Thursday, August 2, 2007

Worked Overtime

by Ben Stepton

Sharon walked down the hall with a confident smirk on her lips. Stopping at Vicki's office, she stuck her head in the door and called: "Hey, you wanna work some ‘overtime’ tonight?"

"You bet," Vicki answered, then whispered "Who do you have lined up?"

Sharon giggled. "Danny, the new maintenance guy. What a chump!"

"Cute, though," Vicki said. "This should be fun! Where will we be 'working?'"

"My office, 5:30," Sharon answered. "See ya later!"

The women went back to their work, eagerly anticipating the evening's activities. Sharon had asked Danny to come to her office after regular business hours to ‘adjust the legs on her desk’. She had winked, flirted, touched his arm; all the things a woman would do if she were trying to seduce a man. Danny took the bait; after all, Sharon was a gorgeous woman who liked displaying her ample curves in tight-fitting suits and dresses, which were always short enough to show off her incredibly muscular legs. She had come close to making the Olympic speed-skating team in her teens. As an adult, she continued skating and working out so that now, at thirty-two, her beautiful legs were capable of kicking a man across the room, or squeezing him into unconsciousness.

Vicki was a little chubbier than Sharon, but just as sexy and almost as strong. She liked the way men would stare at her huge calves, especially when she wore a pair of five-inch pumps. She loved to see men squirm, and once she had a man's attention, she would tease him mercilessly, crossing and uncrossing her beautiful, muscular legs, slipping her high heels on and off, sometimes even playing a little ‘footsie’ under an office conference table. However, when she and Sharon were ‘working overtime’, Vicki used her powerful legs for more than just teasing...

Sharon knocked off work at about ten till five so she could run downstairs and grab a quick bite at the deli. Vicki had the same idea, and the two of them slid into a booth to discuss what they were going to do to Danny. Their loud laughter caught the attention of Carol, who worked for the same company, in personnel.

"Hey, you two," Carol said. "Mind if I join you? I could use a laugh."

"Uh, sure, sit down," Vicki said nervously. "We were just, you know, talking..."

Carol was a striking woman of about 50. She was determined to stay as youthful as possible, and kept in shape with aerobics and cycling. She was a robust, full-figured woman, whose calves were almost in a league with Vicki's, and like Vicki, she reveled in the attention paid to her by men, especially younger men.

"So what's up, Buttercup?” Sharon inquired. She liked Carol, but was not close enough with her to confide a lot of secrets. As it turned out, Sharon had underestimated her older friend...

"Oh, I'm feeling kind of empty these days," Carol began. I was taking a self-defense class that I really enjoyed. You know, one of those rape prevention clinics where you get to practice on a male volunteer. I can't explain it, but I REALLY enjoyed spending an hour a week or so beating up some hapless male. Anyway, I completed the course, and I miss it, it was fun." She was giggling now. "I discovered if I placed my groin kicks just right, his protective padding didn't do him any good. He used to hate it when it was my turn to practice on him, but that was just TOO BAD!"

"Anyway," Carol continued, "I did get one last chance to have some fun. I caught my boyfriend, you know, Chris, the younger one, with some bimbo, and I used everything I had learned in class, plus some serious scissor holds, to let him know just how I felt about being cheated on. I'll bet the little weasel's still black and blue! You know, once I got into it, the anger started to fade away, and I started to get kind of, you know, excited. Isn't that weird? Anyway, now I have no boyfriend, nobody to beat up, life just seems really boring… I'm sorry, you two must think I'm crazy..."

"Not at all," Sharon assured her. She and Vicki exchanged winks. "Not at all... By the way Carol, what are you doing tonight?"

So now there were three very attractive and very strong women waiting in Sharon's office when Danny showed up, precisely at 5:30. He had expected to find Sharon alone.

"Am I... interrupting something? Do you want me to come back a little later?" he asked nervously.

"No, no, Danny," Sharon reassured him. "You're right on time."

"Well, I'll just take a look at that desk--OOF!" Danny had taken a step toward the desk, but stopped short when Sharon gave him a punch in the stomach.

