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Winner takes all

By tall_pete

When Pete graduated college, he got a job as an account executive with a magazine. The hours were long but Pete was good at his job and made good money. He got his own place, bought himself nice clothes but, in general, he was bored. Pete looked like the all-American kid - Opie, all grown up in the big city. But underneath the coifed hair, boyish smile and casual confidence lay some less than mainstream yearnings. Pete's computer listed urls that the ladies at church probably wouldn't approve of, women in black leather torturing and abusing naked men, kicking them in places men should not be kicked and hard.

Pete decided he should stop living vicariously through some scruffy, beer-bellied guy in Australia. He began perusing the alternative personals and classifieds in the local alternative paper and online. He was surprised by some of the things he found, but nothing seemed to fit his needs for a couple of weeks. Then he found one that read: Looking for an attractive, well built man to get his ass kicked by women. Pete promptly e-mailed his Opie-like photo and a blurb about why he should be the privileged fellow to get his ass kicked. To his great surprise, he got an e-mail back the next day. It had a few more questions, which he dutifully answered. That routine continued for a week. Some of the questions were about his fantasies, and desires, others were about his physical conditioning and other about his experiences. Most were very personal, and he did his best to answer each and every one.

Finally, an e-mail arrived asking Pete to come to an address the following evening at 8 pm. It gave directions on how to get there and was ended with a note stating that if he did not show up, to please not contact her again and was signed Kayla. He was there five minutes early the next evening. There was a six story building in the commercial district. It was a nice part of town, but pretty empty at night. He rang the designated bell and the door buzzed a moment later.

Pete's heart raced as he climbed the stairs. It wasn't due to lack of conditioning. Pete kept in good shape. He ran, he biked, he lifted weights and was proud of the results. When he reached the fourth floor, he wasn't winded, just very nervous. He approached the designated door, 4G, but, before he knocked, it opened by itself to expose an empty hallway. Pete chuckled to himself, thinking 'oohh spooky' as he ambled in, attempting to exude a calm confidence. He jumped as a hand was gently laid upon his shoulder.

Standing behind the door was a woman, a tall woman, with thick, dark brown hair falling to her bare shoulders. He eyes were rounded, with sultry eyelashes. She had high cheekbones, full lips, a strong jaw, a supple neck and femininely muscular shoulders. She was wearing a green body suit that hugged her ample, rounded breasts and hinted at the muscles in her washboard stomach and a black mini skirt hugged the curves of her hips.

Pete took all this in as the woman pushed the door shut behind him. Pete guessed her age at 22, but really wasn't sure. The woman wasn't classically beautiful, but she emanated sensuality and confidence. She was the kind of woman who was used to getting men do what she wanted. Her smile reflected amusement and arrogance. All she said was "I am Kayla,” as the door clicked shut.

"I, I’m Pete," Pete stammered.

"I know," was the curt response as Kayla took Pete's left elbow and began walking him down the hall. The first doors on the left and right were closed and Kayla pointed into two double doors to the right. Pete walked in as Kayla closed the doors behind her. The room was large with cavernous ceilings. Although Pete briefly glanced at a table with two chairs near the entrance, his attention was immediately drawn to what looked like a boxing ring in the far corner. It wasn't elevated; the posts holding the ropes were in the floor, with a layer of mats over the hard wood floor. On two sides of the ring were platforms of elevated rows of chairs like you see in the new stadium style movie theaters. The third side was a few feet from the wall, where Pete noted there were handcuffs, ropes and other contraptions he couldn't make out. The fourth side was open to the room.

As Pete was looking around the room, Kayla pulled out a chair at the table and indicated he should sit at the other. Pete sat, rearranged himself and tried to at least look like he was comfortable. Kayla watched with an amused smile, letting Pete fidget in silence.

After a seeming eternity, although it was probably a couple of seconds, Pete got up the nerve to speak. "So, umm, how do we begin? I'm afraid all of this is very new to me." Pete tried to smile charmingly, but only achieved a nervous grin and the beginning of a blush.

Kayla's smile widened. "You are adorable. Are you for real?" she asked. Pete's blush darkened as Kayla leaned forward and began to talk.

