Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Ultimate Punishment

By 2001jj

Hey y'all,

I've been checking out bb-related stuff on the net for about 10 years and this is my first posting of any sort. I have a bad Asian fetish as well, so this story is the result of that...enjoy!

Hank, courageous after downing seven beers, approached the hot girl sitting alone at the bar. He had been in Japan for three weeks, and it was time for him to get what he had come for—a hot piece of Japanese ass. He had flirted with a number of cute Japanese girls, and their smiles and excitement had shown him that his one year of studying Japanese had paid off, but tonight he figured it was time he actually sealed the deal. They had all been cute, but this one was particularly gorgeous. She was petite like always, with long silky black hair tied up in a ponytail. Her tight black T-shirt revealed breasts larger-than-average for a Japanese girl, and her tight blue jeans accentuated a tight round ass which made Hank believe in God. He had been watching her on the dance floor, shaking that ass left and right, and he had been forced to work hard to contain his obvious erection. Now he had it under control and he was ready to talk to her. He approached and said his opening line, “sumimasen, nomimono wa, nan desu ka?”

Cindy looked at the drunken American asshole that had just approached her. Was he fucking kidding? Could he seriously not tell the difference between a Japanese girl and an Asian-American? She didn’t look Japanese at all, and certainly could dance much better than any native girl in Japan. Had he not noticed? She looked up at him. “Um, I’m American.”

Hank was taken aback slightly, and considered walking away. But this girl was too hot. Granted, back home in the states, he was aware that she would never have considered remotely giving him the time of day, but in Japan, he knew the rules had changed. “Oh, well, then what are you drinking?”

“It’s a gin and tonic.” Cindy sipped her drink and turned away. She felt a tap on her shoulder so she turned to face the asshole once again. “So, where are you from?” she asked. Jesus Christ, could this guy not take a hint? She knew his type—Japanese hunter-- couldn’t get laid in America so now he’s desperate in Japan. He’s not getting any tonight, she thought, then, staring at him, she bit her lip in a way which made him instantly hard. Perhaps tonight she’d give him the ultimate punishment. She smiled. Seeing her beautiful smile, he nearly came in his pants. The ultimate punishment…she hadn’t been angry enough to use it since she’d come to Japan over a year ago.

Once she had thrown her drink on an asshole Japanese businessman who had been overly aggressive, but she had pitied him too much to really hurt him. This American, for some reason, was pushing all of the wrong buttons, and she knew he must pay. She thought back to the first time she had really hurt a male in that way…

Flash back 11 years, to a thirteen year-old Cindy. Growing up in the white suburbs, she was one of very few Asians. Often times the boys would make fun of her, pulling her hair and calling her names. One day, a group of boys surrounded her, taunting her and telling her to go back to China. She ran away and hid behind the circle K, crying. Just then, Jane passed by. Jane was two years older, and friends with Cindy’s older sister. She was also Asian, and Cindy admired her a lot. She was a little taller than her and very skinny, and always dressed very fashionable in her own style—she was the kind of girl who didn’t care what other people thought and always did what she wanted. Today she was wearing a tight blue tank-top over her black-and-white checkered miniskirt and fishnet tights revealing very toned and sexy legs. Jane saw Cindy and asked her what happened, and Cindy quickly tried to pull herself together and said nothing. Jane pulled her up and took her inside the circle K. “Come on Cindy, let me show you something.” Jane led her to a Soul Blade video game in the back of the store and dropped in a quarter. She selected Sophita and began fighting her first opponent. Cindy watched on with great interest—Jane was really good at the game and quickly won.

“I saw those boys picking on you, and you don’t need to take it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, check this out.” Jane’s second opponent was a very large man. She led Sophita up to him and immediately Sophita grabbed his shoulders and slammed her knee into his balls. The large character fell to the ground in pain. A second later, he stood up, and Jane led Sophia to do it again. Seven times in a row Sophita, looking extremely sexy in a short Roman tunic-style skirt, slammed her muscular white knee into the opponent’s groin, and with every hit Jane’s grin got wider. “You see Cindy, had this been real life, he wouldn’t have gotten up after that first hit.” “Are you serious?” Cindy had seen men getting hit there before in movies, but never imagined it could be that painful. Jane laughed. “Cindy, a woman’s legs are deadly weapons. If you kick or knee a guy in the nuts, he’s not getting up for a long time.” Jane eventually got bored and abandoned the game. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.” They left the store.

