Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Naive Daughter's Not so Naive Aunt

By daylight23

"Hello? Oh, Patty, what a surprise," I exclaimed with unfeigned but pleasant surprise. "I can't believe how long it has been since I last heard your voice. Boy, I imagine it's been a year at least since we last spoke, eh?"

Patty is my younger sister, I think she's thirty or so by now and has a personality very much like mine. We were probably the closest of all the siblings, we spent a lot of time growing up together but it seems so long ago now...

"Yes, at least a year, but you sound good. God, it feels good to talk with you after so long. What have you and the kids been up to? Kids are back in school, right?"

"Yup, school got underway last week; Amanda is in eighth and David is in tenth this year. I have just been savoring the last few days of my vacation before I've got to head back to work. Ya know how that is."

"Tell me about it," she said with a tired air, "sometimes the days really seem to drag. I don't know if I told you already but I have only one more year here at the University before I graduate, and as far as I'm concerned, graduation can't come soon enough."

Hearing the exhaustion evident in her voice caused me to feel for her. Though not a very large woman, Patty stays active. She is as tall as I am, has a more muscled, toned figure than me, and instead of brown hair like mine, she has an auburn reddish color hair that she wears curly most of the time. I remember how much energy she usually radiates in her speech and movements. In many ways, she was the most outgoing and active of all the kids in our family and as we grew closer together over the years a lot of that enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Still, I don't consider myself to be as uninhibited as her, and that's really saying something.

"My, Patty. You sound completely drained. Has work and school really been that grueling? I wish that there was something I could do to help you out."

"Thanks, sis, actually I'm calling because I've got a short break before school resumes and I wanted to come spend it with you and the kids. I haven't seen them for so long, I bet they've just shot up like weeds, uh," she said excitedly.

"Sure! We'd love to have ya. I know that Amanda would just love to see you again." Realizing how much Amanda had blossomed over this past week as I had introduced her to the joys of cracking her older brother's nuts, not only made me smile with maternal pride but also recalled to mind the ballbusting adventures that Patty and I had shared as teenagers. Remembering the gusto with which Patty would assault the neighborhood boys' balls-not to mention our brother Dan's balls-reminded me of the unabashed delight that Amanda took in tormenting Dave. Damn, Patty was just as addicted to nut cracking as I was. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to determine which one of us was more into it. Maybe it's in the genes, I surmised.

This welcome reminiscence was making my blood burn with the possibilities that presented themselves to my fevered mind. My nipples were hardening under my halter top, my pussy began to tingle and I had to bring my breathing under control before revealing the nature of my current thoughts to Patty. I had no doubt that she would be an eager party to any activities that involved tormenting a pair of unprotected nuts.

"Say, Patty, now's a perfect time for you to come visit us. You'll never guess what Amanda and I have been up to this past week. We have really bonded and grown closer together as a family; though, David may argue with that statement," I said excitedly, if not somewhat cryptically.

"Man! Do you sound excited!," and after a short pause she continued, "Well, if I recall correctly, there's only one thing in the world that turns you into a gushing, breathless little girl, and that would be wrapping your hungry little hands around a scrotum and giving the owner something to really scream about. Am I correct in assuming that you have tutored Amanda in the arts of ballbusting, with David's balls being the unwitting accomplices? How Great!!"

I grinned as she correctly read my thoughts. "You got it! And did I hear a hint of eagerness in your voice or was that just my imagination?" I teasingly taunted.

"I can't fool you, but how could I when we've enjoyed busting so many boys over the years. I'm pleased to hear that you've kept the tradition alive with Amanda. Ya' know, we may just be the first in a long line of nutbusters; this is something that we can pass down from mother to daughter. Wouldn't that be something, ha!" she said with a burst of laughter. "Of course, we have to keep it somewhat hush-hush or else we'd scare off any prospective males marrying into the family. What a tragedy.... can't bust balls without a male around," she stated matter-of-factly.

Amazing, I thought to myself, she is so candid when it comes to roughing up a pair of nuts. Most girls are hesitant, if not downright squeamish when it comes to inflicting pain on a set of male genitals, let alone talking about it.

