Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Naïve Daughter (part 1-3)

By Daylight 23

August 27, 2000

Dear Diary,

What a day! My nipples get hard and I can't stop a wicked little grin from forming as I recall the events of this afternoon. I've got to do this more often.

It started out as any other normal day does. After showering, I threw on a t-shirt, thong and thigh-length skirt and went about the daily chores and odd jobs around the house. The summer has come to a close and today was the kid's first day of school. Dave started tenth and Amanda started eighth. Boy, how they have grown up. The morning went smoothly enough, with Fido keeping me company. Oh, how I enjoy, "playing,” with the dog. But I'll get to that a little later.

The excitement started soon after Amanda arrived home.

"Hello mom,” she said somewhat dejectedly, her eyes downcast. She promptly plopped down in the chair while throwing her book bag up on the table. I was washing dishes at the sink and slightly turned my head over my shoulder to glance at her as she fell into the chair. Just with a slight glance, I could determine that something was the matter.

Amanda is my little angel. She has light blond hair parted in the middle that bobs on her shoulders and piercing blue eyes. Although only thirteen, she blossomed early and has those perky round breasts that few girls enjoy at this age. They have that jiggle and bounce quality to them that really turn the heads. She has participated in soccer so her legs and lower body are toned and muscled. Despite her developing charm though, I have to say that it's her face that makes her so beautiful. Normally, there is a glow radiating from her hair and eyes that expresses her boundless energy and innocence.

I moved to sit across from her at the table saying, "Honey, how was your first day? Did you make any new friends?" Maybe the move into the new school had caused her some stress, I thought.

"Ohh, it was o.k. I guess,” she said halfheartedly. "But it could have been better,” she murmured, almost as an afterthought.

"Mom, do I dress too provocatively? I mean... do I ask for trouble by the way I dress?” she blurted out, a slight redness coming to her face.

Aha! I thought to myself. So this is what is going on. Looking across the table and seeing her beautiful face masked with sadness really tore at my heart. I mentally kicked myself for having neglected one of the most basic duties that a mother owes to her daughter; which is to teach her how to stick up for herself--and enjoy doing it too!!

"No, no, don't be silly,” I cooed, trying to reassure her and reaching out to grasp one of her hands in mine. As I gazed into those young blue eyes and seeing that innocence, I determined that it was time to introduce my little darling to the soft sack of male flesh that I have grown so fond of over the years. Damn, just visualizing them made me so horny that I began to rub my legs together ever so slightly.

" are you o.k.?" she asked, shaking my shoulder and breaking my reverie. You kind of spaced out there for a second.

"huh, ahhh, yeah. I was just remembering old times, back to when I was your age. I know I'm only thirty four but sometimes those memories seem like they happened such a long time ago,” I answered, probably unconvincingly. I wasn't sure how she would react to the topic so I broached it tentatively.

"Amanda, I want you to be honest with me,” I said while looking her in the eyes. Were there some guys at school bothering you?

Hesitantly she looked up from the table at me and said, "Yeah mom, a couple of guys grabbed my breasts and were trying to lift up my skirt. At the time I thought maybe I had encouraged them because of how short my skirt was or..." Her voice kind of trailed off.

"I was so frightened and intimidated because they are so much bigger and stronger than I am. I guess that in the future I'll try to avoid them and wear something less revealing."

As I listened I couldn't stop a sly grin from spreading across my lips. "Now you listen close to what I am about to share with you,” I stated firmly. She looked up in earnest.

"You’re a beautiful young woman and you shouldn't feel scared or ashamed of that. I grew up in slightly different circumstances than you but I learned how to confidently live without fearing anyone, especially any man." As I said that her face seemed to perk up momentarily before being replaced with a look of doubt.

"But mom, you were no bigger or stronger at that age than I am now, were you?” she questioned as she lazily twirled her blond tresses around her forefinger.

Surely, she can't be this naive, I thought to myself.

