Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Castration Fun

By Monique_vB

Hi my friends!

In reaction to my former contributions to this forum, I've received several nice reactions. One of the reactions I received came from an Aussie medical doctor. He wrote a very nice fantasy for me, which really turned me on! In his fantasy, he described how I was torturing him so terribly in the eggs, that he BEGGED me to castrate him! Since he is the author of this fantasy, I don't want to publish it here at this forum without his permission. But I have written another fantasy in return for him, and that one I can of course publish here for you! In the fantasy below, I'm describing the castration procedure.

Have fun! And of course... watch your balls! *smile*


Dear James,

Your fantasy was incredibly hot! I liked it a lot! I have read it over and over again, and I will be honest enough to you, to admit that I have had serious difficulties to keep away my fingers from my pussy, while reading. In fact… well… I guess you know what I mean??? These confessions aren’t much ladylike, and therefore, I’ll leave what happened to your fantasy, and I’m sure you will manage to come very close to reality! As a medical doctor you are supposed to be able to come up with a correct diagnoses almost always, and I do have complete confidence in your ability to do so, not only in medical matters, but in lots of other matters as well… *smile*

In your fantasy, you begged your tormenting girls to CASTRATE you!!! What a bizarre wish!!! Did we hurt you SO very much??? *smile* Be honest, James, wouldn’t this be a terrible mistake… to castrate our Aussie friend???? I mean… of course it would be quite an arousing experience to learn to perform this little medical operation conform the rules of the art. (Dutch expression translated directly in English: to do something conform the rules of the art means: to do it in the right way. Do you have a similar expression in English?) But… granting your request would make you unsuitable for further ball torture. That would be a most undesirable side effect of fulfilling your longing and it would be a terrible loss!

Well, I’m no doctor, but of course I do have some idea about how to perform a castration. The patient should be tied up properly first. Naked, with his legs spread out widely. His ballbag should be in perfect reach of my cruel fingers. I would require a little razor sharp knife. I suppose a Stanley knife would do?? I would also need some decontamination fluid, in order to disinfect the knife, before using it… I would need a piece of disinfecting soap and some fresh water, in order to be able to wash and clean my hands. I would of course not want to cause a post-operative infection to my patient… I’m a perfectionist, you know! I would try to do things as precise and as safe as possible! I would also need a needle and some ligature thread, to close the incision in the sack, after the removal of the eggs. I think I would also need something to make any bleeding stop??? Maybe a little and fine pointed electric soldering iron would do???

Let’s suppose YOU were the patient! *smile* Would you like that? I think you would? Although… now that the dramatic and very painful effects of my friends and my ballgames have disappeared, I would not at all be surprised if you would have second thoughts on this castration request of yours? I think you would not persist in your request anymore, now that your Aussie ovals have had the time to recover from all the mean and wicked things we made them go through?

Let’s assume that you still do persist in your remarkable request? Let’s assume that you still want me to take away your very manhood from you! Let’s assume that you consider this as your last very intense sexual and erotic experience in life while being a man: your Belgian friend Monique, robbing you from your Aussie eggs… castrating you as a veterinary surgeon would castrate a male pig… Sounds great to me!

I think I will grant your request to perform this little erotic operation for you! And to tell you the truth: I’m quite excited that I of all people will be the one, having the privilege to do so! Even thinking of what will happen, is enough to make me leak some pee! I know this is not at all a civilized expression to use for a lady… but just the thought that I’m about to castrate a man, makes me so very exited and aroused, that I can’t keep myself properly dry. Just thinking of this unique and once only chance to take away a mans eggs is enough to make me stain my skirt… I’m pretty much sure that the actual performance of the operation will make me even juicier, and that I might indeed lose some pee then, while making the sharp and cold steel of the Stanley knife sink away in your scrotal skin. As a medical doctor you probably know that we girls sometimes do have those little problems keeping our panties dry… I’m sure you will have some understanding for this little inconvenience, if it might occur? I know that you are gentlemen enough not to blame me for that, especially given the remarkable and special circumstances we will be in? *smile*

Suppose that you are tied up properly, on a metal frame that’s especially designed and constructed for this remarkable occasion. You are naked. Your flabby loose sack, still containing your full sized heavy Aussie balls, is unaware of what is going to happen. But you… you are obviously very afraid! You can’t move, because you are tied up. You are handed down to me completely. I can do with you whatever I like to do, and you can’t do anything about that. You realize that you are spending your last hour as a man. The moment I will have finished my special job… you will be an eunuch… you are going to lose your eggs in only a short time!

