Sunday, August 12, 2007


by Dan

Kate pulled her keys out of her purse, relieved to be home after a long day at the office. As she unlocked the front door she smiled, thinking of how many times she had lapsed into random sexual fantasies during many of the more boring meetings she had been in that day. It was certainly more enjoyable than listening to other vice-presidents who lectured on and on just to hear themselves speak. Now that she was home, nothing would satisfy her more than living out some of those fantasies by dominating her boyfriend for the evening. After having been an unwilling submissive to the business world all day she was in the mood to deal out some pleasure and pain, and licked her lips with anticipation as she stepped inside.

Dan saw her as she stepped inside and came in from the next room to greet her. He couldn't help but notice her professional but sexy business outfit: a sheer blouse that accentuated her breasts, a short skirt, high heels, and black stockings that drew his attention to her beautiful legs. They kissed. Kate started to ask him how his day had been but looked over his shoulder to see the kitchen overflowing with the dishes he had promised to wash. Her knee rammed his balls before he could even think to react. Dan was taken completely by surprise and doubled over slightly from the sudden pain.

"Yeah!" she yelled playfully, "That felt great!" "Great?" he gasped in surprise, his balls aching. He was too stunned to do anything for a few seconds. She moved fast, pulling his T-shirt off over his head and locking his wrists behind his back with a pair of concealed handcuffs. He was still too stunned and surprised to resist. She stepped over to the toy bag she had left behind the sofa for just this occasion and grabbed something that he couldn't see. As he began to recover from the blow to his balls he strained against the handcuffs. But it was no use. She had locked them on securely.

"Hey! Just what do you think you're doing?" he protested. She walked back over to him and gave him a playful shove. Before he could protest again, she slipped her hand down the front of his jeans. She touched his penis (which was beginning to get hard) and he relaxed a little. Her fingers teased downward, and he felt her fingers curl firmly around his balls. She was holding him in a very aggressive way, but it felt good. Holding him like this excited her, and she felt a slight tingling between her legs as she tightened her grip. Suddenly his balls were in pain, but with his hands cuffed behind my back he could do nothing to resist her.

"Mmmmm..." she purred, squeezing harder. "Do you know how good your balls feel to me right now?" It was slightly odd, she thought, to be looking up into the eyes of a man much larger and stronger than she, but to have such control over him just by having a good grip on his balls. She loved his balls. They were big and beautiful and yet so vulnerable to her. She smiled, seeing the look of apprehension on his face. He tried to hold out at first, but she increased the pressure of her grip until he sank to his knees in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She came down to the floor with him and with both of them on their knees, she unzipped his jeans.

"I've got something for you" she said, showing him her favorite ball-torture toy in her other hand. It was a rounded metal ring, shaped like a doughnut that could be split into halves. These C-shaped halves could be fastened together by recessed Allen-head screws. The two halves were designed to be placed individually around the scrotum, one on either side, just above the testicles. They could then be locked together with the screws, forming a solid ring. The inside diameter of the ring was too small for Dan's balls to pass through, but large enough for him to wear comfortably, even for long periods. The ring even had two attachments for eyebolts that she often liked to attach chains to.

She held his balls tightly to make sure that he didn't pull away, and locked the doughnut-shaped ring around them. She savored every moment of capturing him, and the feeling of control turned her on. She tightened the screws (which were recessed so that they could be removed only with the special screwdriver and not by Dan's fingers) and he felt the snug pressure of the ring just above his balls. It was not uncomfortable, but it was plenty tight enough to hold his balls firmly in place - just how she liked them. She then locked a chain onto the ball-ring like a leash, and just for emphasis gave it a hard pull. Oof! He really felt it.

