Thursday, September 13, 2007

2003 Ball Busting Championships – TV and Film

by dbud

It was 8 PM. A group of girls, ranging in ages from 14 to 18 years old, were huddled around a television. In all, there were about 12 of them. They had pooled money from their allowances, after school jobs, and baby-sitting to buy the $99.95 Pay-Per-View event. They were giddy and excited as the TV screen changed. “I can’t wait,” one of the girls said. “Quiet, it’s starting.” Suddenly, a warning interrupts the black screen.

“Attention!!! The following is a Pay-Per-View event. It contains violent material and is intended for adults only. Re-production of this event is prohibited. Please report cable theft.”

The screen fades to a tall, blond, smiling woman wearing a slinky evening gown and holding a microphone.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, particularly ladies, to the 2003 Ball Busting Championships. I’m one of you co-hosts Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. My partner in tonight’s broadcast is also here with me, Brooke Burke, and we’re pleased to be here with you tonight.”

“Thanks Becky,” Brooke chimed in, “Tonight is going to be a lot of fun. I think we’re going to see a lot a brutality and I for one can’t wait.” Brooke, an ethnic looking, voluptuous, tall woman with olive skin, was wearing a low cut, shimmering evening gown and high heels, as was Rebecca.

“Oh, I definitely agree Brooke; I’m excited to be here as well. As you know this is the fourth annual such event we’ve held and every year it gets bigger and bigger. We estimate that over a four million people are tuning in right now. Last year, through the four divisions and multiple rounds, our competitors smashed over one hundred and fifty testicles. Hopefully, we’ll break that record this year.”

Brooke spoke up, “Let’s hope so Rebecca. Oops, we almost forgot to introduce our roving co-hosts. We have a special surprise for our viewers. We have a pair of reporters who will be providing up close and personal coverage of the event. While Becky and myself will be here in the booth, calling the action, they will be roaming down on the floor to provide interviews and reporting. We are extremely happy to have them. They are two of the richest and most popular teenagers in the world, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.”

The screen changed to show two twin teenage girls who appeared to be around sixteen. One had tight leather pants on and a tight, clinging T-shirt with the word “Bitch” in large bright letters across her breasts, and heels; while the other had a black leather mini skirt, with her red thong showing at the top, with a sheer blouse, lace bra, and knee high boots. “One of the girls spoke up, “Hi Brooke, Hi Rebecca. We are so happy to be here. I can’t wait to be able to compete one of these years.”

“Tell us girls…” Brooke asked, “Have the two of you ever busted a guy?” The two young girls giggled and turned bright red after hearing the question. “I guess that answers that,” Rebecca chimed in. “We’ll be talking to you more later. Thanks Mary-Kate; thanks Ashley.”

“Lets take a moment to explain the rules and some of the features of tonight’s event.” Brooke continued and as she spoke the camera pulled back to take in the large auditorium behind her. As the picture began panning across the coliseum, Brooke’s voice was heard, “As you at home can see, we have expanded our event since last year and I think it will easily be the best yet. Over the next several hours our contestants will do all the ballbusting they can.”

While she spoke, the camera panned the arena and the viewers saw the auditorium she spoke of. It was massive, with a floor that had to be nearly 200 feet across. A chain link fence surrounded this floor with several doors for access. Located at many spots around the floor were various devices whose purpose could only be guessed at.

The camera continued to pan around the auditorium, showing the crowd and Brooke continued, “In attendance tonight we have almost 15,000 spectators. I heard that more than 80% are women, which makes sense, considering what tonight’s event is about.”

“Hold on everyone…what’s that?” Brooke held her hand to her earpiece to help her hear. “I think the men are being brought in for our second event of the evening. The crowd is going wild. Even from up here, the noise is deafening.”

As she spoke, two large doors on the floor down below opened and a mass of naked bound men were led in. Each had a collar around his neck on and a length of chain connected it to the to the collar of the man in front. Every one of them had an erect penis and a heavy strap was wrapped around the base of the men’s cock and scrotum, forcing the man’s balls downward and keeping his organ engorged.

The men were split into ten groups of ten men each. A woman dressed in an evening gown and pulling the leash of the lead man was leading each group. Each group was led around the floor of the arena as the crowd hooted and hollered at them. Each group was taken to a different part of the floor and the lead man’s leash was hooked to a post, holding him, and therefore all the others, in place.

Right after this spectacle, a sizeable number of women, at least 30, marched into the auditorium as well. Unlike the women leading the bound men, who were dressed in revealing but not highly functional evening gowns, these women were wearing athletic clothing.

Each wore a spandex top, covering their breasts but revealing their midriffs and matching stretch pants, extending down to about their mid-thigh. Their outfits were all solid black and each wore heavy boots coming up to her mid calf as well. The women were all athletic and beautiful. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads were all in the group. Likewise, the women were of all races, white, black, Asian, Latino, were represented. The ones whose hair was long enough had it pulled back into ponytails.

Finally, each wore a dark pair of sunglasses and had bright red lipstick, the only color on them. They all fanned out into the arena, taking up positions near the men who had been led in. Rebecca quickly explained that the women were there to maneuver the men for their ordeals and to help move the games along.

While we’re waiting for our next contestants, how about we take a minute to explain how tonight’s event will work Brooke” the tall blonde offered. Brooke then spoke up, “Of course. Tonight’s event is the television and film bracket of our competition. Our event is divided into four such brackets, TV, Film, Music, and Miscellaneous, and each of these has 16 contestants competing. These 16 women will then compete in 5 separate rounds to narrow each bracket down to a single winner in each category. These 4 finalists will then compete for the ultimate prize…”

Rebecca cut off her co-host, “A man’s balls.”

“Good one Becky, but no. I mean that she will be crowned the 2003 Ultimate Ball Buster. Why don’t you tell out fans how tonight’s competitors were selected Becky and tell them about the night’s events.”

“Sure thing Brooke. Thousands of fans voted on-line for their favorite female contestants. Then, the most popular and hottest women were selected to compete tonight. Our 16 contestants will be competing in a variety of events tonight. They are paired by their seed’s and at the end of each round the highest scorer of each pair will move on to round two in a few weeks.”

“Throughout the night the scoring will be handled in different ways. First and foremost, they will receive points for dishing out punishment. The straps that the men are wearing are more than just functional. Each man is wearing a genital ring to hold his cock and balls in place. This will keep his cock hard and it will also make sure his testicles are exposed for maximum punishment. Each of these rings also has sensors in it. These will detect the amount of pressure and damage that our contestants have delivered to their man’s balls. It will also detect when either or both of his nuts rupture or detach and this will be tracked on the scoreboard above.”

Ashley continued speaking into her microphone as the camera followed her and her twin towards a row of naked men, “Let’s see what’s going through the minds of some of our male victims, uh, I mean participants.” The petite girl with sandy blonde hair walked up to a young strapping man. Pulling off his blindfold and placing the microphone she was holding in front of him, “And what is your name?” “David,” he replied. “And how old are you, David?” “Twenty-two.” “And what brought you to our little competition today?” “Well, I heard there was going to be new reality show and I decided to try out.”