"Look,” I began, leaning over the table towards her and feeling the rush hit me again between the legs. "I'll share a secret with you. No matter how strong a guy is, no matter how big his muscles bulge, you can make him cry and beg for mercy using just two fingers. Honest!” I said as I held my right hand up in the air as if I were being sworn in.

Her look of incredulity didn't waver although I am certain that I also caught a flash of curiosity cross her delicate features as I continued, "First, do you know the difference between boys and girls?"

"uuuh, duh mom, of course." she said between giggles. Rolling her eyes she continued, "I've never really seen it exactly but, I've heard other girls talk about a guy's dick before."

I could tell that she was embarrassed by the way she was blushing, or maybe a little excited as well, I mused.

"But what has that got to do with anything?" she asked.

So, she is aware of what a penis is but is she aware of the rest of the package, I wondered. Hmm, I guess that her lack of knowledge shouldn't surprise me considering how most girls go googoo-gaga over the guy's dick yet are completely oblivious to the twin orbs of male flesh hanging down behind it. Ever since I was a little girl I've had a fascination with "nuts” and never really considered that it made me different from the majority of women, but maybe it does. Anyway, the task at hand required that I find some way to introduce my innocent Amanda to the vulnerable sack of soft male flesh that I have so long enjoyed "playing" with. Just as I was pondering this, Fido the family dog ambled in.

"Perfect!" I exclaimed sitting upright in my chair.

"What is?" questioned my daughter, looking at me with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Do you see over there?" I inquired as I turned around and pointed at Fido, who was busily lapping up water from his dish, his backside to us. Amanda turned and glanced at him momentarily before turning back to me.

"Yeah, that's Fido, so what?" she said with a look of uncertainty.

Disbelieving how incredibly naive my little angel was, I got up from the table and stooped behind Fido as he continued to lap up the water. I do not know what breed he is and I really don't care. I chose him for one reason only, he's unbelievably hung. I got so wet the first time I saw him at the pound with his doggy jewels swaying back and forth in their loose sack.

Gingerly, I palmed his danglers and brought them up from between his legs, resting them on my open palm. They felt so warm and soft that I could barely contain myself. Fido must have been parched because he didn't even flinch. Looking up at Amanda, I could plainly see that she had become aroused. Her quarter-sized nipples were straining through her thin cotton tee and one of her hands absentmindedly went to touch herself under her short summer skirt.

"Mommmm, what aaah, what are you doing with Fido's testicles in your hand?" she breathed out. She gazed transfixed at his nuts as I jiggled them around in their loose sack.

"These two round things are what make you, me, and every other female superior to every other male. It's true that guys have a dick between their legs, but they also have these two funny little things bouncing around between their legs as well. These are the great equalizer between you and any man who would harm or intimidate you. I didn't mention to her at the time but I have not only found them useful as a means of self-preservation, but also as a means of sexual fulfillment. I remember thinking as a young woman how it was just so unfortunate that my favorite means of "fun" wasn't so much fun for the guy attached to what I've designated as my playthings. I have also come to the conclusion, I thought laughing to myself, that nature must be a "female,” (as in mother nature), because a man would not have designed a male to have such fragile sensitive things dangling so vulnerably outside of the body. Poor men.

"Mom, I don't get it,” Amanda said, snapping me back to reality. "I have seen Fido's testicles many times, I mean come on, they nearly drag on the floor as he walks."

"You’re right, he is hung,” I said as I let go of his nuts, watching them slap back down between his legs and grabbing him around the middle with both hands. "Oh, I love this doggie, yes I do," I blabbered as if I were talking to a little baby. I straightened back up and saw that Amanda was still slightly aroused by the conversation. I continued, "Haven't you ever heard girls talk about hitting a boy in the 'balls', or in their 'nuts'. Surely, you've heard about the pain that comes from such a blow."

Suddenly understanding dawned in Amanda's eyes as her mouth formed a mischievous grin. She quickly brought her hand up to cover her smile and her round breasts began to jiggle around under her t-shirt as she started giggling.

