Friday, September 7, 2007

Man for Rent

by Charleyhorse, also sometimes known as Domaine.

This story is 100% True, please let me know if you all would like me to make the effort to finish putting it to paper so to speak.

She is lithe, 5’4” an extraordinary woman and athlete. My former high school sweetheart and first love for many years after, 32 now in her prime as woman. She has light brown almost blond hair and gray eyes with a catlike yellow ring in them. When we are around each other we still flirt as young lovers but our stars are always crossed. We do still have a special bond, she was my first steady ballbuster and boy is she good at it.

We discovered it purely innocently while wresting about in High School. She went for the balls, got me and I submitted. This ended up becoming the bases for much joyful foreplay over the years while we were together.

Skip to now...she called me the previous week. She needed to install some Yoga rings in her apartment in the wall and ceiling. I came over and after a little chit chat and tea I got to work. Once finished she was real happy after trying them out and knowing a pro had tapped them into stud and joist. She was not going to land on her head anytime soon as the last guy that had put them in managed to tap into lathe on four out of eight points. Anyway she had to get to work but said she wanted to make me lunch and hang out maybe smoke some weed to repay me. She asked if I could come by in the afternoon the next day. No sweat I said, self employed is wonderful. I was not expecting anything other than what was mentioned, good company, home made lunch and a little smoke.

I got there and she was looking incredible in her midriff showing tee and tight ass fitting sweats rolled down so her thong straps showed fully. She was glistening with sweat from working out. She had moved all the furniture in her living room to the walls. She came to kiss me hello and I was immediately overwhelmed by her sweet scent and our chemistry. Cut to several weeks before......

I must make this known; I was by this time married to another extraordinary woman. Also a ballbuster but a real sadist. Noreen and my wife had become great friends and we all lived in the same building complex. The reason why my wife was not jealous of her was that an arrangement had been come to one night a ways back when Noreen was at our apartment.

We were all sitting on the couch just goofing around, I was between them and a little brawl started between my wife and me. Noreen jumped in on her side and before we knew it we were all on the floor in a full fledged brawl. Me verses them.....I lost big, but I won huge. My wife landed a perfect, real hard, ball smashing top of the foot barefoot kick on me while Noreen had me in a nelson and my legs were flapping open......My wife then pulled my shirt off and the threesome began. The two of them mauled me and each other, most of it is rather blurred, images of pussies, asses and tits smothering my face, balls being squeezed while I serviced one or the other. I could always tell who was touching me though but believe it or not it got to the point that I could not tell whose ass I was licking or whose pussy was fucking my cock. My climax was reserved for Noreen; my wife was retarded by this point and lying on the floor content and flush. Noreen and I were going at it hot and doggie style, she had me by the balls and was alternately squeezing hard and pulling my balls to achieve the effect of building serious tension inside me but making it so that I could not cum. She was a master at As she came she gave a hard yank down and released my nuts.....oh my god this delayed my orgasm by several moments but when I came I came so hard and long that I almost passed out. As a matter of fact, I passed out only aware that I could hear my wife masturbating on the floor next to us. I looked over and saw her moaning and cuming, I must have passed out then.....

I remember waking up and thinking about water only. I was propped on pillows and covered in a blanket, I felt oh so good, so thirsty too. I got up off the floor and as I went to the kitchen I heard giggling coming from the bathroom and could see a stab of light coming from the partially open door. I grabbed a big bottle of water and headed towards the laughter. I opened the door, and there they were having just showered together? Without ME? They brushed past me covered in towels and went to the bedroom and slammed the door, no way was I going to let this happen. I went to open the bedroom door but it was locked! They both told me to go away for a minute. They will be out, just wait.

Ok I thought, so I too showered quickly, thinking like the dog that I am of good things to cum! Time to point out that my wife at this time was a closet Goth girl and had a very sadistic streak in her. While in the shower I heard more laughter and now the sound of heals clicking on the hardwood floors amidst girlish giggling. I will also point out at this time that Noreen bares a very strong resemblance to Avril Levigne facially. Same body type too, a feminine Tomboy. My then wife you have seen before in the picture of the “schoolgirl” sitting on the guy’s face squeezing my balls and obviously enjoying it. Her face is blurred out. Scott has it on his site though I have asked him to remove it before or provide a free link to it that works, we never intended anyone to charge for that and several others that we floated out there for free.

Anyway this story gets better in terms of ballbusting. It is all true too; shall I make the effort to write up the rest?

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