Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mom's Ball-Busting Videos, Inc

By Caligula

Jeff and his mother Patricia had fallen on hard times after his father had died seven years before. All of the money they had inherited was just about used up and Patricia was becoming increasingly worried about their financial situation. Trying to pay for her 20-year-old son's college expenses was draining her monetarily and emotionally as well.

Jeff spent a lot of time surfing the internet and browsing the porno sites. These were no ordinary porno sites; these were sites dealing with women kicking men in the balls. Oh how he loved to look at the photos and had even ordered and watched several videos with guys getting kicked in the nuts. His fantasies were a bit darker, however, as he was most turned on by thoughts of his own mother kicking him in the groin. There was something even more humiliating about getting hit 'down there' by your own mother. It got him rock hard when he thought about his mother laughing about ball-pain...especially his ball-pain. He couldn't understand why the idea of his mom busting his balls turned him on more than the idea of other women doing the same, but he was stuck with his peculiar fetish. And how horrible for him that the object of his affections was so close all the time... so close and yet so far. He was always admiring her bare feet and legs, trying desperately to get close to them. The closest Jeff had come so far was the night she had come home from work complaining about how much her feet hurt her. She relaxed on the sofa with her son, sitting at the opposite end when she suddenly swung her legs up and plopped her feet in his lap, nearly racking him right then and there.

"Rub my feet,” she playfully ordered and wiggled her stinky toes under his nose. Jeff fondly remembered the musky odor of her feet and how hard it made him. He rubbed her feet for quite a while before telling her she'd just have to deal with the pain and playful tossing her tantalizing feet to the ground.

Patricia then said, "I'd be careful if I were you,” as she brought her bare feet back into Jeff's lap, "cause my feet not only smell lethal, they ARE lethal! And unless you want me to kick your balls into outer space, you'll keep rubbing!" He remembered her laughing at his red, blushing face and how he eagerly went back to massaging her tired peds.

He almost masturbated himself raw on several occasions reliving that moment in his mind. It was a guilty pleasure, but no more so than indulging in chocolates or cigarettes. He overheard his mother more than a few times on the phone with his Aunt Therese, talking in very upset tones about not knowing what they were going to do for money and how they might have to sell the house. Jeff loved his mother very much and decided to come up with a way to make money to save their home.

Patricia waited for Jeff to go off to college for the day before beginning what would be a very painful process. She finally came to the conclusion that she would have to start selling off some of her dead husband's possessions if her and her son were to survive. Taking a deep breath, she opened up the closet where her husband's things were kept. As she rummaged through the items, weeping at times, smiling at others, she noticed some items were missing. She could only assume that Jeff had taken some of his things as a memento and had hid them away in his closet. Patricia went to her son's room and started going through his stuff when she came across her boy's old high school backpack, which was full of something. Thinking she would find her husband's missing items, she looked in the backpack only to find several videotapes. The fact that the videotapes were unmarked and hidden should have raised a red flag with her, but perhaps to due her heightened emotional state at going through her deceased loved one's personal effects screwed up her judgment.

She inserted a tape into her son's VCR and hit play. She was shocked and upset. A woman popped up on the screen wearing a short mini-skirt and high heels. There was a bound man tied spread-eagle to a sort of X type table with his genitals bound tightly in some sort of leather pouch. Patricia got a slight tingle between her legs viewing the enormous bulge the man sported. So her son was watching pornos. That was normal enough she guessed, but why was this man tied up? She got her answer when the woman ran forward and kicked the man square in the nuts with the pointy toe of her shoe. The man bellowed in pain while the woman just smiled at him. Patsy bent over slightly, her hands moving to her crotch involuntarily in sympathy of the man's pain.

She found herself chuckling softly. How could any woman NOT laugh at a man getting kicked in the balls?!? Then she remembered that her son was watching these tapes for sexual pleasure. It confused her greatly and her emotions were all torn up inside. Regular porno she could understand. Heck, she had even watched some herself in her day, but this was different. This was...sick, was the only word she could come up with. She should have stopped herself then and there, but she continued to watch the video and even popped in a few others, just to see if they were all similar. They were. She then turned her attention to her son's closet once again, and found a few other interesting items...HER shoes!!! There were three different pairs of her well worn high heels. She could smell her foot sweat in the shoes as she picked them up. She thought she had lost them long ago and had wondered at the time if she might be losing her mind that she couldn't find her shoes. This appalled her even more than the videos. Was her son fantasizing in some way about her? About her feet? About her kicking him in the balls? She cried just a little bit. What was she feeling? Disappointment in her son? Failure as a mom? She really didn't know.