"There's nothing wrong with my desk, big boy," she purred. "We're having a little party and you're invited."

"You mean, all three of you... and... me?" Danny's voice quivered with excitement. "All three of you... want to...?"

Sharon smiled. "Not exactly." She was still smiling when she slammed her knee into his groin. Stunned, Danny offered no resistance when she grabbed him by the shirt and threw him across the room. He landed flat on his back at Carol's feet, one of which was quickly and firmly placed on his neck.

Now Carol was smiling down at the dazed young man. "I'm sorry, we haven't met. I'm Carol. I believe you already know Vicki and Sharon. As you may have guessed by now, we are NOT here to make love with you. We're here to give you a good beating."

"But... but... you can't do that," Danny said.

Carol enjoyed wearing sexy Cossack boots, and one of them was now pressing harder on Danny's neck. "Look where you are, and look where my boot is. You are in NO position to tell me what I can and can't do."

"Is he giving you any trouble?", Vicki asked as she walked over. She stood next to Danny and brought her foot down hard on his stomach. Danny squirmed as she continued to press down with her high heel.

''There, now you're learning your place, Danny. Your place is beneath a woman's feet, and that's just where you're going to be ALL NIGHT!" Vicki threw her head back and laughed, then looked over at Sharon.

"What should we do to him first?"

"You two hold him; I'll think of something," Sharon replied. Carol grabbed Danny's arm and hooked her leg around his. Vicki did the same thing on the other side, so Danny was not only immobilized, but being held with his legs spread wide. He trembled as Sharon walked slowly toward him. She smirked as she looked him up and down, slowly shook her head as if disappointed with what she saw, then slapped Danny's face, HARD. Before Danny's brain stopped reeling, Sharon slapped him again. After nine or ten more slaps, she paused, shook back her hair and kicked Danny right in the balls.

"Oooooooh, I can't wait 'till it's my turn," Carol giggled.

"Kick 'im again, Sharon!” Vicki shouted. "I love those funny noises he makes!" Sharon gave Danny another swift kick in the balls.

"You can let go of him now," she said. Vicki and Carol released their holds and Danny slumped to his knees.

"Why are you doing this?" he moaned.

"Because we want to!" Sharon snapped. "Besides, we don't need a reason! Men have been beating women up for thousands of years. We women have a lot of catching up to do."

"That's right," Vicki said. "Sharon and I give men the stomping they so richly deserve whenever we feel like it. And we feel like it a lot! Tonight's your turn, baby."

Carol leaned over and whispered in Danny's ear, "Payback's a BITCH, isn't it, sweetheart?" Then to prove her point, she punched Danny in the stomach a couple of times, grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the floor, face first. Danny struggled to rise, but just managed to get to his hands and knees.

"And just what makes you think I'll let you girls beat me up?" Vicki leapt in front of him and, in an instant, had her huge calves wrapped around his neck.

"Just what makes you think you have a choice? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!" As Vicki continued squeezing his neck with her powerful calves, Carol walked over and began kicking him in the stomach. She then straddled him and used her beautiful legs like a vise around Danny's waist. He was gasping and choking as his face turned bright red.

"Hey, save some for me," Sharon called. Vicki looked down at her helpless victim.

"We'll continue this later," she purred. Then she gave his neck one last squeeze, and let go. Sharon walked over and stood in front of Danny, who was still being held firmly between Carol's legs. Sharon's lovely feminine feet were adorned with a pair of lethal looking black stiletto pumps, and she now dangled one of them in front of Danny's face.

"Do you like my pretty feet?” she asked. Danny just stared at the floor, wondering how he had ever ended up in this predicament. Suddenly his head snapped to one side as Sharon smacked his jaw with the top of her foot.

"I said, ‘do you like my pretty FEET?’” Sharon demanded, emphasizing the last word with another kick.

"Y-yes, ma'am," Danny meekly replied. "Now I suppose you want me to kiss them."