"I think that this," she whispered in his ear, kissing him, "will work quite nicely. Your balls look so good in bondage..." She paused for a moment to look him over, and began to feel intensely aroused. He knew he was in for a beating, but awaited it with as much excitement as fear. She pushed him back onto the couch, so he was sitting on the edge and leaning back. With the chain to his balls in one hand, she pulled off his jeans with the other. His hands were cuffed behind him and his balls were locked securely in the steel ring. He was powerless to resist her. She locked the leather cuffs on his outstretched ankles.

As he reclined on the couch he suddenly realized that he was completely naked except for his bonds. She still had all of her clothes on. He was stunned by how fast she had been able to strip and tie him up. He had a mind to break loose, and pulled a bit on his bonds only to realize that he could not get free. Only now did he realize the full extent of her control over him. He felt extremely vulnerable, and knew that he was her captive. Seeing him struggle, she disciplined him by yanking so hard on the ball-chain that he was left gasping for breath.

By the balls, he was pulled forward off the sofa and onto his knees. Naked, bound in leather and chains, and his balls aching with pain, Dan was beginning to feel genuine fear. Kate had never been so rough before. She stood above him in victory, smiling and holding the chain to his testicles like a leash. She did it with love, of course, but she wanted to control him in a very sexual way - to take female control of his proud male organs, to beat his balls and control him by the pain. She brought him up to his feet. She bent down and, teasingly, began to alternate between taking his hard penis into her mouth and pulling the chain to his balls. He was becoming extremely aroused from the wonderful feel of her warm, wet mouth, but she would never let it go on for more than a few moments before punctuating the sensation with a hard yank on the testicle-chain. She loved to alternate between giving pleasure and pain - to control his every sensation.

"Come now," she commanded, and led him to the bedroom by the leash. She then locked his wrists over his head, connecting them to something above the door. She then paused to admire her male slave, touching him all over and purring to herself.

"Nice buns" she said, walking behind him, caressing them. Chained up as he was, he had no choice but to stand there and take it. Again it aroused her to look at her big masculine lover, utterly under her feminine control despite the power of his muscular male body. Walking in front again she continued to touch as she pleased.

"Nice balls" she said with a wink, pulling on the chain and enjoying his reaction. "And nice lips" she says, kissing him gently on the mouth. "I think they'd look great with a gag." As he tried to protest she popped a ball-gag in his mouth and secured the strap quite firmly behind his head.

"Do you have any idea what listening to speeches by boring vice- presidents all day makes me want to come home and do to you?" she asked. He couldn't speak with the gag in his mouth, but he felt her answer - her little fists pummeling his balls.

"I have wanted to do this all day!" she shouted with glee. The repeated hits on his balls increased the pain steadily but at the same time it excited him. The donut ring held his balls snugly in place so they were especially vulnerable, and each of her blows was a direct hit.

"I'm tired of men walking around thinking they're so tough!" she laughed, her fist pressing firmly into Dan's testicles. She continued to pummel him and his balls were now on fire with pain. She was really enjoying herself. She loved the way his balls felt in the moments of contact. They were large and firm and yet so vulnerable to her.

"Your body is my property" she stated as her tightened little fist struck his testicles again. Wham. He groaned into his gag as the jolt of pain shot through his lower body. "And I can do whatever I like with you." Wham. His agony increased. "If I want you to feel pleasure then you will feel pleasure. But right now I want your balls to ache with pain, because that is a your proper place and I like it that way!" Wham.

Involuntarily, he doubled over from the pain but only as far as his chained-up arms would allow. As he looked down he could see each time as her fists pressed hard into his bound testicles. She continued to strike them, rhythmically, powerfully. Her small feminine fists were more than a match for his manly balls.

"I hope you're learning a valuable lesson in female superiority here," she said with a smile, and struck him again, especially hard. His loud moans were stifled by the tight gag she had placed in his mouth, and his knees felt wobbly. His balls ached so powerfully that he wanted nothing more than to collapse to his knees, but because of his hands chained above him he was forced to stand and accept her blows. Then she stopped, and gently kissed his cheek.

