Saturday, August 11, 2007

Women Are Superior- And We Know It

by Suzy

Sorry guys, but last night I didn't hurt any guys at the club. In fact, I met this real cute guy and just had a lot of fun dancing and talking with him. Of course, I did tease him and I am sure that he is still jerking off to thoughts of me. But he didn't get aggressive and as I said before, I never look to hurt a guy unless he deserves it.

Borg asks in his message why I like to tease. Let's get something straight-all girls like to tease. To tease is to demonstrate total power over a guy. He's horny and the sight of my body drives him wild. We both know that his sperm must be released from his balls or he will have the worst case of blue balls. But unless we are in a relationship and I know for sure that he cares for me, every guy I date must masturbate numerous times over thoughts of me. I demand this tribute- and every guy I date obliges me. You have to understand, I am talking about extreme teasing where the guy is brought to the brink of an orgasm and denied relief at the last second. Because I do wait until the very last second, some guys actually come despite my wishes, which automatically results in a vicious strike to his balls.

Just so you guys know, unless you misbehave and get out of line with me, I will not hurt you and you will enjoy my teasing games like all of my previous boyfriends. I mean, whenever I am with a guy in a dating situation, I never let his cock or balls rest- I am always playing with them, either with my hands, feet, legs or mouth. What male would not enjoy a night on the town with me? But I have two rules- Don't do things I say you cannot do (or else); and don't cum unless I say you can cum.

When I finally allow a guy the pleasure of coming in my mouth or pussy or on my feet, legs or ass, his pleasure is so intense. Guys, you should try it some time- when you have an orgasm after hours of teasing, it's real intense. Try playing with yourself for a few hours without allowing a release. I always notice how a guys balls get so tight after my teasing that they seem to go up into the guy's stomach because he is so excited and how when a guy does cum with my approval, he shoots more sperm than he can ever recall seeing come out before.

Of course, while I am teasing a guy in the beginning stages of a relationship, I am also testing his "skills" at pleasing me i.e. with his tongue. If a guy doesn't please me properly, I am done with the guy- except for a parting knee to his nuts.

Me and my friends started teasing guys when we were in middle school. As soon as we ‘developed’, we noticed that boys were always staring at us. I remember the first time I realized boys- and men too- loved looking at my legs. It was such a power trip to realize this power I had over boys. Me and my friends used to talk all the time about teasing guys. The four of us used to pick a target and get him alone and each take turns rubbing his cock while one of us kept his balls gripped firmly so that he would not scream or struggle. We even made some guys jerk off in front of us-and if they got anything on us, we'd beat his balls.

The first guy I teased alone was my brother Jason, which is obviously not his real name in case he is reading this. Sorry Mark, but if you had a sister as hot as me, you would be drooling over my body like Jason did when I was 16 and he was 19. Hey guys, who wants me to kick Mark's balls in so hard that he never makes those silly comments again?

Back to Jason. That summer, with my parents working every day, Jason and I spent a lot of time together at home alone. In fact, I truly think the reason Jason lost his job the second week into the summer was that he was always coming home to see me and he was obsessed with getting in my pants.

As soon as my parents would leave for work that summer, I would put on my "daytime" clothes, which consisted of the sexiest minis and bikinis, ballbusting high heels, garter belts and lingerie. Every day I wore something different- or at least a different combo. I started off by just walking around and doing things, ignoring Jason but giving him plenty of good looks and peaks while I pranced around in the skimpiest clothes. Jason was always up at 8 a.m. when my parents left and would go to the living room to watch TV. He always wore baggy gym shorts and he always was positioned on his stomach on the couch so that I could not see his hard-on as I teased him. And he never, ever got up from that couch unless I left the room and he was sure that he could run into a bathroom or his room and relieve himself. After a couple of days, I would even sit in the living room with him and watch TV while he went ga-ga over my body. I was totally in control.

Then I decided to raise my teasing to a new level. I told Jason that I did not think that my legs and ass were firm. This is actually when I started working out. My legs and ass were very firm, but I started going to the gym as part of my teasing of Jason. Jason was my trainer. We worked out almost every day, mostly on my lower body. And I always let him rub my legs and ass so that he can give me his opinion on whether I was "firming up". Jason became obsessed with my body. He was always hard in my presence-even when we went to the gym he was drooling and manipulating his cock so that his loose sweats hid his erection. I was having a ball- no pun intended. We became very close, as he wanted to be around my tease shows all the time.

Jason jerked off constantly after being around me. He did not have a girlfriend and there is no way he could hold in any sperm in those balls of his with me teasing him. One day I decided I would catch Jason beating off and embarrass him.