They had not walked two blocks when Derrick approached them. Derrick was a senior in high school, and a well-known asshole around town. He was the captain of the wrestling team and extremely huge. He grabbed Jane and Cindy’s arms. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Chink twins. This one’s a bit young, but I think we could have some fun, Jane.” Jane looked at Cindy and winked. She slid he hands up onto Derrick’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Yeah, I think you’re right,” she said, smiling, when suddenly she slammed her left knee into his crotch. The contact was perfect, with the bone of her kneecap smashing his nuts into his pelvic bone. Derrick’s face turned bright purple and his jaw dropped. He tried to remain on his feet, which was a huge mistake. Jane took a step back, lifted her right leg backwards high into the air and slammed the top of her foot into his balls as hard as she could before he had time to properly protect himself. “AUUUUGGHHH!” he screamed and fell hard to the floor. Tears were streaming down his face and he was making a horrific noise as he tried to cry, cough, throw up, and moan all at the same time. Jane leaned over at him as he writhed in agony. “Anytime you wanna have fun, Derrick, I’m always available.” From that day on, Derrick would cross the street and sometimes run away whenever he saw Jane coming.

Cindy was amazed. “You—you just took out the strongest boy in town!” “That’s right,” smiled Jane. “A kick in the balls is the great equalizer. There’s no reason that any girl should ever take any shit from any boy. The next time a boy pisses you off, move in close. Make him turned on…believe me, all boys think you’re hot. If you can get him hard and horny, it hurts a lot more. Then, slam him with your knee or kick him as hard as you can. Don’t aim for the balls—imagine that you are kicking him in the head but you need your foot to pass through his balls on the way. The result will always be good. She motioned back to Derrick, who had managed to prop himself up on his knees and was now vomiting. “Eww gross!” said Jane, and she and Cindy burst out laughing and ran away.

The next morning Cindy was walking through the hall when she ran into the three boys from the day before. Andy, the leader, was blond with blue eyes and rather scrawny. It was obvious that he was insecure and needed somebody even smaller than himself to pick on. “Hey, chicki-chicki china, what are you doing back here? Didn’t we tell you to go home?” The boys burst out laughing. Cindy looked up at Andy and then down at her feet. She had worn her shortest red running shorts which showed off her cute legs, with white and red kappa cheerleading shoes to match. Her barely-budding breasts stuck out of an extremely tight red T-shirt with a picture of a ladybug she had put on to complete her cute ensemble. Cindy had not yet started dating boys and didn’t know quite how to turn them on, and although she knew that boys would consider her very cute today, it didn’t seem like it was working. She tried smiling at Andy, but she was so embarrassed it seemed impossible to fool him. She was ashamed. If Jane were here, she would have seduced Andy and then destroyed his balls, but Cindy was powerless. She looked at the ground and quickly walked past the boys, bumping into Andy as she passed him. Suddenly, she felt her hair being grabbed so hard that she dropped her books and yelped in pain. “Hey, I wasn’t done talking to you, bitch!” she heard Andy say. A crowd was forming in the hallway, mainly boys forming a tight circle around her so she couldn’t run away. She felt a rage forming inside her, starting in her clenched fists and then moving down through her body and into her legs and finally her feet. Her face turned bright red and she spun around while bringing her right leg back as far as it would go before shooting her foot full force between Andy’s legs. There was an audible crunch as Andy’s feet were lifted two inches off the ground. He collapsed in a pile, screaming his head off and blubbering like a baby. His friends looked down at him and then up to Cindy, who was still glaring rage. They turned around and ran away as fast as they could. In between screams and sobs, Andy coughed and blood came out. The boys in the crowd had dispersed, many holding their crotches in sympathy. The girls, on the other hand, had surrounded Cindy and were clapping and cheering. Cindy felt a rush she had never felt before. She had given Andy what he deserved, had punished him in a way worse than any punishment anybody could ever receive. She let out a chuckle, then a giggle and then burst out laughing. She pointed down at him. “Who’s a bitch now!” she yelled, then turn around and shook her ass in his face. Now she understood what was sexy—sexiness came from having confidence, and she now had the confidence in knowing she never again had to be harassed by boys. Andy was still on the ground crying twenty minutes later when the ambulance arrived. He would need surgery and at least a year before his testicles were functioning properly again. Cindy watched him being carried out on a stretcher, laughing the whole time. When she finally could contain herself she was approached by Alle, a very cute brunette who was extremely athletic. “Wow, that was awesome! I’ve always wanted to do that to a boy. You have really strong legs. Wanna join the soccer team?” Cindy thought about it for a moment. Destroying Andy had made her feel incredible. What if she could devote her time to strengthening her legs to the point that they were even more lethal weapons? She thought of the pain she would cause males who angered her, and drew up a mental list of boys who had made fun of her who would be punished in a similar way as Andy. She smiled at Alle. “Will it make me be able to kick harder with more control?” Alle laughed and then paused as the sound of the sirens taking Andy away were heard. “Sure, but Cindy, we already know you have great ball control!” They two girls high-fived and burst out laughing. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Hank had gone to the dance floor to dance with some of his friends. Cindy watched him. He was a complete white boy, with no rhythm at all. She noticed that he kept looking up at her and staring every few seconds. When she flashed her eyes at him he’d quickly look away. This guy is a real creep, Cindy thought. He’s one move away from never enjoying sex again…not that he ever gets much of it in the first place. She ordered another drink and reminisced about highlights from her ballbusting career.

After the incident with Andy the boys stopped picking on Cindy. She joined Alle’s soccer team and quickly became the star player. High school began and she joined a nearby gym. Everyday she would use weights to increase her leg strength. Although only fourteen, her breasts had become very nicely shaped and as she worked out, her ass was becoming somewhat legendary. When she used the Stairmaster, a row of males of all ages would discretely form behind her, staring as the perfect bulge in her tight, super-short lycra shorts moved up and down.

One day, when the gym was particularly empty, she felt somebody grab her ass she was bent over getting some water from the drinking fountain. She turned around and saw Bryce, an extremely well-built black young man who had recently graduated from her high school and was now supposedly training to lift weights in the Olympics. He was easily one of the largest men he had ever seen. “Sorry about that,” he said, “but you go around shaking that thing like that, a man’s gotta do somethin’ about it.” Cindy’s eyes lit up. It had been over a year since she had destroyed Andy and now she finally had an opportunity to hurt a man again. She had gained quite a bit of muscle in her legs and she knew the power she could create would be enough to cause serious damage to Bryce’s balls; she just needed to decide the best way to do it. She bent back down to sip more water, intentionally rubbing her toned ass against his crotch. She felt him start to get hard and swung her foot back, getting a direct hit with the heel of her sneaker. Because of the drinking fountain she had not been able to get much leverage, so although it was a direct hit, there had not been enough power to immobilize Bryce. He spun her around and grabbed her arms, crushing them with his powerful grip. Cindy looked over his shoulder and saw that the gym was empty now except for the two of them. “I’m gonna kill you bi—" he tried to yell but did not finish his last word because Cindy had slammed her knee into the huge bulge in his shorts. She could feel their large size against her knee and started to get wet as they were smashed as flat as pancakes. He let go of her shoulders and she grabbed his, kneeing him in the balls as hard as she could two more times before she could no longer hold onto his massive body and he slumped to the floor. Bryce convulsed in agony, still trying to finish his sentence, “Bi…bi…bi…” “Bitch!” Cindy finished for him, before stepping onto the Stairmaster right in front of him. Many men would have paid money to have the view that Bryce could have had for the next half hour. Unfortunately for him, his eyes were clenched shut the whole time. She finished a half hour and, hot and sweaty, looked down at Bryce, who was now moaning softly. “Good luck at the Olympics!” she laughed, and, blowing him a kiss, exited the gym.

By the end of high school she had busted about ten or so boys and was feared and respected by most of the males in her town. She was undeniably hot, but had saved her virginity because all of the males who had hit on her had been more worthy of a kick in the balls than a night of passion. She got accepted into NYU, and the summer between high school and college she met a charming British fellow named Charles who introduced her to sex. She realized she rather enjoyed it, and decided that in New York she would cut down on her ballbusting ways so that she wouldn’t scare away all of the men as she had back in suburbia.

In college she started dating more. Most of the men were sleazeballs but she had fun anyways, and didn’t mind an occasional short fling or one-night stand with an asshole. She was often tempted to hurt men, and things like a stranger grabbing her ass, which in the past would have merited at least a hard knee, she now let slide by unpunished. There were, however, a couple notable exceptions.

