Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sensei Says

By dbud

Ashley stood at the edge of the mat and looked across at the three boys standing about 20 feet away. Her mind was racing with thoughts of what was about to happen. She had been looking forward to today for several weeks, ever since she and the other students began preparing for this inter-gender match. But it was only a few days ago that she found out she would be allowed to attend and her excitement grew even more. She assumed that she would only get second hand descriptions of the events but to be here and actually watch was more than she could have hoped for.

As Ashley looked the boys up and down, a smirk crossed her lips, she couldn’t help it, they had no idea what they were in for. Her sensei, Tami, gave her a disapproving look when she saw the smile. Ashley immediately looked down until it passed. She was not even supposed to be here and was afraid sensei might tell her to leave if she acted out. Technically, this was an advanced class for the more experienced students. Even though Ashley was not the youngest student there, at a few months shy of her 13th birthday, she had only been a student for about six months and was only a yellow belt. All 7 of the other girls were at least red belts and about half were brown or black.

They ranged in age from 12 to almost 16. The two oldest girls were Miko and Jennifer, who was Ashley’s older sister. They were also the best students and highest ranked. Miko was quite petite, not even standing five feet and weighing barely 80 pounds. Even so, she was the best fighter and was known to be vicious. Ashley had seen her once fight four boys who were each several years older and beat them all. Jennifer was quite a bit taller and had long blonde hair, like Ashley’s, as opposed to the long straight jet-black hair of Miko. The other five girls were Kati, Rachael, Becky, Kim, and Danielle, or Dani, who was also the youngest at barely 12.

The three boys were Richard, the oldest and most experienced, Brian and Billy. Richard had blonde, almost white hair and a very handsome face, young but in the transition to being a man. Brian and Billy looked like they could be brothers, Billy being almost 14 and Brian about a year younger. Both had thick brown hair. All three had lean and muscled bodies like most boys their age had, before they started to bulk up as they got older.

When Ashley looked back up a few seconds later, she noticed she wasn’t the only one smirking. In fact, several of the other girls were doing so and a few were even squirming in their places. Tami gave them all disapproving looks but let it pass. Normally, she would never have allowed the students to get away with acting out. When they were told to stand at attention, they were to have no extraneous movements and look straight ahead. Obviously, Tami could see how excited they all were, in anticipation of what was to come, and decided to let it go just this once.

Tami was about 28. She had long brown hair, stood about 5’7” and weighed a solid but lean 120 lbs. Ashley thought she was very pretty. She had studied martial arts a large part of her life and was a police officer. She ran this dojo in her spare time and took only female students to teach them self-defense. Once a girl progressed beyond the basics, she could start attending sensei’s “advanced training classes”.

In these classes, Tami taught her students how to really fight. They always pretended that their opponents were boys and Tami showed them how to win any fight with a boy. Many people would say that these techniques were unfair and they would certainly be illegal in any competition. But Tami said that in a fight, there are no rules and that those rules were only there to make sure that the boys, with their greater size and strength, would always win. Tami didn’t believe in those rules and taught her students not to either.

Ashley was only allowed in after her sister, Jennifer, asked sensei to allow her to attend. Jennifer was about three years older and the second highest student in the class. She had showed her little sister some of what she had been taught when she started getting picked on by an older boy who lived next door. The next time that boy tried to pull down Ashley’s bathing suit at the pool Ashley showed him why girls were always stronger than boys and he never bothered her again.

Jennifer and several others of sensei’s students were part of the best “click” at their school. They ran that place and anyone who got in their way got what they deserved, especially boys. When Jennifer quit the cheerleading squad and started taking martial arts some of the boys on the football team called her names and picked on her. They said no girl could fight and that it was all show. So, Jennifer and her friends showed the quarterback and a few others what these “girls” could do. After a few demonstrations, no boy dared pick on them but the girls didn’t stop.

Then the girls realized they liked picking on boys and kept it up, sometimes on new students, sometimes on football players, and sometimes on a boy they cornered in the locker room after a shower. If one of the girls got a real dislike for a particular boy, they would pick on him continuously for days and even weeks. Several boys had to go to the hospital after “incidents” where they said they fell.

Another boy had to transfer to another school to get away, since he couldn’t admit that it was four little girls several years younger than him doing this to him every day after school behind the bleachers. Because of this, the girls got the name ‘Bee-Bee’s’, meaning ball busters. None of the faculty had any clue what was going on (they thought Bee-Bee’s meant something to do with Bumblebees), but all the boys in the school know what it meant and were scared of Jennifer and her friends. Ashley didn’t know what Bee-Bee’s meant until she started in sensei’s classes. Ashley hoped to join ‘the Bee Bee’s’ one day when she started high school.

Because of Jennifer, Ashley had been allowed to attend but not participate, she could only watch, at least this time. This had all started about 3 weeks ago when Richard, who was the oldest boy across the mat and took lessons at a dojo across town, got into an argument with one of the girls in the class. Because some teachers were nearby, the girl couldn’t do anything about it at the time.

At class later that day, she told sensei what had happened. Tami had suggested that they challenge Richard and any other boys to a sparing session, no holds barred (they all laughed when they said that because they all knew what it meant.) Of course, the arrogant boys accepted and the match was set. Sensei had spent the past weeks conducting extra training classes with them all in preparation for today. They even had rigged their dummies in special poses for target practice, and they had been practicing a lot.

