Friday, September 7, 2007

Room Service

By crazykid

It was already 9 PM and time for me to get some rest. I had been driving for the past 6 hours and needed a rest for the night. I was going alone to Colorado to visit my aunts. I quickly made an exit out of the freeway and found a flashing Days Inn hotel near the corner of exit #204. I quickly parked the car and went inside.

Without any hassle, the manager gave me a room key and took my credit card down. I quickly got to the elevator and waited for it. As the elevator doors swung open, I saw a huge muscular man holding his testicles.

"Are you okay?" I asked nicely.

"Yes I will be fine," he replied and limped out of the elevator. I shrugged and just went up and into my room. I quickly changed clothes and hit the bed at 9:30. Suddenly a huge knock on the door woke me back up at 10 PM.

"WHO IS IT?" I yelled out.

"Room service!" yelled back a lady's voice.

"No thanks, I just got here. Come back tomorrow," I quickly replied and pulled the blanket back up to my face.

Another huge knock on the door almost threw me out of my bed. I did not even say anything as I quietly went to the door and opened it. A young sexy woman stood there, crying.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Why are you crying?"

She replied with a sobbing voice, "You yelled at me. I just wanted to clean your room since I am leaving tomorrow.”

I quickly got interested in what she was saying. She talked about how her husband was the manager of the hotel and how he had fired her and asked her to leave. I had invited her into the room and gotten her a cup of water. As she talked and talked, I noticed she was wearing some tight black shorts with a black see-through dress and long pointy heels to match. I thought it was very odd for a room service lady to dress like this. Something she said suddenly caught my attention.

"I wish I can kick his balls so hard, another tongue grows out of his mouth," she said with anger. The way she said this made my penis hard. I thought now would be a great chance to get a free kick in the balls, yet I did not want to interrupt her. As I stood there on one corner of the bed, she had sat down with her thighs in my lap. As we talked and talked more, she grew closer and closer to me. I could not take it any longer and finally took my shot and spoke to her.

"I doubt if you could really hurt your husband," I said sounding like a jerk. "You don't really look like the type who would do anything.”

That grew her into rage as she asked me why I said that. I told her she would not know how to handle any physical situation and even attempted to slap her to prove to her she was stable and weak. I got up and motivated her to do something by telling her that "she should just leave if she is all talk.” Surprisingly, she started to sniff and her face was red. I thought she was going to cry. She pushed me against the wall and came close to me. Her breasts locked my body to the wall and she breathed into my face.

"You know what I think?" she asked me. What I said after that, I will always regret for the rest of my life. I loved the fetish of ballbusting and seeing guys get kicked in the groin on TV and the Internet. Occasionally I would get busted at school and at work, but this moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

I quietly asked "What?”

A knee shot up so fast into my balls I was lifted up by a heavy force. My head almost hit the ceiling. She had her hand across my face to stop me from screaming so loud. Her knee came down after a whole 10 seconds. As her knee went down, I dropped to the floor quickly holding my balls. I had tears from my eyes racing down my cheeks rapidly. She stood there with her hands to her hips and then crossed her arms together and giggled. She then kicked me in the face while I was down and moved the heel of her shoes down to my crotch-point. I begged her to stop and grabbed onto her leg. Before I could force her leg off, she pushed with her heel with such a great force I let out another scream. This time she did not have her hands across my face so my scream echoed all throughout the walls of the hotel room. After that all I could remember was her continuously kicking me in the nuts over and over again while I was down at the ground, screaming again and again after every kick. It did not take me long to faint.

That morning a telephone ring woke me up. I laid there in my bed thinking if it was a dream or a nightmare, if it was real or just another fantasy. I felt very tired and slowly got up to separate the curtains. The sun beamed down on my face as I changed clothes and got ready to continue my journey. I had forgotten to answer the telephone and quickly got all my things ready and went to the elevator. As the elevator door swung open, THE SAME LADY stood there with a huge tray.

"Room Service!" she yelled at me, smiling. "Going down?”

I was a little afraid but I went inside the elevator, thinking she would eventually get out. The door shut and the whole time we were in the elevator I stared at her, anxious to say something. Before I could eventually open my mouth she started to speak.

"Today is my last day here, like I said last night. It was great fun kicking you and kneeing you and you somehow fell asleep. I hope you don't hate me, but I really wanted to take my aggression off. I hope now you do not think I am all talk. By the way, wear a cup next time.”

I was startled by what she said. I replied back calming myself, "I don't know what you are talking about.”

She replied back with a huge grin on her face and said her last words. "Oh come on, are you really going to deny the damage I did to you?” As she left the elevator she pushed her tray out and without looking back at me, lifted her legs back and kicked me square in the groin with the same high heels as last night. I reacted the same and fell to the floor as she got out and the elevator door closed in my face. After a while I got up and pushed the button to go back down. As I reached the bottom floor, I walked quickly out of the elevator, paid the manager and left the hotel, limping.

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