Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mom Teaches Self-Defense

by Caligula

Patricia had a problem. At 47 years old, Pat was still a lovely woman with a nice shape. She always drew the eyes of men both young and old, mainly because she always wore short skirts to work and VERY high heels. This was part of her problem. Men were always too eager to touch her 'accidentally' or try to force themselves on her. To this end, Pat had been taking self-defense classes recently and was becoming quite adept at stopping unwanted advances. The other part of Pat's problem, was that her 24 year old daughter, Jenny, was also experiencing similar advances from men. Jenny was slimmer than her mother but had inherited her mother's nice shape and legs. Both women had gorgeous feet from the pedicures they gave each other. Pat was upset, hoping to enroll her daughter in the same self-defense class that she was taking only to find they were closing shop. Apparently the use of live male models that didn't use padding in the target areas left the class without too many volunteers to practice on. She had investigated other classes only to find them woefully inadequate. Practicing on a man with protective padding everywhere just didn't feel the same as working over the 'real thing'.

Pat remembered fondly her days in the class. There were, at first, quite a few real men to practice on. These guys obviously didn't realize how 'full contact' these self-defense sessions were, or bother to read the contract before signing it stating that the dojo was not responsible for permanent injury or sterility. There were rarely more than five women in a class at any one time and the volunteers were only allowed in one at a time. This was so that they all wouldn't see the fate that awaited them and back out of their contract. The class taught not only self-defense, but also the natural superiority of women over men. The owners wanted women to think of men as nothing, and not concern themselves with the pain they were inflicting upon these poor fools. At first the men were older, in their forties or late thirties, but eventually the guys started to thin out, leaving the women with 20 year olds and even the occasional teenager. (For legal reasons no one under 18 was allowed to sign a contract.)

Pat laughed when she thought of the first 18-year-old boy brought in to the dojo. He was wearing a special cup that proudly presented his testicles to the women without affording him any protection. The women worked him over vigorously but it was Pat herself who got to deliver the coup-de-grace. The boy rushed her. She fell onto her back and grabbed the boys spread legs by the ankles. The young stud was obviously figuring she'd shove her feet into his stomach and throw him over and behind her. But this was a special kind of self-defense class. When the boy reached down to remove her hands from his ankles, she switched and quickly grabbed his wrists tightly, keeping him bent over. Pat then smiled up at the boy and thrust her right bare heel up into the boy's ballsack while still holding onto his wrists. What happened was the boy was suspended on the end of Pat's outstretched leg, his whole weight supported by his balls on her foot. The boy started squealing like a girl as Pat bounced her leg slightly, causing the boy's nuts to mash repeatedly against her smooth heel.

The other women giggled to themselves and grabbed their own crotches in mock sympathy, imitating the young male. Finally Pat thrust hard with her leg and the boy lifted higher into the air, and on his way back down landed HARD on Pat's bare heel. Pat felt and heard two 'POPS' as the 18-year-old boy's balls exploded against her pretty foot. She grinned at the boy; both of them knowing that he would never be a man thanks to her foot. Never again would the boy feel a sexual urge, and all because of a woman's tootsies.

The boy passed out shortly afterward and Pat was the hero of the class. That was all towards the end, before the class closed down and they ran out of men. She remembered the last class, when the instructor brought in her own son! She remembered how scared the boy looked, probably being the only male who knew what REALLY went on in these classes. All the women were allowed to practice on this woman's son, and the woman even popped one of her own son's nuts demonstrating a new technique. HER OWN SON!!! He just looked at his mother and kept repeating the word 'mommy' in a high-pitched voice as he slowly sank to the ground clutching his destroyed nut. His mother didn't even give him a second glance or show any concern for his plight, which she had caused. It was as if her son's pain didn't matter to her. It was at this point that Pat realized that ALL men were to be treated like this, even your own son!

Pat shook herself out of her reverie and tried to wipe the smile from her face. She had suddenly hit upon the idea that would solve all of her problems. She called her daughter, Jenny, and told her to come over to practice the self-defense stuff she had told her about. When Jenny asked how this was to be accomplished, Pat told her and both women laughed.

