Friday, October 26, 2007


By overfiend

Fair warning: this story is not strictly ballbusting. It also contains element of extreme forced cunnilingus, so, if that isn't your thing...

Mark closed the apartment door behind him and hurriedly shucked off his clothes, as much for the ungodly summer heat as for Akiko. He had made it back home before her, but he knew that if she had been there that she would have commanded him to do so just the same. Perhaps this way she would at least go a little bit easier on him. He doubted it, though. Almost without fail, whenever he got back first, it meant that she had a particularly bad day and had a lot of extra pent-up anger to take out. Not that you would ever be able to tell from her demeanor. Akiko was perpetually cheerful, even on her worst day, and even the best psychoanalyst would be hard-pressed to diagnose her with an anger problem. At least that was how Akiko was now.

When Mark had first started dating Akiko, she was quite similar to her now familiar, ever-cheerful self. However, there was one difference. Akiko had never been one to handle stress well. She would swallow all her stress and negative emotions until it became too much for handle. Once her cauldron of silent rage was full and boiling over, the tiny girl would erupt. Such incidences had cost her several jobs and in the course of their relationship had cost Mark several pieces of furniture, destroyed in her tantrums.

Mark stuck with her, however. He truly loved the woman that Akiko was when she wasn’t having one of her bad spells. After one evening spent picking up the remnants of a pair of demolished dining room chairs with Akiko seething in the corner, Mark decided to make Akiko to talk to him about her problem. One broken picture frame and a few cracked dishes later, he finally convinced her to open up. She told him all about her problem with suppressing anger, about her authority problem, and about how she was frustrated at never feeling control over any aspect of her life. Mark, of course, gave the same advice nearly any armchair psychiatrist would: release the anger as it occurs. Talk about your problems. Find something in your life you can take control of and seize onto it.

For her part, Akiko took his advice – just not in the way Mark would have expected. Instead of Akiko going to the gym a few times a month to work off the anger and some late night discussions every now and then about her feelings, he landed himself the situation he was in now. That night, Mark had offered her control over any one thing in their relationship she wanted. She chose Mark’s sex life. He had been a bit taken aback, but wasn’t too worried. After all, Akiko was nothing if she wasn’t a consummate nymphomaniac. As it turned out, he should have been worried. She had also taken to letting out her cumulated anger at the end of every day, except now she took it out of Mark’s genitals. After all, if she controlled his sex life, that meant she controlled his cock and balls as well. She also now spoke about her problems rather than keeping them inside, though she did this while Mark was on the ground writhing in pain from her letting out the day’s anger. Once, she had smilingly told him as he cradled his battered manhood that at least he was a lot more attentive to what she was saying when she had him by the balls.

All in all, it wasn’t the price he had expected to pay, but as it kept Akiko her happy self, he was glad to do it for her. This was all almost a year and a half ago and Akiko had yet to have another of her tantrums since the new order had been established. Now, the two were newlyweds and just starting out in their new life together. However, like most newlyweds, the starting was slow. Mark had an entry-level job at an advertising firm that offered plenty of room for growth but wasn’t providing a stunning salary at the moment. Akiko, because the patchy work history left in the wake of her formerly destruction-prone self, was having a bit more trouble putting her diploma to use and was currently working as a waitress in an extremely busy restaurant downtown (the cause of even more undue stress, making Mark eternally hopeful that she would find something better soon).

Mark was snapped out of his reflection by the sound of the front door creaking open and footsteps in the entry way. He lifted himself off the sofa and walked, naked, to greet his wife.

She was stepping out of her shoes when Mark saw her. She was still in her waitress uniforms, a white button-up shirt and a modest, knee-length black skirt. The shirt, Mark saw, was clinging to her flesh with sweat and he could see bits of her arms and upper chest where the wetness made the thin cloth transparent. Sweat had also plastered random strands of hair to her forehead and cheeks.