As sensei finished speaking, Ashley realized she had not really been listening. She had been looking at one particular boy across from her. His name was Billy; she had seen him in school and knew him a little. At one time she had a crush on him, but that was past and now she couldn’t stop staring at his crotch and wondering what sounds he would make once the match started. That was the part she liked best, the noises the boys made when it started. One second they were acting all cocky and the next they had tears streaming out of their eyes, and were begging and squealing (Ashley particularly liked the squealing.) The boy who had picked on her couldn’t even make any noise once she started, he kept trying but nothing came out. Ashley wasn’t sure if she liked that better or worse than the noises, but it was still fun, at least until the lifeguard came over and made her stop.

Ashley caught sensei finishing up talking and heard something about being respectful to their guests. With that all the girls bowed at the waist, Ashley was a little slow and caught another disapproving look from Tami. Ashley knew she’d be running a few extra laps after their next practice for that. “Take your positions,” she said and clapped her hands twice and the two groups took their positions on either side of the mat, the nine girls on one side and the three boys on the other. The mat was blue in color, and square, about 25 feet on each side. There was a white line about two feet inside the outer edge indicating the out of bounds. Sensei took up her place between the two groups on the edge of the mat.

“Billy, would you like to go first?” indicating to the boy Ashley had been looking at. He leapt to his feet from a keeling position. She then indicated to a girl named Kim to take her place as well. Kim and Billy stood about three feet away from each other in the center of the mat, each in a fighting stance. Kim was about four inches shorter than her opponent and probably weighed about 30 pounds less. Her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail that poked through the foam helmet that she wore.

They were both barefoot, as were all the students, boys and girls alike. That’s how the girls preferred to fight. Tami had taught them how to protect their toes and toughen the soles of the feet to use them as weapons. Also, since most of the girls had small feet, they were perfect for kicking into tight places at small targets. They both wore loose fitting pants and large wraparound shirts, hers was white, his red. Tied around their waists were thick cloth belts.

Ashley knew from experience that the fabric of the uniforms all the boys had on was light and thin, designed for mobility not protection, that was in the girls favor. She also knew the boys wouldn’t be wearing cups to protect their genitals. They needed to be able to use their legs to kick and the protection interfered.

When Tami clapped her hands again, the fight started but slowly. Both were anxious, and circled each other slowly with their guard up. Kim did as she had been instructed and never looked down as this could give her target an idea of what was coming and the surprise one of the best parts. Each took turns throwing half-hearted kicks and feints to see what their foe would do and both blocked easily. Kim waited for a committed attack from her opponent, just as she had been taught. She didn’t have to wait long, Billy was eager and confident, but that would all change in a few seconds.

Billy stepped forward with his front leg and swung his right up and around to try and connect with Kim’s head. As his kick extended, his legs were spread wide open. She ducked under his swinging leg and let him start to bring his top leg back down. As he did so and turned away from her, she quickly swung her foot up into the space between his legs from behind. It was a particularly good kick since he was in the process of putting his weight back down, so she caught him as his body came down and the kick was going up. When it connected, it continued to travel upwards for another 8 or 10 inches until it hit the solid part of his pelvic bone. Kim could feel that she had caught something meaty between her foot and his body. A viscous smile crossed her face. She let out a sharp “Heeee-ya!” as she kicked.

There was few seconds pause as Kim stepped back and returned to her guard position. Billy seemed to hang in mid-air, standing on his tiptoes, facing away from Kim, towards the row of girls. His hands immediately clapped around him balls; he let out a “HRUMPH” sound as the air went out of him, and slowly stooped forward to his knees. All of the girls watching had eager smiles on their faces and many started laughing. Several of them shouted out, one screamed, “Yes,” another said “Pow,” and all seemed elated that their side had landed the first blow. Normally, Tami would not have let them cry out during a match, but today was not a normal day. As Billy looked at Ashley and their eyes met, she let a sly grin creep across her face; she had fantasized about this moment and Billy for a good while.

“Hey, that was on purpose, she can’t do that…” Richard started to say.

“We SAID no holds barred. You knew the rules. Now be quiet.” Tami sharply told him. Students were used to obeying their sensei’s orders and so he piped down, his mouth open wide with disbelief at what he had seen.

Billy’s eyes were about twice the size as normal and his mouth was wide open but he couldn’t catch his breath. His testicles were in agony from the blow and he could feel them swelling in his hands. Normally, this would have ended the fight, but this wasn’t a normal fight. Kim, seeing her opening, took one large step forward and swung her free leg up towards his crotch from behind him as he was on his knees.

“Did you like that one? Well how bout this?” she timed the last word to coincide with her foot smashing into his crotch again. His hands, which were still clutching his nuts, blocked some of his the blow, but her foot still connected solidly.

“Nooooooooooo!” he cried out before the pain cut of his scream. The kick was so strong it lifted him a little and pushed him forward. Losing his balance, he fell forward into the vinyl mat. Since his hands were gripping his balls, nothing stopped him and his face slammed into the floor.

The pain in his crotch was incredible. He had never felt anything like it. Once in class, a kick had accidentally gone off target and brushed his balls. That had hurt a lot and took almost an hour to recover from. But that pain was nothing compared to two direct powerful kicks straight into his nuts like he had just experienced. He felt nauseous and his head began to swim.

With that, Tami looked at Ashley and gave her a subtle nod of her head. Ashley was sitting on the end of the row of girls, which put her closest to the door of the dojo. Ashley quickly and quietly stood up and slipped over the door. Once there, she used the key to deadbolt it and lowered the shade which covered the glass window that made up the top half. With the shade down, no one from the street could look in, and with the door bolted, no one could get out without the key, which she hid under some books sitting on a small table in the entranceway. She quickly scampered back to her position at the mat; she didn’t want to miss a second.

