Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Erica’s Study Session

By KneeMyNuts

Erica was almost the perfect girl to her male high school classmates. She was an extremely attractive Hispanic girl, about 5’5”, very curvaceous body, long brown hair with blond highlights, perky but large breasts for her age, toned but sexy legs, and a cute face and smile that implied total innocence. She wasn’t just a pretty face though, as she was an exemplary student, earning straight A’s. As smart and pretty that Erica was, she wasn’t just a pretty nerd, she was also an athlete, playing soccer (football to the rest of the world, which makes more sense) on the school team. Although she was close to perfection and innocence, she had a huge mean streak. She got a real thrill from kicking guys in the groin, and being a soccer player, she had a lot of power to put behind her cruel kicks.

As smart she was, Erica was having a little trouble with her calculus class, and was in danger of getting her first B on a test (which was the kiss of death for her), the first of life although she was a senior in high school. However, she wouldn’t have much time to study because it was a Friday, and she had an away game to play in. She didn’t know when she’d be home to study and her test was on Monday; she wouldn’t have the luxury of having as many days as she would like. So, since Erica was wearing a miniskirt, a nice white blouse, flesh-colored stockings, and black high heeled platform sandals (whenever a school sports team had an away game, it was the school’s policy that they had to dress professionally, then change into their uniforms at the opposing school), she would go to her math teacher at the end of class and try to “convince” him to change the test date, make the test easier, or just give her the answers. She definitely had her ways of getting men to do what she wanted.

She sat in class until the bell rang to end class, and then she got up and sauntered up to her teacher’s desk. She stood in front of his desk and leaned over, resting her hands on it, and smiled sweetly and harmlessly. She knew the way she bent over, if her teacher looked up, he would be able to see right down her blouse and get a good look at her beautiful cleavage. She said, still smiling, “Mr. O’Neal, I think I’m having some trouble with the stuff that’s gonna be on the test. Could you…um…help me?” As she said the last words, she pushed her chest forward to accent her sexy body.

Mr. O’Neal looked up from his desk and saw Erica standing there, looking very sexy the way she was standing. He felt his cock twitch in his pants, but remain very professional. He raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Erica, what are you doing?”

She answered, “Maybe you could…I dunno, change when you give the test, or give a different test, one that’s a little easier. Mr. O’Neal, I just don’t wanna get my first B ever. You understand, right?” Again, she smiled innocently at him, and despite his best efforts, Mr. O’Neal was starting to get hard looking at this 17-year-old Latina. As distracted and turned on as he was getting, he somehow remained focused.

He took a deep breath and said, “Erica, you’re one of the best students in the class. You’re a really bright girl, and I’ll stay here as long as you want if you need some help studying. But I can’t give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the students. And looking at the way you’re dressed would imply that you have a game today. The only thing I can tell you is that you need to study over the weekend and that you will do fine.”

Erica did a good job not showing her disappointment, then she smiled again, not innocently but devilishly, and she said, “Well, can you come to my desk and look at my homework to tell me what I’m doing wrong?” He nodded yes, stood up from his chair, and began to follow her to her desk and books.

She stopped suddenly and turned to face Mr. O’Neal. She said “Wait.” Then she moved really close to him, put her hands on his hips, and gazed into his eyes like she was going to kiss him. She glanced down and noticed his legs were spread a little – just enough for her knee - took a slight step back with her right foot and leaned into kiss him.

She got close to his face and said “I like you a lot Mr. O’Neal, but right now, YOU’RE NOT FUCKIN’ HELPIN’ ME AT ALL!!” With that, she sent her right knee upwards towards his groin with amazing speed. Mr. O’Neal never even saw it coming, as he was locked into Erica’s eyes. Even if he had been looking down, all he would have seen would be a blur; she moved her leg so fast. Her knee hit him dead on in his right nut, pinning it between her knee and his pelvis.

He groaned loudly, doubled over immediately from the initial shock, his mouth wide open. Before he could react, she pulled her right foot back as far as it would go and sent it forward between his legs again. The toe of her platform sandal hit just behind his balls, with the top of her foot still smashing his balls, and Mr. O’Neal could only manage a cowardly yelp. However, it wasn’t what she intended and she looked a little disappointed.

She quipped, “You’re lucky I missed.” He started to fall to the floor with his hand covering his battered balls.

He said, needing a little effort to speak, “I should report you! Erica, what’s gotten into you?!”