“Good god, it was HOT today!” she said with a slight laugh as she set a bag of take-out from the restaurant and a DVD from Blockbuster on the hallway table. She pulled her hair back from her face and tied it into a ponytail before turning to see her naked husband for the first time. “Oh, honey! You’re so considerate!” she beamed and skipped over to embrace him.

Mark noted the coolness of her wet clothes against his bare skin. He also noted as he looked into her happy, brown eyes, kissed her full, red lips, wrapped his arms around her slender waist and felt her tiny breasts press against his chest, that, even as disheveled as she was right then, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She gave him one final kiss and pulled away, still holding his hands in hers. “Sweetie, would you mind kneeling on the floor for me? It’s been such a terrible day; I just have to get rid of some of this anger.” She squeezed his hands and looked gazed at him with pleading eyes. “Please?”

Mark bit his bottom lip in anticipatory dread and smiled back at her. “Of course, Aki. Just let it all out.”

She gave a small clap of joy and gave Mark another kiss before helping him kneel, legs spread, on the hallway floor.

“Hands behind your back, please. Don’t want you covering them up from me.”

Mark did as he was asked and Akiko lifted his testicles up gently with her foot, letting them roll over its surface and weighing them.

“My, my. They’re heavy today. How long has it been since you last got to cum?”

Mark pretended to think for a moment. He knew exactly how long it had been, but he didn’t want it to seem as though he had been keeping track. “Um…eleven days, I think.”

“Poor boy! I guess that would explain it, then. It’s going to make this hurt a lot worse, them being so full, isn’t it?”

Mark nodded nervously.

“Well then, I’m sorry!” she sang as she pulled one stocking clad foot back and landed it full-force in Mark’s backed-up testicles.

Mark let out a whimper of pain as he was lifted slightly off the ground and then curled up on the ground, clutching his tender balls.

Akiko kneeled next to him. “Well, then. Let me tell you about my day. It’s bad enough it’s hotter than hell outside, today, right? Well, when I got to work today, the air conditioner was broken too. So, not only is the dining area as hot as the outdoors, but the kitchen is absolutely sweltering. I swear, every time I went back there it was like stepping into a furnace. Just

be glad I’m a waitress and not a chef.” She placed a finger over Mark’s mouth. “Please stop moaning, dear. I’m trying to talk to you.’

“Anyway, I’m thinking that it may be hot, but that probably means we won’t be terribly busy, so I can at least spend most of the time sitting down or cooling off in the walk-in. But nooooo! There’s some kind of Shriner’s convention in the hotel down the street. So, all day long we had these huge groups of men that were either horny or drunk…usually both, coming in. And, of course, they’re only too happy to waited on by a sweet and cute girl like me. Here, move your hands,” she said patting those covering Mark’s still-throbbing balls. “I’m still mad and I need to hold them.”

Mark summoned up all his willpower and slowly moved his hands away from his testicles, which Akiko then took in her palms. She swung one leg over Mark’s stomach, straddling his body, and began to apply pressure.

“As I was saying, on top of being in a pressure cooker all day because of the heat, I had herds of these letches coming in all day long. I would have thought the heat would have kept them out, but they were perfectly content to order cold beers and complain about the heat instead. So, I was on my feet all day. I even had to give up my lunch hour and, on top of that, I had to work an extra hour because Sophia showed up late for her shift. Oh, and on top of all the complaints about the heat, there were the COMMENTS I had to endure!” Her fingers suddenly closed tighter around Mark’s nuts, causing him to suck air in through clenched teeth.

Without loosening her grip, she kept talking in her happy little voice, like a teenage girl gossiping on the phone. “If I had a dollar for every hotel room I got invited back to today, or for every comment about how great my ass was, as if I didn’t already know, we’d both be able to retire. My personal favorite was one guy, a Korean War veteran, who was determined to tell me how many girls he had fucked during the war and who really wanted to impress on me how well he knew what we ‘Asians’ liked if I would only give him a chance.” The grip tightened even more.

