Tuesday, October 30, 2007


By popped_nuts

Eric was glad to be home. The last few weeks had been crazy. For girls at his school, ballbusting was their favorite past time. Nut kicking was practically the school's number one sport. It was a common sight to see a guy doubled over holding his aching sack or walking bow legged down the hall to keep his swollen nuts from rubbing together. The unsurprisingly all female staff of the school turned a blind eye towards the girls’ ball bruising escapades, as most of them had played the same game when they were students at the same school. The girls always wondered what it would be like to permanently destroy a guy, and often threatened to when they had a guy gagging on the ground with his balls up in his throat. But, amazingly, even after all the years of ballbusting tradition, no one had ever suffered any permanent damage. At worst, a guy spent a week or two walking funny, but was alright after that. Hell, the school wouldn't even accept sore, swollen nuts as an excuse to miss school anymore.

A few weeks ago, this all changed. One of the girls at school, Lindsey, finally managed to pop a ball. She was Eric's sister Cindy's arch-rival as ultimate ballbuster at the school. Lindsey had a boyfriend named Josh. Josh was only Lindsey's boyfriend because he had a good job and could buy her things. Unfortunately for Josh, he had recently lost his job and Lindsey had no use for a broke boyfriend. She decided to break up with him in the ultimate way.

Lindsey invited Josh and a few of her girlfriends over for a swimming party. The girls were there, all in their little bikinis, Josh was in his swim trunks. Despite all the money he spent on her, Lindsey never even let Josh get to first base, and as a result his raging hormones kept him too distracted to notice anything was amiss. Lindsey's mom was there with a video camera, filming the whole thing. She was filming Josh and Lindsey standing together while another girl snuck up from behind. The other girl yanked Josh's trunks quickly down and Lindsey reached over and grabbed his nutsack. Before Josh ever had a chance to react, she started to squeeze. A short while later, with a loud SQUICK, Lindsey became the first real ballbuster of the school, and it was all on tape.

Eric and the other guys at school didn't know exactly what happened for several days. They only knew little bits of what they heard tall the girls whispering about, but they knew it was bad news for them. They heard something bad had happened to Josh's balls and it didn't take much for them to figure out what.

Then they found out about the tape. Lindsey and her mom had started making copies of their tape and spreading them to every woman in town. Eric knew his sister Cindy would probably be one of the first to get a cop. He went into her room that afternoon before she got home. He didn't have to search for the tape, it was in the VCR. The cover on top of the VCR said "Lindsey's Ball Pop".

Eric sat down and watched the tape. The actual video wasn't even five minutes long but was repeated over and over for the length of the tape. It starts just before Josh gets his swim trunks pulled down. Lindsey grabs his balls and starts squeezing. Josh starts to squeal loudly and grabs at her arms, but there's now way to break her grip. Lindsey starts to yank as she squeezes, Josh can only stand there and squeal. All the other girls have gathered around and are cheering Lindsey on. Lindsey shifts her hand to get a better grip and one of Josh's balls visibly squirts out of her grasp. Lindsey growls in irritation and grabs hold of the remaining nut with her other hand, using both to squeeze with all her strength. Josh's squeal turns into a thin, high pitched, barely audible wail.

And then it happens. A loud squishing sound as Josh's one nut explodes in Lindsey's hands. Josh passes out and falls to the ground. Now Lindsey starts to scream as wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure wash over her. She slowly sinks to her knees, her body quivering with pleasure. The video ends with Lindsey's mom zooming in on Josh's crotch as she pokes and prods the pulpy mess that was once his ball. The whole tape is one repeating loop of this scene.

Eric sat there for a moment in shock. He quickly rewound the tape and left the room before his sister got home. Eric was in the kitchen making snack when Cindy and their mom, Joanne came home. They were giggling as they came through the door, but stopped when they saw him sitting there. Cindy ran off to her room and shut the door. Josh's mom stopped to check the answering machine before heading to her room to take a shower. As she was walking away Josh noticed a video tape poking out of her purse. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He waited till he could hear her get into the shower and snuck into her room. The tape was now sitting on top of her TV. He could see the title clearly, "Lindsey's Ball Pop". He ran back to his room and shut the door. That night he didn't get much sleep. He could hear the tape being played in his mother's room and in his sister’s room. For hours he heard the endless loop of Josh getting his nut pulverized. What was worse though were the orgasmic moans he could hear from his mother and sister as they masturbated to Josh's nut crushing. The next day, Eric started wearing a cup to school.

After the video got around, the school went crazy. At times, as he was walking through the crowded halls, a hand would reach out of the crowd and smack him in the crotch. When they hit the cup, whoever it was quickly retreated into the crowd. It seemed he and every other guy had taken to wearing a cup to school. He shuddered to think of what would happen if they found a guy without protection. It seemed every teacher had taken to keeping a big bowl of nuts on their desk, always with a large metal nutcracker sitting on top. His nights at home weren't much better. Every night he fell asleep to the sounds of his sister and mother getting off to Josh's emasculation.