After a short fit of laughter, she said, "You mean to tell me that testicles are the same things as 'balls', 'nuts', 'privates', and every other name I ever heard about? How funny!! No wonder Fido never appreciated it much when I'd handle his balls too roughly. I have always loved to watch his balls wobble around like jello in their sack after giving them a good smack."

Hearing how my daughter enjoyed smacking around a loosely slung set of balls not only cemented our relationship but also reassured me somewhat that maybe I wasn't all that weird because of my "ball fetish".

I got up from the floor and sat back down at the table as she continued, "So mom, I've never seen a boy's balls before, are they the same as Fido's or are they different?,” she asked excitedly.

"Well...yes and no,” I replied somewhat thoughtfully. "Most guys’ balls will be larger. Also, they don't always hang loose in the sack. Sometimes depending on certain things, the balls will be located right up against the body. When they are like that, it is more difficult to grab them, but kicking or kneeing them in that position will have a more dramatic effect on the unlucky guy.

As I talked her facial expressions and body language gave way from those of innocence to those of anticipation and excitement. I too began to anticipate how I could share with her this time of awakening. I think that we both must have had a hand under the table "adjusting" our respective thongs. As we were animatedly discussing our newfound common interest and how we might go about having some fun (all in the interest of learning self defense, of course), my son David walked in through the front door with his best bud Jason. Both are in tenth this year and surely, I mused, they wouldn't mind donating their nuts to the cause of educating their sister. Whether they knew it as such or not.

"Hey mom, can Jason spend the night since it's the weekend?” asked David as he entered the kitchen and threw open the fridge. Perfect, I thought, as I replied, "Sure! Why not?” I slyly cast a glance at Amanda and winked. I think she must have been thinking what I was thinking because she gave me a thumbs-up sign. Jason had a thing for Amanda and it wouldn't hurt that Amanda was decked out in a flimsy t, and thong panties which were barely covered with a light summer dress...

Part 2

As Dave began rummaging through the fridge, I could see him eyeballing our legs out of the corner of his eye. Even though Jason remained in the living room, I decided that now was as good a time as any to begin our little fun and games. Turning in my chair, I made sure that Dave had a good view of my legs as I began to nonchalantly swing my knees back and forth so that he would have teasing glimpses of my mound as well as my stunning legs. Sure enough, this got his attention although he continued to "survey" the inside of the fridge.

Dave called out to his friend Jason, who was in the living room still, "Hey, you want anything, Jas?"

"Yah, whatever's fine!” came the answering reply. Dave grabbed a few items before straightening back up and closing the door, still checking us out.

ALLRIGHT!! I thought, as I saw that my gyrations had had the desired effect. The front of his basketball shorts had noticeably been pushed out by his quickly excited organ. Works every time.

Amanda too had noticed her brother's obvious erection and she quickly brought a hand up to her mouth to stifle a laugh, her shoulders hunching over as slight giggles welled up inside her. Thankfully, he didn't seem to notice.

Amanda then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Now it's my turn, watch this, mom." Turning sideways in her chair to face the swinging door that leads to the living room, she innocently called out, "Jaaasoon, why don't you come on in and see what kinds of delicious things we got to eat."

Damn, my little girl can sound so harmless when she wants to.

As Jason replied and made his way into the kitchen, Amanda began to open up the top zipper on her book bag and picking it up, pretended that it slipped out of her hands, the contents spilling out all over the floor.

The timing couldn't have been better, I thought. The contents of the bag hit the floor just as Jason walked through the door, pausing behind her. He was so surprised by the clatter that he stopped dumbfounded.

"Oh no, look what I've done," she pouted. Standing with her hands on her hips she continued, "I'm sooo clumsy". Before Jason or anyone could react, she slowly and purposefully bent down at the waist and started to pick up her strewn papers and books. The angle that she was bent at and the shortness of her skirt caused her skirt to ride up, exposing the twin globes of her plump ass and her tight mound, all of which were barely covered by her white thong undies.