Jeff rushed home from school and tossed his car keys and books on the kitchen table and called out to his mother. "Mom, I'm home!"

"Come in here." His mother called quietly to him from the living room.

Jeff walked in and saw hi mother looking down towards the ground, unable or unwilling to meet his eyes. He thought for sure she was going to discuss money problems with him again. That always depressed her. He was wrong.

"Would you care to tell me what these are?" asked his mother in a hushed tone as she extended her arm, pointing to the items arranged on the coffee table. Jeff's eyes bugged out of his head and his heart started pounding wildly in his chest. Oh my goodness, he thought, she found the shoes and videos...which meant she probably watched the videos...if she put two and two together.....


"I saw the videos. I don't understand. Please help me to understand. What are you doing with my shoes? What do my shoes have to do with these videos? Please...I need you to help me with this. I can't deal with this shit right now...we've got too many problems with money..." His mother trailed off as her body was racked with sobs.

Jeff was feeling lightheaded and wished he was dreaming. Damn, she knew. She knew the whole thing. He looked at his mother crying softly on the sofa yet was unable to go and hug her to make her feel better. Was there a way to make her feel better? He was so humiliated, except this wasn't the kind of humiliation he fantasized about.

"And what did you pay for these filthy videos...fifty, sixty, seventy dollars a tape? And when we're so desperate for money!"

That struck a cord with Jeff. But could he get his mother to go for it? He was definitely on to something here, but first he had a lot of explaining to do.

"Mom, there's nothing to be so upset about." He sat down with his mother on the sofa and tried to be brave, which was difficult as he was stripped bare with little or no dignity left. "I guess let's start with the tapes. You know, everyone's got urges. Everyone has something that turns them on. It's just that some of us have fetishes, stuff outside the norm that do it for us. So what if I like to watch women kicking men. Some people like fat women or tall women or threesomes or whatever. Now nobody gets all upset when a guy says hey check out the big booty on that piece of piggy pie!" Jeff's mother laughed in spite of the situation. That was a good sign, thought Jeff.

"Now nobody talks about masturbation or stuff, which is why people HIDE this kind of shit. About the shoes..." Patricia looked down again after glancing at her shoes on the table. "Well, I also like women's feet. Now I know it's going to bug you to here me say it, but you have really nice feet, Mom, and I can't help but be turned on by them. I can't explain why, but the thought of smelling my mother's feet, or licking them or rubbing them is a fetish I have, just like liking fat women." As he explained this to her, he picked up one of her heels and sniffed inside it, then reached down and took hold of her foot, cupping the bare sole in his hand. Patricia pulled her foot away.

"And do you think about me kicking you...down there. Do you want me to say things to you like in the videos? Like hey I'm gonna make it so you can't have babies, or how would you like me to crack your nuts?" Jeff blushed and looked away momentarily.

"Yes, I think about that stuff. Part of it is that I like the humiliation of the situation."

"I just don't know. How can I watch a movie with you anymore? Every time we see a movie where a guy gets hit in the balls, I'll wonder if you're imagining me and you in that situation and I'll be uncomfortable."

"Well, I can't say that won't happen but how am I different as a person? I still love you and I hope you still love me. It's just that I'm different when it comes to my sexual tastes."

"Of course I still love you, Jeff. And I guess it's better than you telling me you're gay." She chuckled a bit, as did Jeff. Maybe this was going to go alright after all. "The hardest part is the fact that you think about ME doing these things to you."

"I have an idea how maybe I could make this a little less uncomfortable for you."

"And how's that? Are you going to suggest that I kick you in the balls to desensitize me to...what is this stuff called?"


"...desensitize me to ball-busting?"

"Of course not, mom. I was just going to say, why don't you watch a video with me. There's no nudity or anything, just a guy getting kicked in the groin. Heck, we see it all the time in Hollywood flicks and America's Funniest Home Videos. It's just that this is MORE ball-busting and intentional."

"I don't know if this is a good idea. Sex isn't something a mother and son should share."

"Who's talking about sex? This is just like you explaining to me the birds and the bees, except I'm explaining them to you now. And if you want us to get past this, then I think this is the way to do it."

