Friday, September 14, 2007

Don't Mess With Texas!

By droid81

She tossed her cowgirl hat to the side as she bounced on my cock, her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. I thrust harder with all my might into her loose pussy, frantic to feel some sexual friction but no avail. "You ain’t from around here, are ya? I know 'cause everything’s bigger here in Texas and you anything but big!"

She looked down at me with her piercing blue eyes, grinning as she pinched my nipples between her French manicured nails. I’d picked her out of the bunch because she had the biggest boobs and the longest legs. She was a dead ringer for that porn star Brianna Banks.

"Do ya like it when I tease ya about your teenie weenie? It's kind of cute, ya know, like a li’l boys." The harder her pussy bounced on my cock, the harder her ass bounced on my balls, making for some erotic abuse, and there I was, a middle aged man having his manhood belittled by a sassy twenty something year old girl. I should have been offended but her teasing only brought me closer to orgasm.

Just as I was about to cum, she reached back and squeezed my balls roughly, remarking that they felt a lot like cherries. "Can these even get a girl preggers? They're sooo small! I could prolly jus’ pluck em off ya, they’re so darn li'l," she giggled.

Our eyes met as she rode me roughly, keeping me between the brink of pain, pleasure and humiliation. "How does it feel to have a cowgirl bust yer puny balls and ride yer teenie weenie, hmmm?" I opened my mouth to respond, but she leaned down and drove her tongue into my mouth, tickling my tonsils and nearly causing me to gag. Damn, she was aggressive.

She pulled her tongue out and leaned back, using my thighs for support and brought her legs around and placed her bare feet square on my chest.

"Lick em’ now!" I didn't hesitate to place her French manicured toes in my mouth. My tongue lapped at them hungrily.

"Silly boy," she laughed, "the only way ya could ever get a girl to cum is with yer tongue. The moment I done saw ya, I knew ya had a small pecker, just by the way ya walk and talk is just so…small."

I reached up to grab her tits, but she swiveled around, her back facing me. She started riding me reverse cowgirl style, but she caught me off guard when she made a fist with both hands and started punching me in the nuts. I gasped and pleaded for her to stop and for a moment she did. . I felt so delirious from her ball-busting and cock-riding that I hardly noticed her pull a pocket knife from her belt.

She lifted her pussy off my “boyhood” and planted it right smack on my face. God she was wet and shaved too!

"Ya ain’t the first li’l fella I done." I wondered what she meant by that, and while I munched and lapped at her pussy with my tongue, I wondered what the hell she was going to due with that pocket knife.

I felt her push my balls up into my groin with one hand and in a split second, my balls were hanging free in the open air. She had sliced my scrotum off! I struggled to push her off, hoping to save my balls, but she just grinded her pussy even harder onto my face, nearly breaking my nose. Her pussy juices were flowing heavily into my mouth when it dawned on me that she was getting off on this!

She held both of my naked testicles now, gripping them mercilessly, and with a ball in each hand, she said “Say bye-bye balls!” She yanked them both from their sockets, and I could only respond with howls of agony. She squealed in ecstasy. My cries were muffled beneath her ass. She then stabbed me with anesthesia so strong it knocked me out cold. When I awoke, she was cuddled up next to me, her large breasts next to my face, her long legs wrapped around mine and her arm around my chest.

"Mornin’ sunshine."

I felt groggy and weak but she offered me a nipple to suckle, so I went ahead and suckled with tears in my eyes.

"Aww poor baby, it's all over now. Yer my li’l eunuch!"

How could she do this to me?

She cooed in my ear that I must now orally serve her, eating the cream pies left from her "well endowed" lovers since I no longer have the balls to do much else.

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