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The wrong place (Chapter 1)

By Naive

A man is kidnapped to be trained and sold as a slave.


1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

Copyright information: This story is the sole property of SJTJ (aka Naive). No one has the right to alter distribute or sell this story with out my written permission. I do hear by give the right to copy, give, or display this story to anyone who wants it. Changes and follow-up stories should have my permission. Any grammatical or spelling changes are permissible as long as it does not change the ideas or concept.


This story is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read this story. This story contains violence and ball busting. If this subject matter offends please DO NOT read. Thank you.


The wrong place

(Chapter 1)

It was late in the evening and Paul was getting tired. Hours drifted by as he sat in the old ford outside the hospital. A few lights hummed around the parking lot buzzing with insects. Cars littered the lot in sparse little clumps. Only a gentle glistening blue light reflected, from the fading cracking paint of the car. Paul got stuck taking his mother to see the doctor for a checkup; she didn't want to drive herself. She was always looking for company when she got stressed, and the MRI had her worried. So, Paul had dragged her here, and waited, and waited. Scratching at the scruff growing on his chin, he watched as some pretty young nurses, with their tight little white skirts, left for the evening. His mother had told him it would take hours so she would just call, but he preferred to wait. Wiggling his toes he shifted into the leather seat in an attempt to get comfortable: his shoes and socks kicked off into the back seat. Putting the chair back he ran a hand through his thick black hair and closed his eyes - letting the cool wind whip across him as he tried to nap in the hot evening air. Suddenly, the passenger door creaked opened; Paul's eyes fluttered open, but it wasn't his mother beside him. A cute young blond sat there in what looked like scrubs.

"Excuse me doctor, I think you have the wrong car." Leaning up he smiled and turned to the young lady. A shock of pain flashed through his shoulder; A little gasp of pain escaped him as he turned to see what got him.

"Good night dear." Another woman standing in the window said as she held up a syringe and waved good night. She was wearing an EMS uniform and had long flowing red hair with a good figure.

"What the hell was that?" A sudden dizziness hit him; he looked over to the blond who was quickly losing focus and mouthed help; because, the words wouldn't come out.

"Sorry, Cutie, I'm with her." With that, Paul fell face first unconscious, into the blonde’s lap. "I can't believe our luck finding a guy so easy and cute, too."

"Well, don't waste time lets get him in the van and go. I don't want anyone to notice this." The redhead opened the back door to the ambulance, parked a few spaces away. "Dara, come on!" She yelled at the blond stroking Paul's cheek. Dara pushed him from her lap and went to the other side of the car to help Michelle pull him out.

"Wow, he's heavy. Do you have to lift guys like this all the time?"

"No, my partner usually helps. He's a lot bigger then I am, and hauls people around like nothing; though, I do my share."

"To bad he couldn't help us." Dara laughed as they finally pushed him up onto the stretcher, in the back.

"I don't think he'd approve of our little project. Kidnapping is a federal offense - if you take him across state lines." Closing the doors, both women smiled giving each other a high five. Climbing into the cab Dara looked at Michelle and smiled.

"He's going a little farther then across state lines. How much do you think we'll get for him?"

"I don't know - a couple hundred thousand I would suspect. Matters in how good a shape he's in. That's why your here: to help get him reach perfect status. Fifty-fifty all the way."

"All the way to the bank. How long till we have to sell him off, `cause I'd like to have a little fun with him?"

"We have him a couple months. That should give us time to get him in shape - he's a little flabby." Michelle started the ambulance and pulled away. "Why don't you go get our fare ready, while I get us there."

"No problem, should be fun." Getting up Dara hopped into the back and looked at Paul. Dara let her fingers play across his face and down his neck. She couldn't help but think what a tasty looking piece of flesh. Maybe they would keep this one and find another to sell. Why should only the rich foreign bitches get all the fun? Letting her hand run down his chest, she knew he was going to be a treat. Plucking the clothes cutter from the medical supplies she quickly removed every stitch.

"OH! You’re going to love this one Michelle!" Dara yelled up front as she tossed the ruined clothes on the floor.

"Why's that?" She yelled back.

"He's got a good piece of meat. A little fat here and there, but I like something to grab onto."

"He's not for us - remember that." Dara rolled her eyes. Opening the back she kicked the clothes out onto the dark back road. "What was that?"

"Just his clothes; he won't need them anymore."

"Fine, just strap him down. I only got a little into his system: he could wake up on us."

"We wouldn't want our prize getting away, now would we?" Dara said as she pulled the straps on the stretcher tight around him. She couldn't wait for the fun to begin.

