Thursday, August 9, 2007

Week Of Service

By Logan

NOTE: This is a story I posted on a Yahoo club a while back, but I thought I'd share it here, too.

A number of years ago, back in my college days, I was rooming with my best friend and his girlfriend, Sherry. Sherry was best friends with my girlfriend, Kim. Kim was well aware that she could get as rough as she liked with me, though it wasn't a Domme/sub type relationship - we were all young and experimenting.

My best friend was in the Army Reserve, and to make a long story short, Kim asked me to take my weeks vacation during the time he was gone.

The four of us had been on more double dates then I could count, including skinny-dipping, and we weren't a very modest household - Sherry didn't think anything of walking in while I was in the shower, and vice versa.

Apparently Kim and Sherry had talked about the fact that I let Kim play rough with me (kicking and hitting my balls, slapping and stepping on my cock, etc.) and Sherry was intrigued, but her boyfriend wasn't into it. So Kim suggested she try it out on me. Kim had long wanted to let other girls do some of these things to me, but didn't have any friends that she thought would be OK with it, so she and Sherry came to an arrangement where Sherry would invite a few of her friends that she thought would be OK with it over.

I spent the week naked, waiting on Kim and Sherry and whatever other girls were over at any given time (there were a total of 6 girls involved off and on, including Kim and Sherry) hand and foot. Needless to say, the girls went out of their way to keep me hard both through dressing as skimpy and sexy as they could and through direct manipulation. After a few hours when I started developing blue balls, I tried to hide it, but they caught on and decided to actively try and see how bad they could make it.

By day 3, it hurt just to walk. Kim suggested they call all the girls and set up that night for a party. They took 2 spinners from "Twister" games and made new categories - on one, they listed "stand, kneel, sit, lay face up, lay face down" with 2 for stand, sit and kneel and the other they divided into 8 areas, and alternated "cock" and "balls" on it. The girls then took turns spinning - first they'd spin the "posture" spinner and I'd have to do whatever it pointed to. Then they'd spin the cock and balls spinner to find out what part of me they'd get to use as a target and finally they'd spin the posture spinner to see how they had to be when they did whatever they chose to do.

For instance: Sherry spun and got "stand" so she had me stand with my legs spread. She then spun and got "balls". Then she spun again and got "kneel" so she kneeled in front of me and punched me hard in the balls. Then Amy spun and got "sit" and "cock" and "stand" so she had me sit with my legs spread, stood over me and rubbed her foot on my cock until it was good and hard, then stomped down on it. You can imagine some of the creative things they came up with because of the different "stand, sit kneel and lay" combinations. By the end of the evening (it seemed much longer, but they only played for about 5 hours) my balls were swollen and bruised black and blue and I had numerous bruises on my cock. Kim then had me masturbate so she could prove she wasn't lying when she had told them I could shoot 4 to 6 feet when I cum, and having had such a bad case of blue balls for so long, I easily out did myself.

When it was time for everyone to go home, Sherry had me get on my hands and knees facing the door, and her friends all got one last kick to my balls if they wanted before they left. None of them declined.

Then Kim put a small (1.5 inch) ball stretcher on me so my balls would be pulled out and vulnerable, and had me sleep between Sherry and her in a double bed, tied down on my back, saying that with 4 legs and 4 arms, my balls should end up taking a pounding all night given their exposure (and they did).

I left out a lot, but that's the basic story :)


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