Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Natalie the Ball Player

By daylight23

"Damn, Damn, Damn," I thought to myself, as I saw Natalie enter the school. "Look at those spectacular legs, so smooth and firmly muscled, striding confidently under her white skirt." Her matching white tennis blouse did a poor job of taking my attention from her honey-toned legs. Being a member of the girl's tennis team, she often wore a sports bra that always looked ready to burst its straps in an effort to restrain her ample breasts. And today was no different. I briefly wondered to myself what size her melons must be, for it was so hard to distinguish their size under her sports bra. My dick hardened rapidly as I vividly imagined her walking braless; her small melons playfully wrestling under her thin cotton shirt with every step she took.

"Oh Hello, Jake," she said hesitantly, with a look of question on her face. She was looking at my face, and as I met her eyes I dearly hoped that my long shirt adequately covered my raging hard-on.

Natalie is a senior and I am just a sophomore, and not a really popular one at that. I mean, I'm not considered a nerd or a geek, but Natalie is one of the most popular girls in school. She has so many friends and is a part of so many activities that I was totally taken aback that she was even aware of my name. It took me a second to recover from my surprise.

"Good Morning," I managed to stammer out. My face was a little red but from the look of her face, I didn't believe that she knew neither my discomfort nor the reason for it. It was early still, with not many students having arrived yet. I was here to help with the decorations for the assembly and dance coming up. "I wonder what she's here for," I silently thought before working up my courage to talk to her. "My goodness, you look really pretty Natalie," I said while willing my dick to behave itself. Might as well start with a compliment, huh.

Upon hearing my genuine compliment, her face radiated warmth. Her round doe-like brown eyes sparkled as her full lips opened to reveal an engaging smile. A few wisps of her straw colored hair covered her forehead while the rest of her medium length hair was pulled back across her head and bobbing in a loose ponytail.

"Well, thank you very much, what a nice compliment," she returned with a sincere smile. "What are you doing here so early, Jake?" she asked with an innocent tone to her voice. "God," I thought, "both her voice and her body melt my insides. What did I do to deserve this? Is this reward or punishment, I can't tell because while I liked the attention, I almost wished that I could hurry to the bathroom and relieve the tension building up in my nuts."

"I'm here to help set up the decorations for homecoming. There are posters, pictures, lots of things that we're setting up in the hall, on the walls, and throughout the school. What are you doing here so early, tennis practice?"

She gave a little laugh before answering, "No, tennis practice isn't until after school. I'm here to help with the decorations too. Mrs. Sanders asked me to come help you because she said that she wouldn't be able to get here so early this morning. Is that o.k.?" She seemed to notice my discomfort by the way she asked that question. Or maybe she noticed how difficult it was for me to keep my eyes from traveling down the length of her body. As she talked, she had adjusted her book bag on her back in such a way as to pull the thin fabric of her tennis blouse tight across her swelling chest, giving me an opportunity to spy her breasts as they sat concealed under her bra.

"Oh God, please make me strong," I begged under my breath making sure she didn't hear my heaven-sent plea.

Making sure that I held my voice steady, I replied, "Definitely. I guess that would be okay… No, I uhh...I mean, that would be wonderful. Lemme just put my stuff in my locker and then we can go get the posters and things out of Mrs. Sanders’ room." We had been chatting in the school lobby just inside from the main entrance doors. As I responded, I had lost control of my eyes and they had wandered down to her petite feet enclosed in athletic shoes and white ankle-length socks before hungrily swallowing in the rounded curves of her athletic legs. However, my lust filled gaze was halted from continuing up the swelling curve of her firm thighs by the loose, white tennis skirt that she wore. Several days before, I had passed the tennis courts on my way home and seeing that the girls were playing, I had stopped and watched just outside of the fence surrounding the courts in hopes that I could get a glimpse of ass as their movement carried their skirts up. Their occasional twisting movements and serving did give rare glimpses of their panty-clad asses but it was always so fleeting. Just as I was about to go, figuring that seeing up their skirt for such short glimpses was more painful than pleasurable, Natalie had come over to the fence and had begun to rummage around in her bag for something. My eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets as her raised skirt revealed that her white tennis panties had ridden up her ass, exposing half of her creamy smooth cheeks. No sooner had my dick raised to attention than she straightened up again, jogged back out to the court, her breasts bouncing in motion with her steps. I then decided that I was a fan of girl's tennis and would be showing my support regularly.

"Sounds good," she responded, her words pulling me back from the crystal clear memory of her firm ass, "I've just got to go upstairs and put my books in my locker as well and then I'll meet you back downstairs at Mrs. Sanders’ room, okay?"

"Sure, well, I'll see you in a few then," I said as she cheerily turned and started for the stairs. Just then, my boner must have communicated with my mind because I hit upon a great idea that would give me a view of her ass. The school was basically one long hallway with few corridors branching off from the main corridor; however, from the main lobby there were two sets of stairs leading up to the second floor. The second floor itself was one long hallway that ran the length of the main floor along one side. Both the stairwells and the second floor were a voyeur's fantasy come true because both had metal railings lining the edge allowing one to see all who walked along them. Often between classes and at lunchtime, I would try to position myself so that I could secretly look up the skirt of any girl that mistakenly walked along the railing. More often than not I was left disappointed because the girls were too aware to knowingly expose themselves, although there were a few instances when the crowd of students pushed them from the middle of the hall and they would be forced to try and tuck their dress up against their legs to prevent a free peep show. This was my lucky morning though because there weren't any other students around and maybe if I wished hard enough, Natalie might just forget about the possibility of anyone looking up her skirt as she went upstairs to her locker.