"You should be so lucky," Sharon laughed. "Oh, but don't worry. You're about to become very well acquainted with my feet." She smiled at Carol and waved her off. Carol released her grip, and Danny could at last take a deep breath. But it was soon knocked out of him as Sharon gave him a swift kick in the belly. He fell on his side, and Sharon continued kicking his stomach, again and again. Danny groaned with pain, and finally managed to roll over in an attempt to protect his belly from the kicking Sharon was giving him, but Carol was waiting. Placing her boot on his shoulder, she shoved him down, flat on his back, and then moved her foot to his chest and pinned him to the floor.

"Where do you think you're going, Danny-Wanny?" Sharon asked, then, winking at Carol:

"Thanks. Keep him pinned while I give his belly a good stomping." Sharon showed no mercy as she pounded Danny's helpless body with her foot, driving her high heel into his stomach again and again. Finally she walked away, laughing gleefully. Now it was Carol's turn.

"You know, Danny-Wanny," Carol said, "you should really be more assertive. I mean, you just let women walk all over you. Take me, for instance!" And with that, she stepped on his stomach and stood for a moment, smiling down at him. Then she took a little walk to his neck, turned around, and walked back down his body, dangerously close to his genitals. She made this round trip several times, her boots leaving a trail of bruises up and down Danny's torso while he moaned with pain, helpless beneath the weight of Carol's strong, womanly body.

"Don't worry, baby," Carol said. "I'm not going to stomp you like Sharon did. In fact, we're going to play a little game. We're going to play football! Do you know how we play football?" Wincing with pain, Danny shook his head.

"Well, I'll give you a little hint, sweetie. We use my feet, and your BALLS! Get it?” Danny's heart pounded and his throat felt very dry. He didn't want to face the thought of this crazed woman giving his balls an enthusiastic kicking.

"Please," he begged, "Please, no more. I don't deserve this...!"

"Oh my," Vicki interrupted. "I can't listen to a man begging for mercy. It's more than I can stand."

"You mean you think he's had enough?" Carol asked, still standing on Danny's chest.

"Of course not!" Vicki laughed. "I mean we should stuff something in his mouth so we don't have to listen to his pathetic whining while we beat him up."

"Oooooh, allow me," Carol chirped. She got off Danny's chest, then sat down in a chair.

"Get over here, Danny-Wanny and help me off with my boots!" Danny rose to his knees, then hesitated. It was a mistake. Vicki ran up to him and kicked him in the groin as hard as she could, then punctuated her commands with more swift kicks to his balls, as well as his face and stomach.

"You HEARD her! Get over there at her FEET, where you BELONG, and help her off with her BOOTS, you little WORM!!" Danny fell on his face and crawled to Carol's feet. He managed to get to his knees, and Carol slipped her foot under his arm. She then placed her other foot on his chest and began to push. Danny held her boot tightly until it came off, sending him crashing back to the floor. Then the process was repeated with her other boot.

"Now take off my socks!" Carol snapped. Danny obeyed, then Carol instructed him to open his mouth. When he did, she stuffed in one of her sweaty socks.

"That should keep him quiet," Vicki giggled.

"Yes," Carol said, "and, he'll be treated to the smell and taste of my beautiful feet for the rest of the evening. Do you like that, Danny-Wanny?" Danny nodded, meekly. Oddly, he found the leathery fragrance of Carol's sock not at all unpleasant, and he began to feel a little turned on, in spite of himself.

"Now let's play some football!" Carol shouted, pulling her boots back on.

"Do we need any equipment?" Sharon asked.

"Well let's see..." Carol began. "We use our feet, and I think Danny has brought along a couple of balls for us to play with." Vicki and Sharon both laughed with a wickedness that Danny found truly frightening.

"You can go first, Vicki," Carol said. "Sharon and I will hold, and you kick." Then she and Sharon held Danny's arms and legs so that he was again forced to stand with his legs spread wide.

"How many kicks do I get?" Vicki asked, giggling with enthusiasm.

"You get three kicks, that makes a field goal, then it's my turn, then Sharon's and so forth," Carol answered.

"What's the object of the game?" Sharon inquired.

Carol smiled broadly. "To inflict PAIN! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!"

