Friday, August 10, 2007

A Vacation I Will Never Forget

By princesscrush

I have been dying to tell the FULL story of my vacation in New York but such stories should be kept quiet. This all happened just a month ago with very little embellishment. This is also my first story I have ever written so please be kind in the reviews but also truthful.



5:30pm Friday

Sitting on my bed, I analyze what I should pack for my stay in New York. I realize that I am traveling more then 2,000 miles to meet a stranger and doubt begins to swell in the pit of my stomach. The phone rings. It's him, Andrew.

"Are you excited about the trip?” I can hear the excitement in his voice.

"Of course, but I am getting extremely nervous."

I can't hide the shake in mine." Don't be nervous. There is nothing to be nervous about. We will just take things as they come and if things turn sour you know you can just kick me in the balls.” (He never skirts the issues.)

I had met him more then a year ago in a chat room and it has been nothing less then an enlightening experience. One night, not long after we had met, we began discussing sexuality and slowly drifted towards fetishes. He asked the strangest question in the middle of everything, "Have you ever kicked a man in the balls?”

I answered 'yes' but was still perplexed as to why he would ask such a thing in the middle of sex talk. I just had to find out where this was coming from. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I find pleasure in having my balls kicked.” I didn't know what to say. I was debating on whether or not I should get rid of this weirdo but I couldn't, curiosity got the best of me. A few months past and he taught me all I needed to know about this so-called 'ball busting.’ The more I learned about it the more I wanted to try it out. As the months went by, I found myself being turned on whenever I would see a bust on TV and reading 'ball busting' stories became a regular thing. I told Andrew I now found BB to be erotic and he couldn't have been happier. More time past and I couldn't wait any longer; I just had to have a pair of testicles trapped between my knee and a man's body. I booked a flight to New York.

"You are right. I will just take my anxiety out on you the first minute we have alone.” I say this as my doubt and nervousness turn into excitement.

"We will work something out.” Silence… "Do you really want to kick my balls?”

I lovingly inform him, "OOOoooo, you know I get turned on just thinking about it, but I better finish packing so I can beat the traffic."

"What are your plans?"

"I am going to spend the night in a hotel near the airport and fly out early tomorrow morning but I am going to get in late so I will see you on Sunday. OK?"

"Sounds great!"

I finally make up my mind on what to pack and throw several sexy outfits into a suitcase and head for the hotel.

11:00pm Friday

I know I should rest before such a long trip but I keep remembering all the erotic conversations I had with Andrew. I begin to fantasize about the week to come and slowly fall asleep.

4:00pm Saturday

It's the second plane I have been on today. I am tired, frazzled, and in a bad mood and if I had a man to kick he would have to say goodbye to his balls. But, despite my misery, I know it’s all going to be worth it. The fantasies that have evolved over the past year are now going to come to life.

8:00am Sunday

"I'm here! I'm really here!!! Just 15 blocks south of you!” The excitement in my voice is unbelievable.

"Are you ready to experience New York?"

"I am ready for the experience of a life time!"

"I'll come pick you up in an hour."

I hang up the phone, throw myself on the bed and start talking to myself. "I can't believe I am really here.” Grabbing the remote to the stereo, I look for some good music to entertain me for an hour.

9:35am Sunday

"He's late... No, he bailed on me. I knew this was too good to be true."

"I can't believe I just traveled across the country for nothing.” I verbally badger myself as I pace from the bedroom to the front door. The phone rings and I give it a dirty look, almost wanting to kick the thing out the window.


"Hello, this is the doorman; you have a gentleman coming up to your room."

"Oh, thank you so much." I run to the mirror, check my make-up, check my clothes, and check my hair…

Then I hear THE knock. My knees almost buckle but I make it to the door and fumble to unlock it.

I open the door... He's standing there, tall and powerful... The first thought in my mind is, I am going to have THIS man down on his knees begging for my mercy. The misery of the flight was surely worth this.

