." With that she got up and dressed. She let him watch as she slowly and deliberately put on each item, then she pulled down the blindfold and left. Roger let out a howl of despair as she left him craving, wanting, and on the edge.

(Chapter 3)

Roger lay there and tried to sleep, but he couldn't: His balls ached with an intensity that he had never known before, and he couldn't finish what Jenny had started. Even his erection seemed to balk at him. He tried hard to think of anything but sex, but his mind kept coming back to it. The vent over the bed blew cold air across the saliva covering his cock. He could find no peace. Pulsing with a life of it's own it begged to be finished off. The creak of the door and the small click of the lock was all the noise he needed to know that someone had entered the room. He could hear clothes ruffling as the bed sagged to his left. A pair of legs straddled his chest and he could feel the warm lips of her pussy rubbing up and down. Slowly the blindfold was lifted and Ginger smiled down at him.

"Hey, big guy. Ready for a treat?" Letting her long blond hair run down his face and tickle his chest. "I was going to come in here and talk to you about Teresa - you see I'm nosy; I heard it all. Such a bad boy." Leaning back she grabbed a hold of his balls. Roger got an eye full though, Ginger's breasts were large and firm and she had a large clit that stood out from it's hood. She smiled as she watched his fascination. She'd never been with a guy that didn't want to just jump into bed and get it over with. She couldn't understand how they could want it so much, but want to get it over so quickly. 'Men', guess she'd never understand them.

"Like what you see?" Roger's attention was definitely not on what she was saying until she repeated it with a tight grip. Roger could only nod as he tried hard to fight the pain. She let go and started to ramble on how guys always did. She was just an object to them, but this time she could turn it around make him the object. He was her toy for now.

Leaning forward she looked into his eyes she could see fear deep in them, but he was trying hard to not let it show. Ginger felt a little sorry for him. She wasn't sure if she could deal with the situation as well as he was. Licking her index finger she rubbed away the white streaks left by his tears. Ginger lay across his chest, his warmth infusing her body. Roger could feel her breasts pressing against him, his hormones raging; how could he be like this? It was like his body had a mind of it's own: no control what so ever. He closed his eyes and tried hard not to cry, but still they came. Everything in his life was out of his control. It was hard to take. Ginger let her tongue flick across his warm salty tears.

"You know you're such a strong young man." Ginger whispered in his ear. "I could never deal with what you must be at the moment. I don't think I'd even really be here. My mind would of flipped I'm sure." With that she kissed him on the lips her tongue playing across his. "Don't worry it's ok to cry." She kissed each of his closed eyes. Reaching down she picked up the condom that she had dug from her purse. She tore the wrapper open and placed it in her mouth. She slowly slid the condom down over his pulsing meat. Her teeth tight to his shaft as her tongue played lightly over the ends to smooth it down. Roger could only grind his teeth as the sensation crept up his spine. Everything felt so intense, so unreal.

"Now it's time for your prize." Ginger lowered herself onto his cock and started to pump her hips. He felt so good in her: her cunt grabbed his rod and pulled it deep into her. Ginger loved the feeling of power - this feeling of control. Reaching behind her she grabbed his balls and put some of her weight on them. She used them to help her lean back and take him how she wanted him. Roger bit hard into his tongue to keep from screaming out - it hurt so much but felt so good at the same time. It was hard to handle all the conflicts that kept popping into his life of late. Ginger slid up and down on his hard cock and she could feel the wetness in her building. It started to drip from her lips and down her legs. This was the best sex of her life. She could fall in love with this guy, especially if he let her get the power trip from him to. Her legs started to shake as a wave of orgasms came over her. She could feel her clit pulsing as she slammed down harder and harder on him. Roger had to yell out as he came; Ginger's grip had become vice like, as she lost all control. All she could think about was her orgasms; over and over she slammed him deep into her, her grip like iron. Roger's eyes fluttered and he could feel consciousness falling away. The pain and pleasure was just too much for him. But, it stopped as she let go, and hugged him close. Roger could just hold on. His erection died in her and his balls hurt like hell, but it was nice to be able to cum.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the door.