Billy, realizing his situation, started to try to get up. He moved his hands off his groin and put them on the floor under him. As he did so, Kim reached down and grabbed his ankles. The gloves they wore had holes for her fingers, so they provided protection for punches but still allowed her to grip. She pulled up and out on his legs, spreading them wide. She dropped to her rear, so her feet were pointed into the space between his legs. As she pulled on his ankles, she slammed her right heel into his nut-sack again. A loud squeal emitted from him.

“Good one Kim,” one girl screamed out.

“Again, harder,” came from another. Kim heeded the advice and continued yanking his legs and kicking straight out. She was lying almost completely on her back by now, using her whole body to get leverage. With each kick her heel crunched his balls again and again.

Billy was screaming loudly now. “Stop, please! No fair.”

With each extension of her leg, another wail came out at a new octave. Since Kim was holding his legs off the ground, he couldn’t get his face and chest off the floor without using his hands leaving his tender parts undefended. Whenever he frantically tried to reach back to cover himself, he fell forward again.

Richard couldn’t believe what he was seeing. What was wrong with these girls? Didn’t they realize what she was doing to him? Didn’t they realize the pain he was in? Why wasn’t it being stopped? Richard couldn’t decide what was worse, the wails of Billy or the look of glee on Kim and the other girls faces.

After about the sixth time Kim slammed her heel into him, Billy managed to get one leg free and roll to the side. Kim decided to let go of the other and rolled up and onto her feet. “Get up so I can get at your balls again,” she screamed at him. The venom and anger in her voice frightened Billy even more than what she was doing to him.

“Y-y-you’re c-c-crazy,” he stammered as he tried to get to his feet himself. She backed off and let him stand.

Billy looked over at Tami for help, thinking the sensei would stop the fight. Tami simply said, “Don’t look at me. Continue”. Billy couldn’t stand up straight; his torso was at about a 45-degree angle to the ground. His legs barely worked. He had the taste of bile in his mouth that had started to come up before he swallowed it back down. The pain seemed a bit better now as the sharp agony that accompanied the kicks had subsided but was replaced with a dull aching that hurt worse whenever he moved.

Kim circled around him and he tried to follow her. She didn’t even have her hands up; it was her turn to act cocky. She feinted towards him; he flinched away as quickly as he could and tried to cover his balls. Suddenly, she threw a punch at his head, he went to block, and Kim grabbed him by the wrist. Yanking him toward her, she grabbed the fabric of his uniform by the shoulders.

Holding him there, she brought her knee up in a straight line towards his balls again. Even though he couldn’t see her legs, he knew what was about to happen. “No,” he whispered in a voice almost not loud enough to hear.

“Yes,” Kim responded back, just as softly with a wry smile on her lips.

A split second later the bone of her knee trapped his testicles and crunched them hard.

“Unnnngh,” he spat out as his face contorted into a grimace that showed just how much pain he was in. Kim, on the other hand, was in heaven, she had dreamed of doing this and it was even better than she hoped. Every grunt, shriek, and grimace from him, made her want to hurt him more and see what other noises she could make come out of him.

The pain from her knee shot upward from his balls and into his body. He couldn’t believe how much it hurt; he didn’t know pain like this was possible. His testicles were already so sore that yet another hard blow seemed even worse than all the others combined.

His legs started to buckle and he felt himself falling, but Kim had him by the shoulders and tried to steady him. He was too heavy for her to hold up totally, but she didn’t need to do that, just to keep him up for another few seconds. Just long enough to land another knee, which followed a second later.

“God, please stop, I can’t take any more,” Billy screamed out, having found his voice. All the girls laughed at his whining.

After driving two more knees into him, Kim snarled, “I guess you can take more after all. You liar.”

As he finally fell forward, she realized she couldn’t hold him up anymore; Kim fell with him but spun the two of them together. The two of them fell face to face, with Kim on top. They landed with a thud, Kim’s weight knocking the wind from Billy. She took the opportunity to drive her knee into his balls one more time. He shrieked again, but it was a weak one, as all the punishment had sapped his strength.

Billy was so weak that he couldn’t even push her off top of him. He laid out spread eagle, arms out to each side and legs out as well. Kim swung her leg off him so she was kneeling next to his body, at about shoulder height and facing towards his legs. She had been practicing a new move she wanted to try out on him. Grabbing him by the hair, she lifted his head off the mat. Quickly she swung her arm over and around his head, bringing his neck into her armpit, forcing his head back.

Within a few seconds, she had him in a reverse headlock, by squeezing she could apply a chokehold and since he was on his back he had no leverage to escape. At the same time, she threw her leg over his right arm and held it between her body and the floor. This limited his defenses even more. But this was just the beginning. As his face was pushed back and facing away from Kim, he could not see what came next.

Looking over to her friends, she exchanged looks of excitement with them. Turning her attention back to Billy, “What’s in here, I wonder?” she asked sarcastically. Reaching down with her free hand, she slammed her palm down into his crotch. When she contacted his genitals, instead of pulling back, she dug her fingers into his meat through the light cloth of his pants, grabbing him by the balls.

Billy was in full-fledged panic mode by now, tears were streaming down his face and he was alternating sobbing and screaming. Feeling her hand around his scrotum, “Please, I give, you win.”

“Then I’ll take my prize. To the winner goes the spoils as they say,” was her reply. And with that she gave his nuts a hard squeeze and started yanking on them.

“Eeeeeeeeeeee,” Billy stared squealing even louder than before and Kim smiled even bigger than before.

