Thursday, October 11, 2007

Delcia "The Nutcracker" and Stephanie "The Ball Breaker"

By loganknight

Delcia and Stephanie were a year behind me in high school. The events in this story take place when I was 17 and they were both 16. Delcia was around 5' 9", and 42DD-32-40, dark brown hair and brown eyes, maybe 150 pounds - a big gal, no question, but very nicely put together. Stephanie, on the other hand, was your average blond wet dream - 5' 4", 120, blond hair, blue eyes and 38D-26-36, with the softest, smoothest skin I've ever seen. For some reason though, she didn't hang out with the "in" crowd, she hung out with us.

I had a number of experiences leading up to "the big weekend" with these two girls, the first I can remember is that I was over at Stephanie's helping her hang Christmas lights. Delcia was holding the strand of lights while I got up on a chair, then she'd hand the strand to me, and I'd staple it up and hand the staple gun down to her. She'd been off to one side or another, but there came a point that for some reason I had to put the chair right in front of where she was standing. I had on a pair of sweat pants, and nothing under them, so I can surmise that she had a pretty good view. I handed down the staple gun, and she took it with her left hand as her right fist shot out and hammered my dangling nuts. I grunted and fell forward off the chair, and Delcia caught me and I slid down her front as her knee shot up into my balls as I fell. Stephanie saw the whole thing, and they were both laughing.

"It was a perfect shot, I just couldn't resist! The knee was a bonus though, I hadn't expected that!" Delcia explained to Stephanie.

Stephanie looked at me with my arms wrapped around Delcia, the side of my face pressed into her ample breasts as I started to recover "Well, that's why we call her "The Nutcracker!" Stephanie giggled. Delcia lowered me onto the chair, and I leaned back and took a few deep breaths, and Stephanie motioned Delcia over and whispered something in her ear. They both looked at me and burst out in giggles. As I started to be a bit more aware of my surrounding, I shifted my position to try to hide my raging hard-on, but in sweat pants that were a bit tight to start with, it was a losing battle, not to mention that they'd already noticed.

Another time we were all at a little private lake way out in the country, where we used to go skinny dipping. Usually there were more of us there, but for some reason I don't remember, it was just the three of us that day. We'd been splashing around in the water for a while, and ended up back on the little beach to eat the lunch we'd brought with us. After that, I laid out on my towel to enjoy the sun. Delcia and Stephanie were batting a volleyball back and forth, and just when I'd stopped paying attention for fear of being dreadfully embarrassed by getting a hard on, Stephanie threw the volleyball hard into my balls. They girls laughed and came over to see if I was alright.

"You really volleyed HIS balls! But it looks like he's just fine to me!" Delcia giggled as she pulled my hands away from my crotch, exposing my rock hard dick to them both. Stephanie grabbed my dick and stroked it a few quick times, soliciting a moan from me.

"Feels like it to me!" she giggled. Delcia then slapped my bare balls, causing me to curl up again. After a few embarrassing moments, we went on with our day.

Delcia and Stephanie were both big fans of wrestling. As such, we'd often get together at one of their houses to watch PPV events. Now, I wasn't a big fan of wrestling, but I was a big fan of attractive girls with big boobs that were likely to rack my balls, so I always went over for these events. Sometimes there was a large crowd of people; sometimes there were just a few of us. This particular Friday night it was just Delcia, Stephanie, and Ashleigh, Stephanie's cousin. Ash had to leave early, so by 10pm, the event was winding down and it was just the 3 of us. I don't remember who all was wrestling, but there was a point where a woman that was one of the wrestler's supposed girl friend hammered his opponent's balls to "save her man".

"Oh, she got him RIGHT in the punching bag!" Stephanie giggled.

"See what's different between him and Logan?" Delcia asked.

"NO BONER!" they both yelled, laughing as I blushed.

