Sunday, August 12, 2007


by unknown

These girls REALLY enjoy power over men! (torture, death, nullification)

The girls had thought out their revenge well. Now it was time to put things into motion. Rebecca was 23, Emily, 21, and Tammy was 18. All three were part time models that supported their modeling careers by also working as exotic dancers. In addition to their shared occupations, they were lesbians who held a serious dislike for men. Many a night was spent sitting around the apartment, drinking and getting high, and concocting methods to torture men. Now, their fantasies were to be realized.

The two men in question were repeat child molesters, and after a well publicized trial where the men faced charges of raping and torturing three small girls, they were subsequently acquitted on grounds of improper arrest and detainment. The public was outraged, and although there were public cries for retrial, the story soon became forgotten in the face of new stories. The women though had not forgotten and now saw their opportunity.

The men were known to hang out at an arcade frequented by young girls. Emily and Tammy arrived, dressed in cut off denim shorts and t-shirts. They found the men and began flirting with them. The invitation for sex was made by Tammy, and the four went out to their van and left.

A short time later, they arrived at an abandoned factory and went inside. Once inside, Rebecca appeared, wearing the same as her sisters, and brandishing a revolver. "So. These are the boys who like sticking their dicks into little girls eh!" Rebecca said, shaking her head.

One of the men shouted. "What the hell is going on? Who are you bitches?" Tammy moved in front of the man and although she was a petite woman, she kicked him in the groin hard enough to knock him to his knees. She pulled his hands away from his crotch and kicked him again.

She said. "You don't speak unless told to do so. And if you ever use that word bitch again, I'll kick you over and over until your nuts are mush!" After a minute, the man got to his feet. Rebecca aimed the gun towards them and said. "Alright boys. Get your clothes off. We want to see your dicks." The men hesitated and Rebecca said as she lowered the gun to one of the men's groins. "Get your clothes off now! Do it, or I’ll blow your nuts off!" The men proceeded to remove their clothes until they stood naked in front of the girls. They giggled and pointed at the men.

"God! Those are the most pathetic dicks I have ever seen!" said Rebecca.

"I think referring to these guys as boys is pretty accurate judging by those puny dicks!" laughed Emily. "I don't think the word dick applies at all. They're more like . . .dinks!" The girls all laughed at this diminutive term.

Tammy then added. "Now. Let's see you boys get those little dinks hard. Let's see you jerk off!" They watched as the men reluctantly began to masturbate, but before they could ejaculate, they were ordered to stop. Elastics were wound tightly around their genitals, and they were then led into an adjoining room. Each man was tied on his back, spread eagle to an old door lying on the floor. Emily set up three video cameras around the room, and then all three girls began removing their clothes. When naked, they began kissing and caressing one another with great excitement. They went and stood over one of the men.

Tammy knelt over the man's head and lowered her vagina onto his mouth. "Now you be a good boy and make me come. If I don't come at least 3 times, I'm gonna cut your little dink off! So get licking!" The man began performing oral sex on the small blond woman and she soon began moaning with pleasure.

Rebecca and Emily knelt on either side of the man. Emily slapped and squeezed his testicles while Rebecca pinched and twisted his erect penis. Rebecca pulled a cigarette from her purse and lit it. Tammy moved forward slightly, and knowing what was coming next, she smiled. She said to the man. "Good boy. Now. Clean my ass with your tongue." When the man did not do as instructed, Tammy winked at Rebecca. Rebecca pushed the glowing tip of the cigarette against the underside of the man's penis causing him to scream and squirm. The man began licking Tammy's anus. "Okay. You've got 2 minutes to make me come. If you don't, Rebecca's gonna burn your dink again. So get to it." The man did as told, but when two minutes passed, he was not yet successful. The girls giggled as Rebecca held the burning ember against the head of his penis and he screamed again. Tammy then continued.

"Now you have one minute to make me come, or else." Again the man failed and again Rebecca burned his penis with the cigarette. This game was repeated with demands by Tammy for the man to make her come at 10-second intervals. Each time, he failed, and each time his penis was burned. When Rebecca was finished with the cigarette, she extinguished it on the tip of his penis. Emily and Tammy glanced at each other and smiled. Emily reached between the man's legs and squeezed his testicles hard enough to make the man scream. When he did, Tammy began to urinate onto the man's face, much of it ending up in his open mouth. She then got off the man and each of them took a turn kicking him in the crotch. They went to the other man and tortured him in much the same way. Emily sat on the man's face while Rebecca applied ball torture with her fingernails and a book of matches.

Tammy was busying herself inflicting pain upon the man's erect penis with her teeth. The man yelped at every little nip she gave him. "You better get used to the feeling of teeth on your dink boy. We've got something very special in mind for you." All three girls laughed. They went back to the first man and untied him. They led him to a worktable and tied his hands behind his back. Emily licked his penis until erect and reaching into a box on the table, withdrew a condom covered in a thick brown liquid and put it on the man's penis. She then wrapped a soaking ribbon of toilet paper around it. They led him over to vice and placed his penis in its jaws and closed the vice until he could not withdraw his penis. Tammy stepped up holding a large vibrator, and without warning, shoved it into the man's anus. The man screamed and the girls laughed.

"Now you know how it feels to have something forced into your body that doesn't belong there." As Tammy continued assaulting the man, Emily climbed up onto the table and sat with her legs spread in front of the man. She masturbated as she spoke to the man.