You must be feeling like an American criminal at death row, immediately facing his last dramatic trip that will end in the execution chamber, desperately watching the clock ticking the seconds away, waiting for the guards to open his cell for the last time, while saying “It’s time”. Can you imagine how such a criminal is feeling at the moment he is visually confronted with the electric chair, as soon as the door of the execution chamber is opened for him? Can you sense his fear… his going crazy, because there is nothing he can do to change the situation? Can you imagine his wondering how it will be… the moment that those 2400 volts will hit his body with the speed of the light and will destroy his brains and his internal organs in their annihilating one minute lasting journey through his body? Can you imagine how he is fantasizing about how those 2400 volts are going to make his blood boil in his veins? Can you feel his paralyzing fear, the moment he is wired for the execution and while he is robbed from daylight by a black leather cap? Can you sense how he is going crazy in his despair, during those torturing seconds everyone is waiting for the warden’s nod? Can you see how his sweat of terror is moistening his prison t-shirt? Can you see how he is breathing very fast?

A similar strong fear is capturing your mind, while watching me preparing the operation. You see me lie out and expose my horrible instruments on a little table. The razor sharp Stanley knife. The soldering iron. The bottle containing decontamination fluid. The needle and the ligature thread. A little cardboard box with an unknown content. A tin opener equipped with grips covered by white plastic. An empty marmalade glass. You know that there is nothing you can do to prevent me from cutting out the balls out of your sack anymore. You are sweating like a marathon runner. You are looking at the little table… and… you seem to miss something… You miss something indeed! You miss an injection device and a bottle of Novocain or another anesthetic fluid. You realize now, that you will have to go through the procedure without anaesthetization! You start to beg me to untie you and to stop the planned castration. But you know me better than that… I’m always loyal to my promises! I hate to disappoint people who I made a promise to! Promises are sacred to me! You know that it’s no game anymore. You realize that it’s very serious now! You start to cry like a little baby.

Of course I won’t neuter you before I have given you the chance to squirt out your load for the very last time. Before I will make an end to you being a man, I want to give you the orgasm of your life. I want to make your body get drowned in this overwhelming and dominating feeling of sexual pleasure for the very last time. I want to empty your prostate to the last drop. I want to make your cock sing its slimy song of love one more time, before I’m going to disable your reproductive system for ever.

I take off my miniskirt. I take of my t-shirt. I’m naked now. You are typical male! Despite the remarkable and helpless situation you got yourself in, you are staring at my naked body, like a hungry lion is staring at its prey after a long period of having had no food at all. Your fear has prevented your cock to rise, but I’m about to change that! I’m walking in your direction. I see your big loose sack hanging unprotected between your legs. Your cock is dull, and it’s covering up your sack partly. I lay my right hand upon your genitals. They are soft and warm. The gentle stimulation of this touching your sensitive parts brings life in your Aussie tail at once. I can feel how your eggs are moving in their sack. I can feel how your cock is stiffening. I take your cock in my right hand, and I start to stroke it. I do it slowly and gently. In only an instant it gets hard as a rock. I bring the fingers of my left hand together, and I put them behind your dangling sack. Then I’m bending down my fingers in the direction of the palm of my left hand. I can feel your lovely balls resting on the palm of my hand. I’m gently playing with them, while I’m jerking you off rhythmically with my other hand.