“Y’know, I could take the comments if that’s all there were. But, then there were those whose alcohol had gotten the better of them and led them to think that their hands were free to roam wherever they wanted. Honestly, I felt like an overripe melon being squeezed at the market for half of the day. Sometimes I really wish I had a cushy desk job like you, Mark, so I wouldn’t have to put up with this crap.” With that her hands balled into full fists. Even over the high-pitched whine he was emitting, Mark was sure he could hear Akiko’s teeth grinding from the effort.

“Anyway, that was my day – sweating like a pig, no break, no lunch, overtime, enough sexual harassment to float a gunship, and I get to go back to it all tomorrow.” Her hands suddenly released their death grip on his nuts and Mark could feel them slowly returning to their former shape, albeit swelling to a new size.

Akiko leaned down and gave the head of Mark’s cock a little bite, a “love nip” as she had come to call it, and climbed off his body, allowing her husband to assume a fetal position on the floor. She lay down on the floor behind him and wrapped her arms around him, spooning him as he recovered from his pain. Mark could feel her kissing his neck, though it did little to sooth the fire between his legs.

“Thanks, Mark,” she cooed in his ear. “You’re a really good listener, you know. And you’re so sweet to help me deal with my stress. I really do love you.” Mark just groaned in response.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” she gasped, “how was your day?”

“F-fine…” Mark managed to squeak out. “Th-thanks for asking.”

Akiko lay with Mark on the floor for several minutes, until Mark had stopped clutching himself and had laid himself out arms splayed and spread-eagle on the floor. She stood herself up and picked up the tapes and dinner from the hall table.

“When you feel up to it, come join me in the living room. I rented a movie!” she smiled holding up the DVD case.

“What did you rent?” Mark panted back up at her, still in quite a bit of pain.

“The English Patient,” she grinned. “I’m in the mood for romance.”

“The English Patient?” Mark groaned indignantly. “But that’s just three and a half hours of tripe!”

Akiko unsuccessfully stifled a giggle. “First of all, I never said you had to watch it. I have other plans for you.” She made to walk towards the living room and planted her foot on Mark’s sac mid-stride, trapping it between her sock and the hardwood floor. She then lifted the other foot off the ground, placing all of her 94 pound weight entirely on Mark’s balls. “And secondly, I really don’t like it when you make fun of the movies I pick.”

She stepped off of Mark’s nuts, allowing him to curl up once again, and walked into the living room. “Hurry up, lover! I can’t start the movie without you!”

It took Mark an additional five minutes, but he finally managed to recover and limp into the living room, where he saw from behind Akiko sitting on the couch. When he walked around the sofa, however, he saw that she had taken off her skirt and was now sitting on the couch in only her work shirt and black, lace panties. He also saw the evening’s dinner and the remote laid out on the end table beside her.

“What’s this?” Mark asked.

“Silly boy,” she winked. “When I said I was in the mood for romance, I wasn’t talking about the movie. I want to watch the film, yes, but I want you to eat me out while I do.” She blushed a little at this. “I chose the English Patient because it’s long and I’m, well, horny. So, come on,” she beckoned first with a curling finger and then pointed down at her crotch, “get down there so I can start the film.”

Mark moved obligingly over to her. He was very used to eating her out by now, him having given her control over their sex life and her being a nymphomaniac that liked to deny him similar release. It made him hornier and more anxious to please her, she reckoned. Even still, three and a half hours of cunnilingus seemed a daunting task. However, it wasn’t this that made him hesitate, for when he kneeled between her legs and moved to remove her panties with his teeth, he met an unpleasant surprise.

“Holy hell, honey!” Mark reeled back. “I don’t know any polite way to tell you this, but you REEK!”

Akiko laughed out loud and grinned a toothy grin at him. “Of course I do! I told you, I’ve been on my feet for ten straight hours today in over 100 degree heat, running back and forth between tables, not to mention having to walk the fifteen blocks back and forth to work and the extra five for the video store. I know it’s bad. Hell, I can smell me from here! But it’s also very rude to point things like that out to a lady,” she said in a softly scolding voice.

“Sorry,” Mark whispered, knowing he had made a big mistake.