That actually made a lot of sense to Patricia and so she agreed. Jeff was slowly reeling her in now that he baited the hook. They sat there and watched the first video, both of them feeling very uncomfortable and neither saying much. By the third video, Patricia was chuckling with some of the harder or more creative kicks and Jeff was grabbing his own groin and letting out little ooohhhs and ughs as the man on the video was kicked and kneed. It was funny how by the time they had made it into the fifth video, how little it seemed to matter to either of them that they were watching a fetish video together and in fact Patricia had moved her feet up onto the sofa and let them rest near Jeff's legs.

Eventually Jeff made an even bolder move and pulled his mother's feet into his lap and started to massage them. At first he thought his mother would pull away as she had done earlier when he touched her feet, but she looked at him for a moment before nodding a silent okay. She obviously wanted Jeff to get past fantasizing about her feet and didn't want this standing between them. Jeff even lifted his mother's foot to his nose and gave a deep sniff.

"Whooeee! These little feet smell!" he joked.

"Well you're the one who wanted to smell them! Don't expect me to be running around here washing my feet all the time just in case you want a whiff!" she joked back.

"Do you think I could lick the sole just once to see what they taste like?" asked Jeff timidly with a sheepish grin

Pat looked thoughtful for a moment and considered saying no and that it was going too far. But after a brief pause, she smiled and said, "Okay, BUT ONLY THIS ONE TIME!"

Jeff was in fetish heaven. He stuck his tongue out and took full advantage of the situation by placing it at the base of her heel and pulling it slowly up her smooth smelly sole and flicked it off her big toe. Patricia laughed as it tickled like crazy. Jeff then picked up her other foot and prepared to lick it as well.

"Whoa! I said ONCE!" Patricia yelped.

"Once per foot!" retorted Jeff as he pulled his mom's foot back into place and gave it an equally wet and messy lick.

"Do you do that with my shoes too?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Then why did you need to lick the real things? You already know what my feet taste like if you've licked those smelly shoes."

"Well I'd always be thinking about your feet if I never got the chance to 'do' the real things. Now we can move beyond all this, see?"

"Well yes, but what about me kicking you in the balls? I'm definitely not gonna do that, so how do we move beyond that?"

"Well, I think I've got a way to get us out of our money problems," said Jeff. Patricia said nothing but listened intently but with a bit of distrust as she assumed it had something to do with her feet and his balls. Although she had to admit, he gave one damn good foot rub.

Jeff continued, "Like you said, these videos are expensive. I paid seventy dollars apiece for most of them. Now here's my idea. I've got access to a digital camera, and it won't cost much to dub the tapes and there are TONS of guys out there on the various web sites who's pay seventy dollars easy to see a video of a mother kicking her son in the balls. We could make a killing, and at the same time we can move past my whole mom/son ball-busting fetish. We win both ways! Well, what do you think?"

Patricia just sat there enjoying the massage her feet were getting. What should she do? What Jeff was asking her just shouldn't be done. Film a porno with her son? She could definitely use the money though. "I'm going to have to think about this overnight. I'll let you know at breakfast." She got up off the sofa and retrieved all her heels from the coffee table. "And I think I'll take these with me." She said with a smile. Jeff blushed and gave her an 'Aw shucks!'

"Sure you don't want me to give your feet a goodnight kiss?" he asked as a joke, but half hoping she would say okay.

"No I don't think that will be necessary." And she went up the stairs, her bare soles waving goodnight to her son as she lifted them from step to step. Jeff collapsed back onto the sofa, proud of himself for getting all that he had to say out sincerely and rationally. Now all he had to do was wait till breakfast.

When Jeff finally came down that next morning, breakfast was waiting for him on the table. He sat near his mother and glanced down to her feet. He was disappointed as she was wearing socks, which was something she normally didn't do around the house. Was this a sign that she had decided not to go ahead with his idea? He was sure he'd have to bring up the video idea, but his mother surprised him by jumping right into the subject.

"About your idea to sell these ball-busting videos.....are you certain you could sell them, or is this just some trick to get me to kick you in the balls on tape so you can watch it over and over again?”

"No, Mom, I swear! I can show you the websites and everything! We'll even go ahead and take a poll to see what kind of potential sales we might get. We can upload a photo of you and see what the ball-busting community says. And it doesn't have to be just one video, we could do a whole series. I mean the possibilities are endless!" Jeff was really getting into it and he hoped his enthusiasm would inspire his mother.

"Well, I want to see a potential sales figure, like you say. I also want to know how we can do this safely so there isn't any permanent damage done to you. I actually might have some ideas about that myself. There will be no nudity on my part whatsoever, and all the proceeds from the videos goes into solving our financial problems. If we can agree to all this, and I see that we can actually sell these videos then we can give it a try. Alright?"