Few things can get me more aroused than having a pair of those wonderful male balls in my hands! Few things can get me more aroused than playing with those male jewels, and causing some male agony to their owner. But… this playing with you… this bringing you to your last orgasm… well… it’s making me horny as I have never been before. It’s of course so very special, because I know that I’m going to castrate you afterwards. That’s what’s making me so very much aroused now! I hear you moaning softly. Your shaft is pointing upwards like a sky scraper. I’m standing up and I squat down right above you. I move downwards until my wet cunt is very close to your cock. I take your cock in my right hand, and I move it until its right under my cunt. I move myself downwards some more. I can feel how the hot purple top of your cock is touching my lips now. I'm moving downwards some more. My weight, combined with the stiffness of your dick, forces my moist lips to open up and your dick is entering my love tunnel now with great avidity. The twinkling and the pleasure you are sensing in your cock now, are so intense that you forget about what is going to happen in only a few minutes. I move downwards further slowly, until my ass touches your thighs. Your cock is in me until its very base now. I’m slowly moving upwards again. My lips are enclosing your cock in a tender and erotic grip, and you feel it as if it’s being sucked by an angel’s mouth. You are a lucky boy that I’m in a perfect physical condition. I’m a regular runner. My legs and my thighs are pretty strong. Each time I’m going up and down, my moist pussy takes your foreskin with it. I’m fucking you. I’m fucking you tenderly… I’m milking you! I’m milking your last load out of your system. I want to get it to the very last drop! Your eyes are closed. You are aroused like you were never before. You make moaning sounds. I feel that you are close to an orgasm. I stop my fucking movements and I wait a few moments, in order to stop a premature orgasm.

A short time later I restart. I’m doing it gently and very slowly. I’m moving my lower body a bit around, while going up and going down. I bet you have never had a fuck like this one! Oh… there is your orgasm approaching again… I take a short break… And again… I start to perform my milking movements for you… It’s making you crazy. You want to squirt your load in me right away… but I don’t allow you to do so… I don’t want you to squirt your last sperm in my pussy. I want to have it in my mouth, in my face. I get off of you. I’m squatting next to you, and I take your almost exploding dick in my mouth. I start to suck you. I love to suck a man. It’s one of the most erotic and hot things to do! While closing my lips around your cock, I take your big balls in my left hand, and I give them a gentle massage. I lick your little pee hole with my tongue. Then I’m closing my lips around your cock again. Little spasms in your body tell me that you are close to an orgasm again. I take a little pause, in which I continue to play with your heavy balls. I’m pushing them upwards in their sack with my fingertips, and I let them fall down again. With my other hand, I fondle the inner side of your thighs… I’m taking your cock in my mouth again, in order to bring you to the grand finale. I concentrate my mouth stimulation on the top of your cock, while I’m supporting these movements with my right hand. The same time I squeeze your right ball softly. Hard enough to make you feel its sensitivity, but not hard enough to cause real pain. You start shaking your body, as far as your position is allowing you to. You start moaning and gasping for breath…. I increase the speed of my moving upwards and downwards my mouth that’s around the top of your cock… I sense pre-orgasm spasms…. I go on sucking… I go on squeezing your right ball….You are gasping louder and quicker…. There it is… your last load… you are pumping it out of your system while you are shocking… Your cock is jumping in my mouth like a kangaroo. Your load is thick, and you are delivering a huge amount of it. Because I can’t swallow it that quickly, it’s slowly dripping out of my mouth and falling on the floor…

As soon as you recover from your majestic orgasm, you realize again what we are together for. I see how you are looking afraid at the tools I’ve exposed on the little table. “It’s time, James”, I say to you. “Enjoy your last minutes of being a man. Soon you will have lost your eggs.”

I have decided to perform the castration naked. I pull the little table as close to you as possible, so that my tools are within my range. I connect the soldering iron to the electrical socket. I wash my hands with disinfecting soap and warm water.

You are watching my preparations in fear. “Don’t do it, Monique… please… don’t do it. I wasn’t serious when asking you.”

I’m listening to your words, but I’m determined that I will castrate you, no matter what you say. It’s too much fun to do so. I won’t let it go! I just have to do it! Surely you can understand that? We agreed that I would castrate you, and there is nothing that can prevent me from doing so anymore. I take the Stanley knife and I open the bottle filled with decontamination fluid. The sharp and cold steel of the knife is glistening in the electric light. I’m pouring some of the fluid upon the top of the knife. The big moment is there! I’m going to do it now!

You are sweating out of fear. Your forehead is white. The drops of your sweat are falling on the floor. I bet your heart is beating twice as fast as it should!

