Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Naive Daughter part IV

By daylight23

[NOTE: This will be written from daughter's perspective, (Amanda's), instead of from the mother's. Resumes several days after the last recorded episode but covers same events. ENJOY!]

Dear Diary,

I feel somewhat silly recording the events of the past week but when I saw mom writing down how much she has enjoyed the "ballgames", I felt that I too should write down all the amazing events of the past few days. I have had so much fun! I even have a new pastime, so to speak. The events of the last week have been a real eye-opener (for Dave and Jason as well as for myself), and I have learned more about myself, (and my big brother Dave), than I could have imagined possible. I also understand so much more about mom than I used to.

I am almost fourteen now and I started eighth grade just a week or so ago. The fun and games came about because of a talk that I had with mom after coming home from my first day of school. I don't consider myself stuck up or anything but the trouble started because of how pretty I am. I resemble my mom in many ways. I started developing breasts at the age of eleven, so my breasts are now the size of small melons. I have light blond hair that touches my shoulders and even though my face is pretty, most of the guys can't seem to draw their eyes from my chest, legs or ass. I play soccer so I have toned and developed my legs which not only turns the boys on to me but has also turned into an asset when it comes to ball kicking, and I am not talking about soccer balls! Hehehe.

Before this past week, I never much thought about what effect I had on boys. Sure, my dresses tend to be on the short side and I don't always wear a bra, but that's because my breasts sometimes feel uncomfortable in them. Besides, I get a little thrill feeling them jiggle around under my shirt.

Anyway, on my first day of school I ran into some trouble from a couple of punk guys. The lockers in the hallway are half size so there is a row of lockers up top and a bottom row of lockers running underneath the top row. My assigned locker happens to be a bottom locker. Since it has been so hot lately, I decided to wear one of my favorite summer dresses. It's a pretty blue color with a white floral print that comes down to mid-thigh; so looking back, I guess that it wasn't such a smart idea to wear a pair of thong panties when there were only several inches of fabric covering my backside.

Normally, when I am wearing such a short dress I am more thoughtful when it comes to how I am sitting, walking or otherwise moving around. But on this occasion, I must have been preoccupied with the stress of the first day because I bent at the waist instead of at the knees causing my dress to ride up and expose my ass. As I was bending down in front of my locker to rearrange my books and folders I felt a hand grab my ass and a voice say, "Niiice!". I jumped up with surprise and realized that I must have unknowingly been putting on a show for the two guys with lockers next to mine. I was sooo embarrassed!! They probably even got a good look at my mound. I wonder what they think of me if they noticed that it was shaved! I'm sure that my face was beet red because I can still feel how hotly my cheeks burned as I turned around and put my hands down to flatten my dress against my tanned legs. Hurriedly, I managed to collect my things and rush off to the bus.

As I was waiting in line to get on the bus, I felt my skirt being raised ever so slowly from behind. Oh! The nerve! I thought, as I turned around and confronted the same two losers that had ogled my half naked ass in the hallway. They were both about the same height, (probably play football or basketball or something-judging by their size), although the more daring of the two was more muscular than his friend. They both had these smirks on their faces as if I was just fresh meat to them. They were very intimidating. Apparently, my accidental peep show had aroused them enough to cause them to daringly lift my skirt even though there were so many others around. Before I could think of anything to say, the one who had lifted my skirt suddenly raised his hand and firmly squeezed my left breast while he laughed and made a crude comment to his friend about how I, "sure was ripe for the picking". Even though his hand on my breast aroused me, I became upset that I didn't have any control of the situation. I roughly removed his hand and told him to leave me alone but I'm sure that he picked up on the fear in my voice because he looked like he wanted to rough me up a little bit more. Fortunately, a teacher walked by because otherwise I don't know what might have happened.

