Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Yet Another Man Boobs Story

By bustedbyruddysat15

Here's another post, which I wrote around the time of Halloween. The first few paragraphs are about the trend of Halloween costumes getting sexier and more revealing. This segues into a recollection of a high school experience...

(Disclaimer: Fiction yada yada yada)


... Katie Sung and Gillian Brady had decided to dress up as witches - sexy witches, naturally. They wore those wide-brimmed hats, along with dark brown clothes including short miniskirts. I should explain a bit more about these girls. Gill was your typical pretty, well-endowed blonde with pale skin who wore too much make-up. A lot of my friends said she looked like a porn star. I know her face looked slightly busted, but I still thought she was super-hot.

Katie Sung was a girl I would have worshipped if I had had my Asian fetish back then. She was tall and had long legs, truly an amazingly quality for a Chinese-American girl. She was your typical bitchy cheerleader who loved to party, but she was also a Future Leader of America who was accepted to both Stanford and Harvard with no difficulty. I have to admit, I always wondered how she managed to balance those two sides of her life ... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Katie and Gill had come to school in cheerleader outfits many times before, so I was used to ogling their legs, but for some reason the whole "witch" thing had an effect on me. It was as if I was hypnotized ... I couldn't take my eyes off the two beauties. I found myself following them like a moth drawn to flame. Realizing that I couldn't be too obvious about it, I slowed my pace so I was walking about six feet behind them. They were talking to each other and laughing about something I couldn't make out.

Right as they approached the cafeteria doors, Gill suddenly turned around, then whispered something in Katie's ear. They quickly veered away. "Oh shit," I thought, "Did they notice me?" As it turned out, they hadn't, but in my paranoia I had no choice but to continue straight forward into the cafeteria. Even though I had already eaten, I went through the motions of getting silverware and then used the reflection in my spoon to locate the girls. Katie was nowhere to be seen, while Gill, to my surprise, was talking to one of my best friends!

Ben Freeland was your typical gawky, reed-thin math geek. He wasn't unpopular, but I had no idea how he could be friends with a hot cheerleader like Gill. Yet there she was, smiling at him, talking to him, putting her arm around him.

I quickly slammed my tray down and went to see if I could get close to them without being noticed. Gill was now leading Ben away from the public annex and into a maze of classrooms which, since it was lunchtime, were now deserted. I quickly picked up my pace and followed them, staying a safe distance behind. She now led him into one of the classrooms. We went to a special school where all the classrooms were "open" - i.e., they did not have doors (a situation which changed after Columbine) - so I was able to sneak up and get a partial view without going in. I could see Gill and Ben talking. As I got closer, I heard him saying something about some Japanese anime series or something. (While he was certainly a genius at math, anime was his main passion in life.) All of a sudden, he stopped. He was looking at something in the part of the room I couldn't see. Then I heard him say loudly, "I'm getting the FUCK out of here."

What Gill did next was so swift that I didn't perceive it until after it was over. She already had her arm draped across Ben's back; when he started to move, she swiftly pivoted, grabbed him by the shoulders, and kneed him in the crotch. Then she backed away to observe his reaction.

I could see the pain and shock register across my friend's face. He didn't double over; instead, he just stood there paralyzed, his back straight, his hands cupping his rapidly swelling genitals. I felt the sharp sting of sympathy pains down low, and even from my voyeuristic point of view I felt shame and humiliation. After all, I had been spying on Gill while thinking lustful thoughts about her and when she kneed Ben I felt like my perversion was vicariously exposed.

Meanwhile, the mysterious presence which had ticked off Ben now stepped forward. It was Katie. I couldn't help but notice how good her legs looked in her dark brown skirt and black leather boots. But what was she doing now? She held up a piece of paper in front of Ben and then slammed it down on the table. "That's a B, Ben," she said angrily. "A B!!! Do you understand? I'm not gonna get into Harvard with a B!"

Some of the air started to return to Ben's lungs, and he managed to blurt out, through clenched teeth, "I'm ... sorry ... was ... so busy that week ... won't ... happen again ..."

Katie strode forward, put her hands on his shoulders, and brought her face within inches of his. "YOU BETTER BELIEVE it won't happen again, buddy!" she said.

"So ... sorry!"

"Oh, you ain't seen 'sorry' yet!" She walked a few steps away, then turned back around and nodded to Gill. Gill walked behind Ben, grabbed his arms, and twisted them behind his back, all the while using her feet to push his legs apart. Deep down, I knew what was coming, but I didn't want to admit it to myself.

"I'm sorry, but can't you see?" Ben pleaded. "Six months and this is the first B. I have to do my own work too!"

"I know you do, Ben," Katie replied smoothly. "But you see, you have to learn to prioritize correctly. From now on, my work comes first, and yours comes second. You got that?" Ben didn't reply; Gill twisted his arm harder. "You got that?" Katie asked again.

"Y-yes," he said.

My head was swimming. Katie Sung, our school's golden girl, the hope of tomorrow, the girl who was going to walk in the gates of Harvard and Stanford, was a cheat!! She was using Ben Freeland to do her math homework for her. (I later discovered that she was doing the same thing with many other students, both male and female, in all of her classes.) And one of my best friends had been hiding this secret from me the whole time?