Seeing her ploy, I immediately dropped my glance down to Jason's shorts and was not surprised to see a good-sized hard-on forming before my very eyes. Shaking my head in wonderment, I thought, there is a streak of me in that girl!

Not only had his dick begun to grow but his eyes became as wide as saucers as Amanda playfully, yet innocently wiggled her ass from side to side. Then, righting herself once more she whirled around to face Jason, sending her shoulder length blond hair to fan out in an arc.

Jason had been so enchanted by Amanda's charms that he was momentarily oblivious to the raging hard-on that was straining against his loose shorts and before could cover himself up with his hands, Amanda, feigning alarm, pointed at his now massive erection and gasped, "Mommy, what's that?" In her pretended panic, she once more dropped and spilled the contents of her schoolbag.

Jason, red and embarrassed began stammering out an apology, dropped to the floor on his hands and knees and shakily gathered up the scattered items. "I aah, I didn't see... no I mean it was an accident, I didn't mean to stare." Amanda had played the bait, Jason had taken it, and now it was my turn to snare a pair of balls, I thought excitedly. I know it sounds strange, but, my pussy reacts to the thought of a pair of male balls the way an empty stomach reacts to a delicious looking meal. Just as the aroma and the sight of food causes my mouth to water and my stomach to grumble, so does the mere thought of wrapping my slender fingers around a pair of male balls cause my nipples to harden and my pussy to get wet. This poor boy doesn't know what's coming.

"As soon as my dainty little fingers have caught his naughty little pouch, he's gonna regret the day during puberty when his danglers dropped," I purred under my breath, as I removed myself and cautiously positioned myself down between his spread legs.

Amanda inhaled sharply upon hearing what I planned for Jason's unsuspecting nuts and glancing up at her I noticed her nipples hardening. One of her hands strayed to the junction of her thighs as the other tugged on some loose strands of hair.

Seeing that he had almost completed the task, I quickly thrust my hand into his shorts and began my fishing expedition, so to speak. As luck would have it, I discovered that Jason was a "boxer" kind of a guy which made his pendulously swinging sack much more accessible to my eager fingers than if he had been wearing tight briefs.

No sooner had my hand shot into his shorts than his head flew up and he exclaimed, "What the..."

In a flash, I threw my hand between his ass cheeks and victoriously clamped my fingers around his warm, squishy bag. I almost came right then as my silky fingers seemed to melt into his scrotum. Despite how many I've "played" with over the years, the amazing texture of the male nutsack stills renders me giddy. It is so different and alien to anything that we women ever come into contact with. The sack that his heavy balls were resting in felt like warm putty in my hand, ready to melt away from his body if I gave a sharp enough tug.

"uuuuggghhh... pleassse let go of me, uhhh," Jason moaned. Unfortunately for the poor kid, hearing a strong, healthy male beg li'l 'ol me to release his poor balls only made me hornier.

"Waddya think your doing, mom," David nearly yelled as he was snapped out of his initial surprise by his friends pitiful moaning. His eyes flashed angrily.

"ALL RIGHT!! MOM! Woooo, way to go," Amanda squealed with girlish praise, adoration shinning in her eyes. She clapped her hands in front of her and bounced up and down on her heels, causing her full breasts to bounce up and down under her thin shirt as if they were cheering me on as well.

"Well son," I said answering David's question, "I thought that I'd go and find the source of your little sister's distress and I think I was successful. Quite a handful, I might add," as I brought my free hand up under my skirt to rub between my legs.

"You can't do that, he's my best friend," David replied indignantly.

"Just you wait, two can play at this game," and with that he stepped over to me, thrust his large hands down the front of my bra and roughly started twisting my already sensitive nipples in an attempt to make me relinquish my hold on his best friend's nuts. Up until this time I hadn't really squeezed too harshly on Jason's trapped nuts but each time David twisted my nipples the pain caused me to tightly squeeze and yank down on his spongy globes, almost as if I were milking a cow, I thought.

I looked up at Amanda and saw her silently retreat behind her brother's spread legs. "Ohh Daaaviiid," she called out in a sing-songy voice. "Come play ball with me," she implored in her most childish sounding voice.