Paul felt a cold breeze blow across him. The wind from the window must be getting colder he thought. He tried to lean forward, but it was like a weight was sitting on his chest. Slowly he opened his eyes - the glare of florescent lights blinded him for a second. Looking around he could see silver trays on carts and a large glass window to his left tilted down towards him. The room had the potent scent of bleach; it made his nose twitch. A thin sheet covered him but he could feel something across his chest and legs holding him down. Paul's mind started to run through a gambit of questions: how did I get here? What's going on? Did I have an accident and get put in the hospital? Why can't I remember anything for the last couple days? A set of double doors opened and two women came in, dressed in white lab coats.

"Can you tell me what's going on? How did I get here, and why's my memory so foggy? I can only remember flashes of the last few days, but nothing clearly."

"Your memory will come back in a little while. Sometimes the drugs have that kind of effect." Dara gently placed her hand on Paul's shoulder. "As for why you’re here, well let's just say that you were chosen to help us."

"Chosen to help you what?"

"To make money dear." Michelle pulled the sheet off of him to reveal his nakedness. "You see for the next few months you belong to us. And, we're going to train you on how to be a proper slave." Both women laughed at the shocked horrified expression playing over Paul's face.

"Slave? I'm no slave!" Paul started twisting and pulling at the bonds that held him, but nothing budged. The rough nylon straps rubbed hard at his flesh and pulled the small hairs from his arms and legs as he twisted against his bonds.

"I see we'll have to start teaching you your place soon." Smiling at Dara, Michelle waved her hand over Paul, giving her the go ahead.

"I'm kind of new to this, so scream if it hurts." Doubling her fists she planted a solid blow to Paul's abdomen. Her hands sunk deep into him, his flesh molded to her hands as the muscles gave - unready for the impact. His body convulsed trying double over, but held tight by the straps. All he could do was cough and shake in his bonds. "Look how red his face turned. I think I did it right." Laughing at him, Dara patted his stomach.

"Don't worry dear, that's just the start." Michelle's hand snaked out under Paul's exposed testicles. She watched as he stopped coughing and caught his breath. "Think that hurt? Try this." Taking his balls she griped the soft flesh of his sac rubbing it between her fingers. Slowly she probed around and felt the hard meat of his testicle. Working the left one into her palm she let her fingers run over it - testing the feel of it. Paul started gritting his teeth as her fingers clamped down one by one. Like a vice her fingers rolled over Paul's nut with increasing pressure. All the muscles in his body started to tense as nausea rushed up his throat. It felt like his ball was ready to explode in her hand.

"Come on Dara, grab the other."

"If you insist." Dara leapt in, all too eager to hold flesh in her hand. Immediately, she tried to catch up with Michelle's pressure. Wrapping both hands around his other testicle, Dara constricted her fingers, like a snake, around it. Purple flesh bulged through the spaces between her fingers. Paul's face colored beat red, and the grinding of his teeth became as loud as his gasping breath. His body tremored, a pulse of motion. A silent scream racked through his mind, as he retched from the pain.

"Yuck!" They both screamed as they leaped away from the stretcher. The white floor splattered with multicolored filth, that slowly dripped from his mouth and ran from his neck and chest.

"You get to clean that up." Dara gagged as she covered her mouth and headed for the door a shade greener.

"Oh thanks!" Michelle yelled after her. "You're going to pay for this one, boy." Slamming her palm into his nuts, before turning to leave. He could feel his soft flesh pulverized into the board underneath. Tears ran from the corners of Paul's eyes; he didn't know what was going on, and the pain was unbearable. He could feel the flesh of his testicles pulsing and swelling in their sac. His head pounded with pain; the smell of his own vomit sickened him. He had to try hard not to gag. Closing his eyes he imagined it was all over, as he gritted his teeth and tried to deal with the pain of his new life.

It didn't take long for Michelle to clean up the mess. She mopped the white tile floor and took a hot washrag and cleaned Paul off.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to get so mad. I just hate when my plans don't go exactly right." She smiled sympathetically at Paul, as she lifted his testicles. Paul winced at her touch he could see bruises starting to form as the swelling continued. "Hurts still, hum?" Paul nodded. "It'll take time to build up your tolerance. I guess we'll have to go slower." Rubbing his testicles softly she watched as his penis rose to her touch. The pulsing flesh grew, its head swelling with blood. Licking her finger she drew a wet line around the head. She could see fear and confusion in Paul's eyes; it made her want to take him. The rush of power. "What's your name?"


"Well Paul, it's nice to meet you. But, I'm sorry to inform you that you’re being sold into white slavery." Paul's face turned from confusion to shock, then to incredulous. "I can see you don't believe me, but yes you are our first sale into the black market of S&M slavery. You see, allot of women in different countries buy guys, like you, to have fun with. We're just the supply part of a large demand. Feel honored. Somebody is going to pay allot for you."

"I should feel honored for being tortured and sold into slavery?"