"Well, it is like the ad said, I am looking for a good looking muscular guy to get his ass kicked by little old me." Kayla grinned. "I have found that people will pay good money to see me beat the living shit out of a much larger, well-built, attractive man. They like to see the man humiliated at my feet, begging for my mercy," Kayla paused and smiled before continuing, "and being denied of course."

Pete shifted in his chair as he felt himself becoming aroused already. She had told him this already via e-mail, but there had to be more to it than this. Why did she need to know everything she had asked him about his sexual fantasies, social life, fears, and dreams?

Pete sat up a little; he had a tendency to slouch in a chair and take on a little bit of a tough guy attitude when he was uneasy. He was well beyond uneasy. "But who pays you? How does it work? Do they come here?" Pete waived vaguely towards the ring. He opened his mouth again but closed it without saying anything else.

Kayla took it all in stride, "Well all sorts of people pay me. I go to sorority houses, bachelorette parties, bondage clubs. I'll advertise a contest here among various select clientele. It started when I was in college. I had to beat up a boy to get into my sorority. I was so good at it and the girls got such a kick out of it that it became a regular thing. Then a club paid me to do it and one thing led to another. It helped pay for college, now it is my life and I love it." Kayla paused, looking at Pete appraisingly. She leaned forward and gave a coy smile before adding, "The weirdest part is that I discovered that some guys seemed to like it almost as much as I do."

Pete's blush, which had receded, returned to full bloom. He fidgeted in his chair, coughed uncomfortably and then attempted to change the subject. "So what do I get out of it?" he asked, cringing internally as he realized that he might come across as rude or brash and he didn't want to offend this woman.

Kayla smiled coyly and leaned forward, as she moved the supple muscles in her shoulders and chest rippled seductively under her smooth skin and the angle highlighted her firm cleavage. "You mean other than the pleasure of getting your ass kicked by me?"

Pete caught himself staring, forced his eyes up her neck, paused on her full lips, still smiling coyly, and was then caught in the depths of her bluish gray eyes. "Umm, yeah," was the wittiest response he could come up with.

Kayla laughed before responding. "You are fun. Well, if you get the spot, you will make some money if you do well."

Pete struggled to regain his composure. He felt he was acting like a fool. "OK, I guess we can figure that out. How do we determine if I 'get the spot' as you put it?" he asked.

Kayla shrugged. "We fight. We will run through one of my standard routines. Every time you fall down, end up out of the ring, beg for mercy or pass out, you lose an item of clothing. Once you are naked, you must do exactly as I say, no matter what it is. It is that simple."

Pete though for a moment before responding. "And if I knock you down, make you beg, etc.?"

Kayla gave an arrogant smile, retorting. "If that ever happens you get to put a piece of clothing back on."

"And if I get naked, what if I don't do 'whatever you tell me'?" Pete asked.

Kayla responded simply, "You will. Are you ready to try?"

Pete sat up in his chair, squared his shoulders and said quietly but firmly, "Yes, I am."

"Good," Kayla said, clapping her hands. "This should be fun. But," Kayla became more serious, "understand this, for the tryout, you will either pass or I will beat you senseless and throw you in the back alley in your underwear, probably unconscious. I am dead serious. Do you understand and agree?"

Pete just looked at Kayla for a moment before responding slowly in a firm voice, "Yes I understand and agree."

Kayla gave a smile that made Pete, who was already nervous, shiver. He was surprised at how attracted he was to this woman he barely knew. Kayla rose from the table and walked towards the ring, gesturing for Pete to follow. As he rose, he got a good chance to explore the lower half of her body with his eyes. Her legs were incredible. The sinewy muscles rippled faintly under her tight skin. Her thighs were toned, but thin, her calves bulged just so slightly as she moved. Her ass was taught and well rounded under the short skirt. She was wearing ankle high black boots and her hips swayed seductively as she walked. Pete figured she must be about 5' 8" and about 135 without an ounce of fat.

When they got to the ring, Kayla sat down on a chair and began taking off her shoes. Pete looked around nervously, again noticing the handcuffs and other restraints hanging from the wall. He swallowed nervously and looked down at Kayla taking off her shoes.

"Do you want me to take off mine?" Pete asked hesitantly.