“Well, there’s nothing more real than getting your balls smashed by the boot of an angry women, if that’s what you mean, “ the twins laughed and moved on. David appeared to try to say something that the microphone didn’t pick up but the look on his face said a lot.

They moved on to a second young man standing nearby and looking scared. After also removing his mask, “Name?” “Brian” And how old are you Brian?” “Nineteen,” he responded. “And why are you here Brian?” “Look, I wasn’t told exactly what was going on here, I was just offered a few bucks to come on TV and so I did. But I don’t like this, I want to go home, so let me go okay?”

Mary-Kate turned to the camera with a broad grin across her face, “Sorry Brian, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.” The young man started to protest more harshly but Ashley quickly turned into him, driving her right knee between his legs. “Unnngggghhh,” and he dropped to his knees. The camera shifted back to Rebecca’s smiling face, “Way to go girls, that‘ll teach ‘em.”

She held her earpiece, listening, “I’ve just received word, Brooke, the players from the TV bracket are almost ready to make their entrance. Now, in the consideration of time, we have already had round one of the Film bracket. Let’s get our viewers up to speed on the results.” The screen showed various scenes of the earlier competition.

A bikini wearing Cameron Diaz driving a knee into a man’s balls, followed by a Catherine Zeta Jones twisting a guys scrotum while he screamed, Jennifer Love Hewitt, wearing a revealing mini-dress, doing a knee-drop into a man’s crotch and feeling his balls after to check the damage. Apparently she wasn’t happy with the result as she stood up several more times and dropped her full weight into his groin. This montage continued for several minutes with the crowd ‘Oooing and Ohhhing’ as the women threw fists, knees and kicks into their male counterparts genitals. After each short tape of the blow, each man’s face would be seen frozen on the big screen. The crowd would laugh at the exaggerated expressions and grimaces they made from the pain emanating from their nuts.

Brooke then spoke up over the scenes, “From this round, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Denise Richards, Kirsten Dunst, Catherine Zeta Jones, Lucy Liu, and Elizabeth Hurley emerged victorious.”

Rebecca took over, “Of course, Jennifer moving on was no surprise as the number one seed, but the big shock has to be Miss Kirsten Dunst. Not only is this her first appearance, she has shown amazing brutality through the first round and even scored the third highest number of balls smashed, edging out experienced ball busters, Denise and even Elizabeth Hurley who seemed to be off her game but still managed to advance...”

Brooke started talking as Rebecca finished her thought, “I know, for a rookie, that is no small feat. And even more surprising she eliminated Angelina Jolie who everyone thought would go far. I mean Angelina seems like she was built bust balls. It’s also nice to see so many of our veteran actresses making it into the later rounds too, with Natalie, Liv, and Neve all falling to, shall we say, more mature women. It shows that experience and drive will beat out youth and enthusiasm in busting nuts. Now that we’ve brought our audience up to speed on the film round, the winners will be making an appearance live in a little later on tonight. But first we have the first round of our TV bracket about to start.”

“And here come our contestants. This place is going nuts.” The camera focused on the same door that the men had come through and after a few seconds, which opened and a parade of beautiful women walked through. They were walking in pairs and waving to the crowd as they looped the arena.

“Our lead pair is our top and last seed, Jessica Alba and Heather Locklear. This is a real interesting match-up as it is a repeat of last year. These two competed against each other and so there’s got to be some bad blood there, especially for Heather. Last year the younger upstart really blew her away in their competition. It wasn’t even competitive and so I’m sure she’ll want to get some payback.”

“She also has to be feeling some pressure. Losing two years in a row to a much younger opponent would be embarrassing and with her TV show cancelled over three years ago, this could be her last chance to compete.”

Jessica was wearing cut-up blue jeans and sneakers on. She had on a t-shirt with no sleeves and low cut, revealing her ample breasts. She had a symbol on the front of her t-shirt, which the camera focused on for the viewers. The symbol was a large red circle, with a red line across it. This covered a drawing of a large penis and scrotum. Underneath were the words, ‘No balls are good balls!” The crowd roared and laughed as the symbol was displayed on the jumbo screen for the crowd.

Heather on the other hand was wearing an extremely short skirt; showing off her long sleek legs and a thin white blouse with no bra and the curves of her breasts could clearly be seen. She had open toed high heels on as well. “It looks like Heather has decided to pay homage to the short skirts that made her famous during her ‘Melrose Place’ days.

“The second and fifteenth seeds are entering now. From the hit show ‘Friends’ we have one of the most popular women on TV, Jennifer Aniston. Her opponent, from one of the most popular show’s in the world, ‘Baywatch’, is none other than Yasmine Bleeth.” Both women were wearing thong bikinis and high heels. Both had deep tans and tight bodies. Jennifer was the leaner of the two, with Yasmine’s figure was fuller and rounder.

“Next is last year’s number one seed, Sarah Michelle Gellar. We’re already looking forward to a fourth round battle between her and Jessica Alba. They have to be two of the favorites. As both young, hip actresses with action TV shows, they will each I am sure want to prove they’re superiority. Sarah is with her foe for tonight but also one of her best friends, Shannon Doherty. Since Shannon didn’t compete last year, we aren’t sure how she will do tonight but she has a hard opponent to overcome in Sarah.” Both of these women wore leather pants and small belly shorts clinging to their breasts. Their nipples could clearly be seen poking through the fabric.

“Our other pairs are also making their way around the arena, Tiffani Theissen and Teri Hatcher, Nikki Cox and Christina Applegate, Alyssa Milano and Pam Anderson, Katie Holmes and Courtney Cox, and our final pair of contestants, old favorite, Tia Carrere and a newcomer who has exploded on the scene, Jennifer Garner.”

The final eight women came through as their names were announced over the intercom. Each of the women walked around the arena floor, playing to the crowd. The women in the audience shouted things to them,

“I love you”

“You’re my hero”

“Rip their nuts off”

“Pop one for me,” and the like.

Rebecca looked to Brooke, who took over, “The odds makers are giving even money that Sarah will repeat in this division or that this will be Jessica’s year to make her move. Likewise, Jennifer Aniston is expected to make it well into the competition as well. Of the newcomers, between Shannon, Courtney and Ms. Garner, the odds have to be in Jennifer’s favor. Her martial arts prowess has to be a big advantage and we all know she has been working out like crazy for her role on ‘Alias’ and so she is in great shape. I’m sure she’ll put those muscles to good use.”

Of our other contestants, Katie Holmes is a major fan favorite. If any of our women have some issues to work out her tonight, it has to be Pam Anderson. We all know about her past history with men. I bet she’s really looking forward to taking out some of her frustrations on the ones here tonight. Of the rest, I’m afraid that Yasmine, Christina, Alyssa, and Tiffani aren’t expected to go very far. It just isn’t thought that they have that killer instinct or physical prowess to really rip into some manly meat.”

