Friday, August 10, 2007

Wanker Comes Home pt 2

by nicky jones

Ok, let me start from where I left off.

My friends and I met this chap at a club in Manchester who liked to be humiliated. It was great. We had a good time and then left him at the mercy of some other girls at a taxi rank. We walked off home while he was being kicked by these girls and wanker came running up to us in the car park.

"Please, I don't care what you've done to me - I enjoy it" he started "I'll do whatever you want - just let me hang out with you all"

"Oh fuck off!" shouted someone "we've had our fun - go home"

"No wait", I said, "I'm ready for more. If you can fit in the boot of the car then you can come home with me". Fortunately, he did and there started a long serving "relationship" - with "serving" being the operative word!

The girls were all dropped off first and then I went home. Actually I forgot about wanker in the car boot until after I'd gone inside. I went back out again and open the boot. "Look, are you sure about all this?" I asked. "I was turned on before but now I'm beginning to wonder about you - you bloody pervert"

"Please, I can be useful. I'll massage your feet after work, I'll cook your food or I'll pay for us to eat out" he said I started to feel moisture between my legs as I daydreamed some cruel ideas.

"Ok, start now - get inside" He hurried in and I walked past him and put my feet up on a stool. "Massage my feet with your tongue. I've been dancing all night with my shoes off so there's plenty of dust for you to clean off" He went at it like I'd given him a million pounds. Well, with the messing about my mum came downstairs

"Oh my god, Nicky!" She screamed. "What's going on?" There was I with a naked man licking my feet - worse he had "I'm a wanker - slap me, kick me" write in lipstick on chest.

"We met this pathetic wanker at Ritzy's, mum - he's well perverted, he'll do anything you want - just ask him"

"Go and make me a tea, then"

"Mum! Make a tea and come back - I'll show you what I mean,” Mum returned with the hot tea. I took the cup and put it in the stool. "Wanker. I command you to lower your balls into the hot tea" Sure enough, he straddled the stool and lowered his balls - bouncing up each time the tea scalded them.

"Good grief! I can't believe it,” said mum. "Doesn’t that hurt?" she asked him

"Yes - but I like it"

"Do you? Well how much hurt do you like?" He now started to get a little sheepish. "Come here" Mum reached into her knitting bag and produced a knitting needle. "Spread your legs and let your balls dangle". She aimed the long needle and jabbed his balls causing them to swing.

"That wasn't hard enough, mum. We bloody stamped right on them earlier - really give it to him." Mum lunged viciously at his balls several times so he couldn't recover between the blows. I could see him bracing himself. "Wait mum. He knows when it's coming - let me blindfold him to heighten his fear." I got a tea towel and covered his eyes. We were trying not to laugh and this ridiculous berk. I held a finger to my lips to say "quiet" and then, taking my shoe hit him hard on the balls with the heel. Jackpot! That brought him to his knees.

"Nice one Nicky! Come on, sling him out and let's go to bed" "Mum - this has too much potential" I stepped on his head with my bare feet and bounced up and down.

"You don't want to leave, do you?"

"No" he said

"There you are, mum. Look, we can have some great fun." I took the hot tea and poured a little on his arm. He released his aching balls. "Right, lay there with your balls exposed". I poured the scalding tea over his nads. Fucking hell - he screamed the house down. He started running about - round and round in circles.

"Nicky! That's too much"

"Nonsense Mum - he loves it" I'd just started into the swing of it again. I grabbed his hair and forced him to the ground. "I want you to be my dog. I'm going to call you dog and you're going to call me Nicky"

"Ok, Nicky"

"Right dog, I want you to eat some dirt" I got hold of a nearby pot-plant and tipped some dirt onto the carpet. "Eat that up. Collect it all in your mouth and then look at me." Mum and I giggled to ourselves while wanker ate the dirt.

"What are you going to do with him all night?" mum asked

"I'm going to make sure he comes back for more!" Wanker had finished eating and was sitting back on his knees. "Oi! You're supposed to be a dog. Get begging" He sat up and begged. "Open you mouth, then - let's have a look at all that dirt" Fucking hell - I could have came there and then. It looked gross. I stepped over and told him to hold his head back. "First you need a little moisture to swallow that" I said and spat several times into his mouth. "Then you need to shake it up a bit to make sure its all mixed" Then a slapped his face several times from side to side - quite hard. "Now swallow!" I could see him choke as he swallowed "Swallow then! Now!"

"Your little cock keeps bobbing up and down all the way through this, doesn't it Dog?"

"I'm sorry,” he said

"No, no. I like it. It gives me something to hold onto" I grabbed it and dragged him closer. "I'm going to hurt you one more time tonight and then I want to see you again tomorrow" I said this in a breathless sort of way to make him scared

"Mum, hold his arms back for me - you stay kneeling Dog" "What do you think? Barefoot or heeled?" I asked him

"Please, it really hurts - you might kill me"

"No I won't you fucking baby. You started this and now I'm going to end it... for tonight anyway." I brought my bare foot up close to his nose "Smell death, wanker!" He sniffed at the toes. "Where does it hurt most?" I asked. I toe-punted him in the cheek, then in the eye, then I slapped his face with a slide kick.

"Get ready Mum, I'm going to kick his balls into next week and then we're going to sling him out the back into the yard"

"God! I just can't resist hurting you - I love it" I dragged my toenails across his chest and then, not satisfied used my fingernails to scar him up. Then I did it. I kicked his balls as hard as I knew how - it was like I heard then slap the top of my foot - as I burying them into his stomach. As wanker doubled up, Mum and I grabbed an arm each and threw him outside. Mum even kicked him as he lay there.

"Mum!" I said, "You're getting into this, aren't you?"

"Well, if he wants to let us do this to him - it seems a shame not to!" We both walked inside to bed and left wanker to find his own way home with no clothes. He did return, though, and now he's my full-time dog/slag/wanker/stripper/horse/pain-monkey/cheque book! I want all the men out there that wanked over this story to promise they'll hurt themselves if I continue with the other stories I have. Write to me and tell me what you'll do and how you'll prove you did it.

bye bye, wankers


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