With my straining boner leading the way and my eyes fastened on the back of her bouncing skirt, I stealthily followed her from the lobby to the south staircase. I could barely contain my excitement as she approached the staircase and my inner pleadings seemed to direct her to the outside of the staircase, along the railing. "Oh shit, yea!" I quietly said as I made sure to give her time to ascend up the stairs ahead of me as I followed underneath. Step by step, my eyes followed the tanned lines of her thighs as her ascent gradually revealed more and more of her legs until her ass began to flash me under the swishing material of her skirt. To my disappointment, though, I discovered that she was wearing her usual white tennis panties. Unlike bikini briefs or thongs, they cover the entire ass and are not very erotic. The only upside was that they were pulled tight against her ass, and so I could clearly enjoy the full form of her rounded globes. All of a sudden though, my show ended quite abruptly as she suddenly stopped and bent to retie her shoelace that had come undone. As she stooped and bent over, I was unable to hide my lustful intents as her eyes caught me staring up at her from below and she hesitated. I was horror stricken to say the least, but before I could stammer out anything, an apology, an excuse, she went back to tying her shoelace without even trying to cover herself. My dick had responded instantly to my embarrassment and I thought it better that I continue on my way down the hall instead of gawking at her now that she was aware of my presence. As I passed her I caught a glimpse of her face as she continued tying her shoelace and I'll be damned if she didn't have a coy grin on her face. "How strange," I wondered.

I was fiddling with the closet door, trying to unlock it when Natalie said, "Sorry, I took so long, I just had to go to the bathroom. Need any help?" I hadn't heard her come into the room and the sound of her voice so close behind me startled me.

Out of embarrassment, I didn't turn to face her as I called back, "No, uh, I think I got it." I opened the door and began to remove the decorations as I wondered whether on not she would confront me about looking up her skirt. Grabbing a handful, I turned around and handed them to her while doing my best not to give away how uncomfortable I felt.

"Thanks," she said, "I just love homecoming, don't you?" she said as I turned. No sooner had I started giving them to her than I nearly dropped the posters that I was holding. I had intended to look her in the face from this point on but as I handed the posters over to her I was astounded to see that her breasts were no longer restricted by a sports bra. Instead, they were resting heavily in the cups of a bra that looked like it was a size too small. If her sports bra had been unable to adequately smother the bouncing of her full, round breasts, then I wasn't surprised to see that her weighty breasts almost jiggled themselves right out of the straining bra as she reached forward to grasp the paper and giggle at my astonishment. Turning back into the closet, I was dumbfounded. Why would she have changed out of her sports bra? I had never seen her without a sports bra on. Man, oh man, now my dick would really get me into trouble if I wasn't careful. I continued to withdraw the various posters out of the closet while she chatted about this and that. I only half listened to her as my mind kept replaying the erotic image of the motions her ripe breasts made under her shirt. It was really difficult to focus on much of anything and I mostly grunted out my replies to her questions.

"You ever play tennis, Jake?"

"No, I never have."

"You should sometime, ya know."

"Yeah, well maybe sometime......"

"It's a great game. I've played since I was 14 years old. The exercise keeps me feeling fit, and hitting balls is a great way to relieve stress, hahaha." and she started laughing before bringing a small hand up to her mouth as if she was a bit embarrassed of something. I took little notice of her remarks; I had a hard enough time trying to sneak my eyes down to catch sight of her quivering breasts as her laughing caused them to bounce up and down.

"Shit, I'm so lucky. I had no idea what kind of day this would be when I woke up this morning. Hey, maybe this is a dream," I thought. No way, can't be a dream, but just to be sure, I pinched my arm. Nope, she's still there and her breasts are still magnificent.

Was it my imagination or did she quickly drop her eyes down to my crotch as she let out another peal of laughter. I hope not. I decided that I had better pay more attention to her before she sees my hard-on and I get into hot water.

"All right," I said. "I think we've got enough for now. You carry these posters and I carry the ladder. I think that Mrs. Sanders wanted us to put these up in the cafeteria, right?"

"Umm, yeah, that's right." She grasped up a large pile of the posters and turned to lead the way to the cafeteria as I followed behind. I was grateful to follow so that I was able to look at her from behind without her knowledge. I was already somewhat tired from sexual tension and I tried to relax myself somewhat until we arrived in the cafeteria.

"I'll set these here on the table."

"Yeah, that's fine," I replied as I began to set the ladder up against the wall. "You organize them in the right order and hand them up to me and I'll stick them to the wall," I suggested helpfully.

"Okay." She began to arrange them in proper order as I went up the ladder. I had a roll of tape in one hand and once I got partway up the ladder she was beneath me ready to hand the first one up. I couldn't believe my eyes though as she handed me the first one. The buttons on her shirt front were undone and from my vantage point, I could see right down her top. My eyes captured the image of the tops of her full breasts as they swelled out from her chest and then disappeared down into her white cotton bra.

Could she be teasing me on purpose, I wondered for I couldn't remember her blouse being undone previously this morning. Well, if she was, she was doing a good job of playing dumb. I looked into her face trying to ascertain her true intent but her large brown eyes and cheerful smile showed only innocence. She caught me looking at her with a quizzical look on my face and she asked, "Is something the matter, Jake".

"No, no nothing is wrong."