The camera cut back to Brooke after showing the TV starlets, “We’re getting ready to begin and our contestants are getting into place. Since we have sixteen contestants to start, we have a free-for-all to begin to eliminate half the field down to eight. During this period, our girls have five full minutes to bust as many guys as they can in whatever ways they want. They are judged in technique and brutality along with the data from the sensors recording what they do to their guy’s nuts. Each women’s score is compared to their partner’s score and the best eight scores continue on to round two.” While Brooke had been talking, the women dressed in black led out several dozen men into the arena. Also, during this time, the competing women took up positions in the arena also.

“Looks like we’re ready to start. There’s the buzzer starting the first round. And our contestants have wasted no time.” The camera panned the floor. The 16 women had moved quickly into the midst of the men and started inflicting blows.

Alyssa was the first to reach a man, slamming her foot into his crotch repeatedly. Tia Carerre followed quickly, throwing several knees into a tall blond man who screamed “Noooo!” as he saw her coming for him. Sarah Michelle took a different approach. She swept a man’s legs out from under him with a scissor kick. Then kneeling between his legs, she drove her fist into his testicles. Repeating the blow, she continued punching him squarely in the balls over and over. Tiffani ran up to a short man and grabbed him by the nutsack. Pulling straight upward, she lifted him to his tiptoes by his balls.

“Look at Shannon, she is really putting a hurting on those two,” Brooke spoke up over the scene that was unfolding. The camera showed Shannon Dougherty standing behind two men. She had a hand up between each of their legs and her hands were wrapped around their nuts. She was obviously squeezing, as it was apparent that each man was in a great deal of pain.

Jennifer Aniston was in the process of launching kicks into a guy’s balls. After the third, he was on the floor, but that didn’t stop her as she continued pounding him. “Jennifer is showing absolutely no mercy. Lookit her go, even after he went down she’s not stopping!” Rebecca exclaimed.

Heather, Nikki, and Pamela were each repeatedly kicking three men squarely between their legs. After twenty seconds or so, the only woman not assaulting a man yet was Jessica Alba. “What’s she doing?” Rebeccca asked in surprise. Jessica was watching the other girls attack their prizes and then calmly strode up to a particularly large and muscular man. “She seems to be playing it cool, savoring the moment. I think Jessica is really taking her number one seed to heart,” Brooke said.

The brunette bent down and grabbed a man by the ankles. Standing back up, he was thrown backward onto his back with the Dark Angel star holding his legs up and wide. Pausing for a moment and looking around the arena, she played to the crowd. Suddenly, Jessica lifted her right leg as high as she could and stomped down squarely into his crotch. The entire crowd immediately looked to the scoreboard as the ‘Zero’ under her name changed to a ‘Two’. “Wow!” Brooke said with amazement. “With only a single stomp, Jessica ruptured both his balls. She is really putting everyone on notice that she wants that title.”

Most of the women had moved onto their second or even third man by the end of the first minute, leaving the men when they passed out from the pain they were being caused. In the middle of the arena though, a thin brunette was still kicking her first guy. “Uh Oh, it looks like Miss Katie Holmes is having some trouble. She just doesn’t seem to have the power in those thin legs to bust her man’s nuts.” Katie continued kicking but it was apparent it was a losing battle as her kicks became feebler as she grew more tired.

The scene continued for several more minutes, with each woman attacking a man in different ways. Some kicked, other punched, a few squeezed and still others stomped their men’s nuts. Christina Applegate was in the process of twisting a man’s scrotum in several 360-degree rotations as he squealed from the tremendous pressure she was placing on his testicles.

After five minutes, a loud buzzer sounded and the women let go of the men they were currently attacking. All the women except Courtney that is. The ‘Friends’ star continued pummeling a young man between his legs after the buzzer went off. Several women had to grab Courtney and pull her off her male victim. Even then, she continued kicking him several times. Her score changed as well, indicating that she had relieved him of a testicle with her last kick. It was announced that Courtney’s score would be adjusted as that last bust was after the buzzer. The crowd applauded her enthusiasm even though it didn’t count towards her score.

As the 16 women were handed towels and began wiping the sweat from their bodies, the women in black began dragging the men who couldn’t walk out off the arena and the crowd and contestants waited for their scores to be posted. After a few minutes, the scoreboard changed and showed their total scores and who the winner of each pair was.

Brooke spoke up first, “It looks like we have several upsets already and even bigger ones than Kirsten in the film bracket. Courtney Cox has eliminated Katie and while that may be technically an upset, it is really no surprise. Christina has eliminated Nikki Cox. Nikki has to be disappointed. She made it to the second round last year and I know from talking to her before the game started that she was eager to go further. “

“I’m sure she is,” Rebecca continued for her co-host, “but the big news has to be the elimination of Jennifer Aniston. Ranked number two for the second year, she made it all the way to round three last year and this was thought to be her year.”

“I know, she was extremely confident and has been taken out by one of our lowest seeds. No offense to Yasmine, but no one thought she could beat Ms. Aniston. Last year, Yasmine fell easily to her famous foe but she has turned things around.”

“The only person more shocked than the audience has to be Jennifer herself. She seems to not believe it that she has been cut from the competition this fast. Let’s see if we can get a few moments with her and Yasmine. Mary-Kate can you get close to them to ask some questions?”

One of the twins moved over to the two tan brunettes and held her microphone up to them. “Jennifer, Jennifer can we get a moment?” The woman was obviously not in the talking mood, but she seemed to want to polite, “Sure.”

“Everyone is really surprised; we all thought you’d go far. How do feel?”

“I agree. It is disappointing. I really thought I could make a move this year. I popped two guys right off the bat and I felt I was in a real rhythm. Looking back on my loss from last year, I felt I was too lenient on the guys and didn’t have that killer instinct. So, I’ve been practicing hard, really trying to hurt the guy’s bad. I thought that would help me here tonight, but Yasmine was just on fire and she beat me.”

Mary-Kate turned to Yasmine, “About that Yasmine, it must feel good to avenge last year’s loss?”

“Yes, it does but I also want to thank Jennifer for being a real competitor. I had a feeling that we would face off again and that really spurred me on to train harder.”

“Tell us about that, the training I mean, what did you do to prepare?”

“Well, I set up a course at home of sorts. Then I’d get guys to come over promising them a part in a movie or something and bust their nuts good. To get a part, an aspiring actor will do almost anything; even let me rack his balls for a good hour.”

“And did any of them get that part Yasmine?” “I’m afraid that after I was through with them, they weren’t quite up to it.” Both women laughed but Jennifer Aniston did not seem amused. While they were talking a man’s voice spoke up behind them, “Hey babe, sorry you didn’t win.”

The women turned and the crowd gasped, as Jennifer’s husband Brad Pitt walked up behind her to console his defeated wife. Jennifer spun and glared at him, “This is all your fault!”

“What do you mean babe?”

“If you had let me practice on you last night like I wanted too, I might have been better prepared and won here tonight instead of being humiliated. This is all your fault!”

“Jen, don’t be that way, it just wasn’t your night. It happens.” As her husband moved to hug his wife, he walked right into a sharp knee Jennifer threw up and out into his groin. Brad hunched over, his face twisted in pain and shock. His hands clutched his crotch. “Jen-n.”