“C’mon, give them to me," she ordered with a tone of annoyance that his balls were still attached to him. Spurred on by his noises, Kim started wrenching on his genitals even harder. Without even realizing it, she tightened her arm around Billy’s neck, starting to choke him. His face was turning a bright red as his breathing became shallow.

Billy’s legs started to kick and shake as she continued her twisting and squeezing of his testicles. “Work ‘em over Kim," shouted Becky, “Rip ‘em off.” The girls couldn’t be more pleased with the match; Kim was utterly destroying poor little Billy.

“Naw, I think he’s had enough,” Kim said, letting go of his crotch. Billy’s body started to relax, as he thought it was finally over.

Before he realized what was happening, he felt Kim’s hand on his nuts a second time, except this time it was inside his pants not on top of them. “Noooooo…don’t…not again!” he begged. Since the fabric wasn’t in the way anymore, she could get a better grip. She could tell his scrotum was swollen to about three times normal size. Gritting her teeth, Kim began squeezing as hard as she could. Billy’s whole body was quivering now uncontrollably.

“On a scale of one to ten, how bad’s this hurt?” she asked.

“A t-t-ten,” he squealed.

She added several yanks and a twist along with the pressure. “How bout now?” she asked.

“Aggggghhhh, an eleven, an eleven…” his voice trailed off as his body went limp. Kim kept working his balls - yanking, wrenching, and squeezing for nearly a minute before she realized that he had passed out.

Letting him go as she stood up, he slumped to the floor, unconscious. Kim walked over to the other girls, who were all on their feet, clapping and hooting. They started giving her high fives as Tami walked forward. She motioned to two of the younger girls to move Billy.

Ashley and Dani quickly ran out to the mat. Each took one of Billy’s ankles and dragged him towards the boy’s side of the room. Both Richard and Brian couldn’t believe what they were seeing. These girls were celebrating what they had done to their friend. Ashley and Dani dropped Billy in a heap next to Brian. Dani gave the youngest boy, who was obviously terrified, a wink and blew him a kiss. “I hope I get to do you like this,” she whispered to him. “Actually, I hope I get to do worse,” she said, with a smile, but Brian knew she was completely serious.

The two of them scurried back to their positions, eager to see what was going to happen next. Tami was standing in the middle of the mat. Turning to Richard, she said “Your turn…..ready?”

Richard’s face went pale. “N-n-n-o, I’m not fighting, you can’t make me.”

“You can defend yourself or not, your choice, but they’re going to fight even if you don’t.” With that Jennifer and Miko, walked out to the center and took fighting stances. Tami continued, “At least you know what you in for, he didn’t have a clue,” gesturing to Billy’s groggy and moaning form.

Richard slowly got to his feet, looking at Billy as he did. He figured at least he had a fighting chance. “No fair though, I can’t fight both of them,” he whined.

“Please, you’re a black belt. A big strong boy like you should have no problem with two little girls,” Tami replied sarcastically.

“Yeah, what are you? Afraid?” Miko asked with a mocking tone, “We’re just going to dance on your balls, that’s all!” All the girls started laughing.

“I can’t believe your doing this, you can’t, it’s wrong,” he complained.

“Oh, but you can pick on whoever you want. I see you, beating up other students. Just because you’re a black belt, you think you can push anyone you want around,” Jennifer countered.

“That doesn’t give you the right to…,” he was cut off in his protest when Rachael, who was usually the quietest of all the girls shouted out, “Less talking more screaming.” All the girls burst out into even louder laughter, Rachael’s face turned red with embarrassment.

“Rachael is exactly right,” Tami added, “Fight!”

As soon as she said the word, Miko and Jennifer were on Richard; obviously they had prepared their plan ahead of time. They both attacked in unison, coordinating with each other. Richard was caught off balance by the speed and ferocity of it. He managed to fend off several blows, most of which were aimed at this groin.

The girls had to admit he was very good; he had earned his black belt. He managed to hold both Jennifer and Miko off for several minutes and even landed a few blows him-self, but none hard enough to do any real damage. With two on one, the girls were able to take short breaks while the other engaged Richard. In doing so, they were able to save their strength, while he had to fight almost every second and was getting more tired as each one passed.

Finally, after being patient, the girls saw their chance and took it. Miko threw a punch at Richard’s face, knowing that he would block it easily, which he did. But as his strength waned, he did not have the energy to block the simultaneous attack from Jennifer, as was the plan. Jennifer swept her leg around her, keeping it low to the ground. It connected with his outside leg just below the knee. The effect was to pull his leg out and away from his body opening him up and making him lose his balance. She then shifted her weight back into him and brought her leg around and up, in a straight line into his crotch. The blow was not the hardest, but it would be the first of many to come.

Richard sucked air into his lungs to try and counter the effects. Richard had never been struck in the balls in his entire life. He had never been kicked, hit with a ball, nor even had his nuts grazed while playing. He had no idea what to expect except as he watched Billy’s obvious agony. He had imagined the worst, but even that paled in comparison with what was coursing through his body.

It felt like he was on fire as the pain shot through his spine, arching from his crotch to his brain. The pain was so great, he wanted to look down to inspect his genitals to make sure they were still there; he half expected them to be gone. His legs buckled, but he managed to stay on his feet. He knew if they got him to the ground it would be over for him. From their treatment of Billy and the others reaction to it, he knew he would get no mercy.

Richard started to lurch forward with the force of the blow, but he managed to pull himself back to an almost straight up position. In doing so, he made himself an even better target, as Miko landed a swinging left hook to the side of his face. The blow turned him right into Jennifer who landed an uppercut into his throat, followed a second later by another punch into his gut from Miko.