"Bug off, 'manda," he replied over his shoulder, "unless you want some of the same."

"O.k. but I really wanted to play with your balls now.”

As much as I wanted to I couldn't see the look on David's face when Amanda's petite foot soared upwards from between his spread thighs and slammed into the yielding softness of his nutsack. Judging by the audible thud and the immediate release of his hands from off my breasts though, I'd have to say that my little Amanda is a natural nutcracker.

"Uuuugh, balls," Dave barely got out before breathlessness and gravity claimed him.

"Timmmmberrrr!!" Amanda laughed merrily, both amused and amazed by how little effort it had taken to fell her much bigger, stronger older brother.

"Boy, mom you were right, Dave is much bigger and stronger than me. If it weren't for those sensitive little balls between his legs, he may have stood a chance against little me." Amanda couldn't resist the urge to torment her older brother. "Is poor David gonna be awright, or do his itty bitty balls hurt him," cooed Amanda as she bent down over the fetal form of her brother.

I knew damn well that my son's balls were anything but small but I couldn't resist laughing at the plight of these hapless males.

With little urging I convinced Amanda to strip David of His shorts so that we could compare their packages. By the time I had Jason stripped, Amanda had Dave nude from the waste down as well.

Amanda's hands were so small in comparison to the size of David's balls that she had to grab each one with each hand. "Wow, look mom, I never would have guessed that Dave here had such large nuts," she exclaimed with delight as she squeezed and pulled this way and that on her brother's rubbery nuts. "Try this," I said. While holding his nuts captive with one hand I forced him to stand up and positioned his legs far enough apart so that I would be able to power my knee up between his thighs. It was a difficult task since he was weak from my grip but I eventually met with success. Wham, Bam, my leg drove my knee up into his waiting balls loving the feel of his naked balls quivering between my knee and his pelvic. The strikes were enough to make him drop like a sack of potatoes, hands clutching protectively over his throbbing balls.

Part 3

The next day...

Aaaahhh... I feel so good, I thought as I rolled over in bed and tried to rouse myself from such a deep slumber. I haven't slept this deeply for how long? Of course, come to think of it, how long had it been since I had had such fun with a male-nutsack either. A satisfying smile crept over my face as I recalled to mind the activities of yesterday evening. It was quality time spent with both Amanda and Dave: that hadn't happened for quite some time. Haha, too bad Dave, not to mention Jason, didn't find it as entertaining as Amanda and I had. It really is so hard to find activities that everyone finds enjoyable, hehe.

"Ohhhh," I murmured, as thrill after thrill wracked my wet pussy. It had been ten hours ago and yet the thoughts of their quivering man-flesh were still so fresh in my mind that if I closed my eyes and squeezed my fist, I could feel their tremors of pain causing me tremors of ecstasy. How strange??

Well, it's Saturday morning. I wonder what everyone else is doing. I got up, threw on a fresh t-shirt and soft cotton shorts. My nipples still ached slightly from the twisting they had received from Dave. That little bastard still had some accounting because of that. I wonder how his balls are feeling right about now. Maybe the swelling has gone down, if so, it will be perfect for Amanda and me to further her "education". Now Jason's on the other hand, his balls aren't as big as my sons but they sure do hang low.

While sitting at my mirror pondering this and brushing my hair, Amanda came bouncing into the room wearing nothing but a big smile, a pink t-shirt and white thong. "Good morning, mom," she beamed, "I don't know about you, but I slept wonderful!! Aahh," she dreamily breathed." I had sooo much fun last night. I can't believe how fulfilling it is for a little girl like me to completely dominate a bigger, stronger boy."

"Well, maybe not stronger," she added with a giggle.

As she talked, I noticed in the mirror that her two large nipples weren't the only ones bulging out the front of her t-shirt; I couldn't help myself as she went on.