Jennifer grabbed Brad and pulled him over to a large post. Before he knew what was happening, she had hooked his hands to the cuffs hanging from it, binding him there. “Please Jen, wait don’t.” Jennifer stepped back, took several large steps forward and drove the tip of her spiked heel into the space between his legs. The look on his face told the crowd that she had struck his balls cleanly. As he tried to shake off the pain and shock of being brutally busted by his own wife, she drove another powerful kick into his nuts.

Again and again she blasted him in his manhood, not showing any mercy. The crowd, contestants, and commentators were all stunned. “See, if I had gotten to do some of this last night, I might have won and I wouldn’t have to do this…” as she spoke she kicked him again, extra hard. The scream that Brad screamed told everyone in the arena that at least one of his nuts had ruptured. Brad collapsed as far as his bindings would allow.

“Well, I guess Jennifer has destroyed that fantasy for every woman on the planet.” Rebecca chirped up after a few seconds of stunned silence. Jennifer and the other losers were escorted out of the arena to cheers for their valiant efforts.

As several of the assistants helped Brad off the floor, the women who had been eliminated were led to the exit door. As she walked off, it was obvious that Katie Holmes had tears in her eyes, “Aww. I feel so bad for her,” Ashley Olsen said with a touch of sadness in her voice.

As they were almost off the floor, a man in the crowd yelled out, “Hey Jennifer! You suck! Get your bony ass off the floor!” It was obvious he was directing his insult to Jennifer Garner and he added further insult by throwing a balled up cup at her as well.

“Now, that’s just uncalled for. I hope they throw him out of the building,” Rebecca said indignantly. “Wait, what’s going on? There’s some commotion down there.” As Rebecca was trying to tell what was happening, Jennifer Garner had leaped up, flipped a leg over the metal railing and stepped up onto the sitting area where the crowd was located. She was face to face to the man who had yelled at her.

Before he could react, the actress threw two knees into his crotch, slamming his balls. “Bony enough for ya?” she yelled at him as she landed the second blow to his nuts. He tried to cover up, but she grabbed his arm and pushed him up against the railing, bending him slightly over it. Her right hand then shot upward between his legs. Digging her fingers into the fabric of his pants, she wrapped her hand around his balls and squeezed as hard as she could. The man who had come to watch the show had become part of it and was not enjoying the experience.

The crowd laughed as the jumbo-tron above their heads showed a close up of the man’s pain filled face as she cranked on his testicles. After several minutes, Jennifer gave a hard twist and the man collapsed over the railing, passed out from the agony. Jennifer then took her place with the other women who had been eliminated through the exit door. “Well. Maybe if Jennifer had shown that kind of ballbusting during the competition, she would still be in it?” Brooke asked of the camera with a raised eyebrow.

By this time the winners of the film first round were back out on the floor to compete. It was explained to the crowd that instead of busting as many men as they could in a set time period, like the first round, for the second each woman would be presented with three men to bust as fast as they could. This round would emphasize technique and mercilessness.

Twenty-four men were led out and forced to stand before the women who would be trying to pop their nuts in short order. As the women prepared to start, Mary-Kate stepped forward with her hands up and yelled, “Stop!” The crowd and all the women looked perplexed at the interruption.

The teenager explained herself. “There is a special rule in the competition for past winners that Miss Hewitt has opted for. Using this allowance, she can choose a special bustee of her preference.” As she spoke a naked man was led out onto the floor but his face could not be seen as he was hooded. One of the men who would have been busted by Jennifer was led away and his spot was replaced by this unknown figure.

One of the women pulled off the hood and the entire arena gasped in unison. “OH MY GOD!” Rebecca cried out from her booth as she saw the man’s face. “That’s Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise!” The shock and excitement in her voice was pronounced.

“Nic, please what’s going on? Why’d you do this to me?” he asked, looking at his former spouse who was equally shocked as the others.

“It wasn’t her Tommy. It was all my doing.” Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke up, taking credit for bringing him here. “I thought Nicole would just like to watch you get what you deserve after your messy divorce.”

Tom took a step back but was stopped in his tracks by a booted foot kicking his balls harshly. The girl at the other end of the boot, Jennifer, seemed to enjoy doing it. Another knee hit his balls, and a third blow was landed quickly after. Jennifer grabbed him by the arms to hold him up and alternated left knees and right ones into his scrotum, half a dozen in all. Tom cried out with each strike as the pain of it hit him hard.

Suddenly, Jennifer found herself thrown to the ground. Looking up she saw Nicole Kidman standing where she had been with an enraged look on her face and one on Tom’s nuts in her hand. He was squealing as she applied ever-increasing pressure. After only a few seconds, his ball gave way as she popped it with a sharp squeeze. Tom fell to the ground, clutching his groin and wailing when she finally let go.

The crowd erupted in cheers at her revenge but one of the judges walked out to the floor and the crowd, sensing something was happening, quieted down. The women with the headset on spoke up, “I’m afraid that Ms. Kidman is disqualified from the competition.”

All the competitors started to voice their objections but she continued. “I’m sorry but those are the rules. Mr. Cruise was Jennifer’s bust. The rule applies only to her as a former winner. Nicole rupturing him was a violation and she has been eliminated.”

“That is just awful,” Brooke stated as she realized what was going on. “I mean, you can hardly blame her for what she did and to be thrown out because of it. Jennifer has got to be disappointed as well. I know she wanted to win, but I’m sure she wanted to beat her opponent by crushing some balls, not like this.”

In fact, Jennifer was consoling the redheaded women at that very moment on the floor. “I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” “Don’t be silly sweety, it was a very nice gesture,” Nicole replied.

“Well, there is one thing I can do to try to make it up to you…” Jennifer walked over to Nicole’s helpless ex. Pulling his hands from his nuts, she put them on the floor above his head and held them there with a heeled foot. Taking his ankles, she held his legs up and nodded slyly to Nicole.

“What’s she doing? I think Love is offering Tom’s remaining nut to her fallen foe. This has to be the greatest example of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed. I might start to cry.” Rebecca commented and dabbed her eyes.

Nicole stepped forward and, taking her younger opponent up on her offer, stomped down between Tom’s legs. The spike heel of her shoe caught his last nut and shattered it and Tom fell limp from the pain. Nicole didn’t say a word, just smiled at Jennifer and walked off the floor, leaving Tom lying there.

As the second round was interrupted, the judges ruled that it would be started over. The man who had been allowed to leave when Tom Cruise had been brought out was brought back and placed before Jennifer, much to his disappointment. A sharp whistle blew and the women attacked.

It was over in a matter of seconds, with twenty-one men lying on the floor and 7 women standing over them, high-fiving and carrying on in jubilation. The scores were posted; Jennifer Love Hewitt, Denise Richards, Kirsten Dunst, and Elizabeth Hurley were all moving on.

Rebecca spoke up from the booth, “Look at that. I am getting word that we have a new record. Elizabeth busted all six testicles in just under twelve seconds. That beats the old record, held by Anna Kornikova from last year, by almost three whole seconds. She has got to be feeling good about that going into the later rounds.”