Richard was reeling from the punishment. He had no idea girls could punch so hard. He thought to his self ‘at least they aren’t hitting me in the balls.’ This thought went through him mind an instant before he felt the kick to his crotch. This time it was Miko. After her punch to his solar plexus, she had spun and jumped upward, swinging her leg out and around, finally bringing it right into his groin. A shrieking “Heeee-Yaaaaaaaaaaaa,” came from Miko as she struck.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” was heard coming from the other girls.

A loud “Ummmph” came from Richard.

This time staying on his feet was impossible as this kick had been clean, fast, and sharp. As bad as the one from Jennifer had been, this one was far worse. The spinning motion had propelled her foot much faster than normal. Richard even had to admit that he was impressed with her skill.

As he started to fall though, Jennifer grabbed him by the wrists. She swung his right arm upward and to her left shoulder and his left arm upward and to her right. His wrists and elbows were turned so that the underside faced to the ceiling, arching the joints the wrong way. By crossing his elbows, one under the other, she could apply pressure to the arm on top and keep both of them restrained.

Jennifer slid closer to Richard’s body, letting his arms slide over her right shoulder, still holding his wrists with one hand and letting her other hand grasp them in the middle. By getting closer she was in the perfect position to knee his balls, which is what she intended to do. Before she did though, she wanted to get as close as possible, to be able to look directly into his face, as she was now. He gave her a pleading look. Without saying a word he begged her not to do what she was about to. As well, without saying a word, her response was “Fuck you!”


The knee lifted him from the ground. He tried to pull his arms out of her grasp, but she anticipated and tightened her grip to compensate. She held him fast. Normally, he would have been easily able to over-power her and break free, but the quick succession of blows had sucked his stamina and made him weak.

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Four more knees in as many seconds ravaged his nuts. Each blow was more brutal than the last. As each struck, his legs would start to buckle and he would begin to fall, only to meet the next blow on its upward arc. To say the pain was intense was an under-statement. Richard doubted any person on the planet had ever felt pain such as this.

Since Jennifer had landed her first kick to the balls, it had only been a matter of twenty seconds or so. But in that time Richard had taken three punches to his head and stomach and half a dozen blows to his testicles. Even so, Richard had managed not to cry out or scream like Billy. In the back of his foggy mind, he took some small pride in that.

When Miko’s foot connected though, all that changed. While his attention had been on Jennifer, the small Asian girl had snuck around behind him. Tami had always told her that kicks to a boy’s groin from behind were the most painful. Since the testicles hung slightly in front, she explained, kicks while facing him could not land as solidly as from the back. When kicked from that angle, the curl of the foot and leg fit in with the groin, allowing for a perfect fit as the blow was struck. Of course, you couldn’t see the boy’s face and enjoy his reactions, but that could come later.

Taking this advice to heart, Miko had kicked poor Richard as hard as she could between his legs from behind. Seeing what she was planning to do, Jennifer had stopped kneeing him and held him in place for the split second that it took her partner to land the shot.

The loudest scream of the afternoon so far pierced the halls of the dojo. Richard couldn’t believe what had just happened. The pain was more than he could bear. His balls felt as if the had exploded within his sack. “Ahhhhhhhhggggggggggg,” the sound seemed to echo and continue within the sparsely furnished room for what seemed like minutes. Watching his agony, several of the girls almost felt sorry for the arrogant prick, almost.

Instead of bending him over, this blow caused every muscle in his body to tighten. His body stiffened and straightened, rising up to his tiptoes and flinging his head back.

Wham! Wham!

Another two knees to the nuts came from the front. ‘His testicles had to be gone by now, how could they still hurt so much?’ he thought to himself. Miko grabbed him by the hair from behind and yanked hard downward. Her victim’s head snapped back and he was pulled hard to the floor and landed with a thud. Miko stood over him looking down, one foot on each side of his head. He opened his eyes, staring right up into her crotch. In his groggy state he watched as she slowly raised her foot and brought it down. ‘Why can’t I dodge it?’ he wondered, ‘it seems to be moving so slowly.’ This thought crossed his mind as her foot connected with his windpipe.

He made a gurgling sound as he struggled to catch his breath. Looking down his body he realized that Jennifer was standing between his legs holding them straight up by the ankles. Even if he had the strength to try to defend himself, he couldn’t have moved fast enough. He could only watch as she leaped into the air, still holding a foot in each hand. While in mid-air, she brought her feet up and behind her so that they were tucked into her rear. In doing so, her knees formed a wedge pointed down at his ever-swelling groin. A look of pure terror came across his face as she fell towards him.

“Please…I want to have children,” he shrieked. All the girls, including Tami, burst into laughter at this ridiculous statement. It only showed them how much he was suffering and how desperate he was that he would say such a thing. Trying to gain mercy any way he could.

Jennifer’s knees drove into the soft flesh of his crotch. Both testicles came to the verge of popping, but managed to slip to the side and relieve just enough pressure to be salvaged. “God….no….please…you’re killing me….my balls…you’re killing my balls.” He grabbed his groin and curled up, completely helpless, on the verge of unconsciousness.

As he lay there, Miko snarled, “Well, you can always adopt.” The viciousness of the last few attacks had struck even Tami. She didn’t know the girls had this kind of punishment in them.

Dani couldn’t take it anymore. She leapt to her feet and charged across the dojo, straight at Brian, the cute boy with the dimples. She wondered what happened to his dimples when he screamed and she intended to find out. Brian watched her charging. She was so excited that she was running blindly at the boy. The rush was so clumsy that under normal circumstances he would have easily been able to dodge and most likely land a counter attack. But today was not normal for him. Brian was so terrified with fear after what he had witnessed happen to his two older friends that he simply stared in horror as the crazed girl charged him.

