Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mom vs. Son

By goldglover8

Linda had had a rough day at work. As a customer service representative she had to spend a good part of her day listening to people’s complaints, and frankly, she was sick of it. The only reason she had done it this long was to support her son, who she hoped was now old enough to get a job himself. Her son, Mark, was 16 now and she figured there was no reason he couldn’t chip in financially.

Linda arrived home to find her son in a particularly bad mood. Linda didn’t even receive a hello; Mark just began complaining as soon as she arrived about how they didn’t have money to buy anything decent and such. She didn’t know what had put her son in such a mood, but she wasn’t going to take it on this day.

“I guess you will just have to get off your lazy behind and get a job and then maybe we could afford some nicer things!” Linda scolded him.

“But mom, I’m in school” Mark responded, “It’s YOUR job to make the money! Perhaps if you weren’t so useless you would be earning more!” That was the final straw for Linda, after one of the worst days at work she had had to date, she wasn’t about to stand for this!

Linda stood only about 5’3, and only weighed about 110 pounds, compared to Mark who stood at 6 feet, and weighed about 180, but that didn’t deter her. She stormed up to him and gave him a hard slap across his face.

“You need to start showing some respect to your mother young man!” she growled. Mark seemed taken aback by the slap at first, but he quickly recovered and to Linda’s surprise he flew into a rage, totally losing his temper. Mark gave Linda a hard shove and she fell backwards to the floor. He didn’t stop there, however; as he had totally lost control. He jumped on top of Linda, sat on her stomach, and managed to pin both of her arms above her head before she could react. The weight of her son upon her stomach caused Linda to struggle with her breathing, not to mention the pain in her wrists as Mark squeezed them tightly. Linda began to gasp for air, hoping that Mark would get off of her, but looking in his eyes, she could see that he had totally lost control of his anger, his eyes blazing with contempt. Linda began to get desperate, “He may be stronger than me, but there is no way my 16 year old son is smarter than me!” she thought to herself. She decided she had but one chance to even the score.

Before she could do anything, Linda needed to get one of her hands free, preferably her stronger right one. There was only one way she could think of to do this. She gathered as much saliva as she could and spat upwards into Mark’s face, which was hovering about a foot over hers.

This totally surprised Mark, and he let go of Linda’s right arm briefly to wipe away the spit. “You bitch!” he yelled. Linda used this moment to her advantage, moving her arm down quickly to get it away from Mark. He quickly recovered however and began trying to get Linda’s free arm back under control. She was too fast for him however. Linda managed to slip her free hand down to her stomach, sliding it underneath where Mark sat on her. Being a hot summer day, Mark was only wearing a t-shirt and some loose cotton shorts, which was good news for Linda. She turned her hand palm upwards underneath Mark’s crotch, and slapped her hand upwards. Linda instantly knew she had found what she was looking for as she felt Mark’s dangling balls smack into the palm of her hand. She then tightened her grip around his nuts, knowing that she was now in control.

The change of the expression on Mark’s face was immediate, from one of uncontrolled rage to one of unbelievable shock at what his mom had just grabbed. As Linda squeezed his balls, Mark immediately released her other arm and tried to pull her hand away at her wrist. No luck though, his mom had a grip on him like a vice. As Linda got her other arm free she used it to shove Mark to the side, still holding firm to his ever-crushing grapes in her hand. A high pitched squeal began to come from Mark’s throat, and Linda could not help but to take great satisfaction in this. As Mark rolled off of her onto his back, she kept a firm grasp on his balls and rose to her knees.

“You ungrateful asshole!” she screamed at him. “Who is the bitch now? You sound like a gutted piggy!”

“Please let go, please!” Mark squealed, his voice several octaves higher than normal. Linda was about to let go, she had made her point, but she found herself enjoying this to an incredible degree. All of her own frustrations with men came to the surface, and she just wanted to squeeze for a bit longer. So, before she let go for good, she gave Mark’s balls a two second hard pump, giving it even just a bit more than she had before. She was amazed at how quickly his soft testicles seemed to smush together in her hand. His voice was music to her ears as he begged her for mercy

“No more please! My balls!” he yelped.

“You ever treat me like that again, and THESE will be hanging on my bedroom wall you little shit!” she yelled. With that, Linda released her grip. Mark rolled over onto his stomach, where he would remain for quite some time, holding his bruised manhood and pride. She knew how to take care of him now, Linda thought, and she would not hesitate to do that again sometime.


Anonymous said...

I dont know any mother that would grab her son there.ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You just don't know any mother that would admit she would grab her son there. From 3 till 6 or 7 years old, my mother used to sneak into my bedroom, pull my covers over my head, shove them aside and reach in and spread my knees to pinch my nuts. She would gently push my knees back open and pinch them over and over, often to the point that I would vomit. Just because no mother would admit it, doesn't mean it is never done.

WoofDog 25 said...

My mother did the exaxt same thing! She even put me in the hospital , and I nearly losteoporosis a testicle. Although she won't admit it, doesn't mean that she didn't do it.

Anonymous said...

@ I don’t know any mother who would grab their son there. Ridiculous”

You must not know many mothers then. Meet all the mothers in the world