One night in late Spring, near the end of her freshman year, she went on a date with a junior named Trevor. Trevor was an English major, and although he was of average build, his long hair and intellectual glasses along with his amazing use of the English language made him very attractive to Cindy. It was their second date, and she was wearing a short skirt and tight white tank top, revealing her amazingly tan and toned legs. The evening went well, and soon, quite a bit tipsy, they arrived back in his dorm room. As they started kissing, Cindy reached down his pants at his hard cock and felt…

Disappointment. Well, ya win some, you lose some, she thought. Maybe he gave great head. She couldn’t stifle a little giggle.

“What?” Trevor asked.

“Um, nothing…you’re just a little…uh…” She felt very bad about the giggle, but she was a bit drunk and hadn’t been able to control herself. She was somewhat sure that Trevor had probably been insulted like this before. “Oh, come on,” she laughed, “it’s cute.”

“Cute?!” Trevor angrily jumped up and pushed Cindy back. In a flash of anger, he slapped her. It was a move he would regret within seconds, as Cindy glared back at him, no longer smiling, grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed her bare knee into his groin, protected by his thin linen pants and not much else really. Although she hadn’t busted anybody in nearly a year, the movements came naturally for her, and, biting her lip, she arched her back for maximum power and kneed him, full force, a second time. Still clutching his shoulders so he couldn’t fall, she brushed her hair out of her face and kneed him hard once…twice…three more times before finally dropping him. As he lay on the ground crying and wheezing, she picked up her handbag then bent over to gaze down at him, her cleavage spilling out of her tank top. “You could have just settled for a small dick,” she said. “Now you’re small and impotent. Ta ta!” She laughed, tossed her hair back, and giving her ass a little shake, closed the door behind her.

In the middle of her sophomore year, she met Michael, who, like her, was majoring in East Asian studies. He was on the rugby team and extremely strong, but also very intelligent and interesting. They started dating and soon she was in love. They dated for two years and thoughts of marriage started to cross her mind as they approached graduation. Then, on his birthday in mid-April, she decided to do something special for him. While he was in class, she skipped her own to go to his apartment (of course she had her own key) and decided to slip into something sexy, to await him when he arrived. She had a tight black dominatrix-style bustier as well as sexy black panties and black pantyhose which accentuated her heavenly legs and ass. She did her makeup to look like the ultimate dragon-lady seductress, the ultimate fantasy for anybody with even the slightest attraction towards Asians. Naturally, she had black leather high-heeled pointy boots to top off the outfit.

By the time she was done up, she realized she still had about 20 minutes left to kill before Michael finished his class so she decided to check her email. Going to Michael’s computer, she noticed that he had left his own email open. She had a lot of friends who were in relationships where they read each other’s emails, but she and Michael were never like that…they respected each others’ privacies. She was about to log his email out when he noticed that about 7 of the 20 emails shown on the page were all coming from the same address which seemed to belong to some girl who called herself “kelly7.” She opened up one of the emails from last night and read: “Hey Mike, you were incredible last night, hope to see you again soon ;)” Last night…Michael had said he was going to the bars with his guy friends…she opened another one, “Mike, I miss you so much, when can I see you again. I miss everything about you…especially that birthmark on your ass!” Cindy knew that birthmark well…only somebody who had seen Michael naked would know about that. Feeling nauseous, she opened one more email and read: “Mike, when can you just dump that fucking Chink bitch?! I’m sick of having to keep everything a secret!” Cindy slammed Michael’s laptop shut and fell to the ground crying. She felt as though a million daggers were tearing into her heart. She ran to the bathroom and threw up, but she still felt awful. In the hallway outside, she heard footsteps approaching, and she quickly wiped her tears away and tried to compose herself. She ran to the door and opened it as Michael was putting his key in the door. He was extremely surprised to see her, but after seeing her amazing costume, he was rock hard within moments and didn’t even notice that her eyes were still red from crying. He pulled her in towards him and started to kiss her, grabbing her ass, but she pushed him away. “No! You have been…naughty!” she said in a mock-Asian accent. Mike got even more excited at the sudden switch to role-play.