Jeff was 27 years old and rather slim and slight of build. He walked into his mother's house expecting to find her alone, and instead finding his sister there with his mother. Patricia and Jenny looked at him strangely. They were both looking very hot though. Both women were dressed in identical outfits, matching tight T-shirts with no bra and daisy duke shorts. They were both barefoot. Jeff started to get hard in his jeans, which was not easy to do considering they were very tight. So tight in fact that you could see the outline of his testicles at the bottom of his jeans where his legs met. They were big balls, too. The size of lemons, so they were hard to miss. Pat called her son over to the sofa where they sat and told... TOLD... her son exactly what they needed him for and left him little room to say no.

"Now Jeff, Jenny needs to be taught to defend herself from men and I'm going to show her my self-defense moves. We're going to practice on YOU. No padding or protection is allowed to be worn and if you make any attempt to harm either of us or refuse to go along you'll be cut off from the money from your dead father's estate." Jeff could tell she meant it and figured what the heck, how bad could it be?

"Alright, Mom, I'll let you both use me. How much could it hurt, right?" Both women looked at each other and grinned. They positioned Jeff in front of them, and Pat eyed her son's lemon-sized nuts eagerly.

"Jenny, this is your first lesson... and yours too, Jeff." Suddenly Pat slammed her instep into her son's unprotected balls. She could see them try to escape her crushing kick by moving to either side of her foot. But his balls were too big and too tightly packaged in his jeans to move safely out of the way. Jeff's hands shot protectively to his groin but his mother's foot was still planted firmly in his ballbag, so his hands could do nothing more than gently cup the underside of her lovely size 8.5 foot.

It almost looked to Pat as if her son were holding her foot there on purpose, as if to say 'thank you for this gift, mother, I wish your foot could always be here crushing my manhood'. It even felt good to her, having her son's hands gently caressing her soft sole as her foot nuzzled warmly in his scrotum, so she left her foot there and balanced on one leg. She finally looked up into her son's eyes and saw the look of shock on his face. Shock not just from the blow or the fact that she had kicked him 'down there', but shock because he couldn't believe she was smiling at his predicament and agony. Then Jeff's mouth opened.

At first no sound came out, but then Pat could hear a very soft vibrating soprano wail escape his lips, not louder than a whisper. It was like he was singing to her; a soft lullaby kind of tune that he couldn't remember the words too so he just hummed the melody. Then he was able to form the word 'mommy', and continued to repeat it over and over again in a high-pitched voice. Pat wondered at this. Did all guys cry mommy when hit sufficiently hard in the balls, just like the instructor's son? There was certain symmetry in all this. Her foot crushing her son's big balls, yet him tenderly stroking her foot and singing to her and then acknowledging her role as 'mommy'. She wondered if her son saw the art in all of it and decided no. His situation didn't leave much room for philosophy, or any other form of rational thought and all of this symmetry was wasted on him. Pat was brought out of her fantasy by her daughter's voice.

"WHAM!!! Look at how compressed those balls are!!" Jenny poked her fingernail into her brother's balls, his mother's foot still crushing them up into his pelvis. Pat shook her head out of the clouds and finally lowered her foot from Jeff's balls. Apparently her foot was all that was supporting him as he fell to the ground moaning and clutching himself, his legs drawn up to his chest.

"Shit, Mom, I've never seen a guy kicked so hard or so perfect in the nuts before in my life! I don't think big brother's gonna be having kids anytime soon!" Jenny laughed. Pat smiled at her daughter's comical remarks.

"The balls are the best target on a man. Look at the way your brother is curled up on the floor. He can't defend himself at all anymore. The only thing going through Jeff's mind right now is that his balls hurt and he wants the pain that my foot caused him to stop."

"Can I give that kick a try?" Jeff whimpered a bit louder upon hearing his sister's request.

"Sure." Pat hauled her son to his feet and held him up by threading her arms under his armpits. She watched over Jeff's shoulder as Jenny kicked her brother's legs apart to give her a good shot at the testicles. Jenny flexed her right foot, cracking the bones in her toes and eyeing up her targets. She couldn't help but admire how huge they were. She had never seen nuts as large as her brothers and was going to take great pleasure in busting them.

"This is gonna hurt SO good!" Jenny drew her leg back in imitation of her mother and waited for Jeff to make eye contact with her. It was important to her for her brother to see the look on her face as her foot smashed his balls. When he did finally look up, Jenny kicked forward and busted his eggs up against his body. Unlike her mother, who found the act of kicking balls to be a sort of art form or comment on society, Jenny found the act of crunching nuts to be just plain funny. The funny noises her brother was now making and his crossed eyes were just hilarious. Jenny laughed long and hard, asking her brother if he was going to sing in soprano now, or if he could taste his balls in his throat. It was a good joke.