I take the upper side of your loose sack in my left hand, and I force your eggs to go to the bottom of the sack. In order to make a proper incision in the sack, I have to stretch the scrotal skin. This forcing the balls to go to the bottom of the sack seems to be a good method. I take a closer look to the scrotal skin, and I notice some thin veins. I have to avoid cutting through those veins, because I don’t want the castration to turn out to be a bloody event. I decide to make an incision in the bottom of your sack of about 1.5 centimeter. I’m putting the sharp point of the Stanley knife right between your two pressed down balls. As soon as I’m adding some pressure on the knife, it sinks away in your sack and it starts eating its way through the skin very smoothly. I’m surprised how easy it is to cut your sack open! The knife is of course incredibly sharp. I’ve taken a fresh one for this job, as you probably can imagine!

You are crying now. You know that I’m not joking. You realize that I’m very serious and that it’s really going to happen. I will neuter you! I will castrate you! I will take away your eggs of you! I will cut them out of your sack!

In order to avoid cutting through a vein, I make a little curve while pulling the smoothly gliding knife backwards. I’m doing well! There is almost no loss of blood, just a little drop. There is no need to use the soldering iron so far. I have made the necessary opening of about 1.5 centimeters in the bottom of your sack. You are still crying and begging me to stop the procedure. But I have made my decision. You asked for a castration, and a castration is what you are going to get! I’m very curious to see how bare testicles are looking like! So far, I have only seen male eggs when they were safely hidden in a ballbag. But in only a few seconds, I will see real naked balls! The thought of that is making me drip between my legs. I lay down the Stanley knife on the table. I push your left ball upwards in the sack, because I want to remove the right one first. As soon as the left one is out of the way, I start to maneuver the left one in the direction of the opening in the ballbag that I just created. It’s not too easy, because it’s a fact that male eggs are pretty slippery, when the bag is loose. The little bastard even manages to escape several times! But I can be pretty persistent sometimes, especially while maneuvering a male ball in a direction I want it to move in… At a certain moment, the ball gives up it’s resistance against my pushing fingers, and only seconds later it is curiously sticking out it’s pale head out of the opening in the sack.

“Hi little baby, welcome in the real world! I’m Monique, your tormenting fairy!” You are still crying out of fear. I have no clue whether the operation is painful or not. I suppose it’s just the fear that’s making you cry? Maybe the notice that you won’t be a man anymore in a few minutes? I’m pushing the ball some more in the direction of the opening in the sack, and all of a sudden, it slips out of the sack completely. It’s only connected to your body by its cords now. Your ball is indeed like a little baby. Its cords are like an umbilical cord, connected to a baby in a mother’s uterus. Right at this very moment, I’m holding a completely naked male ball in my fingers. It indeed resembles an egg! I’m about to disconnect it from the male body by cutting through the cords, but I’m so horny and so aroused, that I want to play a little game first!

As much as I wanted you to have your last majestic orgasm, I want you to feel some nice male agony before I cut away your right ball! You are looking me in the eyes, in complete terror! You seem to know what I’m about to do! You know me better than I thought you did! I’m pulling out the ball of the sack very carefully, in order not to break down the cords. But the cords seem to be longer than I thought. I’m holding your naked right ball between the thumb and two fingers of my right hand. I start squeezing. First softly… but steadily harder and harder… I can see how your ball is actually flattening and distorting under the power of my pressing fingers.

You are trying to stretch out your body in order to try to make the ball pain more bearable. You seem to suffer from severe spasms in your belly. You are screaming out loudly now. Just like a pig would do, on the moment of its dramatic meeting with the veterinal surgeon! This is so funny! *smile*

I’m squeezing the hell out of a completely naked and unprotected testicle that I have taken out of its sack! I’m moving my body closer to your sack. I’m opening my pussy lips with my left hand, and I start stimulating my wet clit with your ball, while I’m still squeezing it between my fingers. This is great! I’m masturbating, and I’m using a naked male egg, taken out of its sack as a tool! I’m so aroused that I’m orgasming after only a very short time. Your egg is very slippery now. It’s covered with my female juice. I want to have another orgasm. I continue stimulating my clit with your ball, which I’m squeezing very hard the same time.

You aren’t aware of the fun I’m having. You are going crazy because of the ball pain I’m causing to you. You are sweating like a farmer collecting his crop in the hot and burning summer sun.