"Ginger are you all right, Ginger?!” Jenny yelled as she fought with the handle. Ginger got up and pulled the condom off of Roger and tossed it in the wastebasket beside the dresser. Calmly she walked to the door and unlocked it. The door burst open as the other girls started piling in. Ginger was almost glowing and was very content.

"Everything great, thanks for asking." All the other girls could do was gape. Not only were they sure what she did, she had no problems being naked in front of them. "Like what you see?" Roger's muscles tightened as she said that. He was sure that in the end he was going to get it for any off remarks the other girls made. One by one they all shot Roger dirty looks, like it was his fault, except for Ginger who seemed content to just relax.

"All right, well have no more sneaking into the room to play with the captive. Got it?"

"Sorry, Jenny I thought that it was okay after you did it." Jenny winced. She didn't know that anyone had seen her go in, or had Roger told her. He would answer to her tomorrow for his big mouth. All the other girls looked to her. She couldn't help but blush. "I just came in to talk to him to make sure he was going to be nicer to us is all." Teresa was the only one that knew what she was really talking about, but the other girls could figure - they were all nosy and liked to gossip.

"Since that's settled we can get to the fun we had planed." Jenny reached down and grabbed Roger's sac. A wave of pain washed through him; he knew that the hurt but not that bad. Everything went white as he screamed in pain and passed out.

"Jesus, Jenny you didn't have to hurt him like that." Melissa said in shock, but Jenny was in just as much shock as the rest of them.

"I didn't do anything. Wow, they do look swollen though. What did you do to him Ginger?"

"I guess I got carried away." Ginger grimaced. "Is he going to be okay?" Jenny motioned for Angie to take a look. Slowly she squeezed and prodded Roger's nuts like she knew what she was doing then nodded to herself.

"Have no idea ... but my brothers are pretty tough he said he got hit with a baseball there once and he's still fine" Angie quipped.

"Great!" Jenny started ushering the other girls out. "I guess that we'll have to wait till morning to have more fun." With that all the girls headed off to sleep.

Morning came and so did sobriety. Most of the girls couldn't believe what they had done. But, nothing would change it, so they decided to finish what they had started and go on with the plans that they had already set.

Chapter 4

Roger lay there cold and in pain. He balls pulsed with pain. He was sure they were swollen. Female voices drifted in through the tin wooden door. A prisoner, all he could do was lay there and wonder his fate. The door slowly opened and Jenny peeked in and blushed as she saw him. He was still there tied naked to her parents’ bed. She was glad that they would have time to clean up before her parents got home.

"So what do we do?" Jenny asked in a quiet voice.

"I say that we stick to the plan and use him like we want for the week." Angie smiled, ready for her turn.

"We were drunk. We can end this all now." Melissa fidgeted as she spoke.

"I agree with Angie. I want to have him some more. Last night was fun, and I like the feel of his dick in me." All the other girls stared at her, like she'd grow a second head. None of them would have said anything so forward. But, they could imagine that it would be nice.

"I guess we stick to the plan. Since it's already to late to just apologize and let him go." Jenny also had plans that she wanted to keep. She figured it was better to look like you're just going along then to admit what you want.

"But," Teresa said, a little shocked. "We can't do that. It's not right."

"I think that you should have thought of that last night before you suggested him. Anyway I know that you want a piece of him." Teresa blushed as Angie poked her. "Just admit it and will move on."

"Your wrong ... I." Teresa could feel all the eyes on her. "Okay, I do."

"Good, now we need to keep to the plan. One day for each of us. That night we stay at his house to make sure he doesn't get away and when the weeks over we let him go and tell him how we're going to help him out. Deal?" Angie smiled. All the girls nodded, even Teresa reluctantly.

"Well we did have plans to do some things last night. Wanna finish?" Jenny raised an eyebrow. A slow turn of smiles. "Good, I say first we give the poor boy a bath."

"That should be fun." Ginger giggled. "I'll go start the bath, but isn't it a little small?"

"I think that she's right. Maybe we should take him out side and give him a shower instead." Angie suggested.

"We can save that for latter. I say that we just take turns. Half an hour each?" Jenny suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Angie smiled, "We do have all day." The all agreed and drew numbers from a hat to see who got to go first. Roger lay there with his eyes closed until he heard the door open. All the girls came in. It was odd he could almost feel their eyes all over him.

"So did you finally come to your senses and decide to let me go?"

"Sorry Roger, but we decided to keep you. Just like we said." He couldn't believe what he was hearing. They kidnapped him, had their way, and still they wanted more. He had never been so humiliated. But, he couldn't help getting hard though he tried to fight it. All of them staring at him, it was too much. "I'm glad to see that you like the idea." Jenny giggled as she stroked the back of his cock with her nails making him slam to fully erect.

"You know I can't control that. And, no I'm not happy with the idea, just let me go." Roger started to struggle with his bonds. Luckily for him they had left them kind of loose, so they wouldn't cut off his blood flow. They were also loose enough that one of them came loose, when he started jerking around. The girls all jumped back as he started to struggle. Teresa screamed as she saw his hand come free. It was all over she thought.

"Grab him." Jenny yelled. Suddenly, all the girls started to leap on to him, holding him down under their weight. Jenny grabbed hold of his arm and tried to keep him from hitting anyone.

"I'm not going to hurt anyone, just let me go." Roger yelled as he struggled with them.

"Well your not that lucky." Angie said as she smashed her elbow into his nuts. Roger choked a bit, and with the second and third hit all he could do was lie there and moan - his strength sapped away. As the girls crawled from him, his free hand cupped his groin. He rolled in his bonds. "Wow, that worked well." Angie snickered.

"I think that we need to be more careful or some of us are going to get hurt." Jenny said. "And we need to be more careful with him. We don't want to hurt him." Jenny reached down and removed Roger's hand, it was like fighting with paper; he had no strength left to fight at the moment. "Poor guy. These look really sore and swollen." She held his sac in her hand and moved his balls around a bit. "Let me get my medical book," she said dropping them. Roger groaned. "OOPS, sorry." Jenny flinched, then wandered upstairs to get her book. Angie went out side and came back in with a couple pair of chains and some padded manacles. Everyone started at her.

"What?" Looking down at the things in her hand. "Oh, these are my brothers. He does piercing - you know - all kinds. Some people fight a bit, so it's safer to tie 'em down." Pulling two pair of handcuffs from her back pockets she smiled, a gleam in her eye. "These are mine. Stainless Steel, no need to worry about rust." Jenny wandered back in flipping through her book. Grabbing hold of his nuts she started to mash and roll them in her fingers. Roger grabbed for her hand, but she easily smacked it away.

"Would someone hold his arm down as I do this?" Heather walked over and sat on his arm, not like he had much fight left in him. Roger moaned and groaned as Jenny examined his bobbles, none to gently. Rolling, squeezing, and pulling on them. "They seem okay. He should be fine." Jenny smiled, "the book says that testicles are quite tough and can take a real beating with out rupturing. Maybe we should test a little." Roger blanched at that. He was sure that he couldn't take much more.

"Look what I have." Angie showed Jenny the cuffs. "Bath time?" Jenny nodded. Heather took the arm she had been sitting on and put one cuff around his wrist. Jenny untied the other and helped put it behind his back as they finished locking them in place. Roger just fell back on to his cuffed hands and moaned. He felt like he couldn't breath, a tight pain filled him from groin to chest. Teresa and Melissa untied his legs. "Guess that we're going to have to help him get there", she said as Roger lay there limply, not wanting to move. Angie and Jenny grabbed under his arms and helped him up to his feet. His legs were jelly. The girls watched as his knees buckled under his weight. Melissa was there, just in time, to catch him as he fell.