"Nope. I just like to feel the pain I inflict. The idea is for you to be as confident and masculine as possible to start. I then tear you down, piece by piece." Something about the way Kayla said this with a perfectly straight face gave Pete chills again. But this time, they were of fear not desire.

Kayla removed her boots to reveal that her ankles were taped. She began to expertly tape her wrists and then to stretch. Pete went through the motions of stretching as well and tried to concentrate on calming himself down, maintaining his composure. This became more difficult, impossible really, when Kayla removed her skirt. She was just wearing a body suit and, as she stretched and her body pulled against the fabric, Pete became completely aroused, unable to concentrate on anything else.

After a few minutes when Pete vainly tried to think about anything other than this amazing creature a few feet away from him to get rid of his erection, Kayla leapt to her feet and called out, "Let’s do it, Pete!"

Pete rose slowly to his feet, trying to hide his erection in his pants. Pete was wearing, jeans and a dress shirt. He felt completely inappropriate to being in a boxing ring, especially with this thin, sultry girl. But in he went.

Kayla was bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet. Her breasts, which Pete estimated to be C-cups, were pressing against the fabric of her body suit and her nipples were erect. Here hair, which was still loose around her shoulders, flared and bobbed as she moved. She was a vision.

"You ready?" Kayla asked as Pete stood dumbly in the middle of the ring. Pete nodded, spreading his legs slightly into what he hoped was a fighting stance. He never saw it coming. Maybe because he couldn't take his eyes off her bouncing chest or the line of her neck, or maybe it was because the kick was so fast. By the time his mind registered that her foot was flying directly at his groin, it was too late to react. The impact sent shocks through his body. He let out a small cry of shock, doubled over partially and waddled backwards a few steps. For whatever reason, he didn't even cover up or protect himself. His hands were grasping his jeans and his face was a mixture of pain and surprise as the pain began to emanate through his body. The shot was dead on and Pete had never experienced anything like it.

Pete didn't notice, but Kayla had a hard time not laughing as she watched his reaction. Instead of delivering another kick, she nonchalantly walked up next to Pete and almost casually swung her left hand in a chop that ended in the back of Pete's head.

Pete felt the world go black for a split second and fell to his knees. His left arm moved to hold his abdomen as the pain from his balls worked through his stomach. He heard Kayla behind him say, "Okay, take off one of your shoes and get up."

Kayla smiled as Pete silently followed her instructions and rose to his feet. To his credit, he did not seem phased. He even gave her a rueful smile as he resumed his stance. Kayla immediately faked a kick to Pete's groin and hid a smile as Pete went to block with both hands. Kayla recocked her leg and delivered a blow to the left side of Pete's head. Pete stumbled to his side before catching his balance. Before his mind had cleared, Kayla stepped forward and drove a knee into his stomach, knocking the breath from his body. He staggered forward and grabbed onto the ropes to regain his balance and his breath. Kayla stepped behind him and delivered a kick that drove her ankle between his legs and crushed his balls against his pelvis.

Pete's lower body rose up with the force of the blow, perhaps partially in an attempt to escape it. Pete let out another cry as he toppled forwards and sideways, landing on the mat and rolling onto his back. He looked up at Kayla standing over him smiling, "The other shoe and back up you go," was all she said before turning around and walking to the other side of the ring.

Pete watched her go as he removed his other shoe. She had a truly beautiful ass, one cheek would rise and the other fall as she moved. Each cheek curved down to meet the corresponding thigh and then angled upwards between her legs. He thought of following his tongue up that line and his erection, which had partially dissipated with the abuse he had received, regained full strength. Pete quickly rose back to his feet.

Kayla turned as she reached the other side of the ring and caught Pete practically drooling over her ass. The fact that he blushed as he met her eyes gave her a thrill. She started to run right at Pete, who froze in confusion. She looked like she was going to give him a leaping kick and he raised his arms as defense and crouched to the side in attempt to protect his throbbing groin. As soon as he did this, Kayla lowered her shoulder, drove it into his stomach and shoved him into the corner of the ring. She then pushed up with her powerful legs so his back was pressed against the post, and wrapped her arms around his chest and gripped the ropes behind him. Pete was pinned against the post but wasn't really complaining. He could feel her chest pressed against his and could smell her hair.

