Sunday, August 12, 2007

Workout Bust

By unknown

The other day I was working out with a medicine ball for my abs. My sister Nicole came home and saw me and wasn't sure what I was doing so I explained. My sister is about 5'6, 115 pounds and in very good shape. Her friend Amber was a little taller but was like a toothpick, about 105, and her other friend, Sarah was about the same size as my sister. I have had fantasies about them trampling me and kicking and stomping on my balls for a long time but never got the nerve to ask them to. I was trying to explain what the medicine ball did and she asked if they could help. I saw an opportunity.

I told her she could jump on my stomach while I was doing sit-ups and it would do the same thing, even better seeing as if she was heavier than the medicine ball. She seemed a little reluctant because she would hurt me and I assured her she wouldn't. She had on platform sneakers at the time and she climbed on my stomach and lightly jumped up and down.

After a few minutes I asked if Sarah could try because she had on high heel boots and said maybe it would work better. She agreed and started jumping on my stomach. Then she slipped on one jump and slammed on of her boots right into my balls. She apologized, but then realized I had a huge bulge in my pants. My sister noticed as well and asked if I was enjoying them stepping all over me and stood with both feet right on my balls and had a huge smile. I told her I had fantasized about this for a while but never let her know about it. She them stomped me in the balls and told me to come upstairs to her room with her. My fantasy was about to come true.

I followed her and her friends up to her room and she told me to get on the floor. She went to the closet to get a pair of platform ankle boots with 6" spiked heels and a pointed toe and pulled out another pair of platform pumps and gave them to Amber since she was wearing sneakers as well. She then took out two ropes and tied my legs spread-eagle to her bed post and looked sadistically at me and said, “You sure you want us to torture you? I said yes.

She pulled my shirt off and pulled my pants down to my ankles. They then talked among themselves and came back over. She asked me that they could step on me anywhere and I said yes. Nicole walked up between my legs, Amber stepped my face and Sarah climbed up on my chest. I could feel Amber's heels digging into my forehead and it made me very excited. Nicole then took my underwear off, exposing me, and started kicking me in the balls, first lightly, but then starting to get harder when she saw I could take it. Even though it was very painful I would not say anything. I couldn’t say much anyway because Amber was standing on my face. Sarah was stomping all over my body, trying to dig her heels in as much as possible; she loved the marks her heels were making. Nicole continued to kick me, now full force, and they hurt because I couldn't see them coming. She them pinned my dick down with the heels of her boots and stomped on my balls with her other heel. Amber and Sarah were just standing on me and laughing. Amber stepped off my face and told me to lick the sole of her shoe and Sarah got off my body and wanted to help Nicole on my balls. Nicole then stood with both feet right in my dick and Sarah marched on my balls with both feet, slamming them hard into the floor. Then they rolled me over so my balls would be lying in the floor. Nicole decided to let Amber to have some fun, so Nicole stomped all over my back and Amber and Sarah worked on my balls. They put a small pillow under my balls so they could really stomp them and they had somewhere to go beside the hard floor. Amber then put her right foot on one ball and her right foot on my other balls and stood on them, bouncing on them. Sarah was stomping my dick, trying to put as many heel marks as she could. She even jumped off the bed right in my dick. I was in agony but didn't want it to stop.

Sarah stepped off my balls and commented how swollen they were and then began viciously stomping them with the high platform of her boot. The girls were having a much better time than I expected. Then Nicole untied me and stood me up. She tied my legs back up to the bed spread eagle and found two shoelaces and tied my hands above my hands. Nicole said they needed to practice their ball kicking in case they were attacked.

I stood there completely vulnerable and all three standing in front of me laughing. Then they all took turns kicking me viciously on the balls and even kicking me in the chest and face a few times. They got creative with their kicking, giving me back kicks, driving the heels right into my balls. Nicole even took some more shoes out of her closet and smacked me with them in her hand, right in the balls and face. Amber said she couldn't believe they didn't break from all this punishment; they had been going for over two hours. That seemed to excite my sister.

She untied me to get back on my stomach, this time with no pillow under my balls. She tied my legs up again, and without my knowledge told her friend that they could try and break one of my balls. I was nervous now and didn't know what exactly they were going to do, but there was nothing I could do about it. Sarah wanted to borrow a pair of my sister's shoes and she pulled out her most wicked pair. They were platform knee-high boots with at least a 7" heel. My sister was upset that she didn't use them but hers were wicked as well. They marked the ball they were going to crush with a marker and put my other ball under me so they wouldn't crush it by accident.

Nicole said the first one to crush it could have me as their slave for the weekend to do what they liked. They took turns first just kicking me in the ball as hard as they could. My ball had to be the size of an apple by now. Then they stomped on it and still it hadn't busted, but some blood was visible. Then they jumped off the bed, but the first two didn't make direct contact but then Amber jumped off and landed right on it and stood on it. It was almost gone. Nicole then stomped on it again and then Sarah jumped from the floor right on it and grinded on it for a few seconds until finally it gave way.

I let out a huge scream and then started to get dizzy. They all three continued stomping to make sure it was completely crushed. They stood on each other’s feet so they were all standing on the remains of my balls with Sarah on my sack grinding still with the others standing on her boot. Then Sarah cheered that she won, but all of then seemed very excited.

They untied me and asked how I was; I don't think they really cared. I couldn't believe they took one of my balls, not to mention the rest of my body and face had heel marks and bruises all over it. Then Sarah to me to heal up quick because she was going to torture me all weekend and she might bring some friends over to help. This weekend should be interesting

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