As we worked, we chatted about this and that and I discovered that she enjoyed many activities. I was surprised to learn that she was very sports-minded because she repeatedly remarked that she just loved playing with balls.

Tennis, soccer, volleyball, you name it, she did it. It was strange but every time she said the word, "ball" or "balls", she would change her voice ever so slightly, like she was putting emphasis on that word. It struck me as a little odd but I was too busy stealing looks down her shirt to put a lot of thought into. We had put up only half a dozen or so before she eagerly volunteered to change places with me. "Why don't I go up and take a turn at taping the posters to the wall?" she inquired enthusiastically. I continued working on the poster in my hands while I mulled it over in my head. There were obvious advantages to switching places with her, namely, that I would be in a position to "accidentally" look up her skirt. But wouldn't that thought have occurred to her as well. Surely it must have, and therefore this would test my theory. If she did allow me to see up her dress than she has been playing me all along.

"Thanks, Natalie. I appreciate your kindness in taking a turn," I said as sincerely as possible while I descended down the ladder.

"No problem, you looked like you could use a break," she responded in kind. I took the remaining posters from her and handed her the roll of tape. Up she went a step at a time; she seemed to go very slowly as if she were a bit afraid that the ladder would topple out from under her. Not wanting my intentions known, I somehow managed not to follow her up the ladder with my eyes but kept my gaze level until she had set herself.

"Okay, I'm ready, you can hand me one," she stated. I kept my head locked and my eyes staring straight ahead as I held up the poster above my head. I felt it being taken and then heard her begin to unroll the tape. It was so difficult not to look up yet but to wait until she was busy trying to hold the poster up to the wall and tape it at the same time; that way I could steal a glance upwards more safely. It seemed like an eternity to my fevered mind and throbbing penis but seconds later I heard shift position and begin to arrange the poster up against the wall. Finally, I thought, as I slowly tilted my head back and my hungry eyes sought out the sight of her firm panty clad ass.

"Holy shit!!" I breathed and I nearly lost my balance. My breath momentarily refused to come as I stared at the sight above me. I was expecting to see what I had seen earlier from under the stairwell but I was stunned to behold nothing more than a skimpy dark blue thong that covered very little before disappearing between the cleft of her rounded globes. My mind swirled as I tried to come to grips with this situation. There is no mistake. I know what I saw earlier so she is playing with my mind after all. As this revelation struck, I quickly glanced back down again as I noticed her finishing up her task. She again changed position to face me and asked for another one.

"Here you go," I said with my head once again straight so that she couldn't see my flushed face. My hand and arm trembled from my surging emotions as I handed it up to her. C'mon, Jake. Get a hold of yourself, I thought. Don't let her get to you. I continued my pep talk to myself as we made progress. I had begun to gain some amount of self-control when an upward glance revealed even more. Her tennis blouse had been tucked into her skirt but the movements of her arms must have pulled it free because it now hung freely from her body affording me a look at the undersides of her swelling breasts. God damn, Ohh, shiiitt, I gasped in amazed delight as her movements caused her heavy breasts to bounce and jiggle in their straining cups. Once or twice as she lifted her arms over her head and leaned forward over the top to the ladder, one of her breasts would playfully slip out of the cup that it was nestled in and bounce free. I don't think my dick ever got so hard as I stood there drooling and clenching my hand, pretending that it was plucking her warm, creamy breast out of the air to mold and squeeze it.

Natalie seemed to be oblivious to the fact that her gorgeous breasts were on display as they swayed to and fro outside the confines of her bra while she worked at the posters. When she had the poster affixed to the wall and her arms down again, she would absentmindedly use her hand to rearrange the heavy weight of her tits back into the cotton cups from where they continually strayed. I was too blown away to do much talking other than give an occasional grunt of agreement or disagreement.

"Are you going to homecoming, Jake", she asked as she continued to work.

"Oh, I don't think so."

"Why not, I mean, surely there's a girl you'd like to ask out."

"Ahh, I don't know. I'm not the dating type. Well, what I mean to say is that I date but I don't really dance, so..."

"Don't be embarrassed, I know what you mean. I'm not really the dancing type either. I'd rather be playing with balls," and with that she started laughing again. The laughing made her breasts pop free once more and I nearly came as my hand began rubbing the front of my jeans.

"Hey, would you mind coming up here, Jake" she asked sweetly as she again tucked her round breasts back into their cotton restraints. "I don't think that I can manage to get this miniature version of the school mascot up properly without your help. I need someone to hold it while I pound the nail in."

"I guess so," I said hesitantly. "Do you think that there will be enough room up there for both of us? I wouldn't want you falling down or anything."

"Sure, I'll just step over to the side while you come stand to my other side," she replied as she stepped over to the side of the ladder nearest to the wall.

I carefully made my way up the ladder and once I was standing next to her, she had me hold the small sized mascot up to the wall where she wanted it. The narrowness of the ladder required that I stand up right next to her and it was all that I could do to keep my still hardened dick from knocking up against her waist as her pounding caused her to bounce back into me. "Damn," I cursed to myself, "if she feels my dick poking her in the ass, I'm gonna be soo embarrassed. What would she do?" I wondered.