It was only when the first knee pounded into his balls that he had some reservations. With the first shot, he wrapped his arms around Kayla's shoulders and held on. Two more knees followed, each one crushing his testes against his body. He tried to double over but Kayla held him fast. Pete whimpered into Kayla's shoulder trying to escape and fall to the floor. After the third knee, Kayla lowered her body slightly, flexed her knees for better leverage and pulled on the ropes with all her might to slam her knee up into Pete's already battered balls. She continued to push after contact, pinning her leg against the post behind Pete. For added leverage, she was able to jam her foot on the holding for the ropes and continue to push her leg up.

Pete was beyond words at this point. He dropped his arms from Kayla's shoulders and grasped the leg that was crushing his balls up into his pelvis. Kayla would rock her leg and his whimpers would become loud moans as his body rocked slightly, grinding his balls against her thigh. Finally, Pete was able to push himself to the side and tumble to the mat where he promptly curled up into a fetal position at Kayla's feet.

Kayla simply spat the word "sock" at Pete and then continued. “And you better get up fast, you little wimp.” Pete took off the sock and rose shakily to his feet. He stayed partially doubled over and looked unsteady on his feet. Kayla strutted up to him and delivered a straight kick to his face. Pete didn't even attempt to dodge. It wasn't clear his brain even registered the foot flying at his face before impact. His head went flying backward and his body followed. He landed on his ass.

The kick had a strangely revitalizing affect. Pete lay on his back for a minute. He then removed his other sock, rolled over and got back on his feet. He didn't exactly spring but it was better than before. But he still stood there, slightly bent over. As Kayla approached again, he tried to lunge at her. Kayla, unfazed, used his momentum and simply flipped Pete over her shoulder so he landed hard on his back. Pete rolled over on his feet quicker this time and almost ripped his shirt off and threw it out of the ring.

Kayla grinned and immediately faked a kick at Pete's groin before aiming a vicious one at his head. Pete saw it coming but wasn't quite quick enough when he ducked. The glancing blow stunned him momentarily. Kayla spun around to deliver a vicious kick to Pete's back but his lunge deflected some of the force. The kick was successful in knocking Pete off balance. He was still able to catch Kayla around the waist with his left arm and hold on to the ropes with his right. Kayla immediately began kneeing Pete's chest and stomach. A thud could be heard with each blow. The muscles in Pete's chest and stomach provided good protection but each blow weakened him more than her and it made it difficult to regain his balance.

Pete pulled on the ropes with his right for leverage and attempted to throw Kayla to the ground with his left arm. He was almost successful. Kayla stumbled and was spun around by the force of the throw. But she was able to catch her fall with her hands, so that she had both feet and both hands on the ground with her ass in the air. Pete rose up to throw himself on top of her. That would count as a fall for her and maybe they would roll around on the floor in the meantime. He hesitated momentarily to admire her beautiful ass waving in the air. Perhaps it was the hesitation that foiled his plan, or maybe it didn't matter.

Kayla had pulled her right leg up into her chest and flung it back like it was driven by a spring, straight into Pete's balls. Pete let out another cry and staggered backward against the ropes, his legs askew and a look of shock mixed with pain on his face.

Kayla almost laughed; she had seen guys stunned by kicks before, but never like this. Pete seemed to go into shock and not protect himself every time she delivered a really good shot. But he didn't fall either. Kayla found it a perfect combination. She didn't allow her musings to slow her down. She rolled over onto her back, closer to Pete, jammed both her feet up into his balls and just kept pushing.

Pete tried to pry her feet free from his balls with no effect. He couldn't fall forward without increasing the pressure on his balls and her feet had him pinned against the ropes. He was up on his tiptoes trying to reduce the pressure but she just kept pushing. She then started rocking her feet back and forth, grinding his balls mercilessly under her feet.

Kayla was having a blast. She could feel the soft rubbery tissue of Pete's testicles moving under her feet and the expressions were priceless. He seemed to be in ecstasy and excruciating pain at the same time.