“Equally surprising is young Kirsten’s good showing again,” Brooke added her own thoughts. “I guess we can’t chalk her first round win to luck after she comes in second, over even the number one favorite Miss Hewitt, in this round. In fact, I think our reporters are on the floor with Kirsten now.”

The camera cut to one of the twins standing next to an ecstatic young blonde, “Kirsten, you must be incredibly pleased right now. Tell us how you feel.”

“Like, wow, I feel great. I have only been busting for a few weeks, but I really love it. The feel of a guys balls in your hand just can’t be beat.” Kirsten had a huge smile on her face and was bouncing up and down with her excitement. “I mean I hoped I would do well, but to be going to the third round. Incredible.”

“Well, you’re in great company with some real pro nut busters,” Ashley agreed. “Yeah, it’s really a privilege. They are all so great. I have learned so much from all of them, just watching them I have seen so many new ways to really hurt guys. I can’t wait for more.”

“Now, Kirsten, I understand that we have a clip of you from a few days ago, training for our competition. Let’s take a look.” And with Ashley’s signal, the screen cut to an outside shot of Kirsten wearing athletic garb of a spandex belly shirt and hip hugging shorts and sneakers. Behind her were two large men. “Hi guys, I’m here at my house getting ready for the big night. I have two stunt men I worked with on a recent movie who have agreed to help me prepare. It’s gonna be fun, let’s go.”

Kirsten walked towards the men. Both were large, dwarfing the small girl. Each wore jeans and a tank top, showing off their powerful arms. She extended her hand to one of them, as he went to take it, she drove a knee between his legs. The shot took him by surprise and he squealed involuntarily. As he started to drop, Kirsten told him, “Not yet, on your feet. We agreed to ten kicks each.” The hulking man regained his footing.

“Wider,” the giggling blonde told him. He widened his stance slightly. She cocked her head to the side, sizing up her target. Stepping back, she then swung her leg up, snapping her foot into his nuts again. This was a hard blow, as hard as she could make it and he was not able to take it. The stuntman dropped to his knees, with one hand on the ground to support himself and the other on his groin. He was trying to catch his breath and grunting in agony.

He tried to speak up as the girl who had dropped him walked around his body. As she moved around behind him, he raised his hand, perhaps indicating he wanted a moment to catch his breath or to stop all together. Unfortunately the hand he raised had been protecting his battered balls. Kirsten was now behind him. Driving forward she slammed her foot into his crotch from behind. This was obviously more than he could take and the large man curled up on the floor shrieking in pain and holding his testicles.

Kirsten apparently decided to give him a moment and moved towards the other nervous looking man standing a few feet away. Kirsten was acting coy and smiling sweetly at him. Every time she moved he would flinch and start to cover his groin. “Don’t worry, I’ve got other plans for you,” Kirsten told him. She reached down and unzipped his pants. The man didn’t react, seeming to not know what he should do. “Remember, if you want the money I promised you, you have to co-operate.”

Kirsten slid her hand into the slit in the front of his jeans, through the opening in his underwear until she found his balls. She was obviously enjoying herself as she closed her hand around his nuts. Squeezing sharply, he let out a cry of pain and lifted himself to his tiptoes. Kirsten yanked her hand out through his zipper harshly, stretching his balls. It was obvious she was working his nuts hard, both from the grip she had on his manhood and the look of pain on his face.

After about twenty seconds or so, he had taken all he could and grabbed her tiny wrists in his large hands trying to pull her off his tender parts. “Hey, move those hands!” she told him. He started to comply. As he did, she let go, and stepping back, threw a powerful knee into his exposed balls. He fell to the floor shrieking like the first man and holding his nutsack.

Turning back to the camera, “Well, I know I can’t wait for the competition, but I’m going to keep practicing to make sure I’m ready. See you there.” The camera then faded as Kirsten turned back to the first man and kicked him between his legs again as he lay on the ground. The event of the evening filled the screen and the women of the film division were leaving the floor.

As the women were being escorted out of the arena, Denise Richards suddenly called out to a man walking out towards her, “No, baby don’t…!” She tried to stop her husband Charlie Sheen from stepping out onto the floor, as if she knew what would happen. There was a solid white line outlining the floor. As soon as Charlie stepped one foot over it, Sandra Bullock ran up to him from her position a few feet away. Grabbing his crotch, she pulled him across the line and into the arena.

Charlie fell to the mat as he felt his balls yanked. Before he knew it, he was on the floor on his hands and knees. He screamed out as Sandra stepped behind him and kicked him up between his legs, racking his nuts. She then grabbed one of his arms and was helped in lifting him to his feet by Catherine Zeta-Jones who lifted him by the other. They two of them held him, twisting his arms behind him.

As he tried to wrangle free, a small Asian chick stepped up and knee’d him in the nuts as hard as she could. As his eyes teared up and he swallowed some acidic tasting fluid filling his mouth, he saw Lucy Liu smiling at him as she knee’d him again.

“Ahhhhhh!” he cried out as Sandra, Catherine, and Lucy took turns holding his arms and kneeing his balls. “Help baby, please.” Denise looked a bit panicked and she started to try to help her husband, but a judge warned her that any man on the floor is fair game and if she interfered she would be disqualified. Denise stopped as if unsure of what to do.

“Denise, what’s the problem? Make her stop. Help meeeeeeeee!” His words became a high-pitched wail as he felt his balls nearly burst.

“But baby. I’ve made it to the third round. I’ve never gotten this far before. I want to help but I’ll be disqualified.”

Catherine, standing in front of Charlie, slowly unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled his battered nuts out and let them hang down in front of him. Stepping a few paces away and turning her back to him, the tall brunette looked back over her shoulder at him. Glancing down at his exposed scrotum, she gave him an evil smile that he didn’t like.

“Please, Denise, do something!” he pleaded, panicked. “I’m sorry Charlie, but I really think this is my year.”

“I guess you’ll just have to take one for the team Charlie,” Catherine told him as she lifted her healed foot and kicked it straight back. Her heavy sole connected with his balls, as she drove it straight through his scrotum. His orbs were torn from their housing and destroyed. Charlie collapsed as Lucy and Sandra let him go. He fell to the floor writhing in pain after the tall dark-haired woman smashed both his balls.

Brooke then spoke up, “Wow! First Brad, then Tom, now Charlie. At this rate, next year we’ll have to bust Carrot-top and Pauly Shore. They’ll be the only ones left.”

“Personally, I’d really like to see Pauly Shore busted,” Rebecca replied and both women had a good laugh. “Now, let’s get ready for the second round of the TV bracket.”

About ten minutes later, another twenty-four men were lying on the ground holding their busted balls and the eight TV actresses were waiting for their scores anxiously. As they did so, a girl, who looked about fourteen, ran out of the crowd and onto the floor. Brooke’s voice was heard as the camera followed the trespasser, “Think she wants to join in? I’ve thought about running in there and ripping into a few sacks myself several times.” Both Brooke and Rebecca laughed in approval.

“Wait, there is more activity.” The camera panned from the girl to show a much larger boy running onto the floor as well. He appeared to be limping slightly; he had one hand on his crotch and was chasing the girl as fast as he could. Both ran past the women dressed in black before they could be grabbed and were quickly in the midst of the men and their tormentors.