Thankfully, the nerve-wracking ordeal was over after a few short pounds, and I started down. I had taken only a few steps down when she too started down. We were both near the bottom when I heard her shriek and looking up, I saw that she had lost her footing and was sliding down the ladder out of control. In the second that I had, I was able to bring my hands up to cushion the collision before her falling body crashed into mine and we both tumbled to the floor. As I hit the ground, I was able to get one arm back to break my fall but before I knew it she had landed on top of me. Her arms had been outstretched and they ended up coming down on top of my chest, while her left leg came crashing down between my legs. As it happened, my chest broke the fall of her upper body but her left knee landed in the soft v of my legs, effectively crunching my loosely hanging, cum-swollen balls between the floor and her bony knee. She gave a soft gasp of surprise as her arms landed on my chest but as I felt her hard knee crash into my soft sack of male seed, I gave a loud, "Whuuuumphhh".

My body's reaction was terrible and immediate. I felt my whole body spasm, which sent her rolling off of me to the floor before I groaned and painfully curled up into a ball, my hands clutching at my stricken balls. They felt like they were going to explode from the pain and I was praying for unconsciousness as

I moaned and rocked back and forth on the ground.

"Oh my Gooood," Natalie uttered with a voice dripping with regret. I could sense that had gotten to her feet and was now leaning over me. "Did I, ummm, did I get ya', you know.." she stammered helplessly like a little girl who is unsure of how to react to the site of a large guy desperately cradling his sensitive organs, unable to comprehend his embarrassing pain or to take it away. She gently laid her hand on my body as I rocked back and forth, trying to dispel the aching nausea in my lower stomach.

"Uuugghh," I continued to moan. How could this have happened? One minute I was in paradise, looking at her beautiful breasts and perfect ass; the next, I'm rolling around like a little boy at her feet as she looks on. She must think I'm such a wimp!

"Uh, Jake," she said softly as her eyes sought mine. She came around to face me and the mischievous smile playing on the corners of her mouth made me even more ashamed of my weakness. "I'm reeaaally sorry," she said, although her eyes told me that she found my plight amusing. She got down on her knees, rested her small hand on my side and tried to look concerned as she continued, "I feel so bad, there anything that I can do to make you feel better," she asked like a mother talking to her injured son. Knowing that there wasn't, I determined that I would get up and act like a man. I had to salvage my image as a man; my sore balls wouldn't keep me on the ground any longer.

Getting up and doing my best not to hold my crippled manhood in front of such a pretty girl, I managed to say, "Wheww, what a fall, huh. Man, sure do pack a punch for such a little girl. I just didn't have time to prepare myself and your knee caught me right in the gut. Knocked the wind right out of me, ya' know, hehehe" I tried to laugh it off. I wonder if she really knew what her knee had hit or if I could get away with my thinly veiled facade.

"Oh!" she exclaimed with a happy look of relief on her face. Her right hand came up to touch her forehead in a sign of relief as she smiled guiltily. "I was so worried that I had damaged your uhh.....your testicles," she said quickly as if she had said a bad word.

"Hahha, no. Of course not," I said as I completely straightened up and shrugged the pain off. Confidently I continued, "Don't be silly, a little girl like you couldn't hurt me like that. I mean, sure I've been hit in the nuts before but that was from a tackle in football or a fight with some other guy. I don't think you're strong enough to do any real damage to me, especially on accident." As I spoke, I noticed to my chagrin that she had playfully giggled and brought a hand up to quickly suppress it when I had said the word "nuts", and it kind of turned me on.

Having said that, I realized we wouldn't have time to do more before school began so I started to collect the various items we had not yet gotten to. I tried to avoid her inquisitive gaze as I walked with deliberate slowness to where we had left the remaining posters. "It sure has been enjoyable, Natalie" I said. "I appreciate your help." I said this as once again my mind recalled the wonderful view that I had enjoyed of her perfectly sculpted body. In the end, I figured that the pleasure I felt this morning rivaled the sickening pain. Strange how she had been the source of both. "We'll have to do this again sometime," I said aloud, while thinking, "A time when I again have the pleasure of feasting my eyes on your body, not helplessly curled up at your feet."

I turned back towards her and the door to the main hallway and noticed that she was looking at me strangely before I realized that the large ladder was still in place. "Oh, hellooo," I tried to say jovially. "I can't believe that I was about to carry these things and let you take the ladder. Here, I'll trade you."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I guess I must have really landed a solid blow to your stomach; by the way you're walking you look like your still in a good deal of pain. Yet she gladly took the posters with a smile as I took the ladder under my arm and followed her out.

Later that day...

The bell for the last class woke me up from my daydreams. This day had been a complete waste for me, academically speaking. I sat through my classes like a zombie unable to focus on anything my teachers were saying. Over and over again, I had visions of Natalie's ripe, swollen breasts filling the palms of my hands, or of squeezing her naked ass causing her to squeal with pleasure. Once the bell rang and released me from the prison of the classroom, I jumped out of my chair and shot out of class in my eagerness to see Natalie on the tennis courts. The memory of my excruciating ball pain was long gone and my dick stiffened in anticipation as I exited the gym on my way to the tennis courts.

The afternoon sun shone warmly in the cloudless sky as I made my way to the courts. As I approached, I easily picked Natalie out of the half dozen or so tennis players as she began to stretch and warm up with her partner. I tried to act nonchalant as I lazily strode up to a bench and sat down. I wasn't there more than a few seconds when Natalie turned and saw me. "Jake! How nice to see you again." She excitedly asked, "You come to watch us hit a few balls around?" There it was again, that strange way she said, "balls". And was it my imagination or did that elicit a laugh from her practice partner.

"Yes. I thought since you were kind enough to help me this morning, I would come and support you. I just don't think that enough guys support girl's sports, ya' know." I hoped that she would believe these lies and not catch on to my real reason for being here: to ogle her.