Pete threw his body to the left and fell to the floor, crumpling there. Kayla stood up, brushed off her ass and leaned over Pete. She reached in towards his crotch, undid his belt and yanked it out of the loops with one fluid motion. She then began raining blows down on Pete's chest, shoulders and back with the belt, snapping, "Get up you wimp"

Pete let out a moan and rolled slowly on to his hands and knees. Kayla continued to taunt him and whip his back with his belt. "Come on little boy. Is that all you can take from a little girl?" Pete moved in slow motion, grabbing on the ropes to pull himself up. Finally, he was swaying on his feet, both hands covering his swollen balls.

Kayla started to walk around the ring, laughing and whipping him with his belt. Pete was beginning to be covered by red marks on his back and shoulders. He did little to defend himself, but he seemed to be slowly recovering.

Finally, as Kayla went to tauntingly whip him with the belt for probably the 20th time, Pete reached up and grabbed the belt with his left hand. This seemed to be what Kayla was waiting for. She jumped forward, wrapped the belt around Pete's hand and grabbed it with both hands. Pete struggled but never removed his right hand from protecting his balls. Kayla held on to the belt with both hands, immobilizing Pete's left hand and nonchalantly kicked Pete in the face. Pete's face flew back but his hand continued to protect his balls. Kayla began what is best described as slapping Pete’s face with her foot from one side to the other. She had all her weight on one leg and the other would kick Pete on one side of the face with the front of her foot and the other with the sole of her foot. It was clear she was toying with him.

Pete struggled to free his hand and tried to avoid the foot slaps, but did little else to defend himself. After about six of these Pete was able to pull his hand with the belt free, or more likely, Kayla let go. As soon as he was free, Kayla spun around and delivered a kick to Pete's lower back causing him to fall to his knees. She then casually spun back around and kicked Pete in the side of the head causing him to sprawl to the ground.

Kayla walked over and crouched down next to Pete. "Take off your pants and make this more interesting. You've been fun so far." As Kayla said this, she slid her hand down Pete's body and fondled his cock and balls through his pants. Pete moaned softly and to his own disbelief became fully aroused again. Kayla pulled her hand away looked down and stated, "But, you’re starting to bore me. You don't want to bore me." Kayla punctuated her little speech with a spit to Pete's face.

Pete didn't say a word, but rolled over and began removing his pants with a grim look on his face. Once he had them off, he rose slowly to his full height. He was wearing white Calvin Klein briefs. They extended to his legs, hugging his muscular thighs and the material hugged his erect cock and swollen balls. Pete slowly pulled himself to his full height of 6 feet, 2 inches and waived Kayla forward.

Kayla loved it. She knew it was show; he couldn't have much left. But it made it that much more fun. Kayla jumped forward, feinted a kick to Pete's balls then aimed one for his head. Pete was ready this time and ducked under it and then threw an uppercut, catching Kayla right between the legs. Kayla let out a cry and stumbled away in pain.

Pete leapt after her but Kayla was too quick. She leapt to the side and swung around, kicking Pete in the back as he went by. He stumbled and grabbed onto the ropes for support. Kayla followed and reached between Pete's legs from behind and wrapped her hand around his balls through his briefs and pulled, hard. Pete let out a cry and tried first to grab or punch Kayla behind him with no luck. He then tried to pry her hand loose. But Kayla was pulling him around the ring backwards, yanking and twisting his abused balls. He stumbled backwards and to the side as she pulled him around. Pete tried to move his feet as fast as he could in fear that she would literally pull his balls from his body.

Kayla swung Pete by his balls across the ring, then in a half circle, before letting go and smirking as Pete went flying headlong into the ropes. He grabbed onto them, his legs askew, as he tried to regain his balance.

Kayla calmly stepped forward with her left leg and drove her right foot into Pete's balls from behind with all of her might. Kayla couldn't suppress a laugh at Pete's reactions. He let out what could only be called a squawk, followed by whimpers. His body tried to double over but he clung onto the ropes, unwilling to go down in defeat. Pete was breathing hard. The pain seemed to be permeating through his body. By force of will, he began to pull himself up by the ropes and got his left leg underneath him.

Kayla just stood behind him with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face. As Pete got his left leg on the ground and began to push and pull himself up, he exposed himself for another kick. Kayla removed her hands from her hips, pulled her right leg back slowly and then slammed her foot into Pete's balls.