The next few weeks were spent doing research on the net. As promised, Jeff posted photos of his mother in various poses. One had her lifting her knee as if into an imaginary attacker's balls. Another had her performing what would have been a back kick into some guys' nutsack. Another showed her clenching her fist around an imaginary set of testicles while baring her teeth. The response was enormous. Although they got there fair share of e-mails saying a mother busting her son was wrong and that they were sick perverts, Jeff managed to filter most of those into the recycle bin before his mother could see them. They agreed on a price of sixty dollars a video and already had a whole slew of preorders even before they announced a scenario for the movie. Patricia agreed that financially it would work. The next phase was for them to come up with a safe way to act out the ball-busting.

"Well I have this hard plastic cup here which will protect me from anything your feet or knees might do to me," said Jeff while holding up the protector.

"I thought of that at first myself, but see a couple problems with it. First, if we want to get orders for subsequent videos, we want this to be as real as possible, and quite frankly son, you're not that good of an actor. And second, I might hurt my foot on that hard plastic, and this is your fetish, not mine. If anyone's going through some pain for this, it's you...not me, “she said with a smile.

Jeff couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was she actually suggesting they do this for real?

"So what I'm suggesting is this. Your Aunt Therese is a nurse. If she is here during the filming she can attend to you if I accidentally hurt you too bad. And had you considered who was going to film this little production of ours? She can do that too. This way I can kick you without the fakeness of you wearing protection and we can get the ULTIMATE realism!" She smiled and crossed her arms in triumph. She was very proud that she felt she had solved all the problems. Jeff swallowed and wondered about the possibilities of bringing his aunt in on this. Hmmm.....maybe a mom/aunt/son/nephew video? Now that sounded interesting!

"Sounds good, Mom! Maybe we can even get Auntie Therese to bust my balls, huh?"

Patricia laughed. "Who knows?"

"Now what about a scenario? How do we want to act this out?"

"Well, let's just do something straightforward. We can call the video 'Mom's Introduction to Ball-busting', or something like that. You can stand there while I demonstrate various attacks to the nuts, while everyone gets to see your reaction!" Patricia seemed to be enjoying this.

"Yeah, that will do just fine, mom. Have you asked Auntie Therese about helping yet?"

"Not yet. I'll call her after dinner and see what she says. I'm sure she won't mind though as she always was more than a bit of a feminist!"

As suspected, Therese had no problem with helping out her impoverished relatives, and even found the whole situation of filming a "ball-busting video" quite hilarious. Her sister had explained to her over the phone in intimate detail her son's various fetishes. She couldn't believe he had a thing for licking his mother's shoes. How nasty! She couldn't imagine what would drive someone to want to lick someone else's stinky feet, especially his own mother's. And the ball-kicking thing? Damn her nephew was a sick bastard!

"He even made the comment that maybe we could convince YOU to give him a kick in the balls," said Patricia to her sister with a laugh.

"Well I don't pull any punches, and a kick from me would probably cure him completely of his little fantasies! I'll be afraid to take my shoes off in your house though! Jeff might decide he wants to lick and steal MINE! When do you want to film this?"

"How about this weekend? We should have everything ready that we need, and that will give you the chance to get what you'll need from the hospital. Do you think there is any real possibility of hurting Jeff badly?"

"Oh sure, there's always the chance of rupturing a testicle when kicking someone between the legs.”

"Rupturing? That sounds painful!" Jeff's mother sounded worried.

"It's basically like popping the ball. If you kick a set of balls hard enough, and a ball gets caught between your foot and the guy's pubic bone, for example, the nut can get crushed.....explode, rupture, know, pop. It is VERY painful, from what I've seen. I assisted in an operation once a few months ago where a young boy was accidentally ruptured when his older sister kicked him in the nuts. Apparently the girl's mother taught her how to defend herself and the girl wanted to try the move out on a real guy. Well her brother never saw it coming and POP, one of his balls got squashed! They brought him in on a stretcher. He was holding his groin and crying and whimpering. His mother was signing the papers to get him admitted while his sister just kept looking from his covered testicles to his eyes, grinning the whole time. I thought I would explain to the girl how much damage she had done to her brother. I told her that she had exploded his ball and that if she had exploded both his balls he would talk high-pitched like a girl and would never be able to have babies or sex. I thought that she would realize what she had done and that it would prevent her from doing this to other guys, but the whole time I was talking she just kept smiling and even laughed when I told her that her brother wouldn't be able to have sex ever. Well wouldn't you know it, three weeks later her brother was back, this time with TWO broken balls and a grinning, skipping sister tagging along behind the gurney. We were only able to save one ball; the other had to be cut off. I can tell you that when we explained to the mother that we could only save one ball, the sister was listening to the conversation and kept eyeing up her brother's crotch as he limped out of recovery. I'm pretty sure it won't be too long before they're back with another ruptured testicle. That girl won't be happy till she's completely destroyed her brother!"