On the bus ride home, I was too ashamed to look at anyone so I just sat up front and stared at the floor. The girl sitting by me must have seen what had happened because after introducing herself as Lindsey, she told me that those two jerks were named Tom and Jim. Tom was the school ruffian and Jim was his mindless shadow, she explained. She also mentioned that they were fond of feeling up girls. She admitted that she too had been a victim of their uncontrollable lust. Looking at her I could see why. She was pretty with straight brown hair that came down just past her shoulders, brown, almond shaped eyes, and breasts slightly smaller than mine. Even though I still felt upset, I appreciated Lindsey's companionship and sympathy.

Arriving home, I couldn't hide the tension from my voice as I talked with mom. I remember throwing my bookbag onto the table and throwing myself into a chair. Oh, I love mom. She knew that I had had a bad day and so she wanted to console me. Unsure at first of how to proceed, I asked her about how I dress. Mom has always dressed in ways that tend to show off her body and accentuate her curves, so in a way, until that afternoon, I never considered that dressing like her was somehow wrong. Once she found out that a couple of boys had groped me, her eyes flashed angrily and her body seemed to stiffen as she sat next to me. Curiously though, the sense of anger in her face was immediately replaced with a look of smug satisfaction as she tensed her lips in a mischievous grin. I didn't know what to make of it as she stared into the air between us recalling some memory. I jolted her back from her reverie and she then proceeded to excitedly tell me that I could feel good about myself and that I had no need to feel ashamed of my body. She was patient with me but I could sense that she couldn't believe how naive I was as she hinted at the appendages that are found between the legs of the opposite sex.

It amazes even me; now that I think about it. I have had a curiosity about the male sexual organs for several years now but I was never brave enough to ask mom about them. They have always been so mysterious because except for a few isolated incidents, I have never seen a boy's penis or testicles.

About the time that dad left, mom decided to get a dog and for one reason or another, I have always been fascinated by the thingies hanging down between its hind legs. I was only nine years old when we first got it but I still remember mom often handling Fido's loosely hanging sack when she thought that no one was around. I can vividly recall Fido's whimpering mixed with my mom's muffled moaning as one of her hands rhythmically compressed his doggy sack while the other rubbed back and forth between her splayed legs. Funny now that I think about it, but I can also recall my dad emitting noises like Fido at times when he and my mom would be "playing". At the time I didn't think that he sounded like he was having fun, although mom assured me that he was. Either out of girlish curiosity or because I had seen mom doing it, I took to playing with Fido's testicles. Even now I get a kick out of slapping his sack so that his cute little doggie jewels swing wildly about between his legs. Poor Fido has the perfect pair for slapping because of how long his scrotum hangs down. It also occurs to me now why my older brother Dave would get so angry with me anytime he saw me doing that. At the time, I was unaware of the relationship between Fido's organs and a human male's organs. I was completely unaware of how sensitive testicles are; to me they were just silly playthings. (To be honest, they still are...haha)

At times growing up, I had heard girls in the neighborhood talk about, "kicking a boy in the 'balls' or 'nuts'," but I had never made the connection in my mind between those words and Fido's organs. I feel a little stupid now that I realize how much a boy's testicles resemble all of the slang words used to describe them. When mom talked so excitedly about how much fun it was to "play" with a boy's balls I found myself becoming aroused at the thought of striking out at such vulnerable targets and watching the discomfort play out on the boy's face as I played with his precious little balls. My nipples got so hard that I thought they might fall off and my pussy got so wet that I felt intoxicated just by rubbing my legs together. Mom, too, was enjoying the discussion and we could barely contain ourselves when all of a sudden David and his friend Jason came in the front door. As soon as we realized their arrival, (or realized the arrival of two pairs of unsuspecting nuts), we quickly decided to take action.

Since I don't have a baby brother, one of the few occasions that I have had to spy on a pair of balls came a few years back. David often suntans out back by the pool and on this occasion he decided to suntan in a pair of loose swimming trunks instead of in his Speedos. I was lying beside him reading a book when he brought his legs up bent at the knees. I continued to read but happened to glance over and see that his position had created a gap between his leg and the fabric of the shorts. I was so surprised at what I saw that I nearly dropped the book that I was holding. I remember seeing his left testicle hanging taunt in its sack and I could also make out the tip of his dick resting to the side. I continued to read while occasionally stealing glances over at him. The angle of the fabric hid most of his nutsack from view so I only had a vague impression of its size and shape, which really frustrated me!!