“I know you are, dear,” she looked at him apologetically. “But I just told you I don’t like it when you make fun of the movies I rent. So, how do you think I feel when you tell me that my pussy stinks?”

“Angry?” Mark asked meekly.

“Bingo!” Akiko touched his nose with one fingertip. “Very angry, actually,” she said, even though she was still smiling. “Now, take off my panties.”

Mark fought the smell to move his face to the mound of her sex, where he took the material, damp with sweat, between his teeth and worked them down her legs, exposing her hairy pussy and letting its sweaty, unwashed smell waft through the air.

“Now, look at its crotch.”

Mark did as he was told and saw, in clear contrast against the black lace, the white and yellow froth of a summer day’s worth of agitated sweat and vaginal fluids. He then looked back up at his wife who was smirking back down at him. She stuck out her left hand, palm up.

“Now, put your balls in my hand.”

Mark whimpered and did as he was told.

“And now, you’re going to clean my panties – with your mouth – and I’m going to pummel your balls until I’m satisfied they’re clean...”

“Wha-“ Mark began, but was cut off by the knuckles of Akiko’s right hand colliding against his balls, now held in an index finger and thumb noose by her left.

“I’d get to work if I were you, sweetie. I’m pretty sure I can do this longer than you can take it.”

Mark began to tentatively lick the soiled crotch of Akiko’s panties, gagging at the texture and the taste. Twice more Akiko’s fist collided with his nuts and Mark forgot his inhibitions, and began to suck feverishly at the stains on the cloth, pulling the entire crotch into his mouth and washing it with his tongue. For almost three minutes he sucked, the panties gagging his yelps and screams, as Akiko’s fist rained mercilessly down on his trapped nuts every other second.

Finally, she jerked his balls upward. “That should be good. Let me see, babe.”

Mark pulled the saliva and sweat-soaked undergaments from his mouth and handed them up to Akiko’s free right hand with a trembling hand of his own. She kept his balls in her noose as she inspected.

“Hm… not bad. You’re so good at everything you try, honey!” She kissed his cheek and let go of his nuts, letting him begin to sink to the floor. She cradled his face in her hands. “Okay…I’m not mad anymore. Let’s start the movie, okay?”

She used her hands to guide his face to her pussy. Even through the haze of pain, Mark could see the same froth that had greeted him in her panties clinging in her abundant and sweat-matted pubic hair and in the folds of her pussy itself. He was too weak from pain to fight it, nor would he now that he knew the repercussions for doing so. Akiko’s guiding hands planted his nose and lips right against her cunt, filling his sense of taste and smell with its rancidness.

“I don’t feel a tooongue!” she said in a sing-song voice from above him as she pressed Play on the remote.

At first it was terrible. The froth stuck to his lips and tongue and the smell absolutely assaulted his olfactory. To add to this, Akiko always had climaxed quickly, especially from oral, and her orgasms, always wet, only served to worsen things. However, after about twenty minutes most of the sweat and foam had been lapped away and Mark was left with the familiarly wonderful taste of his wife’s cunt, though the rancid taste still clung in the back of his throat.

Mark’s mind couldn’t even fathom the depths of his humiliation. Here he was, licking the unwashed, mulchy pussy of a woman that had just used his balls to force him to clean her panties with his tongue, and while he was doing this she was watching an overly long movie and eating dinner, acknowledging him only when she climaxed or with the occasional kind words of love and encouragement. But, if it made her happy, he was only too happy to do it.

Finally, after four and a half hours (Akiko had insisted he keep eating her while she watched the evening news as further punishment) and a good twenty or so orgasms under her belt, Akiko let Mark stop his licking. His mouth and tongue ached almost as bad as his balls, and his face had been rubbed raw by the combination of pubic hair and moisture.

“Mmm…VERY nice,” she cooed to him as she kissed him. “I had no idea you could go for that long! We’ll have to do this more often. A LOT more often!” she giggled as she lovingly rubbed his shoulders. “Well, honey, I’m going to shower. I want to get the rest of this sweat off. You did a great job cleaning me up, though! Thanks! Just sit here and I’ll heat up some dinner for you before I bathe…unless you’ve had enough to eat?” She winked seductively at him before gathering up the leftovers and skipping off to the kitchen. Mark sank into the couch.