"Are your balls hurting yet?" she asked, knowing the answer. He nodded yes as he tried to mumble an answer through the gag.

"I notice" she said, "that your penis is still hard. Do you like it when I play rough with you?" He tried not to react, but she could tell how aroused he was. He couldn't hide his erection, especially chained up naked and on display as he was.

"I don't think you know just how much I like to hit your balls" she said coyly, "and when I see that it excites you I only want to do it more!" His eyes grew wide in a mixture of fear and excitement. She stroked his penis gently, feeling it up and down along its length, enjoying its smoothness. She had complete control over him and she knew it. It was pleasing to Kate to touch her man like this: wherever, however, and whenever she liked. He, as her sexual plaything, had no choice in the matter. She lustily grabbed him by the balls and squeezed them hard, bringing her face very close to his. He grunted from the rejuvenated pain but was muffled by the gag. She smiled broadly, enjoying holding him, and showing no sign of wanting to let go.

"I love to hold your balls nice and tight" she whispered in his ear. She meant it. She paused and caressed him again; basking in the control she had over him.

"Do you like being my slave?" she asked, giving him little kisses on his face. He felt a slight tug on his balls as she pulled the chain a little tighter. He enthusiastically nodded yes in answer to her question and tried to make affirmative sounds from behind his gag. He knew that he'd truly regret giving her the wrong answer! It was a truthful answer though. Despite the pain, he was loving it.

"Ah, that's what I like to see," she replies. "But don't think that I'm through with you yet!" She had a devilish gleam in her eye. "Now I am really going to dominate you," she said as she unchained his wrists from above (leaving the handcuffs on). The look in his eyes pleaded.

"How?" she said, stating his nonverbal question. "Like this!" she shouted in excitement, and jerked her knee up into his balls - hard. In that moment she looked ravishing with her skirt hiked up high on her beautiful thigh - and for a brief second the soft brush of her sheer stocking against his skin felt exquisite. It was an intensely erotic snapshot - her female knee and thigh completely overpowering his large but vulnerable male sexuality. His balls exploded in agony. Smiling, she immediately commanded him to kneel, but she didn't have to and she knew it. The pain in his balls was easily enough to double him up and force him to his knees. She felt a warm sensation between her legs as she watched him sink to a submissive kneeling position before her.

"Ahhh..." she sighed, "nothing is more satisfying than beating your man's balls just to show him who's boss." He knelt at her feet, in too much pain and too securely gagged to argue with her sexist kidding. Even though his balls were hurting intensely, he felt incredibly aroused by her. She knew that she was turning him on, but her enthusiasm made it clear that she was beating his balls for her own pleasure. Her knee in his balls was a form of bondage in itself - his balls were in such pain that even without the cuffs and chains he couldn't get up off his knees. And that's exactly how she liked it.

"This is just how I wanted to have you, my lover," she said. "Naked, tied up, on your knees, and totally controlled by the pain in your balls... that I gave you!" She strutted back and forth in front of him in her high heels, gloating over how fun it was for her to knee his balls while wearing her heels. He was considerably taller than she, and her high heels made it easier to lift her knee up high enough to strike him properly. Having the ring on him made it easier still, because it held his balls in place and made them thrust out below it where they were deliciously accessible to her.

"I know your balls are in a lot of pain right now," she said looking down at him, more than a little proud of herself and enjoying her control. "And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy abusing them, but I just couldn't resist. Your balls looked so big and beautiful that I couldn't resist getting them with my knee. But don't worry, my pet, I'm going to make you feel a lot better in a little while." She had such a wicked grin on her face that he knew he would like whatever came next, even though he was still bowed from her knee. She took a short chain and linked his handcuffs to his ankle chains, tightly restraining him in a kneeling position. She stepped closer, standing directly in front of him. He loved the way she looked in heels and a short skirt. Her legs were beautiful - although dangerous!

"You will caress my legs now," she commanded. Still gagged, he nodded yes, but couldn't reach her in his bondage. Instead of unchaining him, she simply stepped even closer.