“Balls!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. “I want to rip off your balls!!!!” It was the only thing she could think to scream as she leapt onto him, driving her knee into his crotch and wrapping her arms around his chest. A shrill cry of pain came out of Brian as the weight of the girl landed on his nuts. She couldn’t have weighed more than 65 pounds, but it was more than enough to make his vision go blurry and red.

Yet again, Tami was surprised by the ferocity of the move, although she had taught Dani to attack better that. Obviously, Tami had underestimated her student’s sadistic tendencies. She knew from first hand experience that females usually had as much rage and aggression as men did. What’s more, they usually couldn’t act on it like males, so when it came out, it came out in buckets. That’s what she was witnessing now. Years of abuse by brothers, cousins, neighborhood boys, teachers, and fathers was being directed at the most vulnerable extremities of these boys’ bodies.

At this point a free for all started as the remaining six girls jumped up and charged at the three victims. Tami knew she couldn’t stop them even if she had wanted to, which she didn’t. She enjoyed watching males suffer more than most anything else, that’s why she became a cop, so she could dish out punishment whenever she felt like it.

She had lost count of the number of handcuffed men she had “racked” with her nightstick. Of course, she never would have done anything to boys this young, but that didn’t mean her students couldn’t. Tami simply moved out of the way and watched the show.

Miko and Jennifer were in the process of striping Richard. Jennifer had his pants around his ankles and was trying to get his feet untangled. Miko had untied the black belt that he had worked so hard for and wrapped it around his neck as she yanked at his shirt.

Dani was still on top of Brian. One arm wrapped around his chest, clumsily punching with her free hand and kneeing him in his nuts over and over again, as fast as she could. In her excitement, she had forgotten all technique and discipline. She was just wailing away. Most of her blows were not hitting cleanly, but the number and speed made them just as painful to her young subject.

“Get her off me. Owwwwww. She’s hurting me. Help me. Please,” he was screaming out. The tone in his voice indicated that he actually believed they might help him. As he cried out, he was vainly trying to avoid her strikes but because she was lying on top of him, it was almost impossible for her to not connect with some part of his groin. In his panic, he wasn’t even covering his genitals or closing his legs to protect himself, just begging, which had no effect on his attacker. A hard knee delivered directly to his balls, elicited a whimpering “Mommy.” After that shrieks were all that could be heard from the mass of pumping arms and legs lying against the wall.

The other girls ran across the dojo mat to join in the carnage. Becky grabbed Richard’s hands to prevent him from putting up even the slightest fight while Jennifer and Miko stripped him of the last of his uniform. Rachael and Kati ran over to where Dani was lying on top of Brian to help her deliver more punishment. Kim and Ashley ran towards Billy, who had begun to recover from his fight. He had just managed to sit up and clear his eyes, only to see his older friend’s destruction. Now he was watching two more crazed girls, including the one who had demolished him the first time, rush at him.

Jennifer had just peeled Richards pants off his legs, “I got an idea,” she blurted out to Miko and Becky. Grabbing his belt, she pulled it tight, slid it up under his scrotum, and wrapped the think fabric around the top of his ball-sack several times. Once wrapped, she pulled the two ends to tighten it. “Unnnngggg,” he grunted as the pressure was applied.

“Grab his hands,” Jennifer told the other two girls who were watching her intently. They smiled as they realized what she wanted to do to the poor boy.

“Pull,” Jennifer ordered. With that, Miko and Beck climbed to their feet and began pulling up and out on his arms, which were above his head at this point. At the same time, Jennifer began pulling the opposite direction on the belt wrapped around Richards’s nuts. As the Belt tightened, his scrotum started to stretch and the pressure on his balls increased.

“No, don’t, Ahhhhhhh,” he protested. The confirmation of his discomfort elicited even bigger smiles from the girls and more effort in the pulling. After a few seconds to set themselves, all three of the girls were pulling with all their might. Miko and Becky had their heels dug into the edge of the mat to help with traction and were leaning back as far as they could without falling. Jennifer was still sitting between his legs, but her main role was to anchor his nuts against the pressure from the other end.

Since his arms were being pulled up as well as out, Richards’s body was completely off the ground. The only parts of his body in contact with the floor were the balls of his feet. He was bent in a sort of reverse bridge, with his feet barely touching the ground; his knees bent 90 degrees, and his torso horizontal to the floor. Miko and Becky were pulling so hard that Jennifer was having trouble holding him in place.

To compensate, she pulled the belt around her back and wedged it under her arms, wrapping it around her front hand as well. This gave her a much better grip and allowed her to put her weight into pulling in the opposite direction.

Richards’s balls were stretched a good six inches from his groin. “Pleeeeeese stop, you’re ripping them!” he cried out.

“Good,” was what he got in return from Becky. The pressure was incredible, he couldn’t stand it, and his testicles felt like they were going to pop any second. The pain has sapped every ounce of strength from him. He couldn’t even hold his head up; it was hanging towards the ground, flopping back and forth with every yank and tug he experienced. Drool was flowing from his mouth, as he couldn’t even muster the energy to swallow.

“Let’s get his pants off,” Kati said as she and Rachael approached where Dani was punishing the little Brian’s crotch. Rachael grabbed Dani and pulled her up as Kati took Brian’s pants by the bottom and started pulling them down. Being younger, none of these girls had ever seen a boy close up. Their eyes went wide when they saw his penis and scrotum. They started giggling as they looked at his tiny pecker lying on his enormously swollen scrotum. As Kati finished pulling his pants all the way off, Rachael grabbed a cord from a rack against the wall and used it to tie his hands behind his back.