"Shame on you mom, not teaching me about David's little boy balls before now," she pouted with a frown on her face. She brought her hands up to comb through her hair as she continued, "Do you know how many times he's bullied me around, felt me up, or was just plain annoying. And to think, all this time he's had a pair of defenseless little balls residing between his legs, just ready to be smacked around by my foot or knee.

"Ohh, honey," I soothed, "I don't know where I went wrong. I guess that I have been so preoccupied with work since your father left us that I had neglected to instruct you properly. I brought my arm around her to consol her as I continued, "You know, there are still plenty of opportunities. Neither David's nor Jason's balls are going to up and disappear on us. They can't magically erect a force field around their sacks or somehow draw them back up into their bodies, even though they'll surely want to."

"Yeah, I guess your right, huh. It is so very funny how their nuts wobble around in their sacks without so much as any muscle or bone to protect them from us," she said laughing. She had cheered up quickly and now had a finger or two restlessly rubbing at her thong covered mound.

Talking like this got both of us so worked up that neither of us could stand it much longer, so we decided to go and check up on the boys.

We quietly sauntered into the hall and discovered that David and Jason were busy fixing themselves breakfast in the kitchen... As we stealthily crept closer and peeked around the corner into the kitchen, I gently poked Amanda in the ribs and quietly said, "Look Mandy, see how their walking?"

Amanda stopped and peered, "Uhuh, it looks like they're trying to walk without moving back and forth too much. Why is that?"

"Well," I began to reply, grinning from the obvious display of discomfort, “for one thing, their nutsacks must be real loose, thus the walking motion causes their nuts to ricochet around between their thighs causing bursts of pain to travel up from their dangling nuts with each bounce." What would that be like, I wondered to myself.

"Ooooh, cooool," whispered Amanda unabashedly. "Oh, look there," Amanda said pointing, "Jason just sat down on the edge of the chair, and I can see his low-hung ballbag!!"

Sure enough, as Jason positioned himself over the edge of the seat, his ballbag had sprung out of leg of his little boxers and was now drooping over the lip of the seat. It looked tantalizingly delicious; just offering up its meaty orbs like that. Poor kid, I thought as I was wracked with a spreading warmth between my legs, they’re so sore that he doesn't want to sit with them in his lap. It must be more comfortable for him to have them hanging free like that.

As Amanda and I stared transfixed at the sight of Jason's pink-hued pouch, David joined his friend at the table and began to pour himself some cereal. Both looked tired and glum as they ate with their shoulders slumped and heads lowered over their bowls.

"Man Dave, I can not believe what your mother did to me yesterday. It was so painful, and embarrassing. I haven't felt that kind of pain since I don't know when," Jason said as he shot Dave a sheepish look across the table. "I still can't believe your baby sister either. I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of her ass as she bent down in front of me. Damn, how do you live with those two, huh?"

"Dude, I know what you mean about my sister's ass but I still can't believe that Mandy actually kicked me in the nads. I've been coping a feel of her breasts or ass for a year or two now and she never even tried to kick me between the legs. In fact, she never let on that she even knew about my balls; until yesterday that is. Shit, I still ache a bit, ya'know."

Amanda and I stifled our laughs as best we could as we listened in on their conversation. For the most part they seemed to be recovering from our "playtime,” so Amanda and I huddled in the hall to decide on a course of action. "So Amanda, do you think that we can woo them again and strike before they know what has 'em by the balls?" I asked.

"Sure mom, they seem to think with their dicks, like other boys I know," she replied with giddy anticipation.

I took the lead as we nonchalantly sauntered into the kitchen. I decided to run my fingers over my face and eyes as if I were still rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Aaaaa," I yawned, "good morning boys. How did we sleep?" Following me, Amanda took my cue and did the same.

They both answered in the affirmative as they drank in our scantily clad outfits. My tiny cotton shorts accentuated my long tanned legs and seeing how Amanda was in her undies, they didn't have much to imagine.

"Aaggh, I'm famished," I said heartily as I quickly moved over to where they were sitting at the table. Glancing from face to crotch, like typical teenage boys, I thought. Their mouths were open and their dicks rigid despite the fact that Amanda and I had put their nuts through the ringer not more than ten hours ago.