In a way I was looking forward to giving David a little payback for all the times that he has bossed me around. Over the last few years he's even been so rude as to feel my breasts or ass and pretend that it was an accident. Well, I thought, with a shudder of pleasure; if his danglers are anything like Fido’s this will be a lot of fun.

Mom took the lead and began to arouse David by pretending to accidentally expose her crotch under her short dress. I felt so excited watching mom make David hard that I wanted a crack at it. Calling Jason into the kitchen, I made sure that he got an eyeful of my plump ass cheeks as I "unknowingly" bent over in front of him. As I took my time, I watched with glee as his dick became stiff and pushed out the front of his loose basketball shorts. I then turned to face him and pretended to be shocked by his boner. I didn't know what mom would do at that point but she took hold of the situation, (literally, haha!!). Jason was so embarrassed by his obvious arousal that he dropped to the ground in an effort to hide his pointing manhood. Mom was behind him in a flash and before any of us realized what she was doing, she had her hand inside his shorts from behind. I don't think that I will ever forget the pained look of surprise that passed through Jason's bent figure as mom grasped his hanging sack in her experienced hand. Holding Jason prisoner by the balls, mom looked liked she used to look when playing with poor Fido's marbles. Jason's pathetic whimpering sounded a lot like Fido too and it aroused my nipples. I felt so proud that my mom could bring such a large male to whimpering like a dog that I cheered her on. He did deserve it too, didn't he?

I had temporarily forgotten about Dave but he didn't stand idly by for long as mom pleasured herself with his best friend's nuts. He jumped into action by coming around behind mom and giving her a dose of her own medicine. He thrust his large hands down her shirt, under her bra and started to savagely twist her aroused nipples. Now, I admit that I don't really know what it is like to be hit in the nuts, but David surely doesn't know what it's like for a woman to have her sensitive nipples attacked like that, I thought angrily. Now he's invited this on himself, I remember thinking with relish at the thought of taking a shot at his teenage balls. I'm sure that he was confident of his position because he didn't consider me a threat because I had never stood up to him before, never knew how. He is much stronger and muscular than me so I was never able to defend myself, until that afternoon that is. I got behind him and made sure that I was in good position before calling out to him about playing "ball". I made sure to use my best little girlish voice that I knew would annoy him. Sure enough, that annoyed him and he rudely shrugged me off. Oh well, I guess I can play with his balls anyway, I thought. I wasn't sure where to aim so I closed my eyes for a moment and brought to mind an image of Fido's hanging nutsack. Then opening my eyes, I imagined Fido's nutsack hanging between my brother's thighs, all loose and wrinkly. God, I get so horny just writing this down that I want to go out and find another bulging nutsack to play with.

The thought of Fido's nutsack resting between the thighs of my brother was so funny that I couldn't help but laugh as I took a step back. Stepping forward, I threw my right leg up so that the top of my foot caught my brother's nutsack square in the middle. His nuts squished between my foot and his body with an audible splat. In was kinda funny! No matter how old I get, I hope that I never forget the feeling that coursed through my body as my foot made contact with his dangling orbs. Up until that point, a guy's nuts were largely a mystery to me but that "first contact" was very enlightening. What I noticed first was that David's nuts were larger than I had ever imagined they'd be. They were heavier than I expected and so it was good that I kicked with such force. When they hit against his body, I felt them compress a little; kinda rubbery like. As my foot squashed them, the shockwave created at the point of impact seemed to travel up his body as he crumpled up at the middle. I felt a delicious mixture of pleasure and pride as I saw my bigger, stronger brother cradling his bruised fruit and kneeling at my feet. Damn! Mom was so right when she told me how much fun it is, "playing with an unsuspecting pair of nuts". Since David certainly looked like he was out for the count as he rolled back and forth on the floor, my insatiable curiosity got the best of me and I knelt down with the intention of finally seeing just what makes David a boy and at the mercy of little 'ol me.

