Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome to Maple Ave.

By dbud

Brian pedaled as hard as he could down the hill on his bike. Glancing over his shoulder he saw the five girls riding hard behind him, chasing him. The girls were the Maple Ave. Gang or Maple Ave. Ball Busters, as the boys in the neighborhood called them. They were five girls, led by Clarissa, who ruled this street and the surrounding neighborhood.

He knew better that to come here, but his Mom had told him to go to one of her friends house and get some tupper-ware that she had borrowed, and she had threatened to ground him when he argued. And now here he was, running for his life from these girls. He knew what they would do if they caught him. He was tearing down the hill, if he could make the corner, he was sure he could lose them.

Reaching the bottom, he tried to hold the road, but he was moving too fast and couldn’t make the turn. His bike skidded and slid off the street, tossing him over the handlebars, off the road and down a hill. He landed hard at the edge of the woods where all the kids liked to go play.

Getting up, his ankle hurt terribly, like it was sprained or worse. He started to half run and half limp into the trees, to try to lose the girls in there. About 30 seconds later, the girls pulled up and jumped off their bikes to follow him. He could here them calling after him.

“Fan out, don’t let him get away,” Clarissa ordered her troops. The girls did so, spreading out and running into the woods.

About a minute later Julie yelled out, “I see him!” Brian was about 50 feet in front of her, limping away. Julie charged at him and tackled Brian around the legs, taking him down.

Brian rolled over as Julie climbed on top of him, trying to pin him. But Brian was much larger than she was and he easily threw her off. He struggled to his feet, but one of the twins, Darlene, ran up and pushed him down. Her sister, Rachael, then came in and the two of them, along with Julie began wrestling with Brian. The three were able to hold him down and when Megan arrived to help, it was a very one-sided match.

Megan pulled several long lengths of thin rope out of her backpack and tossed them to the girls. They each quickly tied the rope around Brian’s wrists and ankles. Each girl then got up and wrapped the rope around several trees nearby. As Brian tried to get himself free, the girls each pulled hard, stretching him out by his arms and legs. He had managed to get to his feet and was standing when they strung him up.

He struggled as hard as he could and even managed to pull back some of the bindings, but with a girls on each limb, he could not get free and tired quickly. After about 30 seconds of struggling, they pulled the ropes taunt and held him fast.

Clarissa stepped forward from the edge of the trees and looked Brian up and down, “You should have stayed off Maple like we told you last time. Now you’re going to pay.” Clarissa was about 13 years old. She was pretty with long blonde hair.

“No wait, my mom sent me here, it’s not my fault.”

“Shut up!” Clarissa yelled at him as she lunged forward. Kicking her sneaker up, she slammed it between his legs and kicked him square in the balls. Brian was only wearing light shorts as it was a hot summer day, which provided no protection at all.

“Yyyyaaaahhhhh!!!” he yelled out ad his balls took a hard kick from the girl. Brian was about three years older than Clarissa and much larger, but with his legs held wide open he was helpless and his balls felt like they were on fire.

Clarissa stepped back smiling. She had kicked lots of guys like this and loved it. She wanted to savor the pain he was feeling. His face was contorted and panting from the pain she caused. Kicking him again, she blasted her foot into his testicles a second time.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he cried out again in tremendous pain. The third kick to his nuts took his breath away.

Clarissa’s friends were hollering and yelling at them, “Again, again.” “Kick him harder!” They were laughing and enjoying his agony.

Clarissa stepped forward and drove the tip of her knee right up between his legs, nearly crushing his testicles, not holding back at all.

“OH GOD!! MY BALLS!!” Brian screamed at the top of his lungs.

“I warned you this would happen, asshole. You should have believed me.”

“I do, I do. Please stop. I’m sorry.” Brian begged and all the girls laughed at the sight of this big guy whining.