"Well if you look at it so negatively I guess not, but for us your making life better. That should make you proud. Doesn't it?" Paul nodded quickly as Michelle clamped one of his nuts between her thumb and forefinger rolling the soft flesh to and fro. "Good."

"Their are lot's of guys out there - why me?" Paul just couldn't believe that all this was set up to get him.

"Well to tell you the truth you were in the right place at the right time. We were out looking around for someone and there you were sleeping in the car. We had almost given up; I was taking Dara back to her car when we saw you. So, here you are."

"Your telling me I was just a random guy you picked? How do you know that someone doesn't need me? That I have kids? Or. mmmph" Ramming a roll of gauss into his mouth Michelle smiled. Paul could feel the meshed cloth expanding with his saliva. The taste was awful.

"We don't care. All we want is you, got it?" Paul nodded. "Good. Well I'm tired of waiting on Dara, so I'll just start myself." She looked deep into Paul's eyes and could see terror in them. "Don't worry big guy. I won't hurt you - too much. But, the first thing we need to do is move you to a better bed." Taking a good hold on his nuts and shaking them like a bag of coins, she loosened the straps. "I wouldn't try anything or you might just lose what you have." With a wince he nodded as she pulled down on his balls, trapping them in the bottom of his sac. He could feel the cords stretch as Michelle led him across the room, by his new leash, to a normal hospital bed. Just as she was about to tell him to sit. A strange voice surprised her.

"What's this?" Paul heard. Taking his chance to make a break for it he slapped Michelle's hand away and started running for the doors. The pain from the yank to his balls slowed him a little, but he had to get away. Another woman stood in front of him. She was a short brunet wearing scrubs. Paul decided he would just push past her, she was only 5'4", it wouldn't even slow him down. Suddenly, the brunette's foot shot out like lightning in a round kick that caught him squarely across the chest, almost clothes lining him. Catching his breath from the surprise and pain of the impact: he had just enough time to see the spinning back kick flying towards him. Fire leapt up his back as he collapsed to his knees arching his back. Her kick landed a solid blow to his kidneys. The pain was intense. Her knee lashed into his chin, stars of light splattered his vision. A hard front kick to the groin was the last thing Paul remembered as he passed out.

With a choking cough Paul jerked awake. Pain greeted him with his first few conscious thoughts. Blinking a few times he could see the brunette, from before, walking to a trash can: she threw away what looked like smelling salts.

"Hi, I'm Genie. Sorry about the rough treatment, but you surprised me. I actually thought you were going to attack me. I didn't know you were just trying to get away. I'm Dara's step-sister." She smiled brightly at him. Paul looked down and saw that he was still nude. He was now spread eagle on a hospital type bed, with some type of manacles fastening him down. He could feel fur against his wrists and ankles. Giving a quick tug, he knew he was at their mercy. The room looked the same except now the bed was under the hanging lights in the middle of the room and the stretcher was folded up leaning on the far wall. The whole place reeked of hospital, but no one in a hospital would let people get away with this. Genie picked up a cold pack from a silver tray and placed it against hiss chin.

"This should help the swelling go down. I really don't like this situation any better then you do, but she's my sister." Genie pulled up a chair and sat beside Paul. "I would never condone kidnapping and rape, but I can't let my sister be put in prison. Mom would turn over in her grave." She gave a sad little smile and pulled the gauss from his mouth. Smacking his lips together and running his tongue over his teeth he tried to work some saliva back into his mouth.

"Thirsty?" Paul nodded. Genie walked to a sink in the far corner of the room and filled a small paper cup with water. This gave Paul a chance to check out his surroundings. The large window from before, he noticed, was tinted and had a small speaker mounted above it. Various charts and medical diagrams papered the walls. A skeleton hung from a metal stand; it stared across at him, watching him with its hollow eyes. Scattered about the room were high tech gadgets which he had no idea what they did. Genie stepped up to him and helped him lift his head and drink some of the water. Coughing he sprayed cold water over himself, pain ripped through his chest as he tried to suck the water down. Letting his head flop back against the bed he turned his face from Genie. He wanted to cry. Humiliated and in pain - he was just a plaything to these women. He was their dog. "I know this must be rough on you."

"You have no idea!" Paul roared. Frustration, anger, and hate bleed from every pore.

"I'm sorry. Your right: I have no idea." Genie walked away and sat in one of the far chairs, listening to Paul cry in frustration. She too felt alone - what was she to do?

"I think your sister is going to be a problem." Michelle watched Genie through the tinted glass, from the observation room. It looked down at a slight angle with four rows of auditorium seating. "But, he looks good from here. He should fetch us more then enough to keep this little place open, and then the next will be free money."

"Don't worry about Genie - I'll take care of her. If she gets in the way - I know that women sell just as well." Dara smiled as she sipped at a glass of white wine. "To the future." The glasses chimed together, and rang of an uncertain future for Paul and Genie…

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