Vicki ran toward Danny and gave him a devastating kick in the balls. He strained to free himself, but Sharon and Carol held him tight, and all he could do was stand there and take Vicki's second kick, then her third. The women laughed and gave each other high fives, and were completely oblivious to Danny's muffled screams and groans.

Carol's turn followed. Her first two kicks were at least as hard as Vicki's. Then she stepped back, took a couple of steps toward Danny, and swung her boot into his groin so hard she lifted him off the floor!

When it was Sharon's turn, she took off her shoes and walked to the far side of the room. Carol and Vicki giggled as she stood there like a high jumper about to attempt a record jump. She looked into Danny's eyes and as she ran toward him he quivered with fear. When her beautiful foot slammed into Danny's balls the pain shot up his body, turning his stomach inside out and making the room spin wildly. He was completely helpless, and began to feel very weak and groggy. He wished that he could lose consciousness, but he was wide awake for Sharon's other two blows. The terrible game continued, his beautiful tormentors cheering one another on and shouting with glee whenever one of their swift kicks inflicted that extra measure of pain.

Each of the women took at least three turns at ‘football’, and all Danny could do was pray it would soon be over. Then it was Vicki's turn again. She delivered her first kick, and he saw the room go black. His head slumped forward, and he was out cold.

"Hey, he's out! I win!” Vicki shouted. Sharon and Carol let Danny drop to the floor, and shook their heads in mock disgust.

"Typical male; falling asleep on the job," Carol said.

"Yeah," Sharon agreed. "How dare he pass out before we're through abusing him!"

"I can use a breather anyway," Vicki said. "Let's use him for a footstool until he wakes up."

"Why stop when he wakes up?” Carol giggled.

"Because when he wakes up," Sharon purred, "we're going to play another game..."

They dragged Danny over to an area with some chairs, laid him down on his back, spread his legs apart, and sat in a circle around him. Carol got comfortable with her boots on his stomach, while Vicki rested her bare feet on his face. Sharon used Danny's genitals as a pillow for her feet, gently poking his balls with her spike heels. When he began to come to, Vicki began slapping his face with her feet.

"Wake up, little man. You passed out in the middle of my turn. I owe you two more kicks in the nuts."

"Yeah, wake up you little worm!" Sharon snapped, poking Danny's balls harder with her heels. "Now we're really gonna give you a good kicking. Get up!!"

Danny was filled with dread. His balls were throbbing. He didn't know how much more he could take. He started to pull Carol's sock out of his mouth so he could beg for mercy, but Vicki brought her feet down hard on his face at least a dozen times.

"Oh no you don't," she laughed. "You'll speak when we let you speak, and right now the only thing we're going to let you do is take a beating. Now GET UP!" Reluctantly, Danny got to his feet. The women stood up, moved the chairs out of the way, and stood in a circle around their captive.

"Are you beginning to get the idea, baby?" Sharon asked. "You're here for our pleasure, and our pleasure is your PAIN! The night is young, and you and your precious little balls belong to us until further notice. Ah, Vicki, I believe you mentioned owing our little plaything here another couple of kicks in the nuts."

"That's right," Vicki said. "So spread your legs, you little twerp." Danny obediently assumed the position, knowing it was useless to argue or resist. The women laughed at his submissive response.

"Look, he's learning," giggled Carol.

"I think he likes it," Sharon said as she gave balls yet another kick.

"You do like it, don't you baby?" Vicki asked, squeezing Danny's neck. "In that case, I'll give you ten swift kicks in the balls! I mean, I want you to be happy!" As Vicki's lethal kicks rearranged Danny's scrotum, he fell to his knees, but made no effort to escape his punishment. He knew it was useless, and God help him, he was beginning to like it.

As soon as Vicki stepped away from him, Sharon gave him a kick in the face. Danny fell backward, and Carol wasted no time in walking over and doing a little dance on his stomach. While he was gasping to catch his breath, Vicki jumped on him, straddling his chest, and slapped his face a dozen times. Then she got off, grabbed him by the neck and stood him up.

