Thursday, October 11, 2007

Christina and Logan (part two)

By loganknight

Christina came back to find me sitting naked on the couch, legs closed and my hands in my lap covering a cock rock hard in anticipation. She'd changed into a pair of skin tight felt pants that I'd often teased her about wanting to see on her, but that she'd never worn around me and a black T-shirt. It was also obvious as she walked towards me that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Get your hands out of your lap, I wanna see what's there!" she said. I moved my hands to my sides. "No, stretch your arms out along the top of the couch. And open your legs!" I did as I was told. "Oh, look! You're all hard for me. I don't remember saying I wanted you hard" she said as she walked up between my legs and fell forward to land with her knee on my cock. I grunted as her knee slammed my hard cock into my balls then trapped my whole package between it and the couch cushions.

"How's that feel?" She teased as she ground her knee around in my lap. "I have to admit that it feels good to me!" she said.

"As long as you're having fun…" I told her, a bit flippantly.

"Oh, so you want me to have FUN!" she replied, beginning to bounce her knee up and down on my cock and balls. "Then I guess I'll just have to do that!" she promised as she started bouncing higher and higher, harder and harder on my meat. I grunted and squealed, my arms flying from the top of the couch to wrap around her as I leaned into her from trying to curl up. I could feel that her nipples were hard as her lovely breasts rubbed against my face through her shirt.

"Watch your hands!" she said, lifting up to her feet and dropping down hard on my meat. I'd accidentally gotten my hands too close to her ass when I tried to hold on to her. Her knee came down squarely on the top of my cock, since it bounced up when she lifted. I felt my cock bend down on itself, finally snapping back straight as her knee came down.

"Uh oh! I bet you felt that!" she said as she slid her knee off my cock for a look. "Well, it's still hard so I guess it's not broken. Stand up!" she commanded, and her wish was my command. She sat on the couch with her legs spread slightly, and pulled me by the cock to a position where my balls where hanging just above and between her knees. With a sparkle in her eye, she took her hair down and wrapped the ponytail holder from it around my scrotum several time, so that my balls were trapped. Pulling down on my hard cock she positioned me so that my balls were hanging just between her knees.

"Nut-cracker!" she exclaimed with glee, slamming her knees together on my nuts several times in quick succession, until the pain in my balls was so great that my weight pulled my hard cock out of her clenching fist as I collapsed to the floor. "Looks like you felt that!" She said as she giggled, watching me lie on the floor and hold my balls. "Must not be too bad, you've still got a boner!" she observed as she started rubbing my cock with her foot. Pretty soon I on my back, my legs spread slightly as she rubbed her foot along the sensitive underside of my hard dick. "Well, you look recovered, get up!"

I stood in front of her as she adjusted the ponytail holder that had my balls trapped so that it was holding my nuts at the very limit of my sack. She grabbed my cock in her left hand, squeezing tightly, and started punching my balls with her right hand. "They look like a little punching bag, so I'll punch them!" she snickered. After only three or four jabs to my nuts, I was again on the ground, and I felt like Christina had nearly pulled my dick off trying to keep me from falling.

"OK, scoot closer to me on the floor, and sit up." She directed as I scooted towards the couch. "Closer - you can scoot closer if you spread your legs out wider!" she directed. Pretty soon I had my legs spread as wide as they would go, and Christina had her feet all over my cock and balls. She had an evil little grin on her face as she lifted her foot and brought it down; slapping the head of my hard cock, and my cock bounced down from the impact, and slapped itself against the floor before bouncing back. She giggled and I grunted and jumped and she began repeating the process. After a few minutes of this, she used her right foot to press my cock to the floor then slowly and carefully stood up, with most of her weight on her left foot. I looked up at her and she smiled down at me as she looked at my cock trapped under her dainty foot.

"I bet this isn't what you meant when you told me you liked woman on top!" she said as she started shifting more and more of her weight onto my cock. I was grunting and straining, leaning back with my arms out behind me, determined not to spoil her fun by not being able to take it. My cock was, if anything, getting harder and harder as she shifted her weight, her bare foot crushing it into the carpet. Pretty soon she was standing on just her right foot.

"I thought you said you liked having the woman on top of your dick? Oh, I know, maybe I have to be bouncing up and down!" she laughed as she bent her knee and then straightened it out, and began bouncing on my cock. I was grunting and groaning in time with her bounces, and getting hot watching how her large breasts bounced and jiggled as she was inflicting suffering on my cock.

She gave one last hard bounce then stepped off my dick. "Get on your hands and knees." she directed. "Roll over!" I did. "Speak!"

"Woof, Woof!" I said, as she walked around me.

"Squeal!" she giggled as she kicked my trapped and dangling nuts from behind. I squealed and collapsed on the floor holding my battered balls.

"Stay there!" Christina giggled as she ran out of the room. I don't know how long she was gone, but it was at least several minutes, so I was pretty recovered by the time she got back.

"Play dead!" she giggled as I rolled over on my back with my arms and legs in the air and closed my eyes. A second later I knew why she was giggling as her foot connected in another hard kick to my nuts.

"Play hurt!" she laughed, and sat down on the couch. When I recovered, I moved up to the couch with her as she flipped through the TV channels with the remote. She took the ponytail holder off my balls, and my cock started to go limp.

"Oh no, I want you hard, jack it off for me so you stay hard, but don't you dare cum!" she seemed pretty serious, so I started stroking my cock, which quickly got hard again. This went on for around 15 minutes, with Christina occasionally reaching over to yank on my balls. Then there was a noise behind us, and Christina quickly grabbed my balls as I tried to get off the couch to slink into another room when I heard a voice behind us say "Hey guys, what's up?"