"Ouch, that poor boy!" said Patricia with genuine sympathy in her voice.

"I don't know. Maybe he deserved to be kicked. Maybe if more boys got kicked in the balls at an early age, and maybe if all boys LOST a testicle to a woman's kick, then we women would be considered more equal in this world. It would show men that we won't be messed with!" Therese was on her soapbox again and Pat just let her talk on. To a small extent, she also shared some of her sister's feelings about the superiority of women over men, just not to the extent of castration of all young boys!

"I don't know. What if Jeff gets popped? Maybe we shouldn't do this after all."

"Well like I said, I know how to fix a rupture. So we should be pretty safe."

"Yeah but that boy you told me about lost one of his testicles. You couldn't save both so the operations obviously not foolproof."

"Well the reason that boy lost a nut was that his sister had completely pulverized it. Apparently, from talking to the mother, she walked in and found her daughter standing full weight on her brother's groin. Sounded like she actually crushed the nut under her foot. That's a bit more deliberate and dangerous than just kicking. Otherwise the boy would be alright today."

Patricia and Therese talked for a few more hours about ball-busting and how they would handle the filming Saturday before finally hanging up. Therese, for one, was eagerly awaiting the weekend and the ball-kicking show she would witness.

It seemed to Jeff that Saturday would never arrive, and even once it did finally rear its head, his aunt was late. When she finally showed up, Jeff was amazed to see how good she looked. When he opened the door, she was standing there wearing high heeled sandals, displaying her beautiful feet as well as a tight fitting crop top shirt, with NO bra underneath. He could clearly see her nipples through the semitransparent fiber. She also wore a short skirt, her ass cheeks nearly protruding from the tight fabric. Jeff's mouth hung open as his aunt entered.

"You shouldn't be staring at me like that, Jeff. I'm your aunt! If you're not careful I'LL kick you in the nuts! Hahahahahaha!"

Jeff blushed and looked away in embarrassment as his aunt walked into the living room. When Patricia finally came down the stairs, Jeff looked quickly to see what she was wearing for the video. She was barefoot, as he requested, wearing tight denim shorts and tight t-shirt. She looked good, Jeff thought. The video equipment had been set up on a tripod and Therese went to familiarize herself with the controls. She casually asked Jeff to help her learn the systems and purposely held the camera close to her enormous breasts to distract him. Therese caught a slight smile from her sister as she teased her nephew.

Eventually they were ready to begin and Jeff and his mother moved uncomfortably in front of the camera.

Therese started the camera rolling and yelled "Action!"

Patsy looked into the camera and smiled. "I'm here to today to demonstrate some self-defense moves and my son here, “she indicated Jeff with a wave of her hand, "is going to help me out. The attacks are going to center on the part of the body known as the groin, and to show you how badly this hurts a man, my son will not be wearing a cup, right son?"

"Yes, mom."

Patsy walked to her son and placed her hand on his shoulder while reaching down with her other hand to unzip his pants. She tugged the pants down slightly, followed by his briefs to display his naked genitals. She hefted his heavy ballsack in her hand and gently pulled them forward to display for the camera.

"See, no protection. When I hit my son in his balls, he will feel all the pain, all the agony." She moved away and Jeff pulled up his underwear and pants, rezipping the trousers.

"The first thing I want to show you is a devastating move. I'm going to front snap kick my son in the balls." Patsy was standing directly across from her son and Therese zoomed the camera out to capture both participants in the shot.

"Ready, Jeff?"

"Yes, mom." Jeff knew he just lost his last chance to back out. But why would he want to? This was his fantasy come true. His mother was about to kick him in the balls with her bare foot. He was so turned on knowing his mother was intentionally going to bust his cherries. Then it happened.