Her tennis partner, Becky, laughed and Natalie turned back to her pre-practice stretching with nothing more than a sincere "thanks". After turning her back, Natalie began talking to Becky about something that made both of them break out in a laughing fit. I couldn't make out their words but judging by her pantomimed actions, I felt uncomfortably certain that Natalie was replaying this morning's incident to Becky. Would Natalie really do that? No, I reassured myself, it was just an accident after all and she thinks she hit me in the stomach.

It wasn't long before they were sufficiently warmed up and they began to volley the ball back and forth across the net. There were four courts and all were in use by the girl's tennis team. All had on their white blouses and skirts but not much time elapsed before I discovered that Natalie had changed back into her sports bra and white tennis panties. I was discouraged at this but had to realistically admit that the chances of Natalie wearing a thong while playing tennis were slim. I mockingly laughed at myself, "Think about it Jake, do you really expect her to play tennis half naked for everyone to see?" Despite the lack of exposed flesh, I decided to take it easy. And at any rate, with such beautiful, warm weather I wasn't in any rush to get home.

After nearly half an hour of singles play, the couch divided them into pairs and instructed them all to play a doubles game. As they were matching up though, it just so happened that they were one girl short. Without hesitation, Natalie conferred first with her partner Becky, and then with the coach. They seemed to reach an agreement because Natalie left the huddle and merrily skipped over to the fence in front of me and said, "Hey Jake. We seem to be one girl short and I'd just love it if you'd come and join us. You could be on my team and we'd play against Becky and Robbin."

I was a bit reluctant to say the least. I told her again that I had never played tennis before and that I would just mess up their practice. "Ohh, come on, it'll be fun," she said sweetly. "I'm sure that a big, athletic guy like you wouldn't have any trouble learning how to play. Heck, how hard could it be, knocking some little baaalls around, huuhh?" As I listened to her heartfelt pleas, I noticed that her shirt was wet and sticking to the front of her bra. Her nipples had hardened and were poking through her bra. I began to be aroused by this but I decided to give in to her requests. "O.k. o.k., you win," I said standing up. Just let me go change into my gym shorts-these pants would really slow me down."

"Great," she said excitedly. "Go on ahead and we'll play around until you get back," and with that she bounced back to her inform her teammates with a big grin on her face.

I got to the locker room and hastily put on my t-shirt. As I got my jeans down, I became aware of how loosely my balls were hanging in their sack and I wondered if it would be wise to wear my supporter. "I wouldn't want to accidentally get nailed in the nads by one of them; I don't want those girls to think I'm weak. On the other hand, this supporter is uncomfortable and would really slow me down. I guess that I'll go without it, hell, I can avoid another accident." Sure of my decision, certain of my ability to impress these senior girls that I was tough enough to hand myself with ease on the tennis court, I jogged back out to the courts dressed in my thigh length dark blue basketball shorts and white t-shirt.

Natalie and the other two stopped their volleying as I confidently took the court. "What a beautiful day for tennis, isn't it."

"Yes it sure is," they all seemed to say at once, their mouths split wide in grins. Natalie went over to her bags and brought back a spare racket for me to use as Becky and Robbin trotted over to the other side of the net and took their positions. "Natalie," I said, "ya' know, since I've never played before, would you mind showing me where to stand and kinda explaining the rules."

"Sure, I don't mind at all. In fact, I'll quickly show you how to hold the racket and hit the ball too."

"Oh, thanks. You’re so kind," I said with a smile.

"First, you grip the racket like this," she explained as she positioned my body. Her hand directed mine to where it should rest on the handle. She was awfully close to me, her body moving in behind mine as she showed me how to swing it. Was it my imagination or was she consciously pushing her soft breasts into my back? Oh shit, I thought with aroused excitement, I can feel her nipples pressing against my back!! If I'm not careful, I'm gonna be sportin' a boner for the ladies, haha.

"Now, this is a forehand swing. And this is called a backhand swing," she said as she turned me the opposite direction. "You see these lines, these are the out-of-bounds markers, and these lines here mark the area within which ball must land when serving. That's about all there is to tennis; you just be careful now, okay. Both Becky and Robbin like to hit balls hard and we wouldn’t want you to get injured." At that, the other two across the net laughed a little and started bouncing their tennis balls on their rackets. "By the way, Jake, how are you doing now? Feeling all better from this morning?" she asked with a slight grin and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Forget about that, it was nothing really." I turned around to face the net as Natalie took her position to the rear and to the right side of our half, a look of amusement on her pretty face.

I had just a moment to enjoy the sight of Becky and Robbin hopping up and down in their tennis uniforms before Becky threw the ball up into the air and with a commanding whack, shot the ball across the net into play on Natalie's side of the court. I had watched tennis on television on occasion and had watched tennis from a distance as I had just minutes before, but the tremendous velocity of the ball was shocking nonetheless. I had just barely registered that the ball was over and into play before Natalie returned it with authority. It zipped past me and bounced up to Becky, who sized it up before swinging through it with a forehand. Her hit sent it straight for me and I narrowly brought my racket up in time to keep the ball from smacking into my midsection. Through pure luck, my first attempt to hit the ball, (or should I say my attempt at self-preservation), managed to send the tennis ball back over the net in a lazy arc. Robbin was playing up at the net like me and was in position to really smack the ball hard. Out of fear of being hit, I slowly withdrew so that I wouldn't be so close to the net. That way there would be less of a chance of me getting drilled by the ball. My prudence paid off because she hit the ball in an overhead stroke that sent the ball at me like a bullet. I didn't try to return it over the net; my quick reactions just barely brought the racket up to block the ball and save my face.