Eric was glad to be home. Today had been the craziest. He had been groped in the hallways at least twenty times today. The girls were getting desperate; they really wanted to ruin a guy. He could hear his sister and one of her friends in her room, laughing. He went into his room to change. He stripped down, tossing his cup on the bed. It was uncomfortable wearing that thing all day. He put on a nice loose pair of boxers, letting his balls breathe and hang free for a while. His mother was out of town, so he would have to make his own dinner tonight.

Cindy and her friend Valerie were in the kitchen when he got there. His mouth nearly fell open in shock. The girls were wearing the tiniest bikinis he had ever seen. Eric stared at his nearly nude sister. His eyes traveled up her tanned, toned legs to the little pink triangle that just barely covered her crotch. He moved up her stomach to her full, round breasts. The tiny pink circles of cloth that made up the top must just barely cover her nipples, he thought. The whole thing was held together by some thin, clear straps, not much more than dental floss. Valerie was dressed exactly the same, though her humongous breasts managed to make her top look even smaller. Each one of her breasts were nearly as big as her head, and yet still managed to look as firm and perky as Cindy's. Eric's cock sprang to life in his pants, jutting out in his loose boxers. Eric was so caught up ogling Valerie's melons that he didn't notice the video camera in her hands, or that she had quietly started filming him.

"There you are Eric, we've been waiting for you." said Cindy as she slowly walked towards her brother. Valerie tried to stifle a giggle. Something in her tone jolted Eric out of his daze, and he finally noticed the small camera in Valerie's hands. Eric suddenly remembered the cup he had left on his bed as his sister stopped right in front of him. He was aware of his heavy balls swinging loose beneath his newly throbbing erection.

"Uhh, what are you d-d-doing?" he managed to stammer. Cindy turned and smiled back at Valerie, who was busy filming away, before answering.

"Oh, Val and I are looking to play a game of football!" Cindy giggled as she said this.

Eric opened his mouth to ask her what the heck she was talking about, but before he even got the first word out, Cindy's foot shot out and buried itself in his crotch. The top of her foot smacked into his dangling nutsack, smashing his balls up into his pelvis. Eric let out an OOF and doubled over, Cindy's foot still buried between his legs. She was wiggling her foot around, grinding against his throbbing orbs, as Eric weakly tried to push her leg away. She pulled her leg back quickly, pulling Eric off balance. Eric grabbed his sister to keep from falling over, and Cindy took this opportunity to step in and piston her knee into her brother's now tender ballsack. Eric grunted again and slowly sank to his knees, in too much pain and shock to think to let go of his sister. Cindy smiled down at her brother as she slowly pulled her leg back for another kick. Cindy waited for her brother to look up at her, to see her smiling face, to see her enjoying busting his balls. Just as he looked up into her eyes she fired off her kick.

She could feel his balls, feel them squishing against the top of her foot, as she watched the pain explode in his eyes. She pushed Eric away and let him crumple into a little ball on the ground. Cindy went to work quickly as Eric lay there moaning. She grabbed his boxers and pulled them off. She took some thick rubber bands from off the counter. Eric's balls were red and swollen already, but still intact. His cock was, amazingly enough, still throbbing hard. She grabbed the whole package in her hand and quickly wrapped a rubber band tightly around it. Eric grunted and twitched as she grabbed his balls, but made no move to stop her. She took another rubber band and wrapped it tightly around the base of his cock, trapping his erection. She took a third rubber band, and pulling his balls far away from his body, wrapped it tightly around his sack, trapping his aching orbs in a tight little package. She then picked up a piece of rope from off the counter. She grabbed Eric's arms and pulled them behind his back. She quickly tied his hands together. She rolled him over on his back and stood up. Cindy stood over her brother, hands on her hips in a triumphant pose.

Eric was finally coming out of his pain filled haze, and realized what trouble he was in. He stared up at his smiling sister with a look of horror. "What are you doing?? Why are you doing this?? I'm your brother! Please stop!" Eric begged.

"Well Eric, I guess I can explain things for you" Cindy said. "I'm sure you know about Josh, I know you've snuck in my room and watched my tape! And I'm sure you've heard mom and me watching the tape" Cindy's hand slid down between her legs and started to rub her crotch. "Well, you see, Lindsey may have been the first girl to pop a ball, but she didn't finish the job. She showed us that bursting a guy’s berries was more fun than we had ever imagined, but everyone wants to know what its like to really destroy a man. Every girl at school wants to know what its like to crush a guy’s manhood, to take the two little things hanging between his legs that make him a man, and grind them into a gooey pulp! Now Lindsey was the first to pop a ball and I can't let her beat me again. Josh is coming back to school tomorrow and Lindsey's planning to crush his one remaining nut so she can be the first real ballbuster and I just won't have that!" Cindy kicked her brother's legs apart and moved to stand in between them. She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and began fingering her soaking wet slit.

"The only problem, Eric, is that I haven't been able to find a pair of balls to bust! All you guys are so protective now that we never get a chance! I had almost given up when Val here reminded me that there was a perfectly bustable pair of balls right here in my own home!" Cindy said. Valerie had also started to rub her pussy as she taped the scene and was now moaning softly.