"There", she said, standing so close that her thighs softly brushed against his chest and stomach. He stroked her legs with his bound hands and she sighed. It was extremely pleasurable for her to feel his hands on her body, especially when he was handcuffed like this. Her soft flesh through her delicate stockings felt wonderful to touch. Touching her was so exciting that it almost took his mind off of how sore his balls were. He started at her feet, just above the rim of her shoes, and moving up her calf, massaging, up to her lower thigh. As he tried to reach higher, he could not - the chain to his handcuffs pulled taut. She smiled, enjoying his bondage, and teased him by pressing her thighs against his body. She was so close that his head was nearly buried in her chest. She sighed as he caressed her, enjoying both his touch and her power to command him. She reached down and unbuckled the gag, removing it from his mouth.

"You will kiss my breasts now" she stated. Her tug on his harnessed balls let him know that he had no choice in the matter. She removed her blouse and bra, and he took her hard nipples into his mouth. She was highly aroused already. Standing over this big, beautiful, totally bound and submissive man, holding a chain-leash to his balls and commanding him to stimulate her was almost too much. Just looking at him turned her on, and feeling his mouth and hands on her body made her feel even hotter. After a while, she began to pull restlessly on the chain.

"Am I not kissing your breasts the right way?" he asked.

She responded, "Oh, you're kissing me wonderfully. It's just that I like to pull on your balls. You'd better get used to it, dear. Right now I'm really enjoying making your balls feel a great deal of pain. I care about you very much, but sometimes it really excites me to control you by your balls. But no more talking out of you! Insolent slave!" Suddenly she stuffed the ball-gag back in his mouth, and buckled it even tighter than before. She stepped back and began to remove her clothes, teasing him visually. Bound as he was, on his knees, he could do nothing but watch her. He wanted to jump up and ravish her, but couldn't even hope to break free of his chains. It was she who would decide what was to happen and when. She came back to him and unchained his wrists from his ankles, then made him stand.

By the ball-chain, she led him over to the bed and had him lie down on his back, chaining his already- handcuffed wrists to the headboard. Then, taking a firm grip on his balls, she teased him by taking his penis into her mouth - in and out again. She toyed with him for a long time, driving him absolutely wild but always stopping short of bringing him to orgasm. She played with his balls like they were her toys, and admired the snug metal ring that held them for her so nicely. His balls were still aching from her beating, but he didn't care. His penis was so hard he could feel it throbbing, and he was ready to explode from excitement.

She straddled his hips, her beautiful breasts thrust before him. He felt her hand grip his penis and guide it between her legs. She was so wet that she easily slid him inside her. She unchained the handcuffs from the headboard (leaving the cuffs on) so that he could touch her. First he touched her swollen nipples and she gasped. He slowly traveled down her body, teasingly closer and closer to her clitoris. She felt hot and wet to the touch, and gyrated with each circular motion of his fingers. Feeling him inside her, his caresses on her clit, and the sheer excitement of dominating him finally overcame her. Dominating him had worked her up so much that she trembled and fell into a frenzy. She screamed and shuddered, rocking her hips against his as the orgasm shook her. The pent-up sexual energy inside her was released in violent rhythms.

Slowly, her motions calmed. As she finished, she grabbed his cuffed hands and re-chained them to the headboard. She then began to grind her hips against his, rhythmically. He quickly lost control. Her sexy voice and her warm body overwhelmed him and he exploded into her. Even with the chains, he practically bucked her off, but she stayed on for the ride. Even the gag could hardly hold back the guttural shout of his orgasm. They cuddled afterward, but she did not release him. Plenty of kisses and caresses, but she made it clear that she wished to keep him bound and gagged for a while. She smiled.

"The thought of you, my beautiful naked man, tightly bound and feeling intense pain in your balls from the things I do to you excites me more than you know. We'll have to do this again sometime..."

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