Noting her unique love of ballbusting sent my mind spiraling back to one of the earliest memories that I can recall of our ballbusting escapades…

Patty must have been eleven and that would have made me thirteen, about the same age as Amanda is now. We were like two peas in a pod and coincidentally, that was about the same time that we discovered, "two peas in a pod", if you catch my drift, hehehehe.

In addition to Patty, I have two brothers. One of them, (named Dan), as far as age goes, was smack dab between Patty and I. As children, the three of us were close; always playing, roughhousing, and generally goofing off together. As young'in, we grew up in a rural, farming community, which provided us with many opportunities to romp around outdoors, so naturally there were occasions when we'd be out by the swimming hole buck naked and carefree. We never thought anything of it; never questioned why Dan had a little finger and a coupla' raisins situated between his thighs. I was into puberty for at least a year and had developed a healthy curiosity in the mysteriously foreign organs found between the legs of my brother by the time that Patty's breasts began to bud and she followed me into puberty.

It just so happened that Patty and I were over at the neighbor's house playing with their daughter, Jennifer, who was our same age, when the topic of "balls", came up. Apparently for some time now, Paul, (Jennifer's older brother), had decided to taunt, tease and otherwise torment her on any occasion; but her mother had taken notice and had secretly pulled her aside to enlighten her as to the weakness dangling between her older brother's thighs. Armed with this knowledge, Jennifer excitedly shared this puzzling secret with us and I believe that it was then that I first felt the stirrings of sexual pleasure in my young mound. I listened intently as Jennifer revealed how completely sensitive and vulnerable the rounded sack of male nutflesh is. Turning to look at Patty's reaction, I wasn't surprised to see utter glee dancing in her large brown eyes. It turned out that Jennifer had not yet tested the wisdom of her mom's advice and so we were left to only giggle hysterically as we vividly imagined the reaction that, "ball pain", would create in a boy.

"Hey Jennifer," exclaimed Patty eagerly, "how 'bout ya say we go'n find Paul and see just what ball pain does to a boy? I reck'n we can mak'em cry and beg for mommy. Whaddya say?"

Jennifer appeared much more timid at the prospect of taking on her stronger, older brother despite her mother's assurances that his twin weaknesses more than made up for her lack of physical strength.

"I...uhhh...I don't know. Ya know, what if we just make 'em mad and one of us ends up gittin hurt?" Jennifer weakly replied. "I don't want one 'aya hurt on my account."

I still felt the aftereffects of the stimulating conversation and so my pussy spoke up for me in the affirmative.

"I vote we go'n teach 'em a lesson he won't never forget," I stated in the most confident voice I could muster. "When we get through with him, he'll be wishin’ he were a girl an' didn't have no balls between his legs."

Patty's and my combined effort were sufficient to convince Jennifer of the pleasure we would surely feel by inflicting untold pain on her brother's balls. We huddled there in her room and formed a war plan: I would distract him with my body, since I was the most developed; while he was distracted, Patty would shuck his shorts down to his ankles; and Jennifer had the envious role of delivering the first shot to his naked nuts. I can still remember the giddiness that coursed through our adolescent bodies as we determined the most horrible pain to inflict on his boy balls.

As we concluded our plans, we heard Paul burst through the front door, screaming about being hungry. We all crept downstairs trying our hardest not to give away our well-laid plans but the anticipation was almost unbearable. We muffled our snickers and chuckles the best we could as we found Paul in the kitchen, hungrily snarfing down some cake. I took up my position near him as planned but my heart began to beat in wild fear at the thought of what we were undertaking. Having had no previous experience to lean on, I was daunted by the size of his frame and the thought of what he could do to us. He had just come from the local watering hole so he was decked out in nothing but his swim trunks. His lean muscles still glistened faintly from the water on his tanned skin and I focused on that instead of looking him in the eyes. Surely, he'll see my fear if I look him in the eyes.

Since my breasts were the largest, actually, by that time they were quite full already, I was the designated bait and I started to shoot the breeze with him, all the while making sure that he had a clear view down my low cut tank top. Not wearing a bra that day made the task all the easier, I thought, with a sly grin as his eyes were drawn like a magnet to my plump, swelling breasts.