"Holy crap," I said to no one in particular, "You girls can really hit that ball hard." I wanted to sound impressed but I think that they picked up on the anxiety in my voice.

Robbin had stopped to adjust her hair and Becky responded encouragingly, "You did well, Jake", but then her facial expressions and body language seemed to express disappointment. That's silly, I chided myself. She has no reason to feel let down; she hit the ball well.

Robbin finished fixing her hair and before play resumed, she suggested that they all tone it down a bit so that I could enjoy it, this being my first time and all. Natalie and Becky both readily agreed and I reluctantly went along, secretly grateful that now I could hopefully come out of this match without any noticeable bruises or contusions.

The match progressed smoothly and I found myself enjoying this opportunity to be in such intimate contact with three beautiful girls. Now that they weren't hitting the ball so hard I was able to take pleasure in the fluid motion of their bodies, the playful bouncing of their breasts under their shirts and the incidental flash of panty covered mounds. Their running caused their shirts to stick to their bras and I figured that their nipples must have become aroused from their exertions. Oh, yeahhh. I'm in heaven. I couldn't believe my situation; could it get any better than this?

Two more points were all that separated Becky and Robbin from victory. Yet my male pride insisted that I carry Natalie and me to victory even though I felt sure that Becky and Robbin had toned down their game for my sake. I had been doing a lot of running around the court and consequently, I was feeling fatigued. We were in the middle of a long volley when Robbin sliced at the ball, putting a wicked spin on it. Natalie had been playing back this service game but when she saw the spin and knowing my lack of experience, she immediately dashed forward to handle the return. Despite Natalie's determined charge towards the ball, my male pride drove me towards the ball with like intensity and speed. I managed to arrive at the ball first but the ball's spin had caused it to bounce awkwardly away from me. In order to hit it, I was forced to spread my legs out a bit to widen my stance so that I could reach out with a backhand. This threw Natalie off balance and she in turn tried to come up short because we were on a collision course. Her momentum was just too great though and it sent her slamming into me. I could feel her chest hit mine just an instant before her right knee plunged in an upward arc between my spread thighs. This is where time seemed to slow down, my brain taking stock of the situation but unable to do anything about it.

I heard a brief gasp of surprise escape Natalie's lips as her silken thigh plucked my large balls out of mid-air and squished their soft flesh into my hard pelvic bone. The force of it sent me briefly off my feet before I came back down with a squeal of anguished pain. She wasted no time in retreating from my paralyzed form, her face showing a look of surprise and sympathy. I tried to force my body to stand up but the dull, throbbing ache in my nuts turned my legs to jelly and I collapsed to my knees, then to my side.

"Oh, my Goddd," exclaimed both Becky and Robbin in astonishment as they came running over to gawk in awe at the site of me crumpled at Natalie's feet. I heard them come up to stand next to Natalie and in concerned tones they asked Natalie several times, "Are you okay? Boy, that was a terrible crash."

"Ahh, yeah. I'm think I'm okay....yeah, yeah" she kept repeating softly as though trying to convince her friends while they hovered around her. The pain was so great that it was clouding my senses but I sensed that the three girls were trying to smother fits of soft giggling. Natalie was the first to approach. Her large brown eyes were wide and she had brought her hand up to touch her lips in what looked like a show of tenderness. My eyes were watering so I clenched them shut so hopefully she wouldn't see my tears of pain.

Becky and Robbin followed her. Their words showed how girlishly ignorant they were of my ball pain and I briefly hoped that I could make it out of this terribly embarrassing predicament. Becky must have seen the look of concern on Natalie's face because she bluntly said, "Natalie, he'll be okay, it looked like your knee just caught him in the stomach."

"Yeah, Nat'. Becky's right. He just has the wind knocked out of him. He's a big, strong man, he'll be up and at 'em before the count of ten," Robbin said reassuringly as she came to kneel down by me. Natalie and Becky joined Robbin down by my side and I made an effort to uncurl my body from its fetal position and to reaffirm both Becky's and Robbin's mistaken idea. All that came out though was, "Aaaagghh". I still hadn't caught my breath though, so I was a mute until I was more fully in control of my breathing.

"Shsh," Natalie quieted my feeble attempts to say something. Her face showed a mixture of incomprehension of my male suffering and understanding of what part of my anatomy her knee had struck. The words she spoke next wounded my male pride just as her shapely leg had delivered destruction to my unprotected manhood just moments earlier.

"No, Becky...Robbin, my knee didn't hit him in the stomach."

Becky had a look of doubt on her face, "What, how do you know?"

"I don't understand, Natalie" questioned Robbin too, as she looked uncertainly from my prone form to her friend's face. "Why else would he be in sooo much pain?"

"Well, it may have looked that way from your angle, but..." Natalie's voice seemed to drift into nothing as she contemplated the situation before her. Looking from me and back to her friends again, she decided to reveal the true source of my agony to her naive friends. "You see. You know about a guy's a ...what they got between their legs... uhhh, what we don't..." she still had a hard time bringing herself to talk about a guy's genitals. Even though she left her hint unfinished, I squirmed in shame as a light of comprehension gleamed in her companions' eyes and a wicked smile crept over their pretty faces. All three began to blush and Robbin chuckled, which caused the other two to break out into merry laughter.