"Anyways" Cindy continued, "I called mom this afternoon, just a little before you got home. I didn't think she'd mind, but I wanted her blessing anyways." Cindy bent over, staring directly into her brother's eyes. "She said it was a great idea! She said as long as I got the whole thing on tape, you balls were mine to do with as I pleased!"

"Can you believe that Eric? Your own Mom is going to let your big sister pop your little ballsies so and as long as she gets a tape of it to get off to she doesn't care!" Cindy laughed. "Just think Eric, every woman in town is going to be masturbating to you getting your little nuts smushed! You'd never be able to give that much pleasure to just one woman WITH your balls, but you'll have all those women screaming in pleasure when you lose them!"

She reached down and pinched the head of his cock in her fingers. "And when I'm done ruining your ballsies, I'm going to take this as a trophy! I'm going to have it preserved and wear it on a big chain. Your cock is going to spend the rest of its life hanging between my tits!"

"So are you ready Eric, are you ready to be unmanned? Are you ready to have your very own sister crush your manhood into a gooey pulp?!" She stood up over her brother and kicked his legs farther apart. Eric just lay there sobbing, knowing there was nothing he could do to save his balls.

"Here, let me kiss you balls goodbye for you, since you can't." She bent over and grabbed his sack, pulling it up to her mouth. She kissed each nut softly, slightly sucking them into her mouth. Then she planted a big wet kiss on the tip of his cock. "OK bro, time for your ballsies to go splat!"

Eric lay there watching in horror as Cindy slowly drew her leg back. She was staring down into his eyes; she wanted to see his look when her foot smashed into his eggs. Finally she kicked, snapping her foot forward with a grunt. Her foot smashed into his tender orbs full force, smashing them up into his crotch. His balls were trapped tightly in his sack by the rubber band and had no way to escape. He could feel his balls flattening against her foot and then his whole body exploded in agony. His body spasmed as he instinctively tried to curl up into a ball, pulling his legs. Cindy kept her foot buried in his crotch. She could feel his nuts trapped between her foot and his body. She grabbed his legs and pulled them up and apart into a V shape. She pulled her foot out of his crotch and raised it up as high as she could. She held it there over his balls, waiting for Eric to recover enough to see what she was doing.

After a moment, Eric came around enough to look at his sister. She smiled evilly as she caught his eye and stomped down with all her strength. Her foot smashed into his already tender orbs, crushing them into the hard floor. His left nut exploded immediately from the impact. Eric's mouth opened in a silent scream as he felt his ball pop under his sister's foot. Cindy felt Eric's nugget squish under her foot, his ball smushing out underneath her foot. Cindy continued to grind away on Eric's one remaining nut as her body was wracked with orgasmic pleasure. She pressed down harder, grinding her foot on his ball like she was squishing a bug. She could feel his nut flattening slowly beneath her foot. Finally she shifted all her weight on he foot and his one last nut.

As her weight came down on it his ball caved in, popping with a soft squick. Eric's eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out, overcome by the pain. Cindy fell to her knees, screaming in pleasure. She stayed there for a long while, as orgasm after orgasm jolted through her body. Finally the pleasure slowly subsided. She reached over and felt her brother's now squishy sack. She squished around the remains of his manhood, it felt like lumpy nutmeat to her. Then she got up and got some more rubber bands off of the counter. She wrapped one tightly around his cock, right next to the other one and did the same with his nutsack. She stood up, walking up to her brothers head, straddling it. She squatted down, putting her pussy just inches from his face. She reached down with her hand and spread her pussy lips apart and started to piss in her brother's face. Eric quickly sputtered back awake, but she continued to pee until she was finished, just to humiliate him some more. She then moved back down and knelt between her brother's legs.

"I wanted you to be awake so you could watch these." She grabbed his mushy sack and started sucking it in her mouth. It was so swollen that she had to stuff it in with her fingers. She looked up at her brother with her mouth full of his crushed nuts and bit down hard, slicing his sack off between the rubber bands. Eric twitched briefly but it was actually was a relief. The burning pain from having his nuts bit off was less than the throbbing ache of his crushed balls. Cindy spit his sack out in her hand, the rubber band at the top keeping everything in a nice, neat package.

"And now for my trophy," she said as she leaned back in. She took Eric's cock in hand and slowly guided it into her mouth. Slowly her lips crept up his shaft as she tried to take the whole thing in without gagging. When she got to the base, she clamped her teeth down between the rubber bands holding his erection. Eric could only watch helplessly as his sister swallowed his cock. She slowly started to bite down, sawing her teeth back and forth. A few seconds later she pulled her head back, the base of Eric's dick sticking out of her mouth. She spit it out in her hand and held it up for the camera. Eric started to slip back into unconsciousness, the pain and humiliation to much for his mind to bear. The last thing he saw before he passed out was his sister rubbing the mushed remains of his balls on Valerie's huge tits and licking them off...


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WOW....that was awesum. I would love to see a sequel with Josh getting his last nut popped and maybe sum more boys......maybe with a little more nut torture before the final pop. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

you are disgusting. a real man would punch you in the face.

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