Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Touch Football

By golfer1

There were a number of boys in the neighborhood who got together to play touch football in the field behind my house. We had been doing this for a couple years. Occasionally one of the girls would want to join. We always let them, but we made it tough on them and they would not come back. Most of the boys did not think the girls should be playing with us. Some of the guys would get especially rough with the girls just to show them who was tougher. One of the boys, Jared was a real macho jock. He was really good at most sports. He had a well-built athletic body that most of us admired. He was only sixteen, but had the muscular body of a college kid. He was especially hard on any girl that joined us in our football games. He seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on the girls and took pleasure in running them off. He was not averse to taking a cheap shot at the girls or occasionally the guys for that matter. Occasionally he would ‘accidentally’ hit a girl in the tits. And a few times he hit a guy in the groin; always ‘on accident’. I think he liked inflicting pain and none of us wanted to mess with him.

That summer a new girl moved in down the street. I had seen her a few times and she had an incredible body. Her name was Teri. She always wore tight cotton shorts that showed off her tight round ass and her tee shirts fit tightly to her perfect round tits. I really had the hots for her but did not know how to approach her.

One day we were out playing football when she came by. She asked if she could play. As usual we agreed, knowing that after Jared had a little time, he would run her off. I however hoped she would not quit as I was really turned on by her sexy little body in her tight fitting shorts and top. She looked especially good to me that day. I hadn't noticed before, but she had a really athletic build for a girl. Her legs and arms had more than a hint of muscle.

She ended up on the team opposite Jared. It didn't take long for Jared to go to work. Teri went out for a pass and Jared was guarding her. Just as the ball got to her, he ran into her hard knocking her to the ground. He must have gotten her on the chest because as she was getting up she had her right hand on her right tit, kind of rubbing it. Jared acted like it was an accident. She told him to take it easy.

Jared just shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you can't take it you shouldn't be playing." Jared was standing there with his hands on his hips with a smug look, thinking he had shown her who was boss. He was wearing tight Levi’s that showed a fairly pronounced bulge in his crotch.

As Teri walked past Jared, she quickly, but lightly swung her left hand up between Jared's legs. She did it so quickly that at first I wasn't sure I had seen what I thought I had seen. However, Jared's reaction made it clear that she had hit him square in the balls. His hands went immediately to his groin and he double over slightly. It was not a hard hit but it certainly got his attention. Teri just kept walking as if nothing had happened. I think Jared was a bit embarrassed by it so he tried to ignore it. He still had his hand in his crotch as he went back to the huddle.

I was really turned on by the ball-busting I had just witnessed. What surprised me was the look on Teri's face right after she hit Jared's balls. She had a definite look of pleasure and I couldn't help noticing her nipples were clearly sticking out in her tight tee shirt. She was turned on by what she had done. A girl hitting a guy in the balls, having seen it happen a few times in movies, had always turned me on. But here in real life it was an incredible feeling witnessing this sexy girl getting turned on herself, hitting a guy in the nuts.

Jared was not taking his light ball-busting very well. He became even more aggressive and rough with Teri every chance he had. I was not going to take my eyes off these two because I didn't want to miss any more action. I could see Teri and Jared trading comments after a particularly rough hit, but Jared was being more careful. He was not about to let Teri hit him in the balls again. And then it happened.

Teri's team had the ball. She was back blocking for the quarterback. Jared came rushing in. She went to block him and he threw a vicious elbow right into Teri's chest, catching square on her right tit. She let out a cry of pain. She grabbed her chest and went to one knee. Jared looked down at her with his arrogant sneer and asked her when was she going to learn, girls should not be playing sports with boys.

Anger suddenly flashed on Teri's face as she jumped up. She said he would be sorry for treating her so roughly and challenged him to a fight. He just laughed and frankly she was no match for Jared. He was at least 40 pounds heavier and three inches taller than her and his bare chest was thickly muscled. There was little doubt about who would win a fight between these two. She put up her fists in a fighting stance and told Jared to come on.

He said, "You must be kidding," and laughed. She came at him and took a swing as she said she was serious. Jared ducked just in time to avoid taking a right to his chin. He was now most serious as all of us gathered around. I was shaking with excitement as I watched this sexy girl challenging this muscular jock. She came at him again and took another jab at his face. He blocked it and followed with a half strength hit to her stomach. It knocked the wind out of her and she doubled over. After a moment she caught her breath. She was wild with anger now. Jared was not ready for her next move. She straightened up quickly and threw a hard right cross that hit Jared solidly on his jaw. His head snapped back from her blow. He staggered back a couple steps, spreading his legs for balance.

I instinctively knew what was coming next. My cock was rock hard from my anticipation of what was next. I was not disappointed. Teri took one step toward Jared and kicked him square in the balls really hard. It was an awesome kick; his balls were neatly outlined in his tight Levi’s. I thought I'd explode as I watched her foot slam into Jared's crotch. Her kick had a devastating effect on Jared. He pressed his hands tightly to his groin and doubled over. He stood doubled over, fighting hard not to give in to the pain. He looked at her as he fought the waves of pain shooting through his groin.

She was half smiling and half-laughing as she said, "I said you would be sorry." Her face was also a bit flushed and her nipples were practically poking through her tee shirt, they were so firm and erect. She was clearly turned on by what she had done. It became clear to me at that moment that Teri was a really in to ball-busting. She'd obviously done it before.

Jared struggled to fight off the pain in his nuts. But it was no use. His knees buckled and he fell to the ground. He rolled onto his side and curled up still clutching his balls. Teri gave him one last kick in the side and walked off leaving all of us in semi-shock at what she had just done. Needless to say, Jared never messed with Teri after that day.

Teri continued to join us for our football games in the vacant lot. And there were a couple of other ball-bustings during our games that summer. I will write later about the experience a new boy to the neighborhood had with Teri.


twonutbuster said...

Love this story, Jared got what he deserved. He thought he was the proud masculine male, until she put him in his rightful place......on the grass holding his defeated manhood.

Anonymous said...

Great story. Jared was so cocky, bullying the girl around and wearing tight Levis to show off the bulge of his penis and nuts which he thought made him so superior to females. So happy Teri kicked him good square in the nuts and taught him the true meaning of having balls between his legs!