The girl suddenly stopped, as if unsure where she was or scared by the sights around her. She was not looking as the boy ran up behind her, tackling her, pinning her to the ground. The celebrity women had all stopped their assaults to wait for security to clear the field. “Hey!” Tia Carrere screamed out at the boys handling of the small girl. She was only twenty feet or so from the two and ran over, shoving the boy off when she arrived.

Tia then reached down and helped the girl, who was almost in tears, to her feet, “You okay sweety?” The boy scrambled to his feet as well, but before he could take a step toward the Hawaiian beauty and girl, he was grabbed from behind. Looking to his right and left, he saw two women who he immediately recognized as Tiffani Thiessen and Courtney Cox.

Each grabbed him by the wrist and wrapped their other arm under and up around his upper arm, trying to pin them in place. He immediately began struggling to break free. He was young but still was several inches taller than even Tia. He most likely could have overpowered either girl one on one, but they had him from behind and each twisted his arms harshly behind his back.

Tia, after waiting to be sure Tiffani and Courtney had the boy under control, turned her attention to the girl. She took a microphone from a nearby judge and, speaking into it to broadcast to the crowd and the home audience, “What’s going on here? What happened darlin?” Her voice boomed through the speakers located in the arena so the spectators could hear every word. “Hey leggo of me! She started it! She punched me between my legs. The little bitch!” the young man screamed out.

“Quiet, I’m not talking to you boy!” Tia screamed at him. Her voice was made much more terrifying by the fact that it boomed thru the entire coliseum. The girls holding the boy pulled his arms to quiet him.

“What’s your name?” “K-katie,” the small girl who was obviously scared said. The microphone picked up her quiet voice as well. “Don’t be scared darlin, you’re not in trouble.” The girl seemed relived at the words. “How old are you?” “Almost fifteen,” she answered. She was petite with strawberry blonde hair and freckles. She wore shorts and a pink t-shirt. “And who’s that?” Tia asked, indicating the young man. “My brother, Eddie. He’s seventeen.” Eddie was tall but lanky and thin. He wore a t-shirt with a rock band logo and blue jeans. “He seems mean.”

“He is,” Katie answered and made a face at her brother. “Is what he said true? Did you punch him?” Tia couldn’t conceal her smile. “Yeah,” the girl seemed embarrassed and looked down at her shoes. “Where did you punch him?” “In his balls.”

“Really!” Tia said with false shock and surprise, “Bet he didn’t like that, did he?” Katie began to smile slightly, “No, he didn’t, that’s why he was chasing me.”

“Wow, you know what that means, right?” Tia asked the small girl. “No, what?” she replied slightly scared, still thinking she was in trouble. “That makes you a ball buster.”

The crowd, which had been quiet, roared in approval. Tia stood up, took Katie by the hand and led her towards her brother. “You want to get back at him?” Tia asked her small companion, who nodded eagerly, beginning to realize what was going to happen. Eddie too, realized the danger and began screaming for them to let him go. “Shut-up stupid!” Katie yelled at him and kicked him as hard as she could between his legs. Her brother’s screams of anger turned into screams of intense pain as the agony shot up from his nuts when his sister’s small foot slammed into his balls.

Katie jumped up and down in glee at what she had done and the crowd applauded and roared loudly. “Cool,” she said, grinning widely. “Well, don’t stop there,” Tia encouraged her and was quickly followed by the others, Courtney, Christina, Alyssa, and all the others agreed her brother deserved more punishment. Tiffani and Courtney each slid a foot behind his ankles and pulled them wide.

Katie began kicking him over and over, square in his nuts. Eddie’s face was contorted in a grimace. At first he just grunted with each kick, as his sister was not that strong. But as the number of blows added up, the pain grew unbearable, “Stop, please, my nuts, don’t Katie! Ahhhhhhh! I love you. You don’t want to do this. Please stop. I’m your brother.”

“This is for my Barbie that you burned…” and she kicked his balls. “And this is for my birthday party you messed up…” Another foot slammed his crotch. “And this is for my puppy that you shot with your bb gun…” even more kicks were landed. The crowd had begun to count along with the kicks, “five, six, seven…twelve, thirteen…twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four...sixty-five, sixty-six…” and so on. “And this is for leering at my friends when they sleep over…”

The screen was split and suddenly Rebecca could be seen, along with the small girl torturing her brother. “I’m here in the stands with the mother of the girl and boy you’ve been watching.” The camera pulled back slightly and showed a woman in her mid-forties. “What are your thoughts at this point, ma’am?”

“Oh, I’m all for it, Eddie has been a terror for years and he needs to be disciplined. He can be really mean to his sister and I’ve been hoping Katie would stand up for herself.”

“There you have it; even his own mother wants his nuts smashed; that’s harsh! Back to the action,” and the picture changed back to the floor shot. As it did, the mother of the two children could be heard saying, “Wait, I don’t want his nuts smashed…” but was cut off as the camera shot changed.

Eddie was screaming in terror and pain as his balls were pummeled. Katie had kicked him well over seventy-five times. Tears flowed freely down his face and his high-pitched cries were picked up by the microphones and broadcast to the cheering crowd.

Katie stepped back panting, her small body tired from the effort. “Wasn’t that good everybody?” Tia asked the crowd, prompting them to give the girl words of encouragement. Tia led the crowd in a round of applause. “You should be so proud. I don’t think your brother will ever bother you again.” Eddie shook his head side to side in agreement.

“But now, Katie you have a decision to make.” Tia walked up to Eddie and unzipped his pants. “No more, please don’t,” he begged.

“Come here Katie.” Tia took her little hand and placed it in her brother’s pants and Katie wrapped her small fingers around his nuts. “The decision you have to make is whether to pop your brother. I’m going to let you decide. What do you want to do?”

The small girl looked unsure, but the crowd had no doubts and made the fact that they wanted the teenage boy to suffer well known. Obviously influenced by the crowd, Katie spoke up, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Great. Now pick one of his balls and grab it in your hand.”

“Don’t Katie, please!” But his sister ignored his pleas as she followed Tia’s instructions.

“Now squeeze as hard as you can.”

Katie set herself, staring at her target. She began squeezing his right testicle. Eddie screamed at the top of his lungs. He couldn’t believe the pain his tiny little sister was creating in him. “Stop, Oh God!”

Katie kept up the pressure though. She could feel his ball in her hand. “Katie, use your fingertips. Dig them into the nut.” Katie followed the advice Tia gave her and dug the tips of her fingers into her brother’s ball. He yelled at new levels as the new agony hit him.

Katie was squeezing as hard as she could but after several minutes she had been unable to pop him. “Now, Katie I want you to use both hands. Put his nut between your palms and flatten it.”

Katie did as she was told, compressing his ball with both her hands. Eddie’s screams continued and his body started to shake. He could feel his nut being crushed. He could tell it was about to pop. “Please, someone help me! Make her stop!” he begged the crowd to prevent his violation. Tia held her microphone near his nutsack and the entire audience heard a tiny ‘POP’ through the speakers. This was quickly followed by an “Aaaiiiiieeeee!!!” from Eddie and his body began to shake uncontrollably. He was flailing so violently that the women holding him had to let him go. He fell to the ground and curled up, holding his groin and crying.