Kayla didn't even try to suppress a giggle this time. It sounded like Pete sobbed. His body convulsed. He tried to curl up into a fetal position but he refused to let go of the ropes. Kayla stepped forward, leaned over Pete's right shoulder, pressing her chest against his back and running her arms around his body and whispered, "Give up little boy? Is that all you can take?"

Pete was clinging to the ropes as if for dear life. It wasn't clear that his brain was thinking rationally anymore. He desperately wanted to impress this girl and he didn't want to admit defeat.

Kayla ran her hand down his chest and stomach and slid her hand inside his briefs. She fondled his cock and balls gently with her hand arousing him again, even through the haze of pain. Pete just clung to the ropes motionless, afraid if he moved she would stop. She didn't stop exactly, but the fondling became rougher and rougher and, at some point, turned into squeezing. She would grab his balls in her hand and at first just roll them in her hand. Even this was painful, as battered as he was. As the tension increased so that she was grinding them against each other with her hand, Pete's body was twitching and convulsing as the shocks of pain worked through his body. He could feel Kayla’s body pressing against his, the smell of her hair and her breath tickling his ear. His mind was conflicted. He was incredibly aroused by this woman; her grinding his balls with her hand was possibly the most erotic thing he had ever experienced. But the pain was intense. He couldn't take much more. He was either going to have an explosive orgasm or pass out from the pain.

Pete was barely aware that Kayla had begun to pull down his briefs with her left hand. He did let out a small cry when she pulled the elastic as far from his body as she could and let it snap onto his balls as her other hand held them in place. But he in no way tried to stop their removal. Once they were on the ground, Pete was vaguely aware of Kayla struggling with something with her left hand. She then grabbed his balls with her left hand to continue his brutal massage. After a moment, Pete felt Kayla's naked body rubbing against his back as her right hand slid around his body as well to contribute to the grinding of his nuts. Pete continued to hang onto the ropes as his body jerked from the shocks of pain coming from his balls and he tried to concentrate on the naked skin rubbing against his sweat-soaked back.

Kayla's whisper in his here surprised him; he was so focused on the experience. "If you cum, then the gig is yours and you are my toy. If you pass out, beg for mercy or fall to the ground first, then I beat you unconscious and throw you into the street. It’s up to you." Pete, incapable of speech at this point, nodded, or at least he hoped it was apparent that he tried to nod. Kayla began to nibble on his ears and then bite his neck. Her two hands had amazing strength. She would roll his balls between her palms, which was painful enough, and then mash them between her clenched hands as strong as she could.

Pete would get close to an orgasm, even though she never touched his penis directly, only to be driven to the point of blackness as his balls were crushed. His breath was irregular. He was gasping and even sobbing. His arms were wrapped around the ropes in a death grip and his legs would alternately flail, kick and try to curl into a fetal position.

Kayla was starting to breath heavy as well. She was amazed at his perseverance. Her treatment of his balls must be pure torture. She was squeezing, pulling and grinding with all her considerable strength, but his cock was still hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum. She wanted him to succeed. She wanted him to abuse. But he had to earn it. Could he do it?

It was probably her excitement that did it. Not just the deep guttural noises she was making in her throat as she rubbed up against him and crushed his balls, but the idea that this amazing creature was excited about what she was doing to him. It was as Kayla was biting hard on his neck, grinding his balls mercilessly between her palms and practically growling with her own desire, that Pete had the most explosive orgasm of his young life. He let out a cry and his body spasmed. Kayla let out an echoing cry of glee and wrapped her legs around his stomach, grabbing one ball in each hand pumping and pulling them as hard as she could. Pete's grip relaxed and he toppled to the ground, completely spent.

Kayla fell with him and rolled on top of him. She crawled up his body until she was straddling his face. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her soaking vagina and just grunted, "my turn". Pete summoned every ounce he had left to worship this goddess above him with his lips and tongue. Fortunately, it only took a minute before Kayla was crying out and grinding against his face.

After 20 seconds or so, she slumped to the ground, Pete's face still between her legs. Pete finally gave into unconsciousness and Kayla lay there enjoying her conquest.

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