Hey, what the hell is goin' on here, I thought angrily. One second they're all concerned and sympathetic and the next they're mocking my masculinity with their girly laughter. My indignation mixed with the nauseating pain in my stomach caused me to turn over in an effort to hide my shame, yet it did nothing to quench the two girls' curiosity. At least the other girls on the team had already left by now, leaving me only this audience of three.

"Uhh, Natalie," Becky said between giggles, "how can you be so sure it was his... balls... that you crushhhed. I didn't think that you had ever seen a guy's balls before."

Natalie started to reply to Becky and then was cut off by Robbins’s excited exclamation, "I've never seen a boy's balls before, but I've accidentally kicked my brother in his balls. I didn't mean to or anything but he moved while I was aiming at his knee and 'WHAMO', down he fell whimpering at my feet. At first, I wasn't sure what had happened but then my mother walked into the room because she had heard us arguing and when she saw my brother holding himself, she got upset and sent me to my room while she helped him up.

With my back turned to them, I couldn't see their facial expressions but from the eagerness and excitement of their girlish chatter, I imagined that they were really relishing the feeling of power that was evident in the tone of their voices. I really wished I could be anywhere but here, listening to three pretty, high school girls reverently discussing the sensitivity of a boy's balls, something that they would never understand.

"Really, Robbin?" responded Becky, "I never knew that. Why don't you tell Natalie what your brother's balls felt like when you smashed them so that she can be certain that it really were Jake's poor balls that she crunched."

"Well, I would but I was wearing shoes at the time so I don't know how to describe it, other than to say that they were soft and squishy." Robbin said sheepishly.

Natalie ignored her friend's uncertainty. "I know that none of us have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, seeing how we don't have such vulnerable organs dangling between our legs," Natalie said with an air of vanity, "but I can still feel the impact of his soft, round organs as they were squished between my thigh and his belly. I couldn't stop myself and before I knew it, my momentum just carried my leg up between his thighs and well....poor little guy," she murmured as she put her hand on my arm and kindly began to stroke my bicep.

I didn't know what to think or feel. Their words conveyed both condolence and pity. Here I was at the mercy of such weak girls and yet they were unmanning me by their over exaggerated sympathy. As they unabashedly talked about the state of my nuts, I couldn't stop my dick from thickening. Oh God, not know, not here! I begged in desperation. Natalie's hand rubbing my body and the proximity of their curvy figures made my dick hard in no time flat despite the numbing pain that continued to grip my nuts. I am in deep shit if they happen to see my boner. I'd better try and relieve them of any concern and get them on their way, I decided.

I left my back to them and my hands protectively concealing my hard-on as I turned my head to the side, "I'm gonna be okay. I,'s not as painful as it might look so, since practice is over now, why don't you three go on in and change. I'll be along in a minute, just as soon as I catch my breath okay."

If I thought that my ordeal could be finished this quickly, Natalie snapped me out of it.

"Don't be silly, Jake" Natalie said in a mildly reproving manner, "I feel just awful about how I made your boy balls hurt." She came around to my front and bent down, her hands gently sought out my groin. "I think I need to check them out and make sure they're all right." As I saw her hands reach for my shorts, I was struck with terror.

"Ohh, that's really not necessary," I began to say as I reached out my hands to intercept hers so that they wouldn't discover my erection but it was too late, she had her fingers around the waistband of my shorts and would have pulled them half way down had it not been for my erection poking up at an angle. The top of my shorts caught on my jutting erection; the fabric clearly defining the massive girth of my penis. "Oh shit," I muttered under my breath as the three girls gave involuntary gasps of shock, their eyes all widening in astonishment.

Becky was the first to regain her composure, "Is that what I think it is," she said pointing her finger, her other hand coming up to cover her mouth.

"Ugghh, what is going on," cried Robbin as she looked at me like I was a sick pervert.

"I can explain this, it's not what you think." My mind reacted quickly, grasping for some plausible excuse I could give. That's it, I thought with relief. I'll just play off their obvious innocence concerning the male anatomy. Hell, just a few minutes before they acted like they had never even heard of a guy's balls before.

"This must look kinda weird, huh" I confidently said. "But you see, sometimes when a boy gets hit hard enough in the nuts, his dick swells up. Ahh, just like his balls...and he just doesn't have any control over it, so please, don't get the wrong idea, okay." I raised my hands in an effort to placate their obvious mistrust.

"Really?" cried Natalie, her face showing that she was still dubious. Becky and Robbin looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and brought their hands up in front of them as if to say, "Well, I suppose that makes sense", though they didn't say anything verbally. Perfect, I thought. I was congratulating myself on a job well done when Natalie leaned over my prostrate form again and cheerily said, "In that case, it sounds serious. I had better have a look."

She was fast. Before I could stop her, she had pulled the top of my basketball shorts and boxers down, her efforts impeded by the fact that my weight kept the back of my clothing in place. Unhindered in her aim, she tugged and tugged again, finally managing to completely expose my semi-hard penis and rosy red nutsack. Becky, Robbin, and Natalie all gave a sigh of glee at the sight of my package. Remembering my surroundings, I hastily raised my head up to make sure that I wasn't putting on a matinee for anyone and was relieved to see the four of us alone.