“I wanna kick him, I haven’t gotten to kick any of them,” Kati pleaded.

“Alright, you go first,” Rachael, who was the oldest and the de facto leader of the three, told her.

Dani started to protest, “He’s mine.”

Rachael scolded her, “You’ve been working on him for a while, let her have a turn.”

She thought it over, “Alright.” Danielle gave Kati a sideways glance of disapproval; she wanted him all to herself.

Rachael and Dani each took a leg and held them wide. “Please don’t, no more,” he pleaded, but to no avail. With a grin and building excitement, Kati took her place, standing between his held and outstretched legs. Lifting her foot as high as she could, she slammed it down and into his crotch, her heel smashing into his balls. He shrieked and tried to curl up, but his legs were held firmly. Each girl wrapped her arm around one of his lower limbs and pulled them under their arms to anchor them. His torso lifted off the floor only to be slammed back down by Rachael’s foot as she kicked him in the chest.

Kati paused to make sure the other two had a good grip. Confident that they did, she stomped on his tender areas again. Several more stomps followed in quick succession. With each, the tone and severity of his screams went up.

“Aiiiieeeeeeee, stop it,” he begged as another foot nearly burst his left nut. At this point, Kati wasn’t just stomping, but when her foot landed she would hold it there and roll his balls between it and the hardwood floor. After a few more, she added a leap to the blows. Bracing herself on his legs, she jumped as high as she could and brought her foot into his nuts, landing with all the weight she could on him. His screams went to an entire new level in shrillness and intensity when this new aspect of the punishment was added.

After several more, the three girls switched off. Kati took Rachael’s place, holding his right leg and the older girl assumed the position in the middle and took over the ball smashing duties. This was even worse for poor Brian. The combination of his increasingly tender testicles and the fact that Rachael was the oldest and biggest of the three, made her stomps all the more powerful and painful.

His pleads and shrieks were constant but were also completely ignored, except as motivation to do more damage to his small genitals. This pattern continued for a good while, with the three alternating positions and each one delivering a few hard kicks before moving on and allowing another girl to give him a few.

Things were no better for Billy. He had already been badly beaten and was just beginning to recover. Then the girl who had hurt him in the first place, Kim, and Ashley, the girl who wanted to hurt him more than any of the others, jumped him. Billy saw them approaching and tried to crawl backwards and to get away. He only made it a few feet before the grabbed him. Lying on his side with them on top of him, he pleaded for no more.

“Haven’t you done enough to me?” he asked.

“I haven’t done anything to you…YET!” Ashley responded. Billy’s eyes got big when he thought about the implications of her statement.

“I want to smash his balls,” Ashley told Kim. “I mean really smash them, so they burst.” Billy’s eyes got even larger.

“Can you do that?” Kim asked in return.

“Sure, Tami told me about it.” Actually, Tami had given them a warning about bursting a boy’s testicles. She had said that if you trap them where they have no room to move and apply too much pressure…’POP’, they burst inside his scrotum and he’ll never use them again. Ever since that day, Ashley had become fascinated with popping a boy’s balls.

“You can’t do that,” he said when he heard their discussion. He was crying as he said this.

“Why not?” Ashley shot back.

“You just can’t, it’s wrong, I need those,” he replied.

Ashley looked at Kim and thought for a moment, “Ehhhhh, I don’t really care,” she said with a casual tone that sent a shiver through Billy.

“What do you think?” she asked Kim.

“Fine by me.”

“Great! Let’s get started. Get his pants off.” And with that Ashley jumped behind the boy and grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it down to his waist. Since his arms were still in the sleeves, this pinned them at his sides as they got tangled in the fabric. Kim reached her fingers into the top of his pants and grabbed the waistline. With a quick but hard yank, she had pulled them completely off with one motion.

“Take a leg.” Ashley told Kim as she grabbed his left ankle. Kim did as she was told and took the right. They two girls dragged the pleading boy towards the back wall, where the training equipment was. Ashley took two jump ropes from the rack and threw one to Kim. “Tie his legs open, use the weight machine.” Kim wrapped the rope around his ankle several times and tied it to the weight bench. Ashley did the same with his left ankle and anchored it to a radiator against the wall. Billy’s pleas had not ceased the entire time that they bound him, but he had not offered much of a fight.

“Grab those blocks,” Ashley again ordered Kim, indicating a stack of cinder blocks that the girls used for holding wooden boards to practice breaking. Each block was about one and a half inch thick, eight inches long by six inches wide. Kim grabbed three of them and brought them over. She wasn’t used to being given orders like this and especially not from a classmate who was younger and lower in rank as Ashley was on both accounts. But she wanted to watch what was going to happen more than her pride mattered. Besides Ashley was a girl on a mission and Kim didn’t want to get in her way.

Ashley took one block put it on the floor between his legs and slid it into him as far as she could. She lifted his scrotum so it rested on the block. “Gag him, ‘cause he’s gonna scream when I get done.” Again, Kim followed her instructions, jamming a small towel into his mouth and tying it in place with a cord used to tie off the fighter’s pants legs.

“Wait, no, please…unnngggg,” he begged but was cut off by the towel being forced down his throat.

Lifting another cinder block, Ashley laid it as gently as she could on top of the first, with his balls trapped between. Billy’s eyes never left the block as she lifted it, brought it over, and set it down between his legs. His tears were flooding out of his eyes and his words asking for mercy were muffled. Ashley gave him a kiss on the cheek, leaned in further and whispered into his ear, “You thought Kim hurt you, you little bastard, watch this.”

