Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pain and Pleasure

By benkicked

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school. I was 16 years old, my hormones were raging and I needed some excitement and release. I was about to get that and more.

About 10:00 pm on a warm July night I was wandering around outside my house bored and looking for trouble when the city bus stopped about a block down the street. I noticed a small woman step from the bus and begin to walk south in the direction of my house.

She looked familiar, like the girl who grew up in the house next door but in the darkness I could not say for sure. Sarah, that girl next door was about six years older than me and had been my “sitter” years ago when my parents needed a break. I hadn’t seen her around the neighborhood lately and wondered if this might be her.

Hormones aggressively stirred as my thoughts focused on Sarah and our brief relationship. Back then she was a small, extremely cute high school student who had to watch me, a tall, immature youngster with a smart mouth. I thought she was beautiful; she thought I was a dork.

Suddenly, thoughts raced through my head. If this was Sarah, why don’t I surprise her, stir up some excitement, see where it leads. Hell, if nothing else, I might create an interesting scenario that I can whack off to later that night. I’m bored, stir up some shit!

Without hesitation, I jumped my fence and headed around my backyard towards Sarah’s house next door. The house was dark, so I quickly crept towards the large, thick bushes that lined the outside of her parents’ home. In the bushes and with stealth, I slowly made my way towards the front of the house where I could spy on the young woman walking. God I hope this is Sarah!

As she made her way down the block, she began to cross the street. Her face, once hidden in the darkness was now revealed by the streetlight. It was Sarah and immediately my heart began to race, blood pumping furiously throughout my body, most of it passing through my DICK!

It had been several years since I last saw her but make no mistake that was Sarah. From what I could see, the pretty, petite blonde was wearing a white blouse, short white skirt with white stockings and white heels. A nurse’s uniform I thought? Hey this IS getting interesting!

She moved slowly down the walk towards her front porch. I was quietly in position and at just the right time, I would leap from the bushes and scare her. Why not, she bossed me around enough times that payback was in order. My adrenaline was surging as she came closer and closer towards the scare zone.

A step away from the porch, I came bolting from the bushes with a menacing look and a growl to match. She let out a high-pitched squeal as her body turned towards the large fool in front of her. Without hesitation, and with considerable power, she brought her right foot up and landed a swift kick between my legs. Both of my balls received the toe of her high-heeled shoe as they tried desperately to find shelter within my body. The pain I felt from her small foot immediately rushed from my balls to my brain and back again. I fell to the ground like a 200-pound bag of rocks falling from a loading dock.

She stared down at my body below and began raising her leg to stomp down on my helpless balls when I gasped “Sarah! It’s me Michael.” Confused, she looked at me trying to remember the voice and face. “Michael, your next door neighbor,” I stammered. “You watched me when I was younger” I managed through the groans.

“You asshole!” she screamed. “What is your problem?” “Why are you jumping from the bushes like that scaring me? “You asshole!”

“I’m sorry…..I’m very sorry I did that,” I groaned as I was still rolling on the ground holding my aching nuts and gasping for air. “God my balls hurt…I’m so sorry Sarah…that was a stupid thing to do”

“Yes Michael that was stupid and you are lucky I didn’t stomp your balls into the pavement,” she said. “What were you thinking?”

“I don’t know,” I mumbled, “just trying to have some fun I guess.”

“Fun? What do you find fun about scaring me and getting your nuts kicked?” she asked. I couldn’t tell her and didn’t quite know myself but somehow despite the pain in my balls, something excited me.

“I could have really hurt you,” she said.

“What makes you think you didn’t?” I shot back.

“Come on, get up. I’m house sitting while my folks are on vacation and it appears you are in need of some care. Let me help you into the house,” she offered.

She helped me to my feet and I struggled up the stairs, my body weak and trembling from the viscous kick she delivered only moments before. She opened the door and led me to the couch in the middle of the living room where she told me to lay down.

“Slip off your pants and underwear,” she commanded as she walked towards the kitchen.

“What?” I said incredulously.

“I said take off you pants and underwear. Do you want you balls to ache all night?” she impatiently called from the other room.