During this interchange, Patty had nonchalantly strolled to his rear, taking up position behind him and nervously awaited for me to wink. That was our secret signal for her to shank him. Jennifer, on the other hand, had come up beside me and had joined in the conversation. She evidently noticed the effect that my exposed breasts were having on her brother's penis because her eyes grew wide as his boner strained at his trunks. It's now or never, I thought with a gasp. Moving slightly to the side in order to give Jennifer total access to her brother's hanging fruit; I gave the secret signal to Patty, who, by this time had positioned her hands an inch breadth from either side of Paul's waist.

Paul, who had been entranced by my lush curves, was caught completely off guard as Patty had his shorts down in a blink of an eye. I will never forget the surprise that lit his face when he found himself as bare as a baby in front of all us girls. I think all four of us stood transfixed for a moment, as if time had stopped. Jennifer and I stood with our mouths agape and our eyes bugging out at the site of Paul's erection popping free from the confines of his trunks. That was a first for both of us and the image of his teenage boner bobbing up and down in front of me has remained indelibly imprinted in my mind ever since. The other image so deeply imprinted on my mind, and which has since become the basis of my fetish, was that of his pink, wrinkly scrotum. To recall the earlier analogy, the round spheres resting under his erection reminded me of "two peas in a pod."

Then, just as time seemed to start up again, Jennifer stepped forward and planted her foot deep into his defenseless sack. It happened so quickly that none of us had time to really react, and I honestly don't remember where her foot connected exactly with his testicles. Despite that, the sharp slap of her foot smacking into the supple male flesh continues to reverberate inside my mind just as it echoed into our virgin ears on that day. My ears, like the rest of me, have been hooked ever since!

As his brain registered the fiery pain shooting up from his throbbing orbs, his face became a mask of agony. His shaking limbs brought his cupped hands down in an effort to cradle away the nauseating pain, but it was fruitless and with a groan, he fell over.

We were all rendered speechless by this display of total incapacitation. Never in our wildest imaginations had we thought that a blow to a boy's balls would render him utterly helpless and in such agony. Patty was the first to "awaken", and with a triumphant whoop, her satisfaction came spilling out in a jumble of words.

"Hoooly Coow! It worked like a charm. Damn, Jennifer, your mom wasn't kiddin' when she claimed that your big 'ol brother would go down like a sack a potatoes with nothin’ more than just a love tap aimed at them little 'ol balls his! We done bagged ourselves a boy, and in right in his puny little bag no less!

I was quickly swept up in my sister's exuberance and I marveled at the extreme sensitivity of this boy's balls. How could they be so delicate, I wondered to myself. I felt another strong stirring between my legs as I watched Jennifer's older brother writhe around on the floor at our feet. If one only heard his god awful moaning, one would most likely believe that he was holding onto dear life; holding onto his nuts as if they were in danger of falling off.

Jennifer was the last who seemed to gather her wits about her. I think now that she probably harbored the most guilt for what we had done. However, her anxiousness soon melted away before the rays of my sister's boasting and strutting. She, too, began to mock Paul.

"Awww, look at big, strong paulie, waulie down there on the ground. What happened, paulie? Did little sister maka a hurt in your teensie weensie baaallllss, huhhh?"

"Yeahhh, poor baby has an ouchie in his puny little marbles," my sister chimed in. "I don't think big, bad baby here is so tuff anymore, do you?" she asked, turning to Jennifer and me.

Patty and I returned home shortly thereafter. Both of us were so worked up with our newfound power over anyone of the opposite sex, that we couldn't get much sleep that night. The next morning we both awakened with an appetite for balls. How to satisfy this craving was foremost on our minds as we went through the motions of the morning chores.

Prior to this point in our lives, not only was I much more timid than Patty, but Dan's balls hadn't dropped yet, thus making any experiment or investigation of his curious globes next to impossible. However, once Patty hit puberty, Dan hit as well. And with the dropping of his balls, we were granted our wish-a pair of male nuts to play with to our hearts content.