I don't know what shocked me more, the size of his dick or the size of his oval shaped marbles. It took a little effort for me to pry his shaking hands off his stricken organs but once I had one of them firmly gripped between my thumb and forefinger he reluctantly let go and began to beg for freedom. Hearing his pain filled pleas was like music to my ears as I eagerly handled a pair of nuts, (other than Fido's of course), for the first time in my life. I was awestruck by the texture and quality of the bag holding his balls. It felt so warm in the palm of my hand but even more interesting was how soft and malleable it was. Poking my fingers into the sack between his resting nuts, I was mesmerized by how shiny it looked when stretched tight. Even though his nuts are so large, the skin of the sack was so loose that it seemed to ooze around and between my slender fingers, almost like a liquid as I rolled and bounced his eggs around. I felt drunk with the feeling of dominance that came by rendering such a muscular boy helpless just by "having him by the balls"!

Mom and I had a little more fun that night before retiring to bed. For a year or so now I have played with myself; yet, the sexual feelings that burned in my blood from incapacitating David created the strongest feelings that I had ever felt. I went to bed that night feeling both drained and wanting more!

The next morning, I awoke from a very restful sleep. Remembering the events of the previous afternoon, I excitedly went into mom's room and found her awake already. Animatedly discussing the fun that we had had with the boys last night got us worked up that we couldn't help ourselves. Some girls have sex on the brain, but just like my mom, I now have balls on the brain. As we quietly walked down the hallway, we began to hear the voices of the boys coming from the kitchen. Careful not to make much noise despite the anticipation that I felt at the thought of playing with a pair of soft balls again, I peered around the corner and noticed Dave and Jason going about breakfast. Mom and I couldn't help but notice the strange way in which the two of them were moving around; it looked like they were walking on eggshells and trying their hardest not to crack them. Mom explained that their nuts were so sore that they were trying to walk with the least amount of motion so that their sore nuts wouldn't bounce back and forth between their legs causing them discomfort. Aha, I thought giggling to myself out of amusement at their silly movements, it's not eggshells their trying not to crack; it's their little boy eggs that are in danger of cracking!! Ha, Ha, Ha! I never would have figured that out on my own...I wonder how mom knew about their uniquely male predicament. Moments later, Jason sat down at the table and after adjusting his boxers, I was totally surprised to see his enormously long scrotum pop out of the leg of his shorts. His nuts didn't appear to be as large as Dave’s but upon seeing his male sack lying so defenseless and out in the open like that, I was just barely able to restrain myself from running over to give them a good smack. Mom believed that it was more comfortable for him to have them hung out like that than to have them tucked up against his body where his body weight may accidentally squish them into the seat. I could only laugh and continue to marvel at my mom's insight. I don't have a pair of such sensitive nads dangling between my lovely thighs so I don't believe that I could ever imagine what boys go through, or the measures they take to preserve such funny organs. My pussy gets bumped and jostled all the time and I can't imagine how boys go through life with such precious, delicate fruit completely exposed and at the mercy of any and every object aimed at the juncture of their thighs. Especially with the size of fruit that these two pack around!!