"Do you know what we're going to do to you boy? Well, you've got a condom covered in motor oil on your dink, and then it's wrapped with toilet paper soaked in paint thinner." Emily paused as she produced a book of matches. Rebecca moved a video camera closer and set up beside Emily.

"We're gonna have ourselves a wiener roast! And we're gonna use your wiener!" Tammy left the vibrator in the man's anus and joined the others by the table. Emily struck a match and lit the toilet paper and they all cheered as a large blue flame covered the man's penis. The man shrieked with pain and the girls began masturbating furiously. The heat from the burning oil began to melt the condom practically cooking the penis inside of it. After perhaps 20 minutes, the fire burned out, and the man's penis was nothing more than a charred mass. Rebecca grabbed the handle and began closing the vice, slowly crushing the penis. The man renewed his screaming as he watched his beloved manhood being squashed in the vice. The girls giggled when the vice jaws came together, mashing the penis completely. Rebecca then opened the vice allowing the man to fall to the floor. Tammy knelt down with a knife and sliced off the penis. She then pushed it towards his mouth.

"Open up boy. Your wiener is done." She shoved his severed penis into his mouth then taped it shut. They handcuffed the man to the table leg, and left him to suffer. Returning to the first man, they untied him and dragged him over to a large beam in the center of the room. They sat him against it, and tied his hands to the beam above his head. They then spread his legs and tied his feet to bolts set into the floor. Tammy knelt between his legs and began fondling his penis until it was erect. She then began slapping it back and forth and giggling as she did so. She produced a mascara brush and pushed it into the hole at the end of his penis. She began sliding it in and out, causing the man to wince and cry. With one hand she twisted the brush inside his penis while forcibly squeezing his testicles with the other. She then withdrew the brush, and seeing it now tinged with red, she smiled. Rebecca stood between the man's legs and bent over. She pushed her buttocks into his face.

"Now you be a good, little boy and stick your tongue in my ass! Make me come or I’ll bite off that sad, little dink of yours!" The man obediently began licking the girl's anus. She reached down between his legs and grabbing his penis, began to scratch and twist it. Emily lay between his legs, jabbing and punching his balls. Tammy had left the room to retrieve something from the van. Rebecca soon reached orgasm.

"You’re a good boy!" As she went to leave, she stomped her foot down into his crotch, squashing his balls against the floor. After a few minutes, the man had recovered enough for the girls to get him hard once more.

Tammy knelt between his legs and said to the man. "Did you see what we did to your friend? We set his dink on fire! We let it burn until it was cooked. We cut if off and shoved it in his mouth. And, with a little luck, he'll get hungry and start eating it. How would you like to eat your own dink?" The man shook his head and the girls giggled. "Well, don't worry. We're not going to make you eat your dink." She took a jar of cheese spread and using a knife, began to spread it over the man's penis until it was covered from tip to base. Rebecca pushed a large blanket covered box between the man's feet while Tammy continued.

"Remember I said that you wouldn't have to eat your dink? Well, I wasn't lying. You're not going to eat it. These are!" She pulled the blanket off the box. It was in fact a cage containing 3 very large rats. The man began to cry and the girls laughed hysterically. Tammy rubbed the man's still erect penis. "We haven't fed them in a couple of days, so they're really hungry! I'm sure they won't have any objections to eating your dick!" The man, upon full realization of what was going to happen, began wailing and begging. Rebecca walked over and sternly grabbed his balls.

"Shut up you male piece of shit! Your fucking lucky we don't kill you for what you've done! I think a male who rapes little girls at least deserves to have his dink eaten by a couple of rats! You've hurt a lot of girls. So now, we're going to hurt you! But best of all, we're going to humiliate you!" The man had a puzzled look on his face. Rebecca smiled. "I think you're going to find it pretty humiliating to be sitting there, legs spread, watching as the rats eat off your wiener! You'll be humiliated to know that those responsible are girls, and that those girls are getting off by watching you suffer!" She released her grip on his balls and sat back by his feet. Her and Emily spread their legs and began to masturbate. Tammy pushed the cage between the man's legs and opened the door. She then joined the other girls in masturbating. She yelled out as the rats left the cage.

"There you go girls!" The rats scurried to the screaming man's crotch and immediately began biting and chewing at the end of his erect penis. The women cheered as the man screamed and squirmed, but was held tight by his restraints. All of the women had already come, but they continued masturbating feverishly. They also shouted ridicules at the man.

"Eat it! Eat it! Eat his tiny, fucking dink off!" "How's that boy? How's it feel to get your wiener chewed on?"

"A guy getting his wiener gnawed off by rats! This is the best sex with a man I've ever had!" In about 15 minutes, the man's penis was completely eaten off. Rebecca applied cheese sauce to his balls, and the three watched as the rats made a meal of his nuts as well.

They untied the other man, and using a brick, Emily castrated him. They cut off his testicles and shoved them into his mouth along with his penis. The men were bleeding profusely as they were dragged to the center of the room. The girls then began kissing, fondling and licking each other’s bodies while the men slowly bled to death. They then gathered the video equipment and left. All of them hoped that there would be another opportunity for such a great day as this.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck---that was the hottest story I've ever imagined----when I think about rats eating his balls all I could think of---I would love to be him and have that done to me-----I 've always wanted to have my nuts smashed and popped by a girl dom---whew hot hot hot
Bill H