"Hi!!!” I am smiling ear to ear as we near each other. He has to bend down to embrace my 5'5" stature with his 6' body. Nothing about the situation intimidates me because I know that with one light kick at his jewels I can have control over this man. He looks and smiles at me "Should we be on our way?"

"Sure, let’s go have breakfast and check out the Metropolitan museum and see what happens after that."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

The day was filled with come-ons and friendly petting as we began to adjust to being physically close to each other. It was fairly uneventful but we did manage to sneak in some private comments about hard cocks and bruised balls before the day was over.

11:00pm Sunday

I walk through my front door unaccompanied, only stopping to lock the door. My mind is wandering as I slowly rid myself of these confining clothes. On the taxi ride to my place, he promised me some private time tomorrow for us to ‘get closer.’ I didn't even comment, I just slid my hand down his thigh, lingering there… lightly petting… then moving my hand I grabbed his balls through his jeans and lightly squeezed. I can still feel them in my hand as I fix the blankets on my bed. Lying down, I grab the remote and turn off the music that had entertained me earlier. I have the greatest temptation to call Andrew but then I realize I need to rest before tomorrow. I sleep while my fantasies invade my dreams.

9:00am Monday

"Good morning sleepy head, are you ready for another day?” My voice is still a little gruff with sleep but I want to get this day started early.

"A day with you, baby, of course."

"Good, and are we going to have some private time today?"

He whispers into the phone, "Tomorrow is better."

"OK? But why?"

"My roommate will be gone tomorrow evening and we can have my place to ourselves" I can barely hear him as he explains this to me.

"Oooooo, that sounds perfect since we can't come back to my place with my cousin watching who comes in and out of this apartment.” I never thought that we would have a chance to have a private place throughout this trip but now everything is perfect. "Then let’s head to the German museum and maybe stop by that huge bookstore before we go see a movie?"

"Perfect, and tomorrow will be our day."

I hang up the phone and head to the bathroom to take a shower.


2:00pm Monday

The day just hasn't been going well. I have been feeling light headed ever since I got out of the shower and the German museum was dark and depressing and I was almost ready to call it a day but Andrew just wouldn't allow it. He told me that we could relax and sit down at the bookstore so we headed for the subway.

2:15pm Monday

"There's barely anyone here.” We are both shocked at how quiet it is in the bookstore.

"Well, it will give us a chance to have a nice talk."

As we are looking around Andrew beds over and whispers in my ear, "Are you feeling better?” I gesture that I am so-so. He continues to whisper in my ear. "I think I know what will make you feel real good.... How about tomorrow I strip down nude for you, have you tie me up, and let you do anything you want with me?"

“Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, you would not believe how much I would love that.” With one sentence, this man has me turned on. "How about we go sit down and talk about this?"

I don't think I ever told him how nervous I was. We sit down across from each other in a quiet corner. Scooting closer, he grabs my feet and slowly removes my shoes, placing my feet in his lap and covering them with his coat. Looking around, there was no one in sight and I just smile at Andrew. I have never done anything like this before and he knows it. As he begins to give me a light foot massage, I try to prepare myself for what I am about to do. I don't know if my nervousness is apparent but I realize that this is all for fun and pleasure so I just need to relax. I pull my feet away from his hands and lightly stroke his thigh moving my way up to his cock. Through his jeans, I get a feel of his hard penis with my right foot and massage it with the sole of my foot. I am trying to get a feel for his body as I lower my toes to his balls… feeling their placement and enjoying the buoyancy beneath my foot. I continue playing with them lightly trying to get the feel of what it’s like to have a pair of balls under my foot. I then remember what this is all about… the reasons why I am so fascinated with this part of the male anatomy… so I press down, applying pressure to both his balls. I look up at him only to see him wince in pain as one of them escapes from under my foot. Not knowing if this is such a good idea I go back to lightly playing with his balls. Rolling them under the sole of my foot and wiggling my toes as I apply extremely light pressure.