Not knowing exactly how to proceed, we decided to just wing it. I was braless with only a t-shirt and a thong on and mom was wearing a pair of shorts and braless as well so we didn't think that it would be too difficult to trick them into letting us have some more fun with their nuts. I followed mom into the kitchen and she went directly to the table and sat down near Jason, who amazingly enough, forgot about his exposed nutsack that was drooping over the lip of the chair. How Funny! He must be caught up drinking in our bodies, I supposed. I went over to the cupboard to get the toaster and I began making some toast. I could feel the anger and resentment radiating from Dave as I passed him. I chuckled to myself knowing that it was because I had bruised more than just his ego. (Sometimes I crack myself up...but not like how I crack Dave up, Hehehe!!) After a minute of chit-chat I heard Dave get up and approach me from behind as he asked me how I slept. I couldn't resist mocking him by replying that I had slept o.k., but at least as good as he had. God, how I love mocking him about his inherent weakness. As I thought this, Dave roughly shoved me up against the counter while pinning me there with his body. My struggling was ineffective because he outweighed me by a lot. Ugggh, I thought, as his hands found my breasts and began to mold them. I could feel his massive dick began to push into my lower back; and his testicles bounce into my ass as he pushed into me. Knowing that he was thinking with his boner and not his brain, I placed my right leg between his so that I could spread his thighs far enough apart to drive my heel into his dangling nutsack. Once in position I decided that I would give him a warning just to tick him off, of course. He thought that he had the situation under control and sure enough he haughtily replied that I was helpless. Oh, big brother, your poor little balls are the helpless ones, I thought with a naughty grin. My nipples were good and hard; David probably assumed that it was because of his handling them when in reality I was giddy with pleasure as I imagined my heel impacting with the pink, wrinkly pouch holding his invitingly soft orbs.

SMACK!!!! My heel felt like it had melted into the warm, pliant flesh of his waiting scrotum only to rebound off of the twin orbs of his testicles, effectively crushing them against his pelvic bone. Goddamn! I felt an incredible rush of guilty pleasure flowing in my sex as he was caught in mid-grope; his hands flying down to carefully cradle his throbbing nuts while his voice escaped from his throat in a painful, girl-like shriek. And to think, I could have been having this much fun for years, if only I had known!! I turned to see mom beaming with pride. As I watched with amusement at Dave's awful writhing, mom turned to Jason and after a cute remark about 'ballsies', she unexpectedly brought her leg up and pinned his loose nutsack to the chair with her foot. I winced as I saw his body start to jolt upwards because of the sudden pain and surprise of mom's ruthless sneak attack. His upward momentum stopped abruptly however, because mom had him firmly anchored to the chair by his ballsack! Oouuchh!! I can still recall the paralyzed look of pain plastered on his features as mom slowly squashed his flattened balls between her foot and the chair. She indulgently relished his begging, pleading and utter helplessness as she taunted him, "Aaawww, what's wrong, Jason? You look kinda I hurting you? Why don'tcha just get up and leave, huh. Oh yeah... silly me, I forgot! Poor you..... can't go anywhere with your precious little ballsack pinned to the chair, can ya? Ha, Ha.. All those big muscles and no way to use 'em. Bummer, huh!!

Once mom had finished toying with Jason, she eagerly volunteered to teach me the proper ball kicking technique so we stripped our reluctant boy toys naked and herded them into the living room by the balls. Standing them side-by-side I was totally engrossed in the contrast between the size and shape of their packages. David's wiener was both long and thick while Jason's on the other hand was just as long but thinner. I smiled wickedly as I again compared their ballbags. David's bag didn't hang so low but his balls were noticeably plumper so to speak. Jason made up for his lack of ball size by the fact that his scrotum was much looser and longer. It hung several inches below the tip of his dick!! Because of our extended grip on them, both of the sacks were an angry red color instead of the pinkish color that they normally had. "Well mom," I stated flipping my hair with my free hand grinning, "looks like we got ourselves a coupla' well hung studs, huh." Giggling with shared delight in our positions of female control, both mom and I gave into the irresistible urge to play with ourselves as we determined the best way to proceed.

"First," mom began, "we've got to make sure that their dicks don't get in the way to soften the blow." Looking our captives in the face, she said, "we wouldn't want that now would we?" Ignoring their sobbing moans she continued, "Now boys, you wanted a feel, huh...well now you get one. Lift up our shirts and start a' groping," she demanded, giving Jason's trapped nuts an emphatic twist. With a terrific wince of pain on his face, Jason's hands immediately sought out mom's full breasts. It didn't take long for Jason's veined prick to stand at attention, jutting up from his captured sack.