As I sat down across from Jason I made sure that my leg was within striking distance of his ballbag. Making sure that I didn't stare at his exposed nuts, I intently gathered a bowl, spoon and poured myself some cereal.

Amanda, meanwhile, had gone over to the counter and was trying to reach the toaster which had been placed in the cupboard directly over the fridge. Jason had continued to eat although I saw a look of hate flash across his features as he glanced at his sister. No doubt, he held a grudge against Amanda for kicking him so mercilessly between the legs. He'd better be careful, I thought with a smirk, or else he'll get it again. Amanda won't take anymore of his abuse now that she's aware of just how sensitive his balls are.

Amanda's shirt had been pulled up exposing the bottom half of her ass as she finally acquired the toaster. Seeing that, there now was a look of pleasure mixed with animosity on Dave's face as he seemed to make up his mind to do something. Getting up from the table, (with a nice little erection, no less), he made his way over to the counter to stand beside Amanda.

"Well Amanda, how did you sleep?" he asked as he came to stand behind Mandy. She had her back to him and was putting bread in the toaster as she answered with a smart aleck tone, "I slept o.k. At least as well as you, huh."

His fists started to clench as he heard her reply. Feeling that he had the element of surprise this time, he roughly bodied Amanda between the counter and himself as he threw his hands up her shirt and began to squeeze and fondle her full breasts. "Oh, I love how your breasts fill my hand, they're so perky," he exclaimed as he fought to keep her wedged between the counter and his upper body. As soon as his hands found her breasts, she began to squirm and thrash about; but it was to no avail. He outweighed her by a good 50 or 60 pounds.

"Ahh...," Dave mumbled as he massaged her flesh.

"David! You'd better let go or else...!” screamed Amanda angrily.

"Listen, little sis," he replied cockily. "You aren't in a position to ... huggggh," he exhaled in an outrush of breath as both his sentence and breath were cutoff in midstream by his sister's well-aimed heel. He had been so sure of his position and so caught up in handling Mandy’s ripe fruit that he hadn't noticed how Amanda had subtly spread his legs apart with hers so that she could throw her heel up and back, catching his danglers unaware.

The impact of her foot with his nuts resounded with a fleshy smack and brought his hands down to gingerly cuddle his throbbing balls. "Owwww," he moaned, bent over with a look of agony on his face. "Not againnnn."

I grinned with maternal pride as I saw my little angel standing over the prone form of my elder male child; a smile lit her face as her blue eyes beamed merrily.

Looking at Jason I said, “Ohh, look what happened to Dave, Jason. He was having so much fun that he forgot about his little ballsies again, but Mandy didn't!" I naughtily laughed. Up until this point, Jason had been watching his friend with mild disinterest as he ate his cereal but the mention of balls jolted him. Unfortunately for him, I had placed my right leg between his spread legs and as I finished my sentence, I firmly planted the bottom of my foot on his squishy sack, effectively pinning his rubber-like orbs to the bottom/side of his chair. The feel of his nuts as I sandwiched them between the chair and the soft underside of my foot caused me to come with pleasure. That and the look of pure helplessness that passed over his face as he felt the pressure of my foot on his sensitive testicles.

"Ugghh...ugggh please Ms. Baker, please not again," he pled as he looked at me in anguish. Didn't this little boy remember anything? Even though I felt like playing with myself, the fun had just begun.

While I had Jason immobilized, Amanda had taken control of Jason by grasping one of his large nuts in her fingers and squeezing until he followed her movement and was standing back up on his feet, if somewhat unsteadily from the wracking pain originating from within his sister's little grasp. "Good little boy," Mandy cooed, as she looked up in her brother's terror-filled eyes. "Boy David, I can't believe how warm and soft this little pouch of yours is. It feels like liquid skin! As she talked and held her brother's balls captive, her spare hand came up to play with her aroused nipples.