Patty and I couldn't help but take an active curiosity in his rapidly developing equipment. Although our parents strongly discouraged us from frolicking naked since we had now developed breasts, balls, etc. From long habit we were most comfortable in our birthday suits and so Patty and I had ample opportunity to feast our eyes on Dan's ever-developing sausage and eggs.

It was a hot summer day not too many days since our nutcracking initiation over at Jenny's house that the three of us, (Patty, Dan, and me), decided to skip our afternoon chores in favor of going down to the swimming hole to swim. I remember how well we used to get along, but for one reason or another, during that summer Dan had become more and more of a bully. When he played or wrestled with Patty and me, he was more rough and abusive. Less careful of our feelings or our bodies. Patty and I would sit and talk by ourselves at times and wonder what had gotten into him. I guess that maybe it was the testosterone kicking in or something. Regardless of the reasons, for our intent and purposes, his bullying would serve as all the excuse that we would need to haul off and smack him good between the legs.

The three of us dashed down the wooded path. Patty and I had determined earlier that we would use this opportunity to get a shot in on Dan's balls so we were dashing for entirely different reasons than Dan, which was amusing in itself.

Arriving at the edge of the lake, we madly shucked off our clothing and began diving head-first into the water. The water was unusually warm because of the unseasonably high temperatures that we had had that summer which made us all the more crazy and playful in our games. Before arriving at the swimming hole, neither of us had formed a very concrete plan as to how or why we would hit Dan's testicles.

That all changed after about twenty minutes or so. Patty and I were in the lake, playfully splashing water at each other, in fact, we were so immersed in our jovial antics that we had temporarily forgotten about our, "mission", until Dan, (again for reasons unknown), grabbed up Patty's clothing and my clothing and hid them under some brush where we were unable to find them.

"Heeeyyy Giirrllllsss," he taunted, as he stood yelling from the shore; his hands placed on his hips. "Whatever happened to your clothing, and... oh my, look who's coming," he said with pretend alarm.

We immediately stopped our play to gaze over in the direction of his gesturing. Wiping the water from my eyes so that I could better see who was ambling down the path, my heart almost stopped as my ears made out the owner's voice. Alarmed, I paddled up to Patty and breathed my worst fear: It was Paul!! He was nearly to the bank as Patty and I were stuck in the water, not knowing where our clothes were.

I don't think that word of what we had done to Paul had yet made its way down the grapevine to Dan. Obviously, Paul himself was mortally ashamed of how we had exploited his inherent weakness, but we three girls had managed to keep our mouths shut around Dan so as not to clue him off. We wanted him ripe and ready as could be when we took to clobbering his nuts.

All we could do was stand in the water and watch how this unique situation would play out. I was terrified of what Paul might do to us but I looked over at Patty and drew strength from the confidence that she radiated in our determined countenance. She noticed my trepidation and as Dan foolishly trotted up to converse with Paul a few yards from shore, she effectively hushed my fears with her assurances.

"C'mon sis, we got this situation under control. Them two boys haven't got a chance against us, with them precious little balls of theirs wobblin' around down there between their legs. Hell, I figure I could juice 'em both once I got their delicate boy fruit trapped within in my little vices," she confidently claimed. She jostled my ribs with her elbow and turning her back to the boys, gave me a playful wink while raising her right palm up into the air between us. Careful to make sure she shielded her motions with her back, she playfully stuck her tongue out and scrunched up her eyes as she pretended to enclose the fingers of her right hand around one of the boy's nutsacks and squeeze with all her might. Her amusing contortions broke through the fear that I had previously felt and I too imagined with delicious excitement the feeling of wrapping up a warm, yummy, nut-filled pouch within my slender, silky grip and then pulling and yanking on its contents like a rubber band.

The boys had finished their greetings and as we turned to face our teenage tormentors, we were met with a pair of cunning smiles that adorned their supremely confident statures. They stood and smirked at us, the wicked gleam in their eyes telling us how assured they felt in their position of control. Paul had on the same pair of swimming trunks, and Dan was still in the buff; his well-developed penis flapped around a bit over his swaying scrotum as he chuckled at our predicament. His balls were out of hiding because of how warm the day was. Perfect, I thought, all the better to grab you with my brother!