After my second orgasm I decide to play another game. I take the tin opener from the table. I’m holding your right ball in my left hand now, and I’m having the tin opener in my right hand. I’m going to use the back side of this tin opener as a ball vice. I’m opening the white handles of the opener far enough to make it possible to hold the ball in it. I’m putting the ball between the opened white handles. As soon as I captured it between the handles, I’m closing the handles, and I start pressing them together. Thanks to the leverage effect I can compress the ball far more than I could do with my fingers. This is a moment that I’m thinking back of what Le Chiffre told Bond about how easy it is to cause the worst pain possible to a man, and that every simple object is in fact suitable to do so. With this simple tin opener I could squeeze your ball until it’s flat like a coin, and this would not require a lot of power. I don’t want to destroy your ball however, because I like to keep it in one piece, and I’m no expert in the matter of what a ball can have before braking down. Therefore it seems wise to be careful. That’s why I don’t take the risk to compress your egg until the middle of it is indeed flat like a coin. But I’m compressing it a lot. I’m surprised to notice how little force is required to do so!

Your boy pain has turned to be unbearable. I’m sure you think that you are in hell, rather than on earth. You are screaming so loudly, that I’m afraid you will damage your voice. Your screaming sounds to me like a heavenly symphony and it’s making me even more horny than I already am. You are desperately trying to escape from the metal frame you are on, but I tied you up very well. You can’t move.

“James, do you still realize that the earth is a globe, and that it’s turning around? Do you still know that 1+1=2? I bet you don’t? I bet you are only aware of one thing right now? I bet your very world, your very being alive is nothing but this horrible male agony?” You don’t answer me. I don’t think that I have ever caused this level of ball pain to any man before.

“It’s time to liberate you of this little devil now James. After all… it’s only bringing you this intense pain, isn’t it?” I loosen my grip on the tin opener. I lay the tin opener on the table, and I take the Stanley knife again in my right hand, while still holding your tormented right egg in my left hand. I’m holding the top of the knife very close to the cords of your ball now. Because I’m no longer squeezing the ball, you are able to “relax” a bit, as far as the circumstances are allowing you to do. I’m looking into your eyes. I see an incredible fear in them. I see how your lips are pronouncing the word “no”, in a last attempt to try to prevent me from actually doing what I promised you. I’m pulling out the ball out of the sack as far as possible now, because I need to get the cords stretched. As soon as I managed to get the cords stretched, I’m putting the knife on it very close to the end of the ball, and only a little pressure appears to be enough to separate you from what has been your right oval! You have been accompanying this sacred moment of the separation with a very loud Aussie yell. I’m putting down the knife on the table.

I’m holding your former right egg in my left hand, like a hunting trophy. I’m showing it to you, with a wicked smile on my face. “Have a look, James… this is the little bastard that has given you so much agony only seconds ago. Now tell me… aren’t you happy that I removed it for you?” You are shocked completely. You are only crying like a little baby, and you aren’t able to say anything. I put your egg at the table too. I take the empty marmalade glass, I open it, and then I put your egg in it.

“Let’s take out the other one now”. You are shaking “no” with your head, and you are still crying. But I’m determined to finish the job. I want to complete this arousing castration as planned. The cord of your right one is still hanging out of the sack. I’m taking your sack in my right hand. It’s a funny feeling, a male ball bag containing only one ball! It’s as if the bag is far too large for it’s now modest content. I use my left hand to search for your left ball, and as soon as I have found it, I move it in the direction of the opening in the sack. Just like your right one did, it’s trying to escape all the time. It’s very slippery, and it’s indeed difficult to catch now that there is obviously more space in the sack. I assume that I would be able to do this faster if I would have had the opportunity to perform a similar job more often. My skills would certainly improve the more I could practice. At last, my searching and pushing fingers manage to maneuver your left one to the opening in your sack. Like the first one, it’s only sticking out its head at first. But my insisting fingers make it slip out of the opening pretty soon. This one is obviously a bit smaller than the first one! But it’s still pretty large, like a real large bird’s egg. I pull out your left ball as far as possible, without risking tearing it loose from the cords.