"Holy Cow," Natalie whispered in amazement. "Look at this." Sure, it was a little embarrassing to be naked in front of these attractive females, but I felt pride that my size impressed them. My dick was a good eight inches long, three inches thick when fully erect, but the trio of girls hovering around and over me seemed more fascinated by the sight of my loose nutsack and its bulging contents resting on top of my legs. As I glanced up at them, I noticed that all three of them looked flushed and their breathing was a bit irregular. I was also pleased to see that all of them were aroused with their large nipples poking through the fabric of their sports bras.

Without a word, all three of them were kneeling on the ground, each one on a side of me. I propped myself up on my elbows, "O.k. ladies, I can tell you're impressed. Not bad, huh. One at a time, you can stroke it if you want and watch it come alive." I proudly ventured. All of them caught each other's eyes and silently passed some unspoken message amongst themselves. Up to this point, Natalie had been the leader, and she was the first to tentatively reach out her hand. To my amazement, she grabbed not my pulsing member but instead she scooped up my pink, wrinkly scrotum in her hand, and gently played with my nuts in the palm of her hand as the other two looked like they were in a trance. But no, they weren't in a trance at all because Robbin started rubbing her breasts with both hands through her sports bra and Becky had brought one of her hands underneath her skirt where I could see her contentedly rubbing at her wet pussy. Small, satisfied groans escaped their lips as they played with themselves.

"These are great big balls you have," Natalie said in delight, her tongue coming out to lick her lips. I knew right away when I hit you that you were a big boy," she cooed in admiration. "It amazes me that these soft little nuggets of male flesh hanging between your thighs can be so sensitive." I decided not to give too much thought to her words and was soon overcome by the silky soft ministrations of her delicate touch to my cum-swollen balls. My dick arched its head and I ached for release. I needed to satisfy the throbbing in my loins so I grasped the shaft of my penis and begin to murmur my pleasure as I stroked myself off. In my pleasure-induced state, I vaguely heard the girls talking and giggling but paid them no heed.

"Ugggghh. What the fu...", I screamed in pain as I felt my delicate nuts being forced into the bottom of my nutsack by Natalie's tight grip. As I had released myself to the pleasure, I had let my head drop back, but with the searing pain of my trapped testicles, my head returned to its original position and my eyes flew open just in time to see Becky's hand come down with a fleshy smack on the bottom of my captive nuts. Natalie's hand had effectively forced my vulnerable nuts into the bottom of my elongated pouch and made it impossible for them to escape the force of Becky's hammering blow. The force of the blow sent a shockwave of pain traveling from my nuts, carried up into my stomach and chest through the cords in my sack, much like a sound wave traveling the length of a tightened bowstring. The three girls threw their heads back laughing and didn't even try to hide their merriment as I sucked in great lungfuls of air and began trembling in pain.

"Oh my! Look at that will ya. Hahaha," laughed Robbin in a playful tone. "He's like a puppet, and his manly balls are the strings."

My eyes filled with fear as I understood myself to be at the mercy of their curious whims. "Please," I begged, "please let go of my balls. I'll do anything, hurts."

"Hey Nat', don't be a ball hog, there's enough of him in that sack for all of us." quipped Becky. Grinning wickedly, Natalie relinquished her iron grip on neck of my scrotum, allowing Becky to grasp a hold of my right nut between her thumb and fingers while transferring her hold to my left. "Damn, Jake. You may be a weakling, but you've got a fine set o’ balls. MmMm. Or maybe I should say that you are a weakling due to your balls." The two girls manhandled my balls’ pulling this way and that, marveling at the warm softness of my furry nutpouch. After a few minutes of this, Robbin stood up and complained that she felt left out. "And besides, look at him," she said with a pout. "He's nearly fainted from the terrible pain in his sensitive boy balls." Her words had an effect upon my two tormentors, who let my sack drop from their hands and stood up.

Finally, I thought. They've satiated their womanly curiosity about my gonads and I can go home. I wearily drew myself up on my hands and knees my shorts around my shins, my legs spread slightly for balance. "You know what Jake," Natalie said to me as she came around from my rear to my front, "you've been a great sport. Not just any guy would let three girls play around with his most cherished possessions like you did. I know what you were doing this morning, how you were stealing glances at my breasts and ass. But I don't blame ya'. You’re a normal teenage guy with needs and so I've decided to reward you for your generosity. And with that she undid her blouse, took it off and then before my befuddled eyes, she slipped her springy breasts free from her sports bra. I was so stunned by the turn of events that I had become completely oblivious to what Becky and Robbin were doing. I hadn't moved up from off my hands and knees until Natalie stepped towards me and offered her pendululously round breasts to my face. Hungrily, I saw that her nipples were taut with arousal.

I eagerly brought my hands up to grip the tanned, naked flesh of her hips as I lustfully smothered my face in her ample cleavage. She brought her hands down to squeeze her breasts into my face and I shook with the pleasure of it. I was still on spread knees, my dick now happily pointing up in the air, and my balls pendulously swinging to and fro in their pouch when I felt the rapid approach of someone coming up behind me. Through my throes of ecstasy in Natalie's warm mounds, I heard Robbin exclaim, "Ready or not, here I come", just before my hanging fruit was swept upwards and forcibly smashed between my body and her bare foot.

I heard myself say, "Not again," as Natalie laughed and allowed me to slide down the front of her legs in agony. My hands sought out my bruised balls and I lay groaning in a heap of defeated masculinity. "Finally," I heard Robbin say, "I know what it feels like to kick a boy's balls. Ohh, how I love the feel of my bare foot bouncing off of his naked nutflesh."

With laughter and mocking remarks, my tormentors left me groveling on the rough surface of the tennis courts, my torture mercifully over.

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