Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Experience

By Bettina

I found this forum when surfing around and as I'm learning English I thought it would be a good exercise to write down about my experience. I didn't know there are guys who like it to be beaten up like this but I can say that the one I beat up didn't like it!

It happened in school, during a swimming lesson, when I was about fourteen. At that time we had mixed lessons, guys and girls together. We were diving after rings and, as there weren’t enough rings around, a guy and I began to quarrel about one of them. I took the ring and ran away with it. He got upset and ran after me through the whole swimming hall, while the others didn’t pay any attention at us. Finally, he managed to catch me in a corridor. He held me tight around the arms standing behind me and my situation was quite desperate as he was about five inches taller than me and much stronger. However, he couldn’t get the ring and I didn’t want to give it back to him.

The situation was quite senseless for him but he suddenly began to enjoy it as he pressed his dick against my muscular bottom. We stood like this for some time, while he still pretended to fight for the ring. I had only one way to get out of this situation: I ram my heel in his knee. As he slightly lowered his grip I managed to turn myself against him and lifted my leg into his nuts. I didn’t really get him as he was standing too close to me but I heard an “aow” and his hands went down. I quickly ran away from him and this could have been the end of the story if I hadn’t been so stupid to run right into a dead-end, where they used to store some material. As I turned round he already was on me, pressing me to the wall.

I could see the anger on his face. His lips were trembling and his eyes threw flashes at me. He had a good grip on me: With his right hand he hold my right wrist, and pinned my other arm against my chest, using his whole weight, while his left hand cup his aching family jewels.

“So what are you going to do now, little girl, no dirty tricks anymore?” he grinned. It was obvious that he enjoyed it to press his arm on my breasts. They were still developing and extremely sensitive at that time. I felt absolutely helpless in his strong grip and was afraid of what was coming next. I couldn't do anything anymore as he protected his nuts having learnt fast from the lesson I just had taught him. When I had a look to his narrow bathing shorts I noticed that he had a quite remarkably erection, which he couldn’t cup with his hand.

As he was too preoccupied starring at my breasts, I got one hand free and punched him with all my force in the tip of his dick. He bent over with a loud cry and let go. He wasn’t of any harm for me anymore as he hardly couldn’t fight from pain but to be sure I grabbed him by the shoulders and ram my knee into his nuts as hard as I could.

He felt down holding his wounded genitals with both hands. I’ve never seen anybody in such a pain as he was. His face turned red, he grasped for air. During a moment, he opened his mouth but couldn’t make a single sound then he began to cry like a baby. I felt so powerful to have beaten up this strong bloke by myself.

“So what are you going to do now, big boy?” I laughed at him. “You wanted to feel my skin, well, you got it. By the way: If it hurts too much, I can still cut it off!” I spent a few more minutes with him, making jokes on his defeated manhood while he laid on the floor in pain.

After this experience I must say, well, it sometimes sucks to be a girl, but it’s definitely better than to be a guy, as that must be very painful sometimes. At least judging by his cries and his tears.

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