It was Melinda, one of Christina's friends that I knew pretty well. Melinda was 16, about 5'4" and 130 pounds, 34C breasts and a nice tight butt with sexy legs. She was wearing a white T-shirt, tight black shorts that barley covered her butt and leather sandals.

"Stand up and show her what's 'up' Logan!" Christina laughed, giving my nuts a slight squeeze to let me know she meant it, but not releasing my nuts. I slowly stood up so Melinda could see that I was naked and hard, and that Christina had me by the balls.

"Oh my gosh! What's going ON here?!" Melinda laughed at my predicament.

"He's my naked little manservant for the rest of the weekend!" Christina explained, with obvious happiness. "And now he's yours to boss around and abuse as you want too, aren't you Logan?" She smiled sweetly as my knees bent slightly from the tightening of her grip on my balls.

"Of course!" I quickly agreed.

"Go say hello to Melinda." Christina directed, letting go of my balls. I walked over to Melinda, standing naked before her.

"Uh…Hi, Melinda," I said. Melinda's right hand shot out and wrapped around my hard cock, closing painfully tight around it.

"Looks like you're happy to see me!" she giggled. Keeping a tight hold on my cock, she brought her knee up hard into my balls. I grunted and groaned. The only thing that kept me from falling was Melinda's death grip on my dick. "Is it OK if I rack your nuts?" she asked, just a bit late.

"Yes…" I managed to mutter.

"Good!" She smiled sweetly as she brought her knee into my nuts two or three more times, until I finally collapsed, in spite of Melinda's tight grip on my dick.

"Show her how we do 'woman on top' around here Logan!" Christina encouraged, leaving Melinda looking puzzled. "And make sure you're nice and hard!" she added with a giggle. I struggled to a sitting position, my legs spread, on the floor in front of Melinda, and stroked my cock a few times while the girls watched and giggled. I laid my hard cock on the floor, and looked at Melinda.

"Um….first, put your foot on my um…." I sort of looked down at myself, but it became obvious by the looks on the girl's faces that I was going to have to say it, "Put your foot on my dick, Melinda."

"Like this?" She said, dropping her right heal down hard on my cock.

"Ooof. Yes, that will work I guess. Now lift your other leg off the ground so you're standing on one foot." I walked her through the process, no pun intended. She lifted her left foot, and since she was facing away from me, her tight, sexy ass was inches from my face. "Now bend your knee, and you can bounce up and down as if you're riding a...”

"Cock!" Christina blurted and laughed. Melinda laughed as well, understanding what Christina meant, as she started to bounce with obvious enjoyment, her heel grinding my cock into the floor.

"You really should face him; the looks on his face are priceless! And take off your shoes so you can really feel him under your foot," Christina suggested.

Melinda moved her left foot closer to me. "Take off my sandal," she directed. I did so. She moved her right heel off my cock, and looking back over her shoulder, slammed her left heel down hard on my dick, making it obvious that she wanted me to take off the other sandal now. I did so. She turned around and stomped her right foot down on my cock, and began bouncing so hard she was almost hopping on one foot. Looking up at her, I could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra either, as her hard nipples showed clearly as her pert breasts jiggled as she mangled my dick.

"Oh you're right! Look at him!" Melinda laughed. Melinda stepped off my dick, and reached down and "assisted" me in getting up by grabbing my balls and leading me into a standing position. Then she pulled me around to the front of the couch and sat down, with me standing in front of both girls now, my hard cock bobbing slightly. They began chatting about my meat, reaching out to pull or gently squeeze my balls, pinching the head of my cock, or lightly stroking it, in general playing with me for their amusement.

"He's got a really nice one, doesn't he?" Melinda asked.

"Oh yes - not too big, but certainly big enough, and so nicely formed!" Christina commented.

"Just a little upward curve to it and it gets harder than any guy I've ever seen!"

"Oh, I noticed that too! But I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination or if it really did seem harder than most!"

I was really surprised. Here I'd been under the impression that Christina thought my cock was on the small side and not that impressive, and here they were both talking about how much they liked it.

"And his balls are so big! I like how they hang low!"

"Imagine them slapping against you!" They both giggled at that one. I blushed - I was still a virgin, but neither of them were.

"Watch this!" Christina said, pulling the ponytail holder out and wrapping it around my balls again.

"Oh, it looks like one of those little punching bags!" giggled Melinda.

"So PUNCH it!" Christina encouraged her. I tried to stay standing as long as I could, but after four or five quick punches, I was on the ground.

"Hey, he's gonna be here all weekend?" asked Melinda.


"Can I come over tomorrow? It's getting late and I should get home."

"Sure, drop by whenever you like, we'll be here!" said Christina.

"OK, I'll see you two tomorrow!" Melinda said, and she reached down and grabbed my balls, squeezing and shaking them around "And I'll see LOTS of THESE TWO tomorrow too!" she laughed.

"Bye Melinda, see ya tomorrow…" I managed to get out through clenched teeth. With one last quick squeeze, she left.

"Lay out on your back." Christina said, sliding off the couch as she took her shirt off. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, but I did as I was told. "You've been a really good sport about all this, I was afraid you'd flip out when Melinda came over. She has a huge crush on you, you know." I hadn't. In fact, I had a crush on Melinda as well, so things were looking up. "I think you deserve a little fun this weekend too…" Christina stopped talking as she took my cock into her mouth….


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Hey, I've been looking for the sequel to this story for a while now. If anyone could give me a link or let me know if there even is one, that would be appreciated. Thanks!