Jeff started to slide to the ground again but was stopped by his mother's hand sneaking around to the front of his pants. She gripped his right nut in her hand, through his pants. The large ball almost filled her small hand. She squeezed... HARD, and dragged him upright. Her son's eyes bulged out of their sockets as her crotch-crushing grip was threatening to burst his plum.

"Jenny, grab the other nut and squeeze. Pretend it's a stress ball." Jenny did as instructed and delighted in her brother's whimpers. It was like playing a musical instrument. The harder she squeezed, the higher pitched the noise. She bet she could play a whole tune just by mangling his balls and alternating the pressure she was exerting on his tender cherries. Jenny had an idea.

"Mom, let's play tug-o-war!" Pat nodded and smiled and both women started to pull their ball in opposite directions, each squeezing their nut trying to get a better grip and more leverage. Jeff thought his balls would be pulled out of their respective sockets but finally he fell onto the floor in the direction of his sister.

"I win!" yelled Jenny. Jeff was weeping openly and clutched at his groin. His balls were even larger now, having swollen from all the abuse his mother and sister were dishing out. His mother dragged him to his feet easily since he couldn't put up much of a fight.

"Look at his balls, Jenny. They're starting to swell nicely."

"Yeah! They look real uncomfortable in those tight pants!"

"That means we've got his balls right where we want them. This move will finish him off, but I'll leave something for you to get a shot in. Oh I love it when the balls get trapped in tight pants!" Pat left her son standing unsteadily on his feet with his legs spread slightly and his hands at his sides. He looked at his mom pleadingly.

"Please... mom... please..."

"You don't have to ask so nicely, Jeff. Of course I'll oblige. Watch closely Jenny." Jeff was obviously asking for his mother to stop but she thought it amusing to pretend he was asking for more. Patricia turned so her back was to her son and looked behind her to judge the distance accurately.

"This is my FAVORITE nut-crunching move! You're brother will never be the same after this!" Pat then did a back kick up into her son's balls. Her smooth soft heel connected dead on with his left nut with as much force as her strong legs could muster.


Jeff's mouth dropped open in shock. He knew... his mother knew... and his sister knew that his badly swollen ball had just popped and was no longer there. Jeff's eyes traveled down from his mother's eyes to her crotch, where he could see her juices flowing down her leg. She had just orgasmed. His sister clapped her hands in glee.

"MY TURN!!!" she yelled. Pat had to hold her son up from behind as he cried, waiting for his sister to finish his sex life. His remaining right nut was now swollen to the size of a small grapefruit, and so there was no chance Jenny would miss. Even so, she took several practice swings with her bare heel, imitating her mother. She must have nailed him ten times before she rallied her strength for the 'final' blow. She looked back at her brother and blew him a kiss and gave a girlish wink.

"Scramble his egg, honey," said Patsy with a deep throaty breath. She was obviously going to cum again soon. Then Jenny did it. She threw her leg back and yelled out "CRUNCH!!!"


Patsy screamed in orgasm... Jeff in agony and ruin... Jenny in girlish delight. Patsy dropped her now useless... and ball-less son to the ground and embraced her daughter.

"Would you be interested in starting a self-defense business with me Jenny?"

"You bet, Mom! This is great!"

"Hold on, I can't hear you over your brother's high pitched howling!" Patsy casually placed her bare foot over her son's mouth and stepped up onto his head, muffling his wails of pain and devastation.

"What was that Jenny?"

"I said I'd LOVE to help you out!"

Jenny and Patsy both knelt by Jeff and squished around the pulpy remains of his once proud balls, and smiled.


Anonymous said...

This is the best story I have ever read. Do you have anything similar? Or even a sideplot of the story (more sessions in the self defense class) or a sequal?

Anonymous said...

This story is a thorough wankfest :P

Anonymous said...

awesome...liked the back kicks!!!!

Anonymous said...

God! To have your own biological mother and sister destroy you manhood for the rest of your life is so hot! Never came so hard before. If I could get away with it I would so willingly fuck my 13 yr old son and then pop his little balls the second he cried out that he was cumming. Amazing.