While Akiko showered, Mark ate his reheated meal and then moved to the kitchen to wash his dishes. He heard the shower shut off and a few moments later a completely nude Akiko walked into the kitchen toweling her hair dry.

“There you are! Did you enjoy your dinner?”

“I don’t know…all I could taste was you.”

She smiled widely at this. “Good. I think I like it that way! Don’t you?”

Mark agreed immediately. Even if he was afraid of any potential anger on her part if disagreed, he truly did enjoy eating Akiko’s pussy.

She hugged him, nude breasts to nude chest. “You really are a sweetheart, you know? C’mon…get showered up and come to bed. I’ll be waiting for you!” She tugged playfully at his cock and led him by it to the shower.

When he entered the bedroom he saw Akiko laying on top of the covers, eyes screwed shut and her fingers vigorously rubbing her pussy. She let out a long moan and shuddered, the telltale sign of an orgasm, and opened her eyes to grin mischievously at Mark.

“I just don’t know what’s wrong with me today,” she said sheepishly. “I just can’t get enough! I mean, I know I’m normally bad, but this is too much! Tell you what…if you can give me three more orgasms, I’ll give you a blowjob. Deal?”

Mark’s throbbing and full balls made up his mind for him and moments later he was once again between the legs of his wife, licking for all he was worth. Three orgasms didn’t take long and soon Akiko had laid Mark out on the bed.

“Your turn, babe,” she said as she gripped his shaft in one petite hand. She then moved back so that her pussy rested directly above his mouth.

“C’mon. Lick me too! You don’t get something for nothing, you know.”

Mark didn’t comment that one orgasm in twelve days versus the nearly thirty he had given her today was hardly a fair tradeoff. Her hands were too near his balls and, besides, she had taken his cock in her mouth and the feeling was sensational.

She used her mouth and her hand, the pleasure juxtaposed against the pain of his overly full and bruised testicles bouncing up and down. Mark didn’t forget his part in the deal either. He licked and moaned into her soaked pussy with every bob of her head.

As he felt his climax building and anticipated the release of twelve days of backed-up cum, he felt Akiko’s mouth tighten around his cock and a moan vibrate against it as her body quivered. Her orgasm brought him all the closer. She kept going. He was going to shoot and…

…Akiko took her mouth and hand off his cock and sat up, pinning his face between her pussy and the bed. Mark felt the ache as his retreated into his already too full nuts.

“You know what, lover,” she said contemplatively, “I think that last orgasm did it! I’m not that horny anymore.”

Mark said something, muffled by the mouthful of cunt he was currently in possession of.

Akiko leaned down and bit him hard behind the head of his cock and swatted his balls a couple of times before releasing it. “No complaining, hon! You’re lucky I gave you a chance to cum at all after that comment about my cunt. Besides, I think I need to keep these boys full,” she bounced his balls around in her hand. “After all, I work every day this week, the Shriner’s are in town until next weekend, and the air conditioner repair man can’t come until Sunday. And, on top of that,” she added as an afterthought, “my period should start in the next few days. I’m going to need you to be my horny little cunt cleaner for a while, okay?”

Mark moaned.

“I knew you’d agree!” She rolled off of him and cuddled up snugly against his body, one hand wandering down to gently cup his balls.

“Good night, sweetie!” she whispered in his ear. “Thanks for everything!”

Mark lay awake for most of the night, cock throbbing and swollen balls held in his sleeping wife’s hand, with thoughts of another week of the same yet to come.


Gotta DoitBuddy said...

that was hot; she is a sweet bitch

Anonymous said...

That was the most gay bullshit ever! Mark is a loser and an idiot!!!!! I would just divorce her and marry a strip club lady; she would have given him sex.

Anonymous said...

Not the best story but 4/10