Brian nearly collapsed with the pain and he would of but the girls anchored themselves and held him up. Darlene put her foot against the tree and used it to anchor herself and gain leverage as she pulled his arm tighter. His nuts were in agony and he had stabbing pain shooting from his groin up into his abdomen.

Clarissa could see him sagging, “Hold him tight!” she ordered the other girls and they all followed Darlene’s lead and pulled Brian tight, hoisting him up.

“Please, I’m sorry, stop, please,” he begged.

“I don’t think you are and I’m going to make sure you really are sorry,” Clarissa replied. She then slipped her small hand up into his shorts, between his thigh and the fabric. Reaching his underwear, she forced her fingers past it and felt his genitals. Smiling broadly, she let her fingers explore his crotch until she found his balls. Grabbing them harshly, she let her hand wrap around them and began squeezing.

“UUUHHHHHHH UUHHHHHH UUUUHHHH!!!!!!” Brian began grunting in pain as Clarissa began applying more and more pressure.

“Hold him tight, he’s gonna buck when I really let em have it,” she told the others and they all anchored themselves as they watched, enthralled. Bracing herself, Clarissa clamped down as tight as she could.

“AAIIEIIEEEEEE!” Brian outright screamed for the first time. Clarissa was gritting her teeth and she began sweating as she worked as hard as she could on his balls. Brian was also sweating. The horrible pain he was in made his vision turn red.

“Pp-p-llea-s-s-e, you’re crushing them, I can’t take it.” Brian whimpered softly. Then he did begin to buck, just as Clarissa had predicted. Brian began yanking on his bindings, desperate to get even one hand free. The girls all pulled harder. Clarissa, for her part, began working his balls even more as well. Loving his obvious agony and his thrashing that told her she was being successful, she began yanking on his nuts, jerking them side to side as much as his underwear would allow.

This motion put even more pressure on his testicles and Brian began shrieking, the shrillness giving away the horrible pain he was in. All the girls were enraptured by what they were doing. None of them felt sorry for him, they wanted it to continue and intensify. The only thing four of the girls would have changed is that they wanted to be hurting him, but they knew Clarissa wouldn’t relinquish her prizes.

After another two minutes or so that seemed like an eternity for Brian, his voice began to crack from the non-stop yelling and Clarissa finally let go. Brian went limp, “Drop him,” she said and the girls complied, letting his body drop to the ground. He was helpless and went limp, falling to the ground.

“Get his pants off and hold his legs open,” Clarissa ordered.

Brian lost sight of her and felt the other girls yanking at his shorts, pulling them down to his ankles and then off. He also heard them giggling as they did so. Finally, he felt four pairs of small hands grab his ankles and lift them up into the air and hold them wide. He tried to cover himself but the girls stepped on his arms and pinned them just as Clarissa came back into view.

“I warned you not to come to this street again. So now you’re gonna get yours.” Clarissa raised a large flat rock she had picked up from the creek bed over her head and looked down at Brian.

He saw the rock and her targets and screamed, “NOOOOO!!! YOU CAN”T!!!!! YOU’LL CRUSH THEM!!!!”

Clarissa slammed the rock down between his legs and Brian’s entire body tensed, rigid as a board, waiting for the flood of pain or to pass out. After a few long seconds, he finally took a breath and opened his eyes. Looking between his legs, he saw the rock imbedded in the soft ground about an inch from his balls and let out a sigh of relief.

Clarissa grabbed him by the hair, “Next time I will pop them, asshole.” She then raised her foot and stomped down on his nuts causing Brian to cry out and curl into a fetal position holding his battered testicles.

“C’mon Clarissa, let’s crush em. He deserves it.” Darlene begged.

“No, next time maybe. That’s enough for today.” The girls walked off laughing and mimicking his yelps and facial expressions. Getting on their bikes, they rode back up Maple Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic story - I love the power play, the femme fataleness, and I must say, the humane ending came as a surprise to me and it made for a very sexy & original story indeed.

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I would like to contact the person who created that!