After the show ended, we somehow ended up deciding to try our hands at wrestling, I'm not sure how the conversation got to that point, but since I didn't want to look like a wuss, I ended up helping move furniture around so we'd have a large, empty space in the middle of the living room. Stephanie went and got a pair of white spandex bike shorts for me to wear, and after changing into them, I went back to the living room to find Delcia in a blue bikini, and Stephanie in a pink bikini.

"OK, I wanna wrestle him first!" Delcia said.

"In this corner, at 42DD, TRIPLE B!" Stephanie giggled. "I wanted to go first though!"

"Well, we could tag team." Delcia suggested

"I'm OK with whatever you two decide" I put in.

"Tag team works!" Stephanie said. "Triple P and Triple B vs. White and Tight!" she giggled, looking at the outline of my cock and balls in my spandex outfit.

I blushed. "What's the winner get?" I asked.

"Good question. What do you think the winner should get?" Delcia asked.

"Hmmmm. Losers have to do whatever the winner says all day tomorrow?" I suggested, leering at them.

"Oh, OK! I like that idea!" Stephanie giggled

"Sure, why not?" Delcia agreed. Which was fine by me - even if I lost, I won.

The girls flipped a coin to see who would start, and as it turned out, Delcia won. We flipped the coin again to see who would be bottom, and Delcia won, so I got on all fours. Delcia seemed to have trouble getting into position, although what she was really doing was using that excuse to rub her hands over my chest and stomach, rub her breasts against my back, and her legs and groin against my ass. If she thought this would get me hard so she would have an advantage, she was right! Finally, Delcia and I both indicated we were ready, and Stephanie signaled the start of the match. I braced myself for Delcia to try to flip me to the left, but she surprised me by instead simply letting go and leaning back on her knees. My momentary confusion left me unbalanced, and that was all the chance Delcia needed, as her hand shot between my legs, slapping my nuts hard.

"Oh! Right in the punching bag!" Giggled Stephanie as I groaned and rolled to my back, holding my nuts. Delcia quickly straddled my chest, facing my feet, and pulled my hands away from my crotch.

"Yup, and look!" Delcia laughed

"BONER!" The girls giggled in stereo. I couldn't see past Delcia, and I was struggling to get out from under her when I felt hands pulling at my shorts. Delcia was still holding my hands away from my crotch, so I knew it had to be Stephanie.

"Hey! What are you doing!?!" I cried in dismay.

"The rules are there are no rules, remember?" Laughed Stephanie as my shorts yielded to her efforts. Delcia shifted so that she was holding both my hands with one of hers, and lightning fast had the head of my hard cock between her thumb and the side of her pointer finger, pinching and twisting viciously.

"Hey! That's my job! You're Triple B, the Blue Ball Basher, I'm Triple P, the Pink Penis Punisher!" Stephanie laughed at Delcia. Through my grunts and groans, I realized they'd intended from the start to have this be less of a match than an excuse to indulge themselves.

"Oh, right, sorry!" Laughed Delcia, as she let go of my hard dick and punched her fist down into my balls several times. She stood up as I curled up holding my balls, and tagged Stephanie in. "I bashed his balls, now punish his penis!" Delcia giggled as Stephanie rolled me onto my stomach and reached between my legs.

"Oh, I will!" Stephanie promised. She wrapped her hand around my hard cock and yanked it back between my legs, making me groan. She kneeled down, straddling my back, her firm ass pressed into the small of my back as she levered my hard cock even farther backwards between my legs.

"You must like this treatment, you're dick is totally rock hard!" Stephanie laughed, wrapping her left hand around the shaft of my cock, while slapping down on the head of it with her right hand, like she was trying to get ketchup out of a bottle.

"AAHH! Stephanie, OH! please AAHH! I can't AAHH!" take this OOHH!" I begged.

"Oh, alright wuss!" she said, pulling my cock as far back as she could, then letting it snap back into the floor to a duet of giggles. As I laid there trying to catch my breath, Stephanie stomped her foot down on my dick, and ground it into the floor, as if she was crushing out a cigarette.