Katie continued. "And anything less than an A ..." she said ominously, "well, why don't I give you a taste of what'll happen if I get anything less than an A."

I could see the terror in Ben's eyes. "I'll scream," he said.

"No," Katie replied confidently. "You'll try to scream." She nodded to Gill, who clapped her hand over Ben's mouth. Katie brought her leg back.

There were so many emotions running through my head. The first was disillusionment. The second was anger. "Six months"??! How could she have been getting away with it for so long? Isn't anyone going to realize that her impressive CV is a house of cards? And now she's going to destroy my friend's manhood, after he risked his entire academic career for her, just because he slipped up and put himself first for once in six months??!!!! What a bitch!

Of course, the real reason she could get away with things like this is because people like me never tried to stop her. (There were a few complaints made about her later in the year, but by that time she was in bed [figuratively, not literally] with the principal and was therefore fireproof.) So, you may be asking, why didn't I rush out of hiding to defend my friend?

Two reasons. First and foremost, I knew what a cheerleader's legs and a pair of boots could do to a man, and I didn't think it would do Ben any good if I were demolished within seconds of revealing myself. The second reason is more complex: On some level, I enjoyed seeing Ben get his nuts kicked in. I know that sounds terrible, but bear with me. The fact is I was jealous of him. I was one of the best math students at the school, but my skills were only a fraction of his. No cheerleaders ever approached me to do their work for them. Also, I used to be friends with two cheerleaders, but that had fizzled out the previous school year (as I will eventually write about). Needless to say, while it lasted I had not wasted an opportunity to crow about it. Now I had just learned that one of my good friends had been in close contact with two sexy cheerleaders for the past six months, and he hadn't even told anyone?

I don't know whether jealously or cowardice - or just plain disbelief - was a greater factor in my decision to keep hidden, but I did. The world seemed to shift into slow motion. I could see tears rolling down Ben's cheeks. I could see his lips move as he begged for mercy, but no sound came out. I could see Katie's shapely leg draw back and then spring forward. I could see the sadistic smile on Gill's face grow and grow. South of my belt buckle, I could feel an erection rising even as I fought back the urge to cry out with sympathy pain.

She kicked him three times.

I will always remember the look on Ben's face when Katie was done with him. His glasses were completely askew, his face was soaked with tears, and he was whimpering like a little girl. Gill released him, and he slumped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Clara held up her "B" assignment and dropped it over his incapacitated corpus. I wondered if there was anything I could say to Ben the next time I saw him that would give him comfort without shaming him. I realized that the best thing I could do was pretend the whole incident never happened.

The girls were leaving the room now. Just in time, I realized that if they saw me, my apples would be turned into applesauce, and I skedaddled. By now it was only about 10 minutes until the end of lunch, so I headed into the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee. Just as I was about to pour, I heard some familiar voices behind me. I turned and, sure enough, the witch's hats and dark costumes were headed toward me. "Oh shit," I thought, but I kept my cool and was about to pour when I heard Katie say, "Hey!"

My hand was shaking, but I did my best to appear calm as I turned to face her. "Hey," she said, "You're about to finish the coffee."

She was right. The coffeepot was almost empty. I looked down at it. "There's enough for two cups here," I said.

"Yeah, but you're gonna leave me with just the dregs!" she said. I looked at her, not comprehending what she wanted me to do. "Look," she said, smiling, "Why don't you let me take the coffee first? I'll be sure to leave a little for you!"

Now, today, if a sexy Asian girl in a short skirt asked me a favor, I would comply without hesitation. But this was before my Asian fetish, and moreover I had just seen her humiliate and abuse my friend. As I looked at her, I wanted to tell her off. I wanted to publicly expose her at the cheat, the fraud, and the bully that she was. I wanted to destroy her.

Instead, I just said in a voice which meant to sound confident but came out sounding weak, "Look, I was here first. Just wait your turn, okay?"

I knew I had made a terrible mistake when I saw an all-too-familiar smile start to creep across Gill's face. I felt as if I was trapped in a nightmare - I knew what was coming, but I was powerless to stop it. Slowly and deliberately, Katie placed her hand on top of mine in holding the coffeepot. She looked me directly in the eyes and smiled disarmingly. Then she swiftly kicked me in the crotch. I let out a girlish yelp and leaped backward, letting go of the coffeepot (which remained in her hand), and doubled over, holding my testicles in my hands. It was actually a rather soft hit, but it was enough to incapacitate me. Gill held her hand in front of her mouth, barely muffling her righteous laughter at my downfall. Exactly contrary to my wishes, it was Katie who had exposed me. She had shown me to be a weak, pathetic excuse for a man. The witch had worked her magic, and I was her deserving victim.

After she finished pouring her cup of coffee, Katie looked at me (still doubled over) and, with a warm smile, poured the rest of the coffee down the drain. (So much for "Wait your turn.") With a smirk she placed her witch's hat on my head. She and Gill walked away, still laughing....

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