He looks at me and says one word. "Pressure."

I want to make sure. "Can you handle a lot?” He nods his head yes. I try it again, this time trapping them beneath my heel. Pressing down I watch the expressions on his face change and wince as both balls slip from underneath my heel. I again trap them under my toes, pressing harder this time but he can't handle it and tries to pull my foot away. Removing my foot from his balls, he asks me to wait. Reaching under the coat, I hear him unzip his pants and I reached my foot over to feel what he is doing. To my surprise and utter enjoyment, he has taken his cock out of his pants and is lightly stroking it. I replace my right foot with his hand and bring my left foot to his balls. Applying a steady pressure to his balls, I stroke his cock with my other foot and just watch his face show the mixture of pleasure and pain he is experiencing. I can't believe how wonderful it feels to have balls under one foot and a cock under the other, the exoticness of the situation is unbelievable. I am so turned on my panties are soaking wet. Andrew begins to stroke himself as I lightly torture his balls. I want to see him stroking… I want to see his balls and I really want to cause more pain. I press down harder on his balls then let up… then harder… then let up… then harder… then let up… then harder and I feel them contract as he cums.

I slip my shoes back on and we stand up to leave.

I look up at him, "I can't wait until tomorrow night."


11:30pm Monday

Lying under the sheet of my bed, I reflect on everything that has happened so far. My hands slowly begin to caress my nude body as the erotic happenings of this trip invade my senses. Rubbing my feet together, a ghost sensation of Andrew’s cock between them intensifies the wetness that has begun between my legs. I can almost feel his buoyant balls being rolled around beneath the sole of my foot as my hand makes it way to caress the smooth shaved wetness that is begging for attention. Having a man's balls at the mercy of my feet is more erotic then I had ever dreamt. I find my feet digging themselves in the mattress wanting two testicles trapped between my toes and the bed. I wiggle my toes on the imaginary balls and begin to roll them against the mattress with my heels. The fantasy is too much and an orgasm floods my being. Wave after wave of pleasure brought on by the grandness of torturing a man's balls. Sleeps begins to send these fantasies into the dream life.

5:00pm Tuesday

I wait as the phone rings on the other line. "Hello, Andrew speaking."

"Hi Honey, I have missed your company today. How is work going?

"Just fine, I should be getting out of here in an hour."

"Are our plans still on for tonight?"

"Yes," I can hear him cover the phone as he whispers, "Please wear pantyhose.” Then he speaks up, "I will pick you up as soon as I get off work."

All I can do is give a light moan and say, "I can't wait"

Hanging up the phone, I begin to strip down and head to the bath. Taking a quick shower, I tie a sarong around my neck, slip into a pair of pantyhose and pull on a pair of slacks. I look in the mirror and am very happy with what I see, very sexy and very easy to kick in.

7:00pm Tuesday

The elevator is making its way to the fourth floor and I watch Andrew watching me. As we enter the apartment he disappears down the hall, "I will be right back."

He returns wearing a pair of silky red boxers and nothing else. Grabbing me by the waist, he holds me tight against himself and I can feel his hard cock against my thigh and can't hold back a moan. For some reason I have to make sure that he is happy with me, if I was what he had expected.

"Are you happy? Happy with me? With the situation?” He looks me straight in the eyes, doesn't say a word and rubs his throbbing cock tighter against my body. I take that as a yes and timidly say, "I might be a bit shy about busting you to start out with but just let me get used to it.”

"Then let’s try a knee if you are ready.” Even before he finishes the sentence, my knee quickly rises to hit his balls against his body but our stance is off and I lightly tapped them instead. My shyness dissolves and is replaced with a slight embarrassment as I think to myself, I know I can do MUCH better. I push him up against the wall, kick open his legs and lightly slam my knee into him, trapping his testicles tightly against his body and compressed against my knee. I can feel the softness of them against me and lower my knee as he begins to double over in pain. Grabbing his shoulders, I push him back up against the wall and wait a few seconds for him to recoup.

