Thursday, August 9, 2007

Vital Point Match

By Kakutan (translation by noriko)

Chapter 1


It seems that today the martial arts students are giving their kiai's. In this Karate dojo, a self-defense course for women is taking place. Because of bad public safety these days the self-defense course has become popular among women.

"OK, everyone. This is the next basic practice for kicks. Kick aiming for the vital point in the groin, with your left feet and right feet alternately,” sounded the cheerful voice of the female instructor.

Yamagami Yuuki had studied Karate from a young age and after graduating college had been scouted out as a Karate instructor for this dojo. Her long, flexible legs made her very good at kicking techniques. She believed that the most effective point for a woman to go for when defending herself against a man is the crotch, in other words the testicles, and this is what she taught. In fact she had personal experience in real fights against men on many occasions, which were decided by her kicks to the balls. The rumor was that she could kick a man's balls better than any woman alive.

A number of women who had taken the course had later been sexually assaulted, but thanks to Yuuki's sure instruction they had all counterattacked with kicks to the balls. A number of women had kicked too hard and damaged their attackers' testicles, sending them to hospital, and the women who had been in real confrontations were surprised by the power of their own testicle kicks. Yuuki taught them to control the force of their kicks but she figured that in their first real confrontation there was no real way to stop them for kicking too hard.

Most of the girls in the dojo thought, "Since this is so much fun and so effective, we should invite our friends too." And so the word spread. Rumor followed rumor and Yuuki's self-defense course attracted more and more students and practices included everything from kicks to punches, squeezes and stamping. However, the basis of the practice was to teach weak women to defeat men and its center was teaching the girls to attack a man's most vulnerable point - his testicles.

Another instructor of a practical Karate course in the same dojo, Ueda Takada, became interested in why the women’s self-defense course had become so successful. His Karate course in which groin blows were disallowed but blows to other parts of the body were no-holds-barred proved too much for most of the students, many of whom dropped out.

But in the next room, the young women seemed to be having a lot of fun and moreover they were good at taking an opponent out with one blow. Very different in his course in which smelly men engaged in long exchanges of blows. Many of his students were even prepared to transfer to the women’s self defense course to learn ball kicking.

Yuuki welcomed men into her course. However much they practiced, there were women who withered when forced down by a man's attacking power and would not be able to fire off their techniques.

In order for the women to be able to act decisively in real life situations, it was best for them to be able to practice their groin kicks in real life encounters, with the men attacking with all their strength. But Yuuki thought that karate matches in which the men had to face women who had been trained to attack a man's greatest weakness, his balls, would be too dangerous for the men. And so it was Yuuki's rule that all the men had to wear cups. However, since there were women who did not in this way understand the effectiveness of a kick to a man's balls, Yuuki decided that the women might occasionally be allowed to spar with a man who was not wearing a cup, but only with that man's consent. But of course, if the girls were to suddenly fire off kicks at the balls of men who were without cups, there would never be enough men to practice on. And so Yuuki had her students press on her groin and kick it at a certain specified strength and once the girl understood what strength her blow had to be she would let her spar with the men.

The day had come that the men who were not wearing cups were to spar with the women. The man who took on himself to spar with the women without wearing a cup was a student who had recently transferred from the practical karate course, Tanaka Yasutake. Yasutake was a bit nervous but he was wheedled into doing it by being told by the women that as a man he should be all right fighting a girl and anyway, the women promised that any kicks to the groin would only be very light. And the fact was that Yasutake still felt that a strong, trained man would not lose to a woman even if he weren’t wearing a cup.

To fight first for the women, Yuuki selected an office lady named Murata Hiroko. Hiroko had been taking the course for a year and was a college graduate office lady but when she was returning home after working late one night she had been attacked by a pervert, who had fondled her breasts and crotch. Because of that experience, Hiroko had decided to enroll in a women’s' self-defense course and had been training hard under Yuuki for a year now. The power preparations for Hiroko's ball kick began.

"Kick me in the crotch at 20% power," said Yuuki, spreading her legs for Hiroko. Pokon.

Hiroko kicked Yuuki's groin lightly, at 20% of her strength.

"I can hardly feel it. But if we make it any harder than that, our MF confrontation will be over in one round, so hit at about that strength. Don't forget when kicking his balls to go at about that strength," said Yuuki, trying to make the words stick in the girl's mind.

"Fine," answered Hiroko, a bit disappointed. Watching the scene before him, Yasutake felt relieved that he would have to face a kick no harder than the one that Yuuki's groin had hardly felt. As Yasutake had never fought in a bout in which attacks below the belt were allowed, he had never been kicked in the balls without a cup before. The fact that Yasutake underestimated his vulnerability made the match experience all the more valuable.

"Well then, let the man vs. woman training match begin!" said Yuuki. Hiroko and Yasutake faced each other, preparing to fight. With Yuuki's "Begin" sign, the first MF bout began. Yasutake went straight for Hiroko. As Yasutake tried to attack Hiroko, his foot stepped forward, leaving his balls undefended. Without flinching, Hiroko delivered a 20% strength toe kick straight into Yasutake's balls.

"Ei!" Pokon.


Yasutake curled up in agony at Hiroko's feet, his hands between his legs. The intensity of the pain made it impossible for him to get up.

"Ball kick ippon, victory for the woman," said Yuuki, raising Hiroko's hand. The match had been decided in no more than a few seconds.

"Despite having studied practical karate, you left your balls wide open."

"If you don't guard your balls well enough, you can't beat a woman."

"But balls are easy to attack and difficult to defend, aren't they?" the women said one after the other.

Hiroko's face beamed with an "I did it!" expression as she acknowledged her victory.

Girls who had seen a kick to the balls for the first time said, "He must be pretending to be so disabled by such a light kick." And such, while laughing, but then they saw the agony on Yasutaku's face.

"It really does seem that he's suffering."

"Hiroko, you held back like you practiced, right?" the girls asked her.

"Of course! Just like I kicked Yuuki's groin. The only difference was that this time my toes felt something soft when they made impact," explained the flustered Hiroko.

At hearing those words, the girls said, "To think that such small balls could make such a difference."

"It really is incredible." And they understood the power of a groin kick. Yuuki said to the girls, "Please be serious about this, as Yasutake-kun has been so good as to cooperate with us," but inside she was thinking, "Indeed it is difficult for a woman to learn to control the strength of a kick to a man's testicles by practicing on a woman. I wanted it to be light but I wonder whether in fact it was too hard."

Reproached by Yuuki's words, the girls treated the disabled Yasutake by hitting the back of his hips as Yuuki had taught them. Treated by the many young girls, Yasutake was quick to recover and in twenty minutes he was back to his feet.

"I'm sorry. As this was my first time, I am not yet used to the pain. But with everyone's help, I am now alright," said Yasutake, embarrassed.

"Can a man really get used to pain in his testicles," thought the women, doubtingly.

Yuuki said, "We held back but are you unable to go on?" causing the women around to make all kinds of disappointed noises.

Yasutake replied confidently, "As my body has been hardened by Karate practice, I believe I am now OK. Since I am embarrassed at having been floored by a woman by such a light kick, I would like one more try."

Yasutake resumed his karate stance.

Yasutake never figured that his willful words would bring him even greater embarrassment.

(to be continued)

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