Thursday, August 9, 2007

You're in the Navy Now

by justoneguy

Tony was 18 years old and just out of high school. His father and grandfather were both carrier Navy men, so when his older brother decided to go to community college instead of the service, Tony knew what course his family would set him on. And he didn’t mind it at all. He respected his older brother, Allen’s decision. (But respected him more for his ability to get laid with any girl he wanted).

Basic training was tough, but his work showed. His body was fit, his stomach washboard for the first time, and that combined with his Italian-American olive complexion and his dark features made him extremely confident. At 6’1", he was happy with his height and with nearly seven inches he was really happy he had a man-sized dick. Throughout high school, he had never had much luck with the ladies, but now that his punk, pot smoker attitude had been replaced with discipline and a spiffy uniform he knew that more women would notice him.

He had arrived in New York a day early. He only had two weeks leave now that basic was over, and he wanted to visit his grandfather. Grandpa Joe would not get back into town until the next day, so Tony decided to stay in a motel for the night. He was in a bad part of town…but a lot of fellow Navy guys were around on leave, so he didn’t feel particularly out of place. He walked up to a small motel that looked like it was originally a small house. The sign promised a clean room for a really cheep rate…so Tony decided that it was probably his best shot.

He stepped up to the door and knocked three times. He was expecting a little old lady or an old man but when the door opened he saw a beauty in her mid-thirties. She was about 5’9" his long brown hair bundled in a scarf. She had piercing brown eyes, a pale complexion, and smiled at the sight of the young seaman. Tony knew he had not made a mistake.

Her name was Jenny Sloan. The house had been her father’s, she told Tony in the parlor. She had gone through some tough times when she was living in Chicago, so when word came that her father had passed away, she moved back to New York. Turning the house into a small motel was a good way to pay the bills, Jenny went on and she loved renting to servicemen because that made her feel more safe. She told Tony that he was the only guest that night, but was welcome to the best room in the house. Tony smiled and gladly accepted.

He went right upstairs. After a long flight across country, he was ready for a shower… and the sight of the lovely Jenny had made him more horny than he could remember----finally a night alone to take care of business. He walked into the bedroom and began to undress; leaving his uniform neatly folded on the bed. Just as he turned to enter the bathroom, the door swung open.

"I brought you some clean towels," Jenny said. When she saw Tony she stopped and inhaled sharply. It took him a few seconds to react and cover himself with the bathroom door… but in that moment Jenny saw a full shot of Tony’s three-inch soft dick flopping around over his loose ball sac. Jenny turned her back on reflex… even though she could no longer see anything.

"Oh, I’m so sorry," she said. Tony was a little embarrassed, but the idea that a beautiful woman like Jenny had seen him naked started to turn him on.

"That is okay," he said. "Thanks for the towels." With that, she left.

Tony started the bathtub and began to shave. When the water was full, he lowered himself in, lying back against the cold porcelain. He fell asleep there, and did not wake up until he heard his bedroom door open. A knock came at the bathroom door and he answered

"I’ll be out in a minute." Jenny replied by opening the door slowly.

"Come out now," she said. Tony’s heart raced. He rose from the tub, warm water rolling of his body. Jenny looked at him, smiling. As her gaze moved down his body to his genitals. She started for a moment at the sight of his still flaccid penis.

Tony smiled, saying: "What, you never saw an uncut guy before?" Tony was proud of the fact that he was uncircumcised. The only other guys he knew that still had their skin were his father, grandfather, and older brother. Jenny nodded, but didn’t smile.

"Yes, I have… I just didn’t notice before that you were… that way." Tony fought back the bad vibe he was getting and smiled at the woman.

"Lots of women think it is sexy," he said, trying to play her remark off. Jenny smiled.

"Oh, you’ve been with lots of women, hmm?"

Tony smiled, replying, "Only two… I give you my word." Jenny smiled again, more genuine this time.

"Well, Navy-boy, why don’t we make it three…" Jenny allowed Tony to undress her slowly. For a woman in her thirties, the boy marveled at her toned body. He cupped her breasts as she backed him onto the colonial style bed.

"Do you mind if I am on top?" she asked. "It makes me feel more in control."

Tony smiled, "Not at all; I’ve never done it that way." Jenny pushed his hard chest, and he fell back on the plush pillows and blankets. She crawled up to his face and kissed him. He massaged her breasts as her hand touched his penis for the first time. She manipulated his foreskin, rubbing gently until Tony stood at full staff. Then she rose off the bed and turned her back to the young seaman’s face. She mounted him backwards, rubbing the boy’s upper legs as she lowered herself onto his long pole. Tony was taken by surprise by her choice of position, but he didn’t mind. He immediately began rubbing her lower back and tight butt as he felt his penis slide into the silky wetness of a pussy for only the third time. Jenny gasped as the dropped down onto the last two inches of Tony’s dick. She immediately started riding fast. With one hand she rubbed her own clitoris; with the other she continued to rub Tony’s strong thigh. Tony stared at the woman’s tight ass as it bounced off of his midsection in a fast rhythm. Her pussy was a little loose but the hottest he had ever felt in his limited experience. He knew he could not last long.

Jenny continued to impale herself on the young man, all the time trying to get the image of his uncircumcised foreskin out of her mind. But she could still feel the skin moving along the boy’s penis shaft inside of her; with every up stroke she felt the young sailor’s plump penis head become covered with that long hood of flesh. She continued to rub his thighs, feeling them tighten and strain with each downward thrust of her body. Looking down, she stared at Tony’s nut sac. The once loose pouch was now tight, outlining the youth’s jewels perfectly in the wrinkled, dark brown skin. She reached down with both hands and cupped the package firmly, just enough to keep the boy’s foreskin from sliding during her thrusts. The feeling of a penis with its skin pulled tight and taut drove her over the edge. She released the boy’s nut sac with once hand and rubbed her clitoris hard as orgasm approached.