“James, this is your last chance to feel male agony. You are now only seconds away from not being a man anymore. I like to make you remember well how it’s like, this mysterious male agony, and this time I’m going to do it with my mouth.” Your face is showing an expression of total terror and complete fear. I’m squatting down close in front of you. I apologize for not having my legs properly closed. I know that you can peek right in my naked wet cunt now, but I also realize that you have other things on your mind! I take your left ball in my mouth now. I have always been curious how a testicle tastes! It’s really a wonderful feeling to have your last connection to manhood in my mouth. I’m making it roll around in my mouth, and I’m moving it around by using my tongue. I take care not to bite on the cords. I’m pushing your ball against the upper side of my mouth now, and I start using my tongue to put some pressure on it. It’s amazing to see how this little pressure is enough to cause ball pain to you! I mean… I can’t possibly push very hard with my tongue, and the upper side of my mouth is not very hard, so it must absorb the power at least for the smaller part? I can’t say that a testicle is tasting “haute cuisine” like! At least unboiled and unprepared it isn’t! *smile* I let my tongue go, and I move your left ball between my teeth. I start biting on it. First very softly, but steadily harder and harder. I see how this is causing an intense pain to you.

You are trying to move like a curling worm, but the fact that you are tied up properly is preventing from doing so. You are singing your nice song of ball pain again for me, and you do it in a convincing way!

I see terror in your eyes again. Biting on a male ball is indeed an efficient way to cause pain to its owner! As soon as I bite a bit harder, you faint. I take your left one out of my mouth, and I decide to complete the castration right now, without waiting for your waking up again. I take the Stanley knife again, and I simply cut the ball loose from the cords, like I did with the right one. I put the left egg in the marmalade glass, where it’s joyfully re-united with its brother.

As soon as you wake up, I’m asking you, “Tell me James… how does it feel not to be a man anymore? Isn’t that a relief? Isn’t it nice to know that we females can’t do you in the nuts anymore? Isn’t it nice to know that in only a short time… when your last molecules of testosterone will be used… we can’t even make you horny again by showing you our female assets?”

You must be still in severe pain, because you don’t answer me. You are just softly crying and you have an expression of terror on your face. Your sack is looking rather strange now. It’s nothing more but a piece of wrinkled skin, and the two sets of cords are hanging out of it. Your sack resembles the chin of an old woman, and the comb of a turkey. It’s really a very funny thing to look at!

“James, I have a surprise for you”, I say to you. “I’m a decent woman, and I don’t like you to leave this room with this funny empty sack. I am going to give you a nice pair of artificial eggs, and I will attach them to your body very thoroughly, with German “gr├╝ndlichkeit” *smile* Yes, James, I will equip you with two wonderful prostheses, so that you will be able to leave this room as if nothing has happened”.

While talking to you, I’m opening the little cardboard box, and I’m taking out two artificial testicles out of this box. “Have a look James. Aren’t these two little babies cute? They are made of a special sort of plastic. The plastic is not very hard. It’s possible to squeeze it, and to flatten it, just like a real egg can be flattened. It’s also able to adapt immediately to different temperatures. And… have a look… the right testicle is a bit larger than the left one! I have thought of everything, as you can see! Even the weight of the prostheses is conforming the weight of average male balls.” I’m taking the left artificial egg in my right hand. There is a small cord attached to it. I connect the artificial cord with the cords of the original left testicle with a double knot. I search the opening in this pitiful piece of wrinkled skin that has been left after your castration. I’m pushing the artificial testicle through the opening right in your sack. You are still in so much pain, that you don’t really seem to realize what is happening.

I take the right artificial egg out of the cardboard box. “This one is a bit larger and heavier, so that it will hang down a bit lower in your sack, just like the original right one did,” I say to you. I attach the right prostheses to the cords of the original right ball with a double knot, and I push it in the sack through the opening I made. The effect is amazing!!! Your ballbag is looking as if your own balls are still in it! The artificial balls are hanging down in a completely natural way! Because the incision is made in the bottom of your sack, it’s out of view as the sack hangs down. You really do have a gorgeous ballbag again! It looks very erotic, very cute, very hot indeed! Only you and I know that it’s fake! Funny huh? *smile*

I start playing with your sack. I make it swing from the left to the right and vice versa. It’s really great! There is not a single difference visible! I’m taking the needle and the ligature thread in my hands now. I put the beginning of the thread through the eye of the needle. I disinfect the needle with some decontamination fluid. I squat down in front of you. I take your ballbag in my left hand, and I turn in upside down. I’m forcing the artificial balls in the direction of the bottom of the sack, so that the skin is getting stretched again. With my right hand, I start sewing, to close the incision. I’m pretty much trained in needle pointing, because I loved to do that as a child. I’m sure you won’t need plastic surgery afterwards, to hide the scar. I think that the incision will cure completely and practically invisible.

