Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Loss or Two

by Butterspice


The following is a work of fiction intended for adult entertainment purposes only and includes, but is not limited to, the following: testicular torture, incestual sexual contact and violence between minors, and general sexual deviancy.


Jason, a strapping seventeen year-old boy in excellent physical condition, lay helpless as his thirteen year-old sister held his arms pinned to the ground with her legs as she sat on his chest.

He could scarcely remember where he was for a moment, then he vaguely recalled teasing his sister, then fending off her futile attempts to fight him and mercilessly twisting her nipples while he pinned her to the wall, then... what happened? He felt pain... nothing but pain.

He had a vague memory; a motion, a blur, falling to his knees...

She'd kneed him in the balls! And now she had pinned HIM!

It all started when Jason came home from his after-school workout to find a note on the kitchen counter: "Left for Vegas for the weekend. Be back Tuesday. Be careful driving to school and NO PARTYING WITHOUT DD'S THIS TIME! - Love, Mom and Dad"

Jason thought about calling his friends over right then and there but decided to take a breather first and eat something. He had just finished a quick meal and was lounging in the recliner wearing only a pair of workout shorts when his sister suddenly walked in the back door from the pool. He hadn't even noticed she was home from school.

She had clearly been swimming as she was wearing a two-piece white bikini and her hair was still wet. She plopped down on the couch and brought her legs up to lay down.

Damn, Jason thought, my little sister is actually getting hot!

"What are you looking at?" Stacie asked as she caught him staring.

Jason stumbled for words and blurted out, "Looks like you're gaining weight, sis!"

"Fuck you!" she yelled. "You're the one who's out of shape!"

"Yeah right!" Jason replied. "I'm still in shape from wrestling, look!"

He stood and began striking body-building poses before his sister as she rolled her eyes. Yet her mocking didn't change the fact that he was indeed a magnificent male specimen in great shape. He stood with pride awaiting her reply.

Then Stacie stood up.

Sauntering sexily toward him, Stacie displayed her maturing feminine form. She bounced to show off her budding breasts and swayed her hips to highlight her butt as she passed him and turned back to face him.

"So you've got muscles, so what?" she shrugged and, placing her hands on her hips, declared, "I heard you got your ass kicked by Tom Miller the other day!"

Rage began to flow through Jason's veins from an already sore topic. She had already teased him about getting beaten out by the upstart Freshman on the wrestling team, and he'd warned her not to do it again. His rage was made even worse by the other confusing emotions he was feeling. He pointed a finger in her face as he glared down at her.

"Don't bring that up," he said.

Stacie failed to realize the magnitude of his rage, thinking it all just a typical tease session with her brother.

"Yeah I could beat you up, too, if I wanted," she said, laughing. "I could really hurt you; even worse than he di- HEY!"

And then he had pounced on her, pinning her to the wall. He tortured her in a fit of rage and twisted her nipples. It was then that she realized this was not an ordinary sibling fight: he really wanted to hurt her! Shocked and in desperation, she did the only thing a girl in her position could do.

Conveniently, her brother had spread his legs for balance as he pressed her to the living room wall, leaving her targets vulnerable to attack. 'He asked for this,' she thought, then kneed him in his dangling balls!

Clutching his injured organs, the boy fell to his knees and rolled into a fetal position on the floor. Stacie quickly took the advantage and got him in a classic schoolboy pin like her brother had done to her many times before when they'd wrestled.

Jason struggled in vain. In his helpless and disoriented state, she had easily taken a dominant position and now held him firmly to the ground. She bounced on his chest, rattling him back to full consciousness to the sight of her budding breasts jiggling above him.

"I warned you, Jason," she said. "I told you I could hurt you if I wanted to push me."

Her hands wandered to her breasts, which she grasped through her bikini top.

"And since you have such a preoccupation with these, lacking them yourself, I think it's only fair that I repay you in kind!"

Smiling down into Jason's eyes, Stacie reached behind her, and took hold of his swollen balls! Squeezing his balls in her tiny hand she asked, "Does that hurt, big brother?"

"Yes, Stacie, yes! Please stop!" the boy screamed.

"Do you give up?" she asked.

"Fuck you!" he said.

She squeezed harder.

"Do - you - give - up?" she repeated.


She increased the pressure and twisted his scrotum.

"Admit defeat to me!"

"Never, bitch!"

Stacie, insulted, dug her fingers into his testicles, eliciting screams from her brother. Satisfied, she resumed a full grip but at even tighter constant pressure.

"Admit defeat now," she demanded.

"Okay, okay!" he said, coughing, "I give up! You win!"

"Do you admit that I have defeated you?" she asked.

"Yes!" he howled.

"Yes what?"

"Yes I admit that you defeated me!" he repeated, desperate to bring the misery to an end.

"Will you do whatever I say?" she asked.

"Yes, whatever you say!"

"Do you submit to me?" she asked.

"Yes, I submit!" he cried.

Finally, Stacie loosened her grip. Jason let out a long breath, grimacing in pain, yet grateful for the relief.

Stacie considered letting him up, but then it occurred to her that she was in this position for the first time in her life. Relishing the feeling of superiority she had over her bigger, stronger brother, Stacie decided to crush him so he would never challenge her again.

Jason lay in merciful bliss, but then he looked up into his sister's eyes and saw her smiling.

"AAAARGH!" he screamed.

Stacie squeezed his balls harder than ever and laughed as her brother screamed in agony. Then, just as he seemed on the verge of passing into merciful unconsciousness, she released her grip.

"I'm going to ask you a question now, brother," she said, waiting for his eyes to meet hers as his head reeled with pain. "Do you want me to crush your balls? Do you want me to take your manhood from you; destroy it?"

"No, please Stacie," he begged, "Please don't! I'll do anything!"

Stacie looked down on her brother as he pleaded. She, a girl half his size, had defeated him in physical combat despite his enormous size and brute strength. She had beaten him by attacking his vulnerable manhood, his one weakness, yet now he would do anything for her if only she would spare that same weakness. She wanted to continue torturing his balls, to keep punishing him for his weakness, but she was so disgusted: disgusted with how weak men really were.

"Oh, come on, big brother," she teased. "If I don't crush your balls now, I'm going to bust them over and over again until I do. Men deserve to have their balls busted, and girls reserve the right to bust them!"

Stacie's breasts heaved with pride as she recited her personal motto.

"Shut up and listen!" she yelled as he opened his mouth to speak.

"I like busting your balls, Jason," she continued," because you've bullied me for too long and I'm tired of your perverted staring at my breasts all the time. But you should WANT to get rid of those pathetic balls between your legs because not only would it end the pain, but your dick wouldn't always get hard whenever you look at me anymore. You'd never be a problem for any girl again and then I wouldn't HAVE to bust your balls!

"So just think about this Jason: If I don't crush your balls now it just means more pain before I finally DO crush them. And I promise you that sooner or later you're going to BEG ME to take your manhood from you. The sooner you realize how vulnerable and weak your male balls are, the better off you'll be!"

She emphasized her final statement with a sharp tug on his scrotum, then rose and stood before her beaten brother.

"So what's it going to be, Jason: one loss to me, or two?"

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