Friday, September 14, 2007

High School BB Experience

By ericblond

When I attended high school in the seventies there was a group of girls we called the 'Babes' because they always stuck together and were wearing sexy tight jeans. One of these girls named Jennifer told me the story that she and her friends were wondering if the moves they had learned in self-defense class would really work in a fight against a strong guy. They were joking about trying this out on some guy from high school. One girl named Caroline came up with the idea to pick 'that strong looking guy from 3rd grade' who happened to be me. I already had had an argument with her after I accidentally got tangled in her long blond hair while I passed her at the school yard. She thought I had done that deliberately and had called me a 'Dumbo' ever since.

The girls agreed on picking me and decided to wait for me one night at the exit of the swimming pool. When I came out, I saw some of the 'Babes' loitering. I also recognized Caroline although she was standing with her back towards me. This time she was wearing her long blond hair in a ponytail over a black short jacket. She was wearing skintight light blue jeans with red heeled shoes although I had always seen here wearing sporting shoes. Once the girls had spotted me I saw they gave a sign to Caroline after which she suddenly turned around. I saw she was wearing a tight red t-shirt under her open jacket through which I could slightly see her nipples.

She walked straight up against me and let herself fall.. She then yelled at me, “Heh you again, Dumbo! Didn't you learn to keep your hands to yourself ?” She then stuck her hands out to me and said. “Why don't you help me up ?” I heard the other girls giggling while I took her by her wrists to help her up.

Things then happened in seconds. She suddenly stood up, twisted her hands and grabbed my own wrists while she pulled me briskly towards her. I had to spread my legs so not to loose my equilibrium. She then kicked her foot up between by legs but stopped her foot just under my groin. All the other 'Babes' around her started laughing hysterically .

Meanwhile she had withdrawn her leg so I thought it was over. But she kept on pulling my wrists to let me 'dance' around. Apparently the other girls laughing had made her decide to go on with the show. So at the moment I looked at her to see when she would finally release me, she kicked me again but this time she didn't stop but slightly hit my groin with her instep.

At the moment I felt the pain coming, she suddenly released me and yelled, “Your balls, Dumbo !” The girls became hilarious when they saw me bending over in pain.

When they walked away in laughter I still heard Caroline saying to the other girls, “I barely hit him!”

Some time later I met Caroline waiting for class and she asked, “Heh … How are you ? … Did you learn your lesson the other day ?”

While she walked away she said, “If you mess again I will kick them right up here okay ?” She then pointed at her bellybutton !

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