Not to be left out, I too decided to take matters into my own hands and released Jason's balls with my foot. As soon as his balls found freedom from the crushing presence of my foot, he curled up and attempted to cup his hands over his flattened balls but in his weakened condition, he couldn't stop me from removing his boxers and taking possession of his most cherished anatomy.

"Come on, stand up," I directed as I brought him up and stood him over by his buddy, Dave. What a sight! Two big teenage males quivering as if cold. I laughed, but we have evidence that it's not so cold in here, I thought as I considered the size of their dicks. Neither of them were puny.

"Let's herd them into the living room where we can have some more fun," I suggested to Amanda.

"Sounds like fun to me," Amanda stated happily, bouncing around on her heels a little. "Come on in here big bro," she taunted, "as if you had a choice."

"Now first, if we are going to practice how to kick a pair of balls," I began, enjoying the look of horror that passed over the boys' faces, " we will have to make certain that their dicks are out of the way and unable to impede our knees or feet.

Amanda started giggling out of control at that and turned a little red in the face from her laughs. She brushed some stray strands of her blond hair out of her face as she asked me, "How should we do that, mom?"

"Easy," I replied. "O.k. boys, you wanted a feel so now you get one," I told them as Amanda and I maintained our dominance via there dangling nuts. Ordering them to lift up our shirts and feel our breasts, we both made sure that they wouldn't get any smart ideas by occasionally tugging and pulling on their elongated nutsacks. Slowly but surely, their dicks rose to the occasion. The sheer size of them made Amanda gawk and stutter, "Wow! I didn't know that Davie's wiener was big!! Jason's is so thick too."

Now that their hard-ons didn't present any problem to the task at hand, I ordered Jason too kneel down, with his knees spread, hands on his head.

Amanda looked down and laughed. "See his nuts mom, the right one hangs lower than the left one. Just like Fido's. That's funny!"

I laughed and fed on the ecstasy that I felt flowing through my body at the sight of his prone sack just hanging there waiting for my foot. His right one did hang noticeably lower. I'll just have to correct that, I thought, as I took aim. He was quietly sobbing and I didn't want him to flinch so I told him to close his eyes. As soon as his eyes were closed I stepped forward and watched as the top of my foot connected with his pendulous balls. WHACK, my little foot crashed into his sack and caught his right nut. The solid impact caused his nuts to wobble around crazily in their jello-like sack while at the same time forcing the air out of his lungs with a loud WHUUMPH. Jason fell over and cradled his balls as he dealt with the nausea in his stomach.

"Way to go mom," cheered Amanda as she watched with glee. David just gulped as he looked on, powerless to help. He too had been forced to fondle his sister’s breasts, thus causing his organ to swell up in tribute to his little sister's complete control.

"Now David, I see that you're being naughty, pointing that big thing at me, so now I am going to have to teach you some manners," she scolded as she wagged her finger at him. "Go on, spread those big legs of yours and let me see those big 'ol eggs of yours swing free." Being reluctant, she had to coerce him with the grip that she had maintained around his nuts. "That's a good boy, now I'm going to let go, but don't you think about protecting yourself, not if you don't want me to hurt those big balls of yours anymore than I already plan on. Close your eyes and count to three," she demanded in a soft girly voice.

"O...One, tt ttwo..." he stammered in fear, but before he made it to three, Mandy had stepped forward and drove her tanned, muscled leg into the balls swaying between his outspread thighs. The upper part of her knee made solid contact with his plum sized balls and squished them into his pelvic bone, causing him to double himself up over her leg and slide to the carpeted floor with a crash.

"euwwww," squealed Amanda as she relished the feel of her brother's soft balls being flattened against the silky smooth skin of her lower thighs. "There kinda like rubber, mom. Ohh, this is fun!!"

As we both stood above the writhing forms of David and Jason, we couldn't help but play with ourselves and share with each other the rapture we felt as we crushed their manhood. They both were out for the count and since Amanda and I had come several times we decided we'd have to pick up where we left off another day. I certainly know that Dave and Jason will be looking forward to it.

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