“I want to do the other one!” Katie screamed. The crowd roared with approval, happy to see the bloodlust of the tiny girl. Tia knelt down, “Well, I want to too, but I got a better idea. Why don’t we let him keep that last one and whenever he doesn’t do something you want him to or he gets on his nerves, you just threaten to take his last little bit of manhood. I’ll bet he’ll straighten right up. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Yeah!” Katie hugged Tia, as Eddie was drug away still convulsing. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Katie. See ya.” Over the loudspeakers it was announced that there would be a twenty-minute break to set up for the next event.

Twenty minutes later, the four film actresses still in the contest were standing in the arena. They were all admiring the new feature that they all knew would play an important role in the next event. In short, it was a large metal cage. The cage surrounded a boxing ring with four posts at each corner and three heavy ropes strung between them.

“This is a tag team match,” Brooke explained. “Two of our contestants will have to team up and work together to earn enough points to move on. Each team will enter the ring separately. A single male contestant will then enter the ring as well. The women have to work together to bust him. Once they do, the other team will have a chance at another man. The women will be scored as a team so co-operation and teamwork are very important here.”

All four women entered, each pair taking up positions on the outer apron next to opposing ring posts. “First up are Kirsten and Denise.” The blonde and the brunette both stepped through the ropes. Each was wearing a bikini and no shoes. A door in the cage was opened and a hooded man was brought in. He was placed in the center of the ring and the hood was removed as the women who brought him in left the cage.

Denise and Kirsten moved around the naked man, sizing him up. They moved to opposite ends of the ring. The man was forced to face one of the women stalking him. He chose Denise. As he turned his back to her, Kirsten stepped up and kicked him from behind, right between the legs. Her foot connected with his nuts. He cried out and dropped to his knees. Kirsten then grabbed him from behind around the upper arms and pulled them back behind him. Denise took the opportunity her partner was giving her. Kicking out, she pummeled his nuts just as Kristen had but from the front this time. Denise repeated the assault on his testicles, kicking him several more times as hard as she could. The man’s head slumped forward as he was disabled from the pain.

Denise then took one of his arms and Kirsten retained the other. Each held him by a wrist and stepped in front and to the side of him. He looked up through tears of pain and wondered what was going to happen.

Kirsten kicked him again between his legs; Denise followed this quickly with a blow of her own to his balls. Then Kirsten. Then Denise. Over and over the two alternated ramming their feet into his balls. They had obviously planned this out. The man began screaming as the two women kicked him repeatedly. After the twentieth or so blow, a number “1” appeared on the scoreboard.

The crowd roared with the indication that one of the man’s testicles had been shattered by the repeated kicks. The crowd yelled for more as Kirsten and Denise kept kicking their victim. After another minute the scoreboard changed to “2” as the man’s screams turned to whimpers as his last bit of manhood was destroyed. They let him fall to the floor and high-fived each other.

“Wow,” Rebecca spoke up, “They worked like a well oiled machine. It’ll be tough to beat but I’m sure that Jennifer and Elizabeth will give it their all.”

The next two women entered the ring and each wore a small bikini like the first pair had. The differences in their bodies were obvious. Elizabeth Hurley was several inches taller and quite a bit leaner than her companion. She had a tighter, more muscled body. Jennifer Love Hewitt on the other hand was quite curvy and her large breasts were close to falling out of her tiny bikini top as she climbed through the ropes.

A second man was brought in and the bell rang to start the match. Jennifer feinted forward and the man turned to guard against her, but it was a fake. Elizabeth quickly grabbed his arm and swung herself in a circle, throwing him into the ropes. The elastic stretched and slung him back into the center of the ring and towards the waiting Jennifer who dropped him to the canvas with a harsh knee to his crotch.

Jennifer grabbed him by the hair and lifted him back to his feet. She wrapped her arms around his behind his back pinning them there. Elizabeth kicked as hard as she could between his legs and he screamed as she connected with his balls. Three more kicks pounded into his nuts from the English born actress.

Signaling to Jennifer what she wanted to do; Elizabeth grabbed the man’s ankles and lifted his feet from the mat. As he fell, Jennifer dropped to one knee and extended her right leg in front of her, her foot on the floor and her right knee bent 90 degrees. With no support the man’s fell with each leg on either side of Jennifer’s. Her knee slammed into his groin as his weight came down hard onto the bones therein. He squealed again, louder as he felt his balls almost rupture.

“Ohhhhhh,” Brooke said, “that was a brutal knee drop. I can’t believe he can take this amount of punishment for long.”

The two women quickly dragged him into the corner and stood him up there. Elizabeth stepped through the ropes and behind him. Taking his arms she held them behind his back again. Jennifer lifted on of his legs and hung it over the second rope, spreading his legs. The man wasn’t even fighting back; he had no strength left from the pounding he had already received.

Placing her hands on the top ropes Jennifer pulled her body into him and threw a knee into his nuts. Over and over she repeated as the man grunted in pain with each blow. After a dozen or so knees, it was obvious that his balls weren’t going to burst this way and so the women changed their tactics.

Letting him fall to the mat, Jennifer laid him on his back and held him by the ankles, legs spread wide, much as she had held Tom an hour earlier for Nicole. Elizabeth was now standing on the top rope and leapt off. Landing with her knee right between the poor man’s legs held wide by her partner. As Elizabeth’s 120 or so pounds came down on his orbs and crushed them, the crowd cheered as the man passed out after a short squeal of agony. Jennifer and Elizabeth stood and waved to the applauding crowd.

Kirsten and Denise returned to the ring to get the judges decision. “What do you think Brooke?” Rebecca asked her partner. “I don’t know. It’s hard to call that one. Will the judges reward the efficiency of the Kirsten and Denise or the longer, more brutal pounding at the hands of Jennifer and Elizabeth? And let’s not forget that the latter two are the number one and two seeds. Any doubts will probably go their way. Here come the scores.”

The crowd erupted in cheers with only a few boos mixed in as Hurley and Hewitt were announced the winners by a fairly wide margin. Both Kirsten and Denise seemed disappointed but hugged the winners and left the ring.

“Let’s take our fans right to the action that is already underway for the third round. We already have a brutal match underway that has already cost half a dozen men their manhood and we just got started. It’s Sarah Michelle versus Yasmine Bleeth and Jessica Alba against Christina Applegate.” The camera shot changed. Four rows of men were seen bound and held, one row for each of the competing women.

In each row there were nine men. The first three were standing but they were bent over at the waist so their torsos were parallel to the floor. The next three were lying on their back with their legs tied pointed upward and secured wide. The last three standing with their legs spread wide and their arms held above them from large posts.

Brooke hurriedly explained the rules of the round as the viewers watched the action, “In this round, each contestant must totally burst all eighteen testicles in her nine men. The first three guys have to be popped by squeezing, the next three have to be smashed and the women can stomp no more than two of the three and must punch at least one. Lastly, the final three have to be kicked or knee’d. The first women to get through all nine, leaving no balls intact, wins.”