Tony was groaning loudly behind her and the tenseness of his legs and the twitching of his toes told Jenny that his time was near as well. Jenny cried out as her orgasm consumed her…and she felt the first flood of semen into her body. But with only one hand cupped over the boy’s balls, it was not enough to hold back the sliding skin in her… and her mind snapped...

She clamped down on the boy’s balls, even as their seed filled her body with a rush of fluid. Tony, in the midst of only his third orgasm with a woman, found his profound ecstasy interrupted by the gut wrenching pain in his groin. The ultimate pleasure for a man—orgasm—was combined for the young man in that moment with pain from the most vulnerable part of his anatomy. His mind swam to comprehend the terrible contradiction his body was enduring. Jenny continued to squeeze, with all the force her orgasmic body provided her. She screamed out again—but not a scream born of pleasure. This was a scream born of fear. When she felt the last of the sailor’s semen escape his organ, she released the boy’s tortured balls. Her entire weight was still on the boy; his penis still embedded in the hot pleasure of her pussy, yet he struggled to move, to grab his precious jewels for relief. Jenny slammed her fist into the boy’s tight sac, causing him to cry out and his legs to jerk underneath her.

Jenny threw her head back and screamed, "You will not have me. I’ll not let you do it to me again!" Tony hardly heard her through his pain and certainly couldn’t comprehend what she meant. Jenny pushed off of the born, letting his wet penis flop down on his belly…the pleasure it had just felt long forgotten by its owner. Tony grabbed his balls for relief, rolling onto his side among the heavy blankets and pillows.

Jenny leaped at the closet and emerged with a revolver. She cocked the hammer back, her eyes flaming. She pointed it at the boy, who was becoming more aware of her as the pain subsided.

"Lay down or I’ll shoot," she demanded. Tony complied. Jenny straddled him backwards again, sitting on his tight stomach. Under her naked thighs she felt the boy’s sweat… the cold sweat of fear, not the sweat of a satisfied man.

"Don’t move or I’ll blow your nuts off, you scum," she said. She reached for her purse, which was buried under her clothes on the end of the bed. Tony could not see what she was doing, but could feel the end of the gun pushing into the loose folds of skin of his vulnerable sac. He struggled to think of something to do, some way out of the situation. From her bag Jenny produced a Swiss-army knife… a gift from her late father. She pulled the longest blade out.

"Don’t move… I’m going to make sure you never do this again," the woman said. Tony felt the gun move off of his balls, but before he could act the woman had grabbed his loose penis. He felt a horrible stabbing pain in his penis… and the primal fear of losing his man-organ gave him the strength to throw the woman off of him.

Jenny fell off the bed to the ground. Tony cupped his genitals and looked at his hand. It was splattered with blood. He yelled the bloodcurdling cry of a man in fear of his manhood. He looked down and saw his penis covered in blood. Jenny recovered in a few seconds. She rose from the floor and jumped on the boy, hitting him in the head with the handle of the revolver. The fear paralyzed Tony, and the pain sapped his strength. Jenny sat on his tight, hairless chest and pried the sailor’s fingers off of his ruined penis.

"And I’ll make sure you never rape another woman, you bastard," she screamed. With that, she swung the handle of the gun down into Tony’s ball sac. Over and over she slammed the gun down. Tony was wailing and weeping, his mind refusing to accept the pain and loss he knew was occurring. Jenny slammed harder and harder. She felt one of the boy’s jewels break, but continued to punch and hit the source of his manhood and strength. She continued to hit. The bedroom door swung open, and Tony fell unconscious.

The police found the woman slamming a gun into the mushy remains of an 18-year-old male’s testicles. The sac had been ruptured and the male’s penis had been mutilated in some way. They found a knife and what appeared to be a blood covered foreskin. The young man was rushed to the hospital.

That is where Tony awoke. The first sight he saw was his older brother, Allen, standing over him.

"Hey Tony, can you hear me? Oh, you had us worried man," the 22-year-old said. "How do you feel buddy?" Tony could hardly talk. His entire body ached.

"What happened?" he asked. Allen shook his head.

"It was some crazy lady. The police said she was raped a few years back in Chicago. They figure all of the rapists were… uncircumcised. That must have been what set her off." Tony shook his head. All he could remember was the pain, the fear.

"What do I look like?" he asked. Allen shook his head.

"I haven’t looked, bro."

Tony closed his eyes, saying, "Look for me. I can’t." Allen lifted the sheet off the legs of his 18-year-old brother, looking at his genitals. He bit his lip and replaced the sheet.

"What is it?" Tony demanded. But Allen just shook his head. Tony had to see, had to know. He flung the sheet off of his body and looked under his hospital gown. His jewels were gone… even the sac had been removed. The only masculine part of him that was left was the remains of his penis. His foreskin was gone, irregularly cut away leaving stubby tatters of skin surrounding his penis head. A large chunk of his glans had been ripped away from when he had thrown the woman off of him as she cut. What was left was an irregular red mass, only one side vaguely resembling the perfect helmet that had once dangled at the end of the fleshy tube. Tony shook his head, his mind swimming.

"I’m not a man," he said. Allen grabbed his shoulders.

"That isn’t true. The doctors said that there was a good chance some sexual feeling might remain in you penis. They said that with hormones you could even have an orgasm again someday." Tony fell back on his pillow.

"I’m not a man… not like you are," he said, staring at his brother’s crotch, his mind envying the perfect genitals he knew rested inside those loose jeans.

"I’ll never be a man again."

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