Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coerced To Write, But Not Complaining

By lil_vixen

So, my boyfriend, Jim has been badgering me to write about the first time I busted his balls. He claims I'm a natural. He also told me you guys would get a big kick out of me (pun intended ;-)) and I loovve being the center of attention.

I'm not a shy girl, but I never knew guys were into having girls abuse their balls before I met Jim. I had played around with bondage and spanking and thought they were pretty fun. The thing is I don't like to be spanked or anything. I hate to tell you, but pain sucks guys. You're all a li’l' goofy. I dooo like being tied up, but I digress. I always preferred being the spanker. You sort of get into a rhythm and it can be fun. But guys always want to seem to want to spank me, not the other away around, which is pain, which is icky. But we've been there. Back to Jim.

Jim is a big sexy hunk of a guy. Not in the classical hunk sense. You see I hate cocky guys. Then again maybe I could use my new-found skills to make cocky guys not so cocky. Any way, Jim is pretty big, with the biggest, roundest, softest eyes. They make you melt. And his hands, god I love big hands. I can almost feel them... Damn sorry back to the story. Jim read this and told me you all wouldn't want to hear this crap (his word, the big goof doesn't even say shit.), but you know what, this is my damn story and I'll tell it how I want.

So anyway, Jim had the nerve to pick me up one weekend at a friend's barbecue. Ok, I arranged so he would, but don't tell him. Anyway, in almost know time we where having some pretty steamy sex. (See I'm getting to the good stuff, and no, not in a few hours a few weeks, what kind of girl do you think I am? Well yeah there was that... Oh never mind.) Anyway soon enough vanilla grew to include handcuffs; yes I own them, so what. You got a problem with it?

I soon discovered Jim loved being tied up, and teased and smothered, and well you know. In one play session, I grabbed his balls pretty roughly and told him to be a good boy or I would make him pay. Yeah I was bluffing; I didn't want to hurt the poor buffoon. I wanted to... oh never mind. This is where it got weird. Jim egged me on. He challenged me. He told me to give it my best shot. I didn't even think that he probably did want a shot.

So I squeezed with both hands, I thought pretty hard. Jim arched his back a little and gritted his teeth, but called me a wimp? Me, a wimp. I'll show him who the wimp is. So I got up on my knees and scrunched down so that I could get the strength of my shoulders behind me. I'd show the fucker. I positioned his balls, which were very loose and even a little sweaty at this point, between my palms and began grinding them together. I was rolling his balls between my hands and pushing as hard as I could together.

The effect was amazing. Jim started jerking around in his restraints like electricity was shooting up his body. His body would shake, his back would arch, he would groan then subside. I would get his balls in a certain angle where it seemed like I was squishing the back of his balls and his chest would rise of the bed. He yelled out yes and oh Christ and then my name. (But I'm not telling you what it is, nah, nah.) So I knew he liked it. It was fascinating. I started experimenting. I found out what really made him twitch and what didn't. He was sweating now and beginning to breathe hard. I was too. This was a work and I was getting into it. The only concern I had was that a once raging hard-on was fading, only a little, but I demand raging. I want elevation when you are on your back. None of this having it lie on your belly crap. I figure I'll have to settle for when I'm old, but I'm doing that digression thing again.

So I quickly rectified the situation. Never mind how, damn you, this about ball-busting not about my many other skills. The point is things were quickly back at full mast. Jim was moaning and mumbling about how amazing I was. Now I get used to this of course ;-), but he seemed really emphatic about it. Then he asked me to smash him, to bust them, bust them good. This was a new term for me, but I needed little encouragement.

I really am a sweet person, but this was kind of fun. I never liked whips or clamps or crap. But this seemed somehow moor natural, more fun. I can't explain it. Honestly I feel somehow guilty I got so into it. But I'm not big on guilt.

So I positioned myself over him and after little hesitation, I rammed my knee into him. He grunted, but it didn't have the affect I wanted. So I tried again. Better, but some of my squeezes seemed to have more effect. So I moved down his body a little so that my knee was more perpendicular with his body. Bamm. That was what I wanted. Boy he reacted. His body rose from the bed. His arms strained against the restraints. I could see his yummy muscles in his arms straining hard.

I wasn't too worried about him getting loose. You can make guys desperate to get free without any pain at all, but that is a story for another board. The point is I learned to tie my men up well.

So I did it again and then one last time. After the third he was just saying gibberish. I noticed his erection had deflated again

To make a long story short, I mounted my Jim and rode until the cows came home. I don't even think he realized for a few seconds. My Jim never had stamina like that before. I'm not complaining. We have great sex. But that night he lasted forever.

We have explored some since then, and it really is fun. I really don't get why you guys like it, but I'm not complaining.

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