She answered, “You won’t report me. Well, I gotta study. Good night, Mr. O’Neal.” With that, she turned and walked out of the room toward lunch. She knew Mr. O’Neal wouldn’t say anything; no guy that she’d ever busted said anything about it. What guy would want to admit that he’d just gotten the shit kicked out of him, by such a small, innocent young girl?

Later on that day after school, she ran into Andrew, a guy who had most of the same advanced classes. This guy wasn’t exactly the epitome of male strength and attractiveness. He was pushing 6” tall, was painfully skinny, short black hair that was parted down the middle, and very thick black glasses; Andrew was a nerd. But he never did anything to impress anyone on purpose, as he was his own man. He didn’t have any friends or activities to speak of, so he spent most of his time his studying. For as socially inept as he was, he made up for that (in his own eyes) by being one of the smartest guys in the school.

Erica approached him and smiled broadly. “Hi, Andrew! I have a question for you,” she said, in a half trot because she was in heels.

Andrew looked in her general direction, but was too shy to look her in the eye. He answered “Yeah, Erica?”

“You have Mr. O’Neal for calculus, right?”


“Our class has the test on Monday. You had yours already, right?”


Erica’s smile started to blossom, and she bent down a little so her eyes met his. She asked him “Do you think you could help me study?” This is usually the point when she pushes her chest out to let her tits help the guy make up his mind, but she thought Andrew was probably gay.

He gave her a little longer answer than he usually does when he replied, “Don’t you have a game today?”

She answered, “Yeah, but can I come over tomorrow? So we can have all day to study?” She smiled really sweetly and glanced down at his package, and refrained from laughing as she saw the bulge down there grow a little.

But his answer was simple: “Sure.”

She said, “Great! See ya tomorrow at about 1!” And before he could confirm or give a different time, Erica was off in the direction she came from, her heels making loud sounds on the hard floor.

The next day, Erica showed up at Andrew’s house, in a nasty mood since her team lost 1-0 yesterday. She really wanted to get some aggression out, but she had to take into consideration that it might not come to it. The door opened, and Andrew stared at her with his mouth open. His eyes panned up and down Erica’s body because she was dressed for a little more than just a study session. She was wearing a very short black miniskirt that didn’t even go halfway down her thighs, black fishnet stockings, a low cut, red v-neck tank top that said “Dangerous Curves Ahead” in yellow across her breasts, and black high heeled pumps with a thin ankle strap. She also had her book bag on, but Andrew wasn’t paying that any mind, obviously.

She watched as he looked her up and down, smiled sweetly and asked “So, do I get to come in? Or did you wanna study in your doorway?” She felt a surge of sexual energy flow through her when she looked down at the huge bulge in his pants. “He stuffed his pants?! He must think he’s gonna get some; this is gonna be easier than I thought,” Erica said to herself.

Andrew, a little embarrassed because of his immediate reaction to her, said shyly, “I’m sorry, come in.” He held the door open for her and watched her walk by into his home. Damn, she knew how to walk to get a guy’s attention!

After she sat down, Erica and Andrew began studying next to each other at a table, looking over notes, and Andrew telling her what to pay attention to for the test. However, Erica was still having a little trouble understanding. She decided this was the time to make her move. Since she now knew that he wasn’t gay, she turned her chair to face him, and pushed her chest forward, and frowned mockingly, saying “Andrew, I’m sorry if I offended you with my outfit today. I have a big date right after we’re done here.” She smiled innocently and continued, “You forgive me right?”

He answered, “Of course.” Then she put her hand on his inner thigh, inches away from his cock, which was still hard and said “Great! Then can you do me a favor?” Andrew, too aroused to even speak, simply nodded his head. He’d never seen any girl look like this before, and he was enjoying it. With that, Erica pulled him to his feet and took him a few feet away from the table so she’d have room to maneuver. She pulled him close to her body, grinded her crotch against his, and sucked on his neck. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands all over his chest, which wasn’t exactly impressive. After of few minutes of this treatment, Andrew was about to cum; he’d never even kissed a girl before, let alone anything like this. She felt him quiver in his near-orgasmic state, and that’s when she stopped.

She smiled pleasantly at him again, asking, “You think you could give me the answers to that test? I can’t get a B on that test.”