But he didn't stay up for long. Sharon punched him in the stomach until he was doubled over, then she slipped off her high heels began kicking him in the face, finally sending him spinning backward to the floor.

Carol had also pulled off her boots, and now she placed her pretty bare foot on the side of Danny's face and leaned on him until he screamed in protest. Then she ordered him to get up.

No sooner had Danny got to his feet than she gave him a side kick to the stomach. She followed that with a knee to the balls, then grabbed his wrist and twisted it backward, forcing him to bend over. Then Sharon grabbed his other wrist and the two of them took turns kicking him in the belly. When they finally let go, Danny just stood there in a daze, not knowing where to hurt next, but Vicki made that decision for him. She gave him a side kick to the face, and as Danny staggered back she gave him yet another kick to the groin. When he doubled over in pain, she quickly straddled him and began squeezing his head and neck in the beautiful vise of her huge thighs. While he was locked in this vulnerable position, Carol and Sharon stood on each side of him and continued pummeling his stomach with their feet, lifting his helpless body off the floor with each kick. Finally, Vicki let go and Danny fell to the floor. Carol rolled him over on his back with her foot, then ordered him to get up.

Danny looked up at his three vindictive captors, who didn't seem to care whether he lived or died tonight, as long as they had their fun. He wondered if he, indeed if any man had really earned the punishment he had received so far. This is it, he thought. I'm not getting up again. What's the use? They're going to kill me anyway...

"Come on, sweetheart," Carol purred softly, caressing Danny's neck with her foot. Danny had had enough. He had no intention of voluntarily taking any more punishment from these angels of pain. But when he looked up in Carol's eyes, it was as if she cast a spell over him.

"Come on, Danny-Wanny," she whispered. "Do it for me." He couldn't disobey her if he wanted to, and God knows, he wanted to. Danny didn't understand why, but he found himself standing up, facing Carol, and dutifully spreading his legs and placing his hands behind his back, completely vulnerable. God help me, he thought, I love this woman...

WHAM! Carol kicked him in the groin, then gave him a half dozen punches to the stomach, then whirling him around, she locked his arms behind his back, and shouted to her playmates, "Get him, girls! Kick 'im!"

And they did. Vicki and Sharon took turns kicking Danny's balls, stomach, and face. Then Carol let go of him, and they kicked him until he fell to his knees, kept kicking him until he was on his back, then took turns stomping his stomach and kicking his balls, until finally, the women had had enough.

"Whew! That was a good workout!" sighed Vicki.

"Yeah. I'm beat, but God, that was fun!" said Carol.

"Well, Danny-Wanny," Sharon began, "You took your punishment so well we just may invite you to another party. Oh, don't worry. We'll give you a week for your bruises to heal before we give you a nice set of new ones..."

"Wait a minute." Carol interrupted. "I want him." Sharon and Vicki looked at each other, then at Carol.

"You two can always find some jerk to beat up, but I need a new boyfriend." She walked over to Danny and pulled her sock from his mouth.

"Now before you say anything, baby," she began, placing her foot firmly on his neck, "Just remember, I'm head of personnel at this company, and I know about your inflated union wages, and your monthly payments on that big pick-up truck of yours, and all your other debts, so even an inferior male can figure out that I have you by the balls financially as well as, well, physically. And you took your punishment so well tonight, I know that you'll be able to survive any foreplay that I choose to... inflict. By the way, sweetie, are you good in bed?"

Danny nodded.

"Good. I'm fantastic. And you're a maintenance engineer, so you'll be real handy to have around. And you'll wash my car, and scrub my floors, and polish my boots, kiss my feet, and, well, do my bidding! And you'll take a beating anytime I feel like giving you one. You're the perfect man! And by the way, you can count on a few kicks in the balls every day, darling. Well, what do you say, Danny-Wanny? Will you be my new boyfriend? And believe me," she purred, leaning harder on his neck, "you had BETTER answer yes. Well?"

Danny looked up into Carol's eyes, and once again responded as if in a trance.

"Yes." he replied.

"Good!" Carol said, practically quivering. "Help me on with my boots. I'm taking you home, honey buns. Your night has just BEGUN!!"

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