"Looky what we got here...if it isn't my sister's naughty friends," Paul yelled out with a smirk. "An in the nude, too. Really now, you didn't have to do this for me, even though I did enjoy the show you gave me in my house the other day."

"Is your memory as short as that little tadpole you got there in your shorts, or are you just plain dumb," retorted Patty, with all the venom she could spit out. "We whipped ya good one time and I can clearly see you're beggin' fer seconds. We'll be more than happy to oblige if you'd be so kind as to throw us our clothes, seeing how you got us at a disadvantage an' all."

The audacity of my sister's remarks caused both boys to tremble from rage. I could just hear their thoughts. 'How dare she mock us.', ‘who does this little slip of a girl think she is?', 'she caught me off guard, that's all. I'll show her!

As they fumed on the shore, I decided to make my move. I slowly began to ascend from the water as I walked up the slope of the beach. My unhurried movements caused the water to slip from my body with teasing slowness. I could see that my ripe, curvy figure was once again wrecking havoc with their teenage lust. How funny it is that their balls are the source of both their strength and their weakness, I contemplated as I saw my brother's dick rising to greet me. Patty was close on my heels and we eventually came to stand in front of both boys. We stood with our legs apart and our hands on our hips as we stared them down with as much hostility in our gaze as we could. It was difficult because my gaze continued to drop down to the sight of their semi-hard erections.

"Since, were naked, why don't you join us, Paul, and see if you have what it takes," challenged my sister. She was really working over their male pride, and by the looks of her nipples I could see that she was enjoying it. The boys couldn't miss the tantalizing sight of her engorged nipples either and it didn't take them long to take her up on her obviously misguided challenge.

"All right. You've got it. I play your little game but by the time this is over, you'll be beggin’ for me to give it to ya. I know you got the eye for my dick and I'll be more than happy to give you a taste of a real man," returned Paul with a wink.

Once we were all in the buff, I squared off against Dan, while Patty and Paul went at it.

Dan came charging at me and before I could react, he knocked me flat on my butt. I landed hard and my naked breasts wobbled around with the impact. As quickly as I could, I managed to get onto my hands and knees before Dan swooped down on me to lock his arms around my neck in a headlock.

"Aggghh," I choked as the breath was constricted in my throat. Damn, Dan had immobilized my head and I was unable to get to my feet or kick out at him. He had knelt down by my side in order to maintain his crushing grip around my neck. I reminded myself that although he had surprised me and gained the upper hand, he was still a boy and therefore had a defenseless ballbag hanging not far out of reach. My pussy felt wet with anticipation as I positioned my self and prepared to deal my brother a crushing blow to his nuts.

WHACK!! My right fist found its intended target vulnerably suspended in mid-air and totally at the mercy of my female spite. Oh God! My legs felt rubbery as my fist pounded into his immature balls, sending them back up into his body from where they had only so recently descended. Ohh, yess! I exulted, as I felt my brother's weight slid from off me with a groan of pain and come to rest on the ground.

The blow to his balls had sucked the air from his lungs and the blood from his rapidly shriveling dick, as he desperately sought to quench the burning in his loins. How Goddamn lucky am I, I wondered to myself. I silently thanked whatever gods there were that I didn't have such silly appendages protruding from my body where they could by whacked and smacked around by a weak little girl such as me. One minute, he's in control and the next he's balled up in agony-who woulda thought, huh!

With Dan out of the way, I turned my attention to Patty and Paul, who had been circling one another, warily sizing the other up. Whereas Dan had not felt that kind of pain in his eggs before, Paul had, and he had decided to be more cautious than my brother had been. They had each traded blows with the other but neither had decided to wholly commit themselves. I watched with fascination as Paul's penis and balls bounced around between his legs as he jumped and darted. His balls looked so invitingly vulnerable as they flopped around like jelly in their pendulous sack.