As soon as I have finished closing the incision, I lay down the needle again, and I’m starting some experiments. First of all, I’m just taking your sack in my hands, and I start playing with the artificial eggs. I can’t feel any difference with the original eggs. The prosthesis has adapted your body temperature, and they react on my playing fingers as your original balls did before. I’m separating your left one, and I start squeezing it between the thumb and two fingers of my right hand. It’s perfect! If I didn’t know better, I would say that I was squeezing a real ball rather than a prosthesis!

“James, isn’t this comfortable? I can squeeze these artificial eggs, but you can’t feel any pain, can you?” You are still so much shocked by what happened, that you don’t answer my question. I kick you in the sack with my bare right foot. It’s amazing! There is absolutely no difference to notice between these artificial eggs, and the original ones! There is of course one thing… you don’t react on this kick in the way you would have reacted if you were still having your original eggs! *smile* But the feeling of your sack on my foot is completely normal! I can feel your eggs as before, and I can feel them go upwards and making contact with your pelvic bone! It’s really great! I think I did a great job! You are a man again… at least… you seem to be a man again! Of course… you and I know that you aren’t really a man anymore! You won’t be able to ejaculate again… you won’t be able to perform your duty as a man again… but at least… the suggestion is still real! You could even wear shorts, and expose your plastic eggs to the world by sitting down with your legs spread out… No woman on this earth, would ever think that she’s watching plastic eggs while voyeuring you by peeking in your shorts! Your sack seems to have become even more beautiful than it was before the operation, I would say!

I untie you from the metal frame. You are still in pain, and you are having difficulties to walk. You are standing in front of me. Still naked. Your sack is really beautiful! I knee you in your sack suddenly. I can feel the artificial eggs on my knee. The feeling is indeed quite natural. You don’t double! That’s of course a big difference compared to what a knee in your sack would have caused before the operation!

“Isn’t it great that I have made you immune for further genital torturing James?” I ask. “Well, of course you realize that there is still a cock that could be tormented, for example by applying electricity to the top of it! You still seem to be a man, but you aren’t anymore. You are an eunuch. I have sort of reconstructed you!

“I’ll take your original balls with me James”, I say to you. “I like to keep the memory of this remarkable meeting of ours alive! I’ll save your eggs in some conservative fluid and I’ll give them a nice place in my house! I’ll keep them in this marmalade glass, so that I can have a look at them any moment I like to have a look!”

One of the benefits of your little operation is that you will not ever be able to feel this wonderful male agony again. That’s what you think at least! But… as a medical doctor, you must have heard of these so called phantom pains that one can still sense in removed body parts, as if they weren’t removed at all! You must have heard of people suffering a severe pain in a leg that isn’t there anymore?? It happens when the weather is bad for example! Strange huh? Well, I think that you still will feel some real ball pain in the future! Can you imagine how you are laying in your bed, and how, all of a sudden you start feeling this intense boy pain in your body again? Can you imagine how you are walking on the streets, and how all of a sudden you need to bend down and to curl up nicely, as if someone kneed you square in the sack? What do you think James: will it only be a matter of those post operative phantom pains… will it be nothing more than that? Or… might it be me… playing with your original eggs one way or another… squeezing them again for you, beating them up with a rubber hammer, sticking needles in them??? Might it be me… your tormenting voodoo priest at the other end of the world, playing with your good old real balls? You will never know for sure… but… you will wonder about that, won’t you? *smile*



grabtwistpull000 said...

Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

http://doodoolicious.com/img/testicle.jpg D:

viking48 said...

dear Monique.THANK YOU !! That was one of the best stories, i have ever read. You can tell a good story, this is a year after the last post. is there a way to write or call ? please leave a link or post and i will contact you thanks again, jim