Friday, September 7, 2007


By Chris

I am only 18, and I and my girlfriend have been sexually active now for about a year. She is a very pretty girl who is skinny and especially large tits for her size; I can’t even fit my hand around them. I am average build and very athletic. So we are also very into ball busting. Some of the things we do include wrestle naked and no body parts are off limits. She always wins, usually by crushing my balls with her hands until I give up, or sometimes she'll finish me with a hard kick, knee, punch, or my favorite she'll bite my balls hard. She also often surprises me with surprise blows or grabs to my balls just for fun.

Well one day we had a bit of a fight about me checking out another girl, but I would never cheat, and she saw me. She yelled and said that my balls belong to her, but I thought there is no harm in looking so we disagreed. Eventually we decided to wrestle for it completely naked, and the first person to give up is wrong. I agreed so we went to her house and undressed, (we had four hours before her parents came home). I immediately got a hard on when she took of her bra and her tits came bouncing out.

She said "Don’t get too excited, ill make that shrimp dick limp in no time" She also likes to humiliate my six inch penis, also she thinks it’s average it’s just a turn on for us. Then after we were completely naked she said, "On the count of three...1...2.....3" and she came right at me jumping so her tits bounced and I got distracted. She then tripped me over her foot so I fell on my stomach. She then got down and grabbed my balls from behind before I could do anything and pulled harder then she ever had. I thought she was going to rip them off and I was in so much pain that I gave in but she said, "Oh no way baby you need to learn a lesson" Eventually she let go and gave me 10 minutes to recover while she watched TV.

I finally got up and yelled "What the hell? I gave up and that really killed"

She said "I'm sorry, how about you come over here and just play with my tits" So I went over and started massaging them until I got another hard on and she played with it lightly and then yelled, "Oh shit my dad’s home!"

I immediately turned around to see if I saw his car out the window but nothings there. But this was only to distract me. She took a step back and then as hard as she could she kicked me in the balls from behind. I immediately fell and started to cry while clutching my balls and she said, "Still hard now limp dick?" then she pried my hands away and grabbed my balls and squeezed until I actually passed out.

When I came to I was tied up on the pull up bar and I saw her and her friend talking in the other room, my girlfriend was still naked but her friend, who was possibly the hottest girl in the school was still dressed. Both of them came over laughing and her friend flicked me dick and said, "Is that all you've had to work with? My boyfriends is at least in inch longer and wider then that." My girlfriend just laughed. Then my girlfriend’s friend said, "Let’s tease him a bit" and she started undressing. I wasn’t about to complain seeing as this girl was amazing and had tits almost as big as my girlfriends. I immediately got hard and the two girls started to laugh.

Then my girlfriend said, "How dare you enjoy this!" and she bent down and started biting my balls hard. I screamed and her friend laughed.

She eventually let go and her friend said "Can I have a go at of his balls?" and my girlfriend nodded. She then took a step back and kicked me as hard as she could once...twice... three times and I started crying in pain. She then said, "I thought boys were supposed to be tough, what’s up now bitch?" and she grabbed my balls so hard I thought they would explode. I eventually passed out and when I came too I was at my house in my room naked.

As it turned out one of her friends had played a joke on her telling her that I had cheated on her with the girl I stared at and I got screwed for it. In the end she apologized and skipped school with me to just screw and be naked with me all day, and she said that she would agree to anything I wanted. In the end I fucked her four times, two blowjobs, a hand job. I also make her suck on my balls for a full half hour, and let me play with her tits for another half hour. I then got to titty fuck her, and we did have some ball busting fun. She did say that this was a rare occurrence but it may be able to happen again sometime, and all in all I think it was worth it.

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