"Guess that you’re going to need a hand." Melissa whispered into his ear. The large black girl spun him like a top and stared into his eyes. She mouthed 'can't wait till my turn'. As she leaned down and put him in a fireman’s carry. Jenny and the rest gasped as they watched her carry him toward the bath like nothing. Melissa was much stronger then even they knew. Roger felt like a sack of potatoes, but didn't have the strength to argue about it. Melissa sat him down on the lid of the toilet, as Angie came up and clamped the other set of cuffs around his ankles. "Perfect, right Roger?" Melissa said as she made him hop over to the tub. She helped him slide into the hot sudsy water. It felt good as it sank deep into his muscles, it was almost relaxing, if he didn't have them all staring at him. The cuffs also made it a little more unpleasant. "Out, out, out!!" Melissa said as she pushed the other girls out. "You’re all mine little boy." She smiled wickedly as she closed and locked the door. "I never knew that you were so cute." Wetting her hand she caressed his check, "You know you should skip wearing those glasses." Roger blushed. Grabbing a washrag she started to soap it up. With gentle hands she washed him, gently gliding the cloth over his chest and shoulders.

"Why?" Roger looked at her the question hanging in the air.

"Why what?" Melissa said a little confused. "I guess, because I drew the one from the hat."

"I mean why are you doing this to me. I never did anything to you or them. I've never hurt anyone ever; so why?"

"Well a game." Melissa said a little ashamed. "We were drunk and playing Truth or Dare - it was a dare."

"You kidnapped me on a dare?" Roger was shocked, if not more so then before. "Who dared you all to kidnap me?"

"Well no one." Melissa said confusing him even more. "You see the dare was not about you, it was a general dare. We chose you because Teresa told us that your parents were out of town."

Roger laughed a depressed little laugh. "What?"

"It's the first time ever I can say I'm sorry my parents decided to leave me alone."

"Aww, come on it's not that bad." Melissa said as she reached under the water and massaged his rod. Roger jumped.

"You say that when you get beaten and raped." Roger hiss. Melissa was taken aback. She never considered that - was this what they were doing? Melissa dropped the rag and walked from the room. The other girls leapt up from the couch as she walked in.

"What's wrong?" Jenny asked concerned. "Did he hurt you?"

"No he didn't do anything to me. He just made me think I guess." Melissa spoke slow and thoughtful. "Are we raping him?" All the other girls were shocked at the question.

"No of course not." Ginger said. "He's a guy. You can't rape a guy."

"Can't you?" Melissa said. "We kidnapped, stripped, and did sexual things to him. I'd consider that rape."

"So what?" Angie burst out angrily. "It's a little late to worry about that now. He's ours so we're going to play with him." Storming towards the bathroom she grabbed one of the scarves and a pair of panties.

"Open your mouth or I'll crush them." Roger could tell by her eyes that she wasn't playing, so he opened his mouth. Angie shoved the panties into his mouth hard; Roger gagged as she tied the scarf around his head. "If you say another damn thing about anything I'm going to hurt you bad, got it?" Roger just stared into her eyes. Roughly she grabbed his face and asked again; he could see fire in her eyes, so he nodded. Walking back into the living room she stared them all down.

"We've done it. Now we go on as is, until his times up. It's too late to turn back. End of story. You want to skip your turns; fine I'll take them, and make him regret it. But, were going to finish this. Otherwise I'll tell the whole thing to the police."

"You wouldn't!" Jenny yelled. "We'd all go to jail."

"That's right. We ALL would." Angie smiled. "So, what do you wanna do? Go to jail, or have a little fun. In the end I'll make sure that he won't talk."

"What do you mean?" Teresa blurted out in shock.

"Just what I said, he won't tell any one. I'm going to make sure he knows what I'll do to him if he does." With a frown she looked at each one. "You better put your consciences in a bag till we're done. This is no joy ride any more. You better stick to what you were going to do to him, or I'll take over and make it ten times worse for him, and I'll enjoy it."

"What's wrong with you Angie?" Jenny shook her head. "This is going too far."

"Can't you tell - nothings too far for me." An evil gleam shined in her eyes, "I'm in it for the thrill and I like to see him in pain. It gets me off." Looking to Melissa she said, "So, you going to finish, or do I take over?"

"I'll finish. But this discussion isn't over." Melissa wandered back to the bathroom and closed the door.

"I'm sorry Roger this is the way it has to be." Melissa shook her head. "Guess we know a little of how you feel now." Roger cocked his head to the side. "We're being blackmailed now. Angie says that if don't follow out the whole thing that she's going to turn us in to the police." Melissa looked at Roger with concern, "She also said that she's going to make sure that you don't talk either. So, you better be careful." Melissa dug her hand into the water and pulled the washrag out. She could still feel Roger's raging hard-on. She smiled a little. "I'm sorry, but I have to finish this. If I don't she's going to come in here and hurt you." With a little sigh she said, "Guess I need to leave my conscience at the door, or your going to get it worse then I could ever give you." With that she started to bathe him again. Gently taking the rag and rubbing it around his neck down his chest and over his thighs, Roger couldn't help but relax; it felt so good. Her hands like silk and the rag gently tugging at his skin. Melissa told him to get on his knees; she had to help him because it was almost impossible for Roger to get any balance with his hands and ankles cuffed together. Melissa slipped the gag off. "I have an idea, if you'll listen to it."

"What now?" Roger sighed.

"Well, if you'll agree to go along with it I'm sure that'll make some of us feel a little better."

"Yea, that's my main concern."

"As I was saying." Melissa continued with a little frown. "You can set some terms that I'm sure that most of us would agree to."

"Like what?"

"Well you could say that their has to be two of us with you at all times, that way Angie won't really be able to hurt you. We can stop her." Melissa rushed on. "You could also say that we can't do anything to you that would be permeate. And we can't use your money except on you."

"How do I know this isn't some trick to humiliate me more?" Roger eyed her as she spoke.

"I ... I guess I just feel guilty." Melissa dropped her eyes to the floor. "We were drunk and not thinking. We figured that you wouldn't even mind - since you’re a guy."

"Funny, how women claim that men are sexist." Roger shook his head. "If you can keep her from hurting me anymore I'll agree, but only to stop her. I still think this is the scummiest thing that's ever happened to me."

"Good, we'll go tell them in a second." Melissa smiled and started to stroke his cock. Roger couldn't help but rock in her grip. His dick pulsed in her hand as she got him off. Slowly she would move her hand over his soapy rod, squeezing the head on the up stroke. Roger just went with it, pumping a little with his hips as he tried to keep his balance. Finally with the last few quick strokes he blew his load into the water. Melissa enjoyed the grunting, and moaning along with having him in her hand: she even considered doing it again. Helping Roger from the bath she slowly dried him paying close attention to all the right parts. He just let her; he was resigned to a fate not of his choosing. But some choice was better then none. Melissa placed him over her shoulder as she finished draining the bath and carried him to the living room. They could still hear the others arguing.

"Don't tempt me Jenny." Angie screamed at her. "I have nothing to lose."

"I'd say that jail should concern you a bit. I know that I don't want to go there," Jenny shot back.

"Pardon me," Melissa said as she put Roger down in one of the chairs. No one had noticed them come in. "We need to talk."

"Who the hell told you to take the gag off him?" Angie yelled as she walked towards them. Fists balled to hurt someone: Roger could tell it was going to be him, her eyes glaring at him.

"Back off Angie!" Melissa said as she pushed her away before she got to Roger.

"What the hell do you think your doing!?" Angie said as she focused on Melissa.

"I'm making a deal." That threw Angie for a loop. Melissa hurried on. "Roger and I have spoken on the subject. He says that he'll allow us to go on if we follow a few rules."

"When the hell did he get a choice in this." Angie raged. "He's our God damned prisoner."

"I say that we give him a choice, it saves us all from a lot of problems," Melissa said.

"Like what?" Jenny added in before Angie could start yelling again.

"Like not going to jail and worrying about what to do with him when it's all done."

"What kind of rules?" Angie asked in an angry voice; though she knew that her advantage was slipping away. Her threats from that point on would be hollow. She'd have to change that. She liked having control over the group and him especially. He was going to teach her the meaning of pain and torture; she would watch it in his eyes.

"Well no permanent damage to him. No using his money or taking things from his house. And at least two of us with him at all times, for everyone’s safety."

"And no more hitting me in the groin." Roger interjected.

"No deal." Angie fired in as soon as it left his mouth. "You’re property till we let you go." Melissa shot him a look.

"Fine, but remember nothing permanent, so your going to have to be careful," Melissa smiled. She had a few shots she wanted to get in her self.

"Hey! I thought that I was the one..." Melissa turned and shoved the panties into his mouth and tied the scarf as he spoke.

"So, deal?" She looked around the room. All the girls nodded, though Angie did so reluctantly. Roger protested a bit into his gag but no one seemed to notice. "So who was next?"

"I was." Angie smiled evilly at Roger. "Can you take him back in there for me?"

"Sure." Melissa smiled, grabbing him and throwing him over her shoulder. "You know, I kind of like carrying him around." Angie snorted at her.

"Why did I guess that?" Angie pulled the keys to the cuffs out of her pocket, and unlocked the ones around his ankles. Shoving them back in her pocket she waited for Melissa to leave. "The deal starts after this right?"

"I guess." Melissa shrugged. What could she do to him in the bath? "Later, hot thing." She said with pecking him on the cheek and gave him a wink. Angie started the water running, very hot by the look of it. Steam filled the room.

"So, ready for a nice warm bath?" Angie said as she started to strip of her clothes. "Hope you like what you see." Roger did of course. She was a beautiful red head, natural, he could now see. Her breasts were firm and pert. Her legs were those of a run strong and powerful. She stepped gingerly into the tub. Grabbing his arm she pulled him over and helped him in. She sat him down and slowly lowered herself down his back. Letting her cunt lips run down his spine. Roger felt his dick hardening as she slid down. Angie let her legs slide down his and rested her feet on his inner thighs. Pushing him forward she forced him to rest his head between her breasts. She couldn't help but think it felt nice to have a man against her. So much fun she had planned, and nothing was going to change it, deal or no deal. Reaching up Angie pulled a rag from the bar and started to wash him with the hot water.

"See Roger, it's not all that bad. Funny thing is I agree with you, it is rape." Angie giggled. "I think it's about time that men know what it's like to be raped. What it's like to be helpless. Not you in particular. Hell, I think you were a virgin till last night, but plenty of others need that lesson." Grabbing hold of his throat and squeezing a bit she asked, "Don't you think?" Roger nodded a little scared what she might do if he didn't agree.

"I'm glad Roger. But, like with all things, I think examples need to be made." Angie placed her head on his. "It can be you, or you can help me get one who does deserve it. The person that made me this way: so angry and wanting revenge. You can help me get the one that raped me." Roger tried to turn to see if she was joking, but she tightened her grip on his throat. Her voice hitched a little, "not that I'm not going to hurt you, but it's him I really want. If you promise to help me, I'll take it easy on you - well at least easier then I would have." She stroked his throat a bit as she let it go. "So do you agree?" Roger thought for a second. Angie pounded her heel back into his groin, and asked in a rougher voice. Roger could only nod and hope that she would never really want him to help her.

"As I said we need examples, though, and I need practice before I get a hold of him." Angie rubbed her hands down his chest and massaged his shoulders with a soft gentle touch, but as she did she started alternating heel to heel into his groin. It was a nightmare, pain and pleasure mixed. Angie used both heels into his balls to help push him back towards her. Roger could only moan in pain. Kissing his neck and shoulders she kept the barrage going. A hazy world of pain was all he had to cling to. Reaching around she started to pump his cock getting it hard in her hand. Twisting and pulling it, playing with it like putty as she kept up the attack on his jewels. Roger couldn't stop from getting hard even through the pain. Angie could feel his body shaking against her, confused by it's own impulses. She twisted and stroked it hard, kissing and kicking. As she felt Roger start to come she slammed her heels back in to his balls over and over. Roger shot off like a racehorse, spurting across the tub. Pain and pleasure became one. Angie stopped her attack as the last few drops of cum were forced from him. Roger lay against her weak and in pain, but also pleasured like never before. Angie slid from the bath and started it draining. Fumbling through her things she pulled a long cord from her purse. Roger just lay there with his eyes closed as the last of the water drained away. He wasn't even sure if he could move. His mind and body were overwhelmed.

Angie looped the cord and tied it into a noose, reaching down she placed his balls in it and pulled it tight. Roger grunted in pain, his eyes shot open as he could feel her tugging on them. The pain was intense.

"Now you’re in for some real fun lover boy." She said as she pulled the cord over the towel bar. "Funny thing is that most of these won't take all that much weight, but this one was built into the wall." Angie started pulling on the cord. Roger had to push his hips up to take off some of the pressure, but she kept pulling. Soon his back was arched as far as he could, but her pulling never seemed to stop. As he lifted himself onto his toes the pressure was intense: a pain like never before. It was like she was trying to rip them off of him. They were stretched as far as they could go cords pulled to the limit. His feet kept slipping leaving his balls the only thing keeping him from falling. Roger screamed in pain into the gag, as Angie tied off the cord.

"When I get him, he won't even get to lean on the ground. I'm going to have him hanging by his balls till he screams for mercy, and then some." Angie calmly walked from the room and sat down on one of the chairs. All the others looked at her.

"You know if I were you all and wanted to keep your deal. I'd go help the poor boy." For a second they all looked confused and started running to the bathroom. Had she drowned him? As they ran in one by one they all stopped in shock Roger was hanging there by his balls crying and trying to screaming through his gag. Jenny grabbed the cord and started trying to untie it, but it was knotted tight. As she pulled and fought with it Roger screamed even louder.

"Jesus." Heather said in shock. "Is Angie insane?" Jenny tried and tried at the knot but was getting nowhere. Giving a big yank, in frustration, she tried to pull it free, but all she managed to do was pull Roger off his feet. Pain coursed through him as his weight landed on his already sore balls. Jenny's pulling and shaking was the last he could take as he slipped into unconsciousness.

"Will someone help me please!!" Jenny yelled in a panic. She could see that he was no longer moving and he was starting to choke into his gag. His balls were turning an odd burgundy blue as his weight pulled the noose even tighter. Melissa reached down and picked Roger up. Teresa was quick to grab the noose and pull it free of his groin. Ginger untied the scarf so she could pull the gag out. Melissa rushed him to the bedroom and lay him down. Jenny reached down and checked his testicles. Both were still intact, swollen but intact. When they were sure that he was okay they stormed into the living room, but Angie was gone. A note and the key to the cuffs sat on the table. It said:

Be back soon. Take good care of my boy, because I have plans for him. And don't get any ideas of letting him go, because I'm sure that at the moment he'll call the police on us. He's a good guy, but he can't be trusted yet. But, I'll fix that. Angie.

All they could do was sit and wonder what was going to happen next.

©1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)


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