"Like this better?" she giggled, lifting her foot and stomping it back down on my hard but hurting dick. I jumped with every stomp, and there were a lot of them. I could feel the difference when Stephanie stopped stomping, and started hopping on one foot on my cock.

"I've heard of hop SCOTCH, but this is the first time I've seen hop DICK!" laughed Delcia. I struggled to my hands and knees, trying to get up as Stephanie tagged Delcia back in. Just as I got to my hands and knees, Delcia took a running start and kicked into my balls from behind.

"Field goal!" she cried as Stephanie laughed. I fell forward, flat out on my stomach again and Delcia reached down and grabbed my nuts from behind, pulling my up by them. Once she had me on my feet, she reached her right hand around and began furiously stroking my cock, while at the same time squeezing and twisting my balls. I moaned, groaned, grunted, sobbed and gasped.

"You should see his face, he looks so confused! One second he looks like he's about to cum, and the next he looks like he's about to pass out or cry!" Stephanie giggled uncontrollably watching my face, and Delcia laughed as Stephanie described it to her. Delcia let go of my cock and balls, and put me in a headlock. She walked me forward until I was standing right in front of Stephanie, who was sitting in a chair. She used one of her feet to spread my legs out.

"Don't you know it's not polite to point?" Giggled Stephanie, slapping my cock hard, since it was what was "pointing" at her.

"Work his speed bag Steph!" laughed Delcia "I'll make sure he's not going anywhere!" Stephanie held her fists up in a ready position, and looked up at me and giggled. She started with light punches, right then left then right, and started slowly punching harder and faster, left, right, left right. After about a minute, she finished up by punching down on my dick as hard as she could.

"Now that's what I call beating his meat!" she laughed. Delcia turned me around so that I was facing her, holding me up with her arms under mine, my hands holding on to her shoulders as I tried to recover. She rammed her knee into my balls as hard as she could, and let me go. As I slid down her body to the floor, my hands must have gotten caught on her bikini top, since it came off and landed on the floor next to me.

"Oh, so he's got some fight left in him and wants a topless wrestler!" laughed Delcia, picking up her top and tossing it over to the couch, out of the way. She tagged Stephanie in as I lay on the floor holding my balls and admiring her large, firm breasts.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to teach him that just because we're topless doesn't mean we're weak!" laughed Stephanie, standing over me as she discarded her top. She walked around and then pulled my arms back above my head, and straddled my chest, her firm ass just inches from my face, and her legs holding my arms to the floor above my head. She grabbed my cock, and began stroking it, as I moaned and gasped, quickly bringing me to the edge of orgasm, then letting go of my dick and slapping her hand back and forth, pounding my dick with slaps and backhand slaps. Then she wrapped both her hands around my cock, and twisted them in opposite direction, giving me an "Indian burn" on my dick.

"I've never seen a dick that bright red before!" laughed Delcia.

"Have you ever seen one that's been beaten on this much before?" asked Stephanie.

"Nope! Guess that explains it, huh?" They both laughed. "Keep him down, I wanna try something!" Delcia continued. I couldn't see what she was doing, but soon enough I felt her teeth biting into my dick. She had it sideways across her mouth, so that more of her teeth could bite into my cock. I grunted and groaned.

"Oh my God!" Stephanie exclaimed. "Every time I've given a blow job I've wanted to try doing exactly that!"

"Me too!" Delcia replied, spitting my dick out of her mouth "Which is why I went ahead and did it now!" She laughed. They took turns biting on my dick that way for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only a few minutes.

"OK, get off him." Said Delcia as she stood between my legs, placing her foot on my nuts, pressing them into the floor. Stephanie got up and stood beside her, giving me a great view of both of them topless.

"You give"? Delcia asked, slowly pressing my nuts harder and harder into the floor.