As I lay on the couch, I slowly unbuckled my belt and moved my pants down below my knees leaving my underwear in place. Sarah retuned from the kitchen with a bag of ice and admonished, “Remove your underwear, how can I care for your swollen balls if you don’t cooperate?”

As I sheepishly removed my underwear, it was obvious that everything I had down there was beginning to swell. My balls seemed to grow before my eyes and my penis followed. Sarah could see immediately my embarrassment and said softly “It’s alright Michael, I’ve seen them before, remember?” I smiled at her lovely face.

Sarah gently cupped my swollen balls in her small right hand. Lifting them slightly, she said, “It looks like your boys will need some tender loving care. Supporting them like this should relieve some of the pain you are feeling.” Almost immediately, the ache in my nuts began to release and the knot in my stomach seemed to loosen as well.

“I can’t let these poor little guys hang loose after they have been traumatized by a sweet little girl like me now can I?” she cooed. I almost shot my load then and there!

“Traumatized?” I questioned, “More like destroyed.”

“No Michael,” she reassured me. “They will be ok. They just need a little love and attention. If you haven’t noticed, I am a nurse and I have treated men with swollen balls before. Maybe not quite like this,” she said with a mischievous grin. “Are you feeling any better?”

“Much better, thank you Sarah.”

My vulnerable balls lay softly in her caring hand. “You know,” she said, again with that mischievous grin. “If I wanted to, I could squeeze these precious little balls of yours sending an unbearable pain shooting through your body that would render these guys useless.” Just when I thought my dick couldn’t get any harder, it did!

“I am feeling very powerful at the moment,” she stated as a matter of fact.

“I realize that Sarah and I thank you for being so kind and gentle,” I sheepishly offered. “Did I mention I was extremely sorry?”

“You’re a lucky young man Michael, I considered another swift kick to your bag and sending you on you way but I am a compassionate person,” she smiled. “My little toes really rocked your nuts didn’t they?” she giggled, still holding them both in her hand.

“And yours are not the first I’ve rocked!” she boasted.

“Really?” I questioned, hoping to hear of her experience.

“Do you remember Gary Jacobs who lived a few blocks over? One day in eighth grade, I got so fed up with his smart mouth that I snuck up behind him while he was bent over the drinking fountain and kicked his nuts so hard he cried all day. He never saw it coming and was so embarrassed he wouldn’t come anywhere near me for months!” she bragged.

“Then in high school, I sent Hugh Braddock to the hospital when he wouldn’t leave me alone. The stud football jock got his balls crushed by the pretty little cheerleader. I warned him but he didn’t think I had the guts to kick him. Well he got two kicks for his troubles, one to get him off of me and the second for my own pleasure. He apologized later and told me his nuts were swollen for weeks. I really got a reputation after that one. But all of the boys showed me respect and the girls thought I was a hero.”

“Wow,” I said amazed. “I guess I picked the wrong girl to scare,” I lied.

“Well, just be thankful we were able to locate them both,” she laughed. “Feeling better?”

“Yes, my stomach isn’t churning as bad,” I said.

“Okay then Michael, I have some good news and some bad news. Here is the good news,” she said just before she slid my rock hard cock into her warm, moist mouth. Still gently supporting my balls, she worked her lips up and down my shaft in a slow rhythm. Up and down she glided, enjoying the moment. The warmth of her mouth and the gentle stroke of her tongue made it apparent that the good news would soon end with a satisfying explosion.

“Oh Sarah,” I moaned as I could hold back no longer, my dick shooting warm juice into her receptive mouth. “Oh Sarah…Sarah,” was all I could manage as my nuts emptied. She finished swallowing my deposit and said; “Now that took your mind off your aching balls for a few minutes didn’t it?” Absolutely I thought, as I lay back exhausted.

After a relaxed moment or two I remembered there was more to come. “Listen Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for the good news but the bad news you mentioned kind of concerns me.”

“Well” she said as she grabbed the bag of ice. “It’s important we keep the swelling in your balls to a minimum.” She rested the cold bag atop my swollen balls and the frozen jolt sent tingles throughout my body. “About 30 minutes should do it,” she ordered, “Now lay back and relax sweetie.”

A most excruciating pain and a most delightful pleasure I thought.

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