At first, I stared amazed by my mom's dominant demeanor and how sure she was of her position of control, but I joyfully followed her lead when Dave pigheadedly refused.

I narrowed my eyes and lazily twirled my hair around one of my fingers as I stared at Dave. Slowly, with a little pout on my lips and while innocently looking him in the eyes, I firmly grasped his left nut in my hand, pulled up on it and twisted. The pain brought him up on tiptoe and he nearly lost his balance. I was nearly overcome by the hilarity of it but I managed to suppress my laughter as his hands reluctantly found the ripe flesh of my breast. As he massaged and kneaded my soft breasts, I eased up a bit on his nut. His groping had the expected result as his penis began to stiffen and elongate. I stared open-mouthed in wonder at the sheer size of it! The head pointed up as if inspecting me and the flesh along the length of it looked so tightly strained, I thought that it might just go off like a loaded gun any second. Both boys were now moaning with unrestrained pleasure as the rolling flesh of our breasts filled their hands.

Leading Jason down onto his knees, mom threatened to castrate him if he moved an inch. After having gone through so much abuse at her hands, the terror marking his features told us he wouldn't dare. Dave continued to grope me while looking at the dire plight of his best friend. Silently sobbing, Jason's boner bounced up and down a bit and his balls wobbled around as he nervously closed his eyes and awaited the dreaded impact. In this position, I noticed that his right nut was hanging lower than the left and, after mentioning this amusing oddity to mom, she laughingly replied that she would fix that. She took a step back and then coming forward again threw her dainty foot up between his spread legs, sending a spasm of sickening pain through his powerful body as his nuts were crushed. His sack was so loose that his balls seemed to separate a bit as they rested on her foot until they got squished into his body with a loud slap.

"Oh, YESSSS!!" mom gushed victoriously as Jason crumpled up crying and grasping at his mashed balls. The smile of pleasure lighting her face urged me on.

I really wanted to relish the complete control that I had over my big brother so I pretended to be disgusted with the rude display of his massive erection. I got such a thrill from pretending that kicking him in the balls was punishment for such crude behavior. Threatening to give him unbearable pain in his little balls, (I love to talk to him like he is a little kid), was enough to make him stand still with his muscled thighs spread, invitingly exposing his pendulous balls. I took a small step back because I wanted to give his balls a good whack with my knee. I wish now that I had thought to have a camera at the time to capture how frightened and defeated he looked towering before me. The exquisite pleasure I felt as he cowered there in anticipation was payback for the numerous times that he had grabbed one of my breasts or had mercilessly beaten me up. He had used his stronger body to have his way before, but now, I would use that same body to have my way. Commanding him to close his eyes and count to three, I pumped myself up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw mom in caught up in playing with herself. I waited until Dave had just counted to two, (It'll be even more fun if he's not ready, haha), before stepping inside his stance and thrusting my knee up with all my might. Those many years of soccer had come in handy as the muscles in my tanned leg drove my thigh into his fuzzy, nut-filled pouch. I think we both came at the same time- me with unbridled joy- Dave with gut-wrenching pain. Before I could remove my leg, he had bent up double and was sliding over it onto the ground.

As I write this I can hear the painful yelp that shot out of his throat just before he began to struggle for breath. Since it was my first time ever, "kneeing a guy in the nads", I can still feel the satisfying smack of his yielding ball flesh on the smooth skin of my lower thigh. OOhhhh, I'm so hungry for more I can't help myself!

Now that David and Jason were both "sacked", and out of commission, mom and I busied ourselves with the irresistible urges coursing through our bodies. Looking back, I can see that we really spent some quality time together as a family. I think that mom and I truly bonded with the boys' balls and we look forward to some more ballgames.

Hmmm... I wonder how Tom and Jim would like me to play with their naughty little balls........?


Anonymous said...

I love the descriptions of Fido, and his role as a plaything. This blog needs more stories about well-endowed animals!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could have Fido accidentally catch his balls in a closing door, or some other unfortunate accident.