With a sudden movement, Patty rushed at him and faked a right cross at his face. Knowing that he would bring his arms up to block her punch, she then stepped into his guard and viciously propelled her left thigh up and into his gelatinous sack. The looseness of his ballsack was advantageous to him, for his balls seemed to squirt out either side as her knee collided with his body. Maybe it was a glancing blow, although the yelp that echoed from his throat sent shivers of sexual pleasure down my spine. Patty realized that she hadn't immobilized him with her knee so she sent a flurry of attacks into his face, aiming for his eyes, nose, ears, anything that she could hit. Paul was taken aback by the fierceness of her attack and although his heavy-laden balls had taken a hit, he had to reluctantly pull his hands away from them in order to fend her off. I watched my little sister take this bigger, stronger guy apart with pride. She was methodical in her approach and supremely confidant in her attack. She saw just as I did the fact that his swaying balls were once again at her mercy.

Since his balls were swinging so freely in their furry pouch, Patty decided to reach out and snatch a hold of them instead of risking another kick. With his hands about his bruised head, she easily seized them out of mid-air as they swung out invitingly into her waiting hands. No sooner were Paul's nuts taken prisoner within my sister's triumphant grasp than an unholy shriek leapt from his lungs. Patty had firmly locked her small fingers around the thin neck of scrotal skin directly below his semi-hard boner and had then yanked his trapped nuts down into the bottom of their sack.

The pain induced by such savage force caused Paul to begin blubbering and crying. I couldn't help myself and I felt the twinges of an orgasm coming on. Patty, herself, looked close to orgasm as she savored the power she held over her captive male.

When she saw me looking over at her she encouraged me to grab Dan by the balls and bring him over. She didn't need to invite me twice. I eagerly hopped over to where Dan lay in a semi-conscious heap and authoritatively clamped my young hand around his ballbag. Ahhhh, the ecstasy that filled my soul as my brother's warm, gooey sack filled my hand. I never imagined such exquisite pleasure could be possible as he diligently followed my lead. He has NO CHOICE!! I happily cried within myself. I've got him by the balls and I can do absolutely ANYTHING I want!!

We had reduced both boys to groveling by the time that we had them standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Patty and I fed off their pleadings and laughed at their painful predicament.

"Whadhya know, sis," said Patty amusingly. "Who woulda thought that these two muscular lads would be a quiverin and snivelin' in front of two weak little girls like us?"

"Yeah, who woulda guessed," I gleefully responded. "Careful Patty! Seeing how soft and spongy these two boys feel, we wouldn't want to mash their fruit too badly. Never know how long it would take for them to recover, hahaha."

Patty had remembered Paul's arrogant comment regarding his dick and she wasn't yet satisfied with the dominance that she maintained on him.

"Well now, pretty boy. What was that about me having eyes for your dick, hhmm? You were so wrong, buddy, I have eyes for your cute little balls, but I wouldn't be interested in such a puny little prick. It looks like an earthworm to me, right sis."

Paul's penis was not yet fully developed, at least I hope for his sake that it wasn't and I laughingly joined my sister's wicked tormenting. "You can say that again. Uughh, looks like you need to eat your spinach Paul so that you can get a little muscle down there, hehehe."

"Well, sis," said Patty, "let's give these two sorry excuses for boys a well-deserved farewell."

Ignoring their pleas, we positioned their trapped nuts over our hovering knees before mercilessly launching our lithely muscled thighs upwards. Our thighs seemed to collide with their bulging balls simultaneously, and we let go of their screaming testicles as they collapsed in a heap of arms and legs.

The extreme pleasure that I felt that afternoon has stayed with me over the years and no matter how many times that I have indulgently busted some poor guy's nuts, I guess that my first time was the sweetest.

Bringing myself back to the present and the conversation with Patty, I told her of what I had been recollecting and we shared a hearty laugh together. Talk of balls really got our engines revved and so we excitedly made plans for her stay with us. Amanda has a lot to learn yet, and I can't think of a better mentor than my nut-lovin sister. Those two will no doubt have plenty of common ground, I thought with a smile. We set up arrangements for her to come down this weekend and as we parted on the phone, I felt a sharp pang of hunger stab my stomach....or was that a sharp stab of hunger in my sex....?

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