Thursday, August 9, 2007

Truth or Dare

by Smack My Nuts

"David's turn."

"Umm, truth."

"Okay, tell me why you -really- broke up with me."

He could -not- tell her that. If the whole school found out that the real reason he'd broken up with this sexy little thing was because his mother wanted him to, he'd -never- live it down. "Okay, I'll take dare instead."

"Okay. I dare you to drop your pants and let me kick you in the balls as hard as I can five times."

"That would hurt!"

"Too bad. You turned down truth so you've got no choice."

"But... but...”

"Come on David, take it like a man." "Yeah, drop those pants for Suzy."

"Okay. ... I guess."

He stood up, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his slacks, unzipped his fly and let his pants drop down below his knees. She got up of the floor and walked over to him. She felt around in his underwear and found his balls. "Ah, so that's where they hang. I'll try and raise them some. No need getting all excited like that." His tighty-whities could not conceal his raging erection brought on by the touch of this fine young female. "Now spread your legs apart some," she said pushing outwards on his thighs. He complied. She backed up a couple of steps.

Wham! Her thin legs slammed suddenly upwards into his crotch. He staggered a little, but did not fall. She was fairly sure that she had kicked too quickly and only hit his balls with a glancing blow. She was correct in this belief, and he was relieved that that hadn't hurt nearly as much as he had been lead to believe being kicked in the balls was supposed to.

This time she brought her foot right up against his balls and then swung back quickly and then brought her foot back up slowly again and then swung back quickly and then swung forward striking him directly in the testicles full force. It was as if a lightening bolt had struck a pair of grapes. Pain shot through David's groin. He let out a small eek and folded at the waist, clutching his balls.

She waited a minute or two, but got tired of waiting for him to finish moaning softly in pain. "Sarah, Donna, would you hold him up so I can get my remaining three shots in?"

"Okay." The two of the grabbed him by the arms and pulled him upright and held his hands away from his aching testes.

Bam! Her foot contacted his testicles with great force once more. Another eek escaped him, but he was held firmly in place. She felt she was getting better at this. She drew back her foot and released her third burst of force into his groin. There was no noise this time, but he began to cry. "What a baby!" she thought.

For her final kick she took a few more steps back so as to try a running start. He watched in fear as she came running towards him and planted her foot solidly into his groin, crushing his testicles against his public bone one last time. The girls released their hold and he crumpled to the floor in pain.

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