I had the ultimate tease day planned for my big brother Jason. First, I wore Jason's- and mine- favorite outfit- I wore a black mini and black high heels- my favorite combo- and a white tight blouse that showed off my firm and bouncy tits. Jason was mesmerized that day. I started off the day by inviting my best friends over that morning under the guise that we were planning our outfits for the upcoming school year- but our outfits were certainly not appropriate for school. They were in on the tease. We each tried on various negligees with high heels, minis and short shorts with high heels, bikinis with high heels- and did I say high heels- ONLY. Yes, Sara got so bold at one point that she took off all of her clothes and asked Jason what he thought about her high heels. Sara was really flirting with Jason and teasing him. She even asked Jason to turn over so that we can see if our outfits are making him horny.

We were in the living room changing our clothes repeatedly, asking each other whether this or that outfit would cause erections while Jason watched and drooled as he humped his cock on the couch trying to shoot- I don't know, he might have came, but I doubt it as described below.

Sara was a real tease and ball buster as well and she really enjoyed helping me tease Jason because Jason mistreated Sara's sister Leslie when they were in high school. As planned, Liz, Michelle and I left at about 3 p.m. after teasing Jason for four hours. Sara said she wanted to wait at my house for me to return from my errands, which I said would be around 6 p.m. When we left and Sara was alone with Jason, Sara made a move and started flirting with Jason. She asked if he was really horny because of what we had done and at one point he responded by getting up and grabbing Sara and getting on top of her on the floor. She told him that she always wanted to suck his cock and feel his cock deep inside her since the days he came over to her house for Leslie. She proceeded to rub his cock with her legs, knee and hands for the next half hour, under the guise that at 3:30 they would go upstairs and finish up. She knew that at 3:30 I would return and save her just by walking in the door and surprising them.

When I returned, Sara left. I told Jason that I was going to take a nap. Instead, while he was still lying on the couch, I went and locked my bedroom door and went into Jason's room and hid so that I could watch the show. I hid in his closet. He had a large closet that covered one side of his room. It had those sliding wooden doors that you would slide open in several parts of the closet. The doors had wooden vent-like slits that allowed me to see his bed clearly from inside the closet. I prayed that he would not jerk off in the bathroom. I stripped naked to my heels and waited.

Minutes later he came into his room, locked his door, took out some cream from his dresser, laid back on his bed, and started jerking off. This was the first time I saw a guy actually playing with himself. It was incredible. Then I heard him moaning Sara's name while he jerked off and played with his balls.

His cock was really hard and he was nearing an orgasm when I heard him utter "Oh Suzy, suck me good and make me cum... Oh Suzy..." I came out from the closet and in an angry voice asked, "What the hell do you think you are doing jerking off to me and Sara?"

He was stunned and shocked and at first tried to cover up. Then he got mad and started calling me a "cockteasing bitch", accusing me of giving him blue balls all the time and threatening to "teach me a lesson".

I started to get scared because he was very angry and he was a lot bigger and stronger than I was. I knew he could hurt me and, although I knew about kicking guys in the balls from my lessons with Leslie, I had never done it and didn't want to hurt my brother.

He got up from his bed and walked towards me with his hard cock sticking straight out and his balls dangling between his legs. He pushed me up against the wall and started telling me that it’s not nice to tease him and give him blue balls all the time. He told me that it was as if I was kicking him in the balls every day because his blue balls hurt that bad every day.

I begged him to let go and even threatened to "hurt" him if he did not let me go. He responded my punching me in the face and telling me that if I ever tease him again he would kick my ass. His punch dazed me, but when I recovered, I was determined to get him good. I told him that I was sorry for teasing him all summer and asked if he would want me to jerk him off this one time to make up for it. He responded by punching me again, this time in my neck, so that I gasped for air and cried. But eventually he lightened up and put my hand on his cock. I played with him and got him real hard again. I played a lot with his balls as well. As soon as the pre cum was leaking heavily and he appeared to be about to spurt his man cream, I squeezed his balls as hard as I could. After a few seconds, he was crying and trying to fall to the floor, but I still held him up because I was squeezing his balls. A few seconds later, he made a sound that I never heard before and passed out. I let go of his balls and let him fall to the floor unconscious. When I saw that my face was bleeding from his punch, I went to him, pulled his legs apart, and repeatedly kicked his balls while he was passed out. To add insult to injury, I told my parents that he attacked me sexually and Sara lied as my witness and he got in big trouble.

He attacked me twice more before he went back to college. Both times he ended up screaming on the floor in the worst pain known to man. Even when he was not attacking me, whenever I passed him in the house I would get real close to him and fake a knee to his nuts, and he would involuntarily grab his balls and try to ward off my attack. I told him that I knew about the way he mistreated Leslie and that if I ever heard again about this type of behavior, he would lose his nuts- and I said this while squeezing his balls real hard. From that summer on, Jason was a changed man and I knew that I was physically superior to any males.

Hey guys, I am going out tonight and I may not be around until after the weekend. Hope you jerk off to thoughts of me all weekend. And whatever you do, don't mistreat a lady you meet at a bar or night club because if it is me you will feel the incredible pain of me destroying your balls.

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You couldn't drop me suzy bet your all talk but would love it if you could prove me wrong.