Rebecca added, “Looks like Jessica has already started to pull away, already on her sixth man, while Christina seems to be having trouble on her third.”

The camera panned the activity on the floor. Jessica Alba was stomping her bare foot between the legs of a large blond man who was screaming in time with the blows. Jessica appeared to be trying to catch his nuts cleanly with her heel but seemed to be having trouble as his nuts kept sliding out of the way.

Rebecca explained to the audience, “This is why the women aren’t allowed to wear boots or heels for this round. If they were, it would be easy to stomp a man’s nuts into jelly. But with bare feet, those balls can be elusive targets.”

“Sounds like you speak from personal experience Becca. Have you engaged in a little barefoot ball stomping on your own time?” Brooke slyly inquired.

“I plead the fifth on that one. And I cannot confirm sending three guys to the hospital last week from that activity.” Rebecca told her friend as a big grin crept across her face.

Jessica’s opponent, Christina, had both hands wrapped around a man’s nuts and she was obviously applying pressure to him and them. “Christina had better pick up the pace or she is out of this competition. Jessica may have hit a brief snag but she is well on her way to victory.” With that statement by Brooke, Jessica finally caught her man’s last nut flush and squashed it. Leaving him in a convulsing mass, she moved onto the final three. Immediately she started throwing knees into the first man, attempting to pulverize his balls.

Christina had begun wringing her man’s nutsack to increase the pressure on him as she squeezed. As Jessica shattered her man’s balls, Christina got the result she wanted and felt her victim’s nuts go pop also.

“That may be too little too late for our blonde competitor as Jessica is already on her second to last man and she has already landed ten or more hard kicks to his crotch. He can’t take much more of this punishment,” Rebecca observed. Before Christina could break her first man with her stomps, Jessica had finished both her last two men off and left them dangling by their wrists and squealing in pain after she ruptured their balls with a combination of kicks and knees.

Jessica raised her hands in triumph but couldn’t celebrate too long as the other competition had already started as well. Jessica turned to watch the event that would decide her opponent in the next round for the championship of the television round. She was shocked as she witnessed her main rival, Sarah Michelle, falling behind Yasmine.

“We have the makings of a huge upset. Sarah has fallen far behind her foe, Yasmine!” Rebecca told the crowd. “Yasmine went through her first six men in seeming record time, barely pausing between them.”

Yasmine was on her seventh man, the first she could kick. Sarah on the other hand was only on her second man and was having a great deal of trouble. “While we all know that Sarah has an extensive martial arts background and we all thought that would help her bust her men by kicking, we never counted on her having trouble with the squeezing and crushing,” Brooke offered. “Sarah just doesn’t have the upper body strength required to burst those nuts with her bare hands. While Yasmine, with her larger build, crushed them with absolutely no mercy. She then cut through the next three, even popping one man with only one stomp. It’s not looking good for our former top seed.”

As Sarah continued squeezing her second man’s nuts, Yasmine began kicking hers in the crotch. He was looking at the ceiling and trying not to show the pain as her foot slammed into his balls for the second time and tears started running down his face. About this time, Sarah felt the first ball in her man’s scrotum go squish. With only one nut left, she decided to change her tactic. Grabbing his last testicle, Sarah yanked straight down and snapped the thin cord holding it in place.

Building on this method, she grabbed her third man, but only by one ball. Repeating the process, she yanked down with both hands. Again, snapping the cord before grabbing his last and tearing it free as well. She left him without a thought and moved onto the next group. Checking briefly to see her foe still on her seventh man, Sarah began stomping down on her fourth man’s nuts.

After only a few blows, the man lying on his back squealed and passed out as his balls gave way and were splattered in his sack. Sarah looked eager to move on and did so, dropping to her knees, she began punching her next victim between his legs.

Yasmine was still kicking the first of her last three men, she was getting worried a bit as she was beginning to tire and Sarah seemed enthused. Just as Sarah moved onto her sixth man, Yasmine saw the scoreboard register that she had managed to pop both her target’s balls and she began kneeing her eighth man. Hoping to finish him fast, she was using all the strength she could muster, ignoring the screams of the two men she and Sarah were currently working on and the whimpers and squeals of the men they were finished with.

Yasmine was so intent, that when next she looked up she realized that Sarah was starting to kick one of her men standing squarely between his legs. Even though Sarah was quite a bit smaller than Yasmine, who was at least four inches taller and 25 pounds heavier, she could tell that the petite girl’s kicks were quite powerful and crisp.

“You can really see the training of Sarah Michelle,” Brooke observed. “While you wouldn’t know it to look at her, she can generate tremendous power in those small legs. It really proves that with the right technique even the smallest girl can be a royal ball buster. It just takes dedication.”

“That’s right Brooke,” Rebecca concurred. “And WOW, Sarah has already busted both testicles she was working on and is right behind Yasmine. The Baywatch star has to be feeling the pressure. Both women are on their second to the last man and Yasmine has a narrow one nut lead.”

Yasmine’s man yelled and collapsed as his last ball was destroyed. Seizing the opportunity, Yasmine quickly moved on to her last man. Not holding back, she gave it her all, trying to end the round, and him, quickly. Much to her disappointment, Yasmine heard the shrill scream that could only mean Sarah had moved onto her last man as well.

The two women matched each other blow for blow. Both were tired but both also knew that if they let up at all on their man’s testicles, it could cost them the match. Yasmine’s score changed to a ‘one’ above and the crowd held its breath, suspecting an upset, as she only needed to burst one more.

Sarah, realizing she had to finish it now, set herself, took a deep breath and kicked as hard as she could, snapping her foot into his crotch and striking with the ball of her foot cleanly. She let out a tremendous “Hiiiiii-Yahhhhhh!!!” The crowd let out an “Oooooohhhhhh!” in unison as her target screamed loudly. Sarah stepped back, exhausted, unable to continue. She realized the crowd was cheering wildly and looking up, Sarah saw the scoreboard and under her name she saw a ‘two’ emblazoned.

“Dammit!” Yasmine yelled out in disgust, not believing she had blown her lead. Grabbing her last man’s remaining ball, she yanked it out of its socket as a final violation.

“Yasmine does not look happy,” Rebecca stated as the brunette stalked off the arena floor. “Obviously, she is disappointed, but that’s no reason to be un-sportsmanlike.”

As the camera pulled back from the floor, Sarah and Jessica could be seen shaking hands in the middle of the arena, surrounded by quivering, whimpering, and unconscious men.

“Wow! Did we tell you folks? That has to be the best competition yet!” Rebecca exclaimed. “And that’s just the start, we still have the music and miscellaneous brackets to go and, of course, the long awaited match up between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba.”

“I know Becky, I am still stunned by all the action tonight. I mean, I almost feel sorry for those poor guys down there…almost. There are so many great match ups in the other brackets, and the finals this year are even bigger. Well, so long folks, that’s all we have for tonight. Be sure to catch our next broadcast in a few weeks. See you then.” And with that Brooke and Rebecca waved to the camera and the credits began rolling, inter-cut with still shots of the evenings highlights.


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