Patricia told herself she wasn't going to go easy on her son. She wouldn't hold back with the kick, she couldn't afford to. This was her last best chance to make the money she so desperately needed and she wasn't going to ruin the chance of a sequel by making the kicks look pulled and fake. She visually eyed up her targets, snuggled safely, for the moment, in her son's tight jeans. Patricia then put a big smile on for the camera and walked briskly forward. As she neared her son she swung her leg forward in a graceful arc, like a dancer, and watched with mild amusement and some concern as the top of her foot made hard contact with her son's balls. She saw him lift up onto his tiptoes to help absorb and soften some of the blow. It didn't work.

Patsy watched as Jeff doubled over slightly, his hands clasping his nuts. His eyes were all scrunched up and he was moaning in uneven gasps and saying, "Oh fuck...oh fuck." Patricia almost stopped right then and there, concern for her son almost overwhelming her desire for money. But Jeff, probably realizing that his mother might give in, slowly started to straighten out and with difficulty, spread his legs for the next blow. Patricia was proud of how brave her son was. He knows how badly we need the money and is being strong all for her...and maybe a little to satisfy his fetish. Pat turned back to the camera, her hand resting lightly on her heavily breathing son's shoulder.

"As you can see, when I kick my son in the nuts, it causes him a great deal of pain. My next move is a knee to the balls." Patsy looked at her son and she noticed he gave an almost imperceptible nod of his head. She kept her hand on his shoulder and lifted her bare knee up into his groin, eliciting an 'Ooomph!' from Jeff. It didn't hurt as much as the kick and so Jeff only very slightly bent over. Patricia took this moment to adlib and give her son another knee to the nutsack. This one caught Jeff off guard and he fell to one knee.

"If one knee to the goolies doesn't work, give two knees!" said Pat to the camera while holding up two fingers and smiling. "As you can see, my son is now incapacitated with my crushing blows to his manhood. I bet all you young guys out there will be sure to clean your rooms and take out the garbage next time mom says to!"

Jeff felt he wouldn't be able to take much more, and almost called off the whole project. His fantasy was going a bit beyond what he wanted and he was in a lot of pain. He hadn't expected that last blow at all and it really stung. But then he thought of how badly his mother needed the money, and how hard she was struggling to put him through college and he slowly got to his feet and spread his legs once again. Aunt Therese was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't believe she was lucky enough to be witness to this event. Oh how she'd love to get a shot in herself. Patricia watched her son rise again and went to stand with her back to him.

dn't hurt as much as the kick,"Now, son, I want you to reach around and grab hold of mommy's boobies!" she said with a smile. Jeff knew what was coming and dreaded it. He also knew he was not going to be allowed to get anywhere near mommy's boobies, for as he reached towards her she lifted her foot up and back kicked him in the balls with her bare heel. Again Jeff went down, this time on both knees.

"Oohhh that had to hurt!!!" yelled Patsy. "I doubt you'll be able to have kids after that kick from mom, Jeff."

Jeff was indeed embarrassed by his mother's taunts, which turned him on slightly but it was hard to think through the pain between his legs. "Next, while my son is on his knees, which is where EVERY man belongs whether he's your son or not, I'm going to give him another kick to the balls. Move your hands, honey; they're only your balls I'm kicking. Don't be such a momma's boy!"

Jeff moved his hands away very slowly and kept his eyes focused on his mother's bare feet. Maybe if he focused on how much he loved the smell and feel and taste of his mother's finely sculptured feet he could take the pain better. He was wrong. Again the top of Patsy's foot connected dead on with his groin, and this time she left her foot embedded in his balls. Jeff's mouth opened in a silent scream and his hands reached under his mother's foot to cup her heel in his hands, effectively holding the object of his affections involuntarily in the goods she had just damaged. Jeff started to moan in a high-pitched voice, which was according to the script. What no one but Jeff realized, however, was that the reason Jeff was moaning was that his mother's foot had just kicked his right testicle up in his body, right back into the hole it had originally descended from! That, of course, was NOT in the script, but because mom and aunt were unaware of WHY he was yelling, they kept on going. Patricia was to stick her foot into her son's mouth to stop him from making noise and so she did. She practically gagged her poor son with her stinky foot which she purposely hadn't washed all day just to give her son a little treat for all the ball abuse he would receive. Jeff's cries were muffled as he drooled over his mom's foot and his tongue tickled her toes and the ball of her pretty ped.

"I can't hear myself, son, with you crying like that. Maybe my foot will keep you quiet!" Patricia smiled down at her son and winked at him, thinking it was all part of the plan. She shoved him onto the floor by applying pressure to his head via the foot in his mouth. Jeff gurgled and sputtered, trying to indicate he was injured but his mother paid no attention. She returned her focus to the camera.

