Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brother vs. Sister

By goldglover8

John loved to torment his little sister. It was just so much fun to watch her squirm he couldn’t help himself. He was 17 years old now and probably should have outgrown it but it was still too much fun. This particular summer day though John felt like really outdoing himself in terms of torturing her. He found her in the family room, waiting for her friend’s mom to come by and pick her up for soccer practice. “Let the fun begin,” he thought.

John’s sister Jennifer was standing in the family room, looking out the window. She was dressed in her soccer uniform waiting for her ride to practice. She wore the typical soccer outfit of white shirt and little black shorts. Her long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail. As John approached her quietly from behind he noticed something new. He could make out the outline of a bra strap underneath the back of her shirt. “When did she start wearing one of those?” he thought. She had just turned 15 recently so maybe he should have guessed. “Time to spring into action,” he told himself.

With one quick movement John reached up and grabbed the bra strap through the back of his sister’s shirt, and before Jennifer knew what was happening he pulled it back as far as it would go and released. It made a loud SNAP as it flew into Jennifer’s back.

“OWWWW!” she cried out. She whirled around with both a look of anger and embarrassment on her face.

“Stop it! I’m telling mom!” she yelled.

“Why the hell are you wearing a bra anyway? You’re just a little baby!” John laughed at her. He could tell that Jennifer was very embarrassed at having her bra snapped so he started to reach around her to do it again but she quickly backed away.

“C’mon, don’t be such a chicken,” he told her as he approached again. Jennifer was determined not to have that happen again though and much to John’s surprise she actually tried to push him away. It wasn’t much of a push but it caught John off balance and he fell backwards over the edge of the coffee table.

“You stupid bitch!” he yelled, after crashing to the floor and realizing what had happened.

Jennifer just stood her ground, uncertain of what to do next. John quickly gathered himself and rose to his feet, the anger welling up inside him of being knocked down by his little sister, and her just standing there with a smug look on her face. John moved toward his sister, determined to put her in her place once and for all. He let his hand fly, giving her a very hard slap across her face and knocking her to the floor. John could not contain his laughter as his sister fell to the floor. She looked so helpless. “Why on earth did she think she could possibly beat me?” he thought.

“How does that feel, bitch?” he asked her as he started to roar with laughter while she was on her backside clutching her face. For Jennifer though, this was the last straw, she couldn’t let her brother do this to her and get away with it. It was time to put him where he belongs, she thought.

As Jennifer slowly pulled herself to her feet, John noticed the look of rage on her face but that only made him laugh all the more. He wouldn’t be laughing for very long however as he never saw what was coming next. Jennifer took half a step back with her right leg and John thought she was backing away again. How wrong he was. Instead, she suddenly drove her stocking foot up as hard she could right between his spread legs, putting all her might, rage and strength into the kick as if she was trying to score the winning goal in the World Cup. She couldn’t have aimed any better as her foot sunk deep into John’s testicles, crushing them up against his body and making almost a crunching sound. The look of total shock on his face was worth his weight in gold as he sank to his knees, with an expression like his world had just ended.

John opened his mouth to speak then started to wonder why his sister was screaming. He quickly realized that the high pitched squealing he was hearing was coming from his own mouth. He screamed out, “My balls!” in a voice that was several octaves higher than normal, making him sound like a little girl of seven or eight.

It was Jennifer this time who could not contain herself. This was the funniest thing she had ever seen! She began roaring with laughter as John was on his knees, holding onto his busted balls and squealing like a stuck pig. “You look so pathetic right now it’s hilarious!” she exclaimed.

In response to all this noise however, in walked their mother. “What on earth is going on in here?” asked mom.

Seeing her son on his knees singing soprano she quickly turned to Jennifer. “Did you do this?” she asked her.

“You bet I did!” Jennifer responded. “But he slapped me so he deserved it!” Mom could see the welt on Jennifer’s face and knew right away that this was true.

“In that case, he got what he had coming to him. You never strike a girl John.” she told him as he kneeled there begging for mercy. Mom couldn’t help herself; he looked so helpless being brought to his knees by his little sister that it really was funny. She began laughing loudly also.

“I have to get my camera for this!” she laughed as she left the room to do just that. She returned seconds later with the camera and told Jennifer to get in the shot also, so they could remember this moment. Jennifer pushed John over onto his back with her foot. He didn’t offer much resistance. He was still gasping and he felt like his balls had been kicked clear off his body. Jennifer stood over him, put her foot on his covered crotch and smiled for the camera as her mother took the photo while John clutched his aching marbles.

To this day, Jennifer still keeps the photo in her purse, showing it to John whenever she feels he needs to be brought down a peg, telling him that she would do it again in a second. And she would too.


Anonymous said...

This one he did deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Was that the begining of some sexplay ?