"I give, I give!" I readily agreed.

"Say 'Stephanie and Delcia kicked my ass by beating my meat!' and make us believe you mean it!" giggled Stephanie.

"Stephanie and Delcia kicked my ass by beating my meat," I managed to mumble through the pain in my balls as Delcia applied more pressure.

"That didn't sound very convincing. Maybe you should add a part to it about how much you liked it, and how you want us to beat your meat whenever we want to," giggled Delcia, twisting her foot back and forth over my balls.

"Stephanie and Delcia kicked my ass by beating my meat, and I loved it and will let them beat my meat whenever they want to, because they're the sexiest women I know!" I proclaimed, pretty much meaning every word, though they didn't know it.

"Well, I'm convinced, and I'll be happy to take you up on that offer!" laughed Stephanie.

"Now jack off for us!" Delcia instructed, giving my balls a last hard press into the floor and releasing them "Unless you'd rather we keep beating your meat instead!"

"Oh, that's a great idea! Let's see you stroke yourself off for our amusement!" agreed Stephanie as the girl sat down on the couch to watch. Not having much of a choice, I sat up and started slowly stroking my sore cock.

"No, stand up, right in front of us!" Delcia instructed. Not having much of a choice, I stood up and walked over to stand in front of and between them, and started stroking my shaft. Stephanie reached up and pinched one of my nipples, then the other, twisting them hard. Delcia reached out and flicked my balls with her finger, one then the other, causing me to jump slightly and stop stroking my dick

"Keep jacking, or I'll really pound your nuts!" laughed Delcia, and I started stroking my cock again, while she kept flicking my balls.

"Faster! We want to see cum!" giggled Delcia, as Stephanie ran her hands over my hips and ass. Delcia kept up the flicks to my balls, faster and faster one after another, and it was all I could do to keep standing, trying to cum so I could sit down.

Soon, I could feel myself approaching the edge, and I mumbled "I'm going to cum!"

"Oh no you aren't!" laughed Stephanie, slamming her fist into my hanging balls as hard as she could. Delcia laughed as I collapsed to the floor. I didn't try to fight them as they laid me out spread eagle, Stephanie between my legs and Delcia kneeling just behind my head.

Stephanie placed her left hand on top of my balls, leaning forward and pressing them into the floor. With her right hand, she started to stroke my cock. "I want you to cum for me now!" she giggled. Delcia leaned forward, brushing her breasts against my face.

"Suck on these!" Delcia demanded. I was only too happy to oblige her. Stephanie expertly stroked my cock, and after all I'd been through I didn't have much control left.

"He's gonna cum any second now!" Stephanie announced, and in just a few seconds, the first stream of cum erupted from my cock, striking Delcia in the face, right where Stephanie had aimed. Delcia sputtered and sat back, lifting her tits out of my face, and Stephanie pulled my cock so that it was pointing towards her, and leaned hard onto my balls, causing me to shoot the rest of a massive load of cum all over her breasts and stomach. Stephanie continued to stroke my cock lightly and released my balls as I collapsed, exhausted. I looked up at Delcia in time to see her lick my cum off of her lips, then wipe her face with a T-shirt. She threw the T-shirt to Stephanie, who looked at Delcia, ran her fingers threw a thick splattering if my cum from between her breasts, then lick her fingers clean.

"I've never seen a guy cum the hard, even in a porno!" said Delcia.

"Or that MUCH!" agreed Stephanie as she used the T-shirt to wipe the rest of my cum off of her stomach and tits.

"I'll get you for making him cum in my face!" giggled Delcia.

"That was an accident!" laughed Stephanie. "Besides, tomorrow he's ours all day long!" she giggled, tugging on my balls "We'll really be able to work these little guys over!" I groaned in mock fear, but neither of them believed me, as my cock started to get hard just thinking about it.

"Looks like he likes that idea!" laughed Delcia. "Maybe we should make this a more regular thing!"

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