Monday, September 17, 2007


By george

Part 1

Standing there, legs apart, waiting for a fifth kick, my mind could focus on nothing but my girlfriends wonderful form as it propelled her right leg forward into my waiting groin.


I buckled over groaning as the sharp pain spread through my guts making me feel seriously unwell.

"Stand straight!" was the command.

I painfully complied.

"You can't be hurting that much," she said matter-of-factly as she prodded the straining bulge in my shorts with her foot.

"I'll just have to kick harder, see if I can't wipe the smile off your cock!" she said spitefully.

I loved it when she talked like that, but I wasn't given much time to ponder how much I adored Isabelle before she swung her arm in a huge arc finishing squarely in my crotch.

I wasn't expecting that. She knew I wasn't expecting that.

She started squeezing my balls while leaning in, pressing her body against mine. The pressure and the closeness gave me an overwhelming urge for release, but she looked right into my pleading eyes and shook her head. As she stepped suddenly back lining up a kick I caught a glimpse over her shoulder of the door opening and an unsuspecting head come around just in time to see the brutal kick connect.

From my view looking up from the floor I could see Isabelle towering over me in her practiced dominant stance, grinning to herself, still oblivious to her flat mate looking on in shock and awe. Had I been capable of speech I could have warned Isabelle, she would have stopped and this could have been passed of as some kind of retribution for an imagined indiscretion of mine, but I wasn't, so on she went.

"Still smiling?" she chuckled as she used her foot to roll me onto my back, my half mast erection still strong enough to stand close to straight up clear from all to see.

"Ummm," was all she heard behind her.

"What!?!" spinning round to see her friend and flat mate Rebecca.


"Let’s talk about this my room, shall we?"

"Oooooo-kay." They disappeared and I was left waiting and wondering.

To Be Continued

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