Andrew got his wits about him again, pondered the question, and then answered, “Look Erica, you’re definitely the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but I can’t help you cheat. I’ll study with you until your date, if you want.”

She thought to herself, “He’s really long-winded now, he must be really horny. This is really gonna hurt him!” She scowled and said, “I don’t have a date, you idiot.” She then grabbed his shoulders and sent her right knee up toward his balls in a blur. She felt her knee crash into on of his balls (She wasn’t sure which one), and the impact lifted him off the ground a few inches, but somehow he remained standing, although bent over. She was shocked when he didn’t even make a sound when she kneed him. She tried to look him in the eye, but his eyes were shut because he was in pain.

Since he wasn’t looking, she took the opportunity he gave her. She took a few steps back, pulled her leg back with her high heeled foot behind her and above her ass a little, and then she shot it forward with blinding speed. It felt like the kick was in slow motion to Erica, and when her kick connected between Andrew’s legs, she could feel both of his balls right where her shoe ended and her foot began. She smiled cruelly as Andrew fell forward into her, sliding down her body on his way to the floor. Astoundingly, he didn’t make any noise when she kicked him. When he ended up on his knees, his tried to protect himself by covering his aching balls, but Erica was too fast and too experienced with this, and she grabbed his hands and easily lifted them over his head.

Then Erica started to talk to him, viciously kicking him in the balls between her words. “ALL (BAM!) I (BAM!) ASKED (BAM!) FOR (BAM!) WAS A LITTLE (BAM!) HELP!!” She ended her taunting with her hardest kick, and it lifted Andrew well off the floor. She pushed him roughly to his back and looked at his crotch, seeing that whatever he stuffed his pants with was gone. Erica began to think that maybe that bulge in his pants was real. With that, she knelt down and unzipped his pants, pulled his pants and white briefs to his knees and gasped at what she saw. His cock, although as limp as a wet noodle, was enormous.

She said, “For being a little fuckin’ nerd, you’re hung like a rhino.” She then stood up and gently nudged his cock onto his stomach with her foot. With a loud feminine grunt, she lifted knee high in the air, about chest high, and stomped down on both of Andrew’s balls.

This time he whimpered, and started to say quietly “The answer to #1 is…”

“SHUT UP!! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!” Erica screamed at him, and then she smiled innocently and said “I’m having too much fun!” Then she proceeded to stomp on him again and again, and whenever she missed a little, she’d stomp on him and grind her foot down on his balls like she was putting out a cigarette.

She removed her foot from his groin and started to go to the table to get her books. While she was putting them away, she said to Andrew, “I’d better go home and study. Don’t wanna fail!”

Andrew answered, struggling to speak, “I’m gonna report you!”

Erica scoffed and replied “No, you won’t. You’ll be too embarrassed to admit that such a small, sweet girl kicked the shit out of you!” She giggled like a little toddler.

Andrew responded “I will too. I don’t have an image to defend.” Hearing those words sent a shiver up and down her spine. She’d miscalculated badly; Andrew was a total loser and would have no problem telling about what she’d done to him. And once he came forward, all the other guys she’s kicked the shit out of would probably come forward.

She had to find a way to keep him quiet, but how? Erica then went pale, and realized that she’d have to blow him if she had any chance of silencing him. She walked over to him, heels clacking on his floor, and she knelt between his legs. His cock was still in plain view, and she wasted no words or time, and she grabbed his cock and put as much of it in her mouth that would fit, which wasn’t a lot of it. It hardened in her mouth, and she skillfully blew Andrew, with him finally making the moaning noises she felt she should have heard earlier. Since Andrew had never had an orgasm before (not even from himself), it didn’t take him long to cum. He started to shake, buck, and jerk as he shot what seemed like gallons of semen in her mouth. Like the blowjob professional that she was, she easily swallowed everything in her mouth.

She wiped away what didn’t fit in her mouth, and tried to force a smile, saying, “Still feel like telling on me?”

Andrew, pretty much spent, shook his head no.

The broad smile returned to her face, she stood up quickly, and said “Good!” She pulled her right leg back again, and sent it forward to kick Andrew in the balls one more time. She saw that she caught him in the left nut with the toe of her pump, and it gave easily like she’d ruptured it. She wanted to ask him, but he tensed up and then passed out.

She went to the table, grabbed her books, and, with a huge smile on her face, said, “Thanks for helping me study” to an unconscious Andrew, and let herself out the door.

The End.

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