"That front kick can really change a guy's sexual aggressiveness, know what I mean? No testosterone, no aggression. Too bad all you ladies out there don't have a son to practice on." She pulled her foot out of Jeff's mouth and prepared for the next move. Jeff wasn't cooperating, however, and mumbled out the safe word they had agreed upon.


Pat stopped and stared dumbly at her son for a moment. She had hoped they would get through this without any injuring resulting so when Jeff indicated that he might need medical attention, she was taken by surprise. She had only kicked him a few times so far! They had all understood ahead of time that if medical attention was needed, that the camera would continue to film on its tripod and that Patricia would stay in character. After all, Therese was here to avert any permanent damage and they didn't want to risk ruining the video. Heck, it might make the video better.

Therese came into camera range and stood beside her sister. Pat introduced her. "This is my sister, and Jeff's aunt, Therese. She's a nurse and it looks like my son has suffered some sort of injury from me kicking his balls into his throat. Do you have anything you'd like to say at this point, Therese?"

Although Patricia was offering her sister the opportunity to speak, she was hoping she'd get to tending to her son's medical needs right away.

"Well, sis, I would just like to say that I hope you haven't actually popped your son's balls. That is a VERY painful experience for a man and also very humiliating. I mean look at your son, lying there crying like a baby because you kicked him in the nuts. My goodness that must be humiliating to be kicked in the balls by your own mother, and then to have to suck on her foot! But when you pop a testicle, sis, it actually explodes inside the scrotal sac. It can be repaired, however, allowing for a woman to pop a man's balls over and over again. You could turn a man into a eunuch hundreds of times. Could you

imagine that? Most men would want to die if you crushed their balls just once, but to continually repair the damage and then REPOP the nads? Fascinating, isn't it?"

The whole time Jeff wriggled on the floor crying and whimpering to himself. When was his aunt going to get around to checking him out?

Therese did finally sink down below her nephew, and together with his mother, removed his pants and underwear enough to inspect the damage. Therese felt Jeff's nutsack and rolled around his left testicle in her fingers.

"Well, the left ball seems to be intact, if not a little swollen. The right nut, though, seems to be missing. I don't detect the remains of a testicle so it must have been kicked up into his body. I'm told that is a very painful event. A lot of athletes not wearing protection get this type of injury."

Patricia was relieved that she hadn't popped her son's nut and had only kicked it up into his body. "And how do we fix my son's little ball ache?"

"We lift him under the arms and shake him till the testicle plops back down into his sack." The two women then did just that. They grabbed Jeff under the arms and proceeded to shake him like a salt shaker. Finally Jeff let out a yelp and his Aunt Therese reached around to feel for his jewel.

"There's the slippery little sucker! Good as new!" Therese patted Jeff's ballbag, causing him to wince and her to laugh, and went back to the camera leaving Pat to assist her son. They decided to leave his pants off to let the testicles breathe and swell nicely. Therese got some nice close-up shots of her nephew's enlarged testes and smiled hoping that her sister would get back to her demonstration. Patricia knew the drill, however, and pulled up a chair in front of her son as had been planned in case her son had been injured. She proceeded to place her odorous foot in her son's face, rubbing it vigorously on his lips and nose. Jeff needed time to recover and this example of female superiority and foot-worshiping was allowing him that time. He inhaled deeply of his mother's foot aroma and even placed a few dry kisses on her salty tasting sole. Eventually he gave a slight nod of his head and Pat knew it was okay to proceed.

"I'd like to now show you a grab-twist-squeeze maneuver that I picked up from a self-defense book. This is great; because you can tell exactly how much pressure you're exerting and know instantly the moment you cause damage since you are using your hands to inflict the punishment."

Patricia helped Jeff to his feet and cupped his large goodies in her delicate hand. Suddenly her hand clamped tightly around her son's balls and she squeezed. Jeff whimpered but remained standing. Patsy then twisted Jeff's nuts a half turn and they all heard a cracking noise, like twigs breaking, and Jeff's eyes shot wide open.

Patricia giggled and decided to twist the balls in her hands another half turn. Again there was a loud cracking noise and Jeff's eyes were now crossed and his tongue was hanging limply out of the corner of his mouth.

"Now for the pull!" And with that Pat pulled up sharply on Jeff's nuts, lifting him up onto his tiptoes. She led him around the room by his balls and since he was on his tiptoes he looked something like a ballet dancer, something Patricia took note of.