"More?” He nods yes. I slam my knee into his groin and leave it there this time as he slowly slides down the wall. I push his shoulders up as his balls flatten against my knee from the weight of his own body. He is too weak to stand and more pain racks his body as his knees buckle and all his weight is being balanced on my knee with his balls trapped between. He somehow is able to stand after 20 or so seconds and I support him against the wall as he tries to ready himself for more.

I am starting to enjoy this and the pain visible in his face is more erotic than I would have ever thought. The sensation of having his balls compressed against me can be compared to having two plums confined in a sack, soft but sturdy, shifting within the sack, attempting to escape the agonizing pain. I look into his eye, give him a light kiss on the lips and ask, "Can you handle more? Do you want to try a kick?"

In a light whisper he replies, "I think so.” Grabbing him by the wrists, I kick open his legs again then step back. Kicking off my shoes, I swing a practice kick without touching him. He winces in fear and I laugh at him and at the idea of how much power I have in this situation. I swing again and this time the instep of my foot makes contact with both his balls. I can feel them smack against my foot then collide with his body captured with the stinging pain of my kick. I lower my foot and watch as he bends over in pain and raises his head in a silent cry of agony. Pushing his shoulder back up against the wall I grab his wrists again and fake another kick just for my enjoyment. I step back a bit further this time and pummel the instep of my foot into his balls, loving the way it feels having these buoyant orbs bounce against my foot. As he doubles over in pain, again I allow him to support himself against me. As he rests lightly with his head on my shoulder I tenderly kiss his neck and shoulder. I am enjoying every moment of this.

After a couple minutes of tenderness, I feel that he can handle more. Pushing him off me and against the wall again, I firmly grab his wrist this time, stepping back and steadying myself for some major damage. I bring my foot up to his balls fairly hard, compressing them against his body, lower it several inches and kick again... and again... and again... and again... each kick getting successively harder… One after the other with only enough time in between for me to move my foot out of the way. After about ten kicks, he can no longer stand and I allow his limp body to fall to the floor. As he lies on the floor, his hard cock catches my eye. With all the attention being given to his balls I have almost forgotten about how much he wants my hosed feet to make him cum. As he is curled in the fetal position, I begin to rub my foot along his inner thigh, making little circles with my toes as he begins to forget about the pain that is burning in his balls and stomach. I lightly place the sole of my foot upon the shaft of his cock and slowly stoke it as I stand over this weak man.

As he begins to regain some strength, he turns onto his back and begins to enjoy the light footjob that I am giving him with my hosed feet. He looks up into my eyes, "Are you comfortable?"

I smile back at him. “How about we move this to the couch.” I sit down as he positions himself at my feet on the floor. I return my attention to his cock and push it against his stomach as I place my feet parallel to it, gliding them along his length. I do not want to neglect his balls throughout this so I place my heels upon them and begin to roll them against his body as I continue massaging his cock with my feet. Ready to cum, he takes his cock in his own hands and begins to stroke as I apply pressure to his balls with the sole of my right foot.

As he cums, I feel his balls contract beneath my foot before he pulls them away. We both lay exhausted; he on the floor, I on the couch but I know it’s late and my playtime went into overtime. I look down on Andrew and focus on his swollen balls, look up into his eyes and give him an evil grin.

“I should get back to my place before my cousins starts to wonder where I am and word gets back to my parents that I was out this late.” He looks up at me with a silly grin on his face,

"You hurt me tonight. I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

(One more part remaining… I will try my hardest to not make you wait as long for it)

PLEASE oh please message me with your comments and suggestions… I just LOVE hearing from the men that read my stories.


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Nice, very nice story. I Wanted that I've know someone like you.

I hope you have fun now and in the future!

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I would like you to do that to me That is a hot story.

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my balls ar dancing by your storyplease hit me