Cindy went strolled to the back of the room and, bending over so Mike could see her heaven-sent assents in all of their glory, reached into her handbag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. “Your clothes…take off!” she yelled at him. He obliged immediately, and was soon naked, his large cock nearly bursting with blood. Above Mike’s head was a pipe and, standing on a chair (she was nearly a foot shorter than him); she handcuffed his hands around the pipe.

“Now, you answer third question! Do you undastand!”

“Uh…yeah?” She slapped him playfully. “Yes ma’am!” he shouted, giggling a bit. “Good!” she said. “First…why you late for you appointment with me today?”

“But he wasn’t—" he started but she slapped him again, this time so it stung a bit. “I was in class, ma’am!” he shouted. Okay, he thought, I’ll play ball. “Hmm…no good!” she slapped him again, this time rather hard. “Question two…when my birthday?” “August 23rd, ma’am!” “Hmm…no!” she slapped him again. Obviously, he had answered correctly, but she didn’t care. Michael was loving the abuse and getting extremely turned on.

Cindy stepped back and unzipped her bustier, dropping it to the floor. Her perky, salon-tanned breasts with their cute little brown nipples started back at Mike. “Question three!” she said, staring him right in the eyes. He was grinning. She suddenly broke out of her character and, tears welling up in her eyes, asked, “who the fuck is Kelly?” Upon hearing her name, Michael suddenly panicked, as Cindy reared back her leg and swung it forward as hard as she could, decimating his balls with her boot. “AAAHHHHHH!” Michael bellowed as now tears started streaming down his face. Cindy felt no mercy. The pain he was feeling now was the only way he could come close to feeling the pain she was experienced in her heart. Michael was swinging from his wrists and screaming as she stepped up to him and put her hands on his shoulders. Michael could not effectively articulate any words because his whole body was surging with the worst pain he had ever felt in his life, but he managed to sputter out, “N-n-no.” “No ‘Mike!’” she shouted. “Yes!” With that she slammed her stocking-clad knee into what was left of his nearly-destroyed testicles. She bit her lip so hard it bled and kneed him again and again, until his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. Blood was trickling from his limp dick and getting on her stocking. She gathered up her things, threw on a T-shirt and left his apartment. As she was walking down the hall, still in her stockings, she her somebody say “dammn!” and grab her ass. She glanced over her shoulder and saw another college student she had never seen before and, smiling, delivered an incredibly strong mule kick which drove the sharp heel of her boot up into his groin. She did not turn around to look but heard his body drop to the floor and him sputtering in agony.

She did not put on anything to cover her ass and legs and on the walk home three men mistaking her for a prostitute approached her and were left on the sidewalk in agony after receiving multiple knees or kicks in the balls from this mysterious, sexy, Asian dominatrix. Cindy would spend the rest of the term mostly in her apartment, afraid to go out because she was so angry at men that she feared she would castrate all of New York City.

But that was all in the past now. Cindy had been living in Japan for over a year now and had not busted any balls the whole time she had been here. It was a phase for her, and certainly, if she was attacked or cheated on she wouldn’t hesitate to floor a man, but she didn’t need to kick men in the nuts to give her any sort of confidence. She pushed the last remaining thoughts about Michael out of her head, finished her drink, and found her friends. The slimeball who had been hitting on her was nowhere to be seen so she could go to the dance floor without any hesitation. A song she particularly liked came on and she started gyrating her ass, noticing the stares of nearly every man in the bar. Suddenly, she felt a hand wrapped around her waste and a definite erection poking into her butt as it bobbed up and down. She turned around and saw the sleazeball from before, then got a grin on her face…

Hank had her now. She had just given him the sexiest smile he had ever seen and now she was grinding into his throbbing cock with her ass so hard that it took every ounce of strength in him to restrain from blowing his load. Suddenly, she spun around, and her foot was lifted up behind her…and—BAM! Cindy kicked Hank in the balls as hard as she could. Her hard black Mary Janes crunched into the V of his legs, scoring a direct hit to both nuts. Hank fell to the ground instantly, his face glowing bright purple. He struggled to restrain himself from crying and vomiting and failed at both. All of the men in the bar gasped uncomfortably and backed away, but many of the females were clapping and laughing. “So you want a submissive Asian girl, do ya asshole?” she laughed. “Well who’s submitting now?” Hank was curled up in a ball emitting un-humanlike noises. Cindy and her friends, still laughing hysterically, left the bar, as an ambulance arrived to take Hank away…

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