"You would have been good at ballet, Jeff, and you would have looked good with your package here proudly presented to the ladies in the crowd in those tight pants! Let Mom show you her version of the Nutcracker Suite!" Patricia squeezed the nutmeat package in her hand as hard as she could. More cracking and crunching was heard to the delight of the women. Patricia squeezed till the testicles were pushed to the bottom of the scrotum and protruding nicely, at which point she brought her knee sharply up, squashing her son's manhood.

Jeff cried out sharply in a high pitched voice and slumped to his knees in front of his mother. Patricia turned away from her son, did a curtsy to the camera and proceeded to back-kick him in the nuts yet again.

"The last thing I would like to show you is how much pain I can inflict while kicking my son in the balls when I'm wearing my pointy high heel shoes. My beautiful sister, and Jeff's aunt, Therese will assist me."

Jeff looked up from the floor when his mother said this as it was not in the script. His aunt was not supposed to get involved but as he saw her come around from the camera and eyed up her sexy bare feet he knew he wanted this no matter how much it would hurt. Patricia and Therese sat in chairs in front of the still filming camera, extending their bare feet and legs toward Jeff as he lay on the ground. Pat indicated the shoes placed behind the chairs to her son.

"Jeff will you do the honors? Oh and kiss our feet before you put the shoes on."

Jeff secretly thanked his mother as this also wasn't in the script and she must have known how eager he was to kiss his aunt's feet, not to mention hers again. Jeff picked up his Aunt Therese's right foot and placed a sloppy kiss on the ball of the sole. He wanted to make sure he used his tongue in the kiss so he could taste the sweet salty flavor his aunt's tender soft feet possessed. He did the same with her other foot and then lovingly slipped on her pointy high heels. Jeff then moved to his mother and placed a similar kiss on each of her feet, but didn't stop there. Figuring she wouldn't cause a scene during filming by losing her cool, he decided to lick her soles and even sucked a few of her toes into his mouth, all the while staring her directly in the eyes. He then placed his mother's shiny heels upon her feet and lovingly kissed the dangerous pointy tips.

He looked up at her again as she said, "I hope you enjoyed those unauthorized licks of my feet, because you're about to pay dearly for them." She smiled as she said it. Jeff was directed to stand up and spread his legs as Patricia and Therese stood before him, tapping their heels loudly on the hardwood floor.

"On three, sis?" asked Patsy.

"I've been hoping I could help. On three," replied Therese. The women didn't look at Jeff's face as they were busy making sure they were going to make contact with his ballbag on the first shot, measuring up the distance visually. Had they looked into his eyes, however, they would have noticed a look of fear in his eyes, but a smile on his lips.




Mom and aunt both kicked forward and made simultaneous contact with Jeff's balls. Each hit a nut dead center with the pointy tip of their shoe.



Jeff doubled over slightly, knowing his nuts were now gone, and looked up at his family. His mother and aunt were actually trying to stifle giggles! They obviously knew they had just popped his balls and they were actually smiling and snickering about it! In the brief moment before the pain hit in and Jeff slipped into unconsciousness, he realized how they couldn't know how much pain they had just caused him, how much humiliation he was now enduring, and so of course to women and girls this WAS funny!

Patricia looked at her son and covered her mouth to keep from laughing outright, although her body shook with her silent guffaws. She was torn between being mortified at just castrating her son with her feet, and the hilarity of knowing she had just helped end a man's sex life by kicking him in the balls. This was better than the movies when a guy got hit below the belt, because it was protection or stunt men.

Jeff fell over onto the floor, his face landing on his mother's foot even though he was unconscious and couldn't enjoy the sweaty sole aroma escaping from the side of her shoe. Therese casually walked off camera to take control of the filming and zoomed in on Patricia's smiling face.

"This is the first demonstration in how to bust a man's balls. My sister, the nurse, will fix my son's balls right up and soon we'll be back to filming and bringing you the greatest and ONLY series of family ball-busting videos out there! As for my son? Well at least till we get his balls back from mush, I'm afraid he won't have much of a fetish for mommy's feet anymore! Ta, ta!"

And she blew a kiss at the camera as Therese panned the lens down to Patsy's once again shoeless feet. She did a final close-up before fading out to black of Patricia's toes probing the squishy remains of her son's nutsack.

To be continued?


Anonymous said...

love the story mom popping sons balls totaly destroying his nuts it give me a woody.

Anonymous said...

So I must be the only guy that watches ballbusting that thinks feet are disgusting, and would never allow anyone to do this to me IRL!