Billy watched her smiling face as she stood up in front of him. Almost as an after-thought, she took a towel and laid it over the blocks at her feet, “Don’t want to cut myself,” she explained.

Stepping up onto the weight bench, which was about eighteen inches off the floor, she jumped up as high as she could. Ashley landed with her full weight and both feet on the top cinder block. Billy’s face went beet red, his eyes snapped shut and tears ran down his face. He clinched his teeth together and screamed through the gag. His whole body tightened and convulsed. The convulsions were intense but limited because his legs and hands were restrained by the bonds.

Agony exploded through his body, originating at his groin. There was no describing the feeling, perhaps like someone setting off a stick of dynamite in between his legs. His mind was blank, he couldn’t focus on anything; the pain took up all the room for thoughts in his brain. The room looked bright red when he finally opened his eyes. Vomit surged up into his mouth but was blocked by the gag.

Ashley stood there, on top of the blocks, watching the boy convulse and cry, savoring the experience of what she had done. She wanted to understand what he was feeling. Since she didn’t have any testicles, she would have to try and determine it from watching him. As she stared at him, she started hopping up and down on the blocks to further torment Billy. His head was starting to droop to one side, as he was only half awake.

Ashley stepped off and knelt down to inspect the damage. Removing the towel and upper cinder block, she roughly grabbed his package. “Dammit to hell!!!” she screamed in shock, “They’re still there, what do I have to do to bust these things? They must have slid out.”

Quickly grabbing another cord she wrapped it tightly around the base of his scrotum to pin his balls so they couldn’t squirm. Looking for something to use on him she saw a 3-pound hand weight used by the girls for arm curls. Grabbing it, she smashed it down with both hands into his balls. Over and over she repeated the process of beating his nuts with the flat end of the weight.

She wasn’t even stopping to check to see if his testicles were intact or not. She was in a blind fury of pounding, not noticing he had slipped into unconsciousness and slumped over as far as the bonds would allow. She also didn’t notice that all the other girls in the dojo had stopped what they were doing and come over to watch Ashley go to town.

“Smash them!” Miko encouraged.

“Go for it!” Dani screamed.

“Nail ‘em,” Don’t stop,” “Pop ‘em,” “Make ‘em scream,” came from various girls. Ashley was completely oblivious to them all. At this point she had smashed the weight into Billy’s nuts at least ten times and had no intention of stopping – five more, then ten, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, the assault continued unabated. The only thing that would help Billy was the mercy of the girl wielding the metal bar and smashing his privates, but there was no mercy there to be found.

Finally, after several minutes, Ashley’s strength was waning as she brought the weight up and back down over and over. Her arms ached so bad she could barely lift them. Ashley sat back panting and sweating, nearly exhausted by the continuous assault she had just engaged in. Luckily for Billy, he had missed most of it since he had passed out after about the sixth blow landed.

“Did you do it?” asked Becky, referring to his balls, even Tami had come over to see, her curiosity piqued. Ashley felt down between his legs and massaged his sack. She didn’t even have to answer, the enormous smile that crossed her face told them all what she felt – no testicles, only pulp – this time she had gotten both of them and Billy would never be the same again.

The girls lifted Ashley to her feet and each one hugged the exhausted girl. She was their hero. Dani looked over at Brian and Richard and whined, “I want to do one like that.” She started to walk towards a scared Richard.

“No!” blurted out Tami, “That’s enough. We can’t explain away all three.” Though she was disappointed, Dani didn’t argue with her sensei.

In reality, all the girls were exhausted from the punishment they had been dishing out and probably couldn’t have done much more even if Tami had let them.

“Let’s get them out of here,” Tami ordered. Twenty minutes later, Tami was driving Ashley, Miko, and Jennifer in her SUV. Richard, Billy, and Brian were lying in the rear cargo area, still helpless and crying. When they pulled up about a block from the hospital, Tami re-iterated her threat of what would happen if any of the boys if they told anyone about their session.

All three boys promised not to say anything, as they totally believed what she said would happen would if they squealed. She told them what to tell the doctors about their injuries. Tami made them repeat back to her what their stories would be to make sure they had it straight.

As the girls drove off, laughing to themselves, Richard and Brian started limping towards the hospital, while Billy just crumpled to the ground, unable to do anything but hold the area where is boyhood used to be.

As the SUV turned the corner, Ashley who was given the front seat by Tami for the first time, thought about what she had done. She didn’t feel sorry for the boys at all, that surprised her a bit. She kept rolling the images of the day over in her head, the boy’s tears and grimaces. She heard their screams, shrieks, and begs for mercy. She remembered the feeling of what she had done to Billy. She liked what she had done and couldn’t wait to do it again.

Tomorrow was Sunday and there was usually a football game in the park down the block from her house. Lot’s of boys at a football game, she thought, smiling out the window. It would be easy to lure one or two away, more if Jennifer or the other girls would help her. Yes, that’s what she’d do; the park would be a good place.

She barely slept at all that night thinking about the park and devising new things she’d do to all the boys in the park.


Chotifor E. Amilzipoghe Jr. said...

I love how enthused the girls are about what they're doing, and that one girl was strong enough to go through with the castration.

Anonymous said...

Dam, older boy Richard was the strongest, and outfought two girls for a couple of minutes. That's an awesome show of he's black belt skills. However, it's sexy, that the girls used his own black belt to make him feel agony and defeat. Tying his balls using his hard earned belt is classic. The girls turned all his proud male symbols into weapons against him. I think Richard will never wrap another black belt around his waist again, sucks to be a boy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

real wish: