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A Football Star, 2 Girls, and a Bet (part 1-2)

By kneemynuts

*This story is a total work of fiction. Any names, places, or anything else that may have been repeated is entirely coincidental. Oh yeah, and this story involves minors in semi-sexual situations. But if you go ahead and read this and you’re offended, as Redd Foxx used to say, “Fuck you, because you’re a dummy.” Enjoy the story! *

It was Saturday evening, and Eastern High School’s star running back, 16-year-old sophomore Timmy Williams had a lot to celebrate. He had helped Eastern win the Group 2 championship this afternoon; he had been voted the best high school running back in the entire state by every high school coaching staff in the group; his 5’11”, 180-pound muscular frame and clean-cut good looks won the admiration of many of his female schoolmates; his mastery of his studies made him well-liked by the faculty. Unfortunately, Timmy was so shy, he didn’t celebrate much of anything. In fact, if not for his handsomeness and incredible athleticism, he would have been unanimously considered a nerd.

On this particular night, as with every other Saturday night, the football team would have a huge party, with alcohol supplied by the team’s parents (a perk of being a state-championship-caliber football player). There would be many of the team’s classmates there, including some very attractive girls who were dressed to impress. And, as usual, Timmy planned on staying home. This time, however, the team wouldn’t be taking no for an answer; they wanted Timmy to join their fun. The captain added “Where would we be without you running the ball for us?” Since there was nothing that Timmy could do to argue, he decided to go. They told him the party started at around 9:30, but he could come whenever he wanted.

At 9:20pm, Timmy showed up at the captain’s house, where the party was to be. There were only the players there so far, and they all had a couple drinks already. All his teammates laughed when they saw him; Timmy never showed up late to anything. Eastern’s quarterback threw a lanky arm around Timmy’s shoulders. Timmy offered a simple smile and said “Hey guys”; he genuinely liked his teammates and actually enjoyed their company.

“Yo dude! Keg’s in the back and we got some Absolut in the fridge,” exclaimed the captain, attempting to ruffle Timmy’s short brown hair. Timmy half-chuckled, easily brushing aside his friend; Timmy was immensely strong.

He asked, “Uh…do you have any Coke?” The captain laughed and said “Sure, help yourself to whatever you want.” So he went into the refrigerator, grabbed a soda, and went over to the couch to sit by himself.

As the minutes became hours, more of Timmy’s schoolmates came, a lot of them very attractive girls. However, he never moved from the couch; he didn’t like talking to new people. He knew who everyone was, but these weren’t exactly the over-achieving brainiacs he had classes with. Many of the visitors would stop over by Timmy and tell him he had a great game and that he was awesome, but Timmy would just give them a half-hearted “Thanks.”

While he sat on the couch nursing the same soda he was drinking before, after his well-wishers left, two girls sat on the couch on either side of him. He glanced at them and immediately looked down to the floor; he’d never been in a position where he had been in such close proximity to girls who were so attractive. One of them had shoulder-length blonde hair, a slim athletic body, small but perky breasts, long chiseled legs, and very hypnotizing blue eyes. She wore a short halter-top that showed off her toned midsection, a black miniskirt that ended not even halfway to her knees, and black 3” heels that had criss-cross laces up her calf.

Her friend had brownish-blonde hair, a very curvaceous body, sexy green eyes, about a large C-cup chest, and powerful but sexy looking legs with hips and an ass that commanded the attention of every guy (except the shy Timmy) when she walked. She wore very short, tight jean shorts that barely hid the bottom of her ass, a tight tube top, and silver 4” spiked heels with a pointed toe.

The blonde spoke first, saying “Hey, aren’t you Timmy Williams?” Timmy, still looking at the floor answered “Yeah…that’s me.” Her friend said “You had a really good game yesterday. It was like no one could stop you.”

“Uh…thanks,” was Timmy’s only reply.

The blonde slid closer to Timmy so that her legs were touching his. She said, “I’m Susie” as she held her hand out to him. He took it gently and looked into her eyes, but his response was trapped in his throat because he had never seen eyes like hers before. While he was staring into Susie’s eyes, her friend slid closer so she was touching him too.

She said “And I’m Christa” with a big smile on her face. Timmy, noticing that he hadn’t given Susie a response and that he still had her hand, blushed.

He let her hand go, and looked at Christa, saying “Um…it’s really nice to meet both of you.” He sat back, looking down at the floor again, but he couldn’t control how attractive he thought they were…or his reaction to it. Realizing this fact, and wanting to get out of the situation anyway, he said “Uh…I think it’s…um…hot in here. I’m gonna go outside for some air,” and quickly stood up.

Susie stood up just as fast and quickly said “We’ll come with you, it’s hot as hell in here,” pulling Christa to her feet. Christa just looked at Timmy and smiled, almost laughing. Timmy, obviously startled answered “uh…okay.” So the girls followed Timmy out the door into the relatively fresh air.

“So, what else do you do besides sports?” asked Christa when they got outside.

Timmy just glanced at her and said, “Nothing really. Nothing interesting, I guess.”

Susie wrapped her arms around one of Timmy’s and put her head on his shoulder, answering, “I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you think. Humor us.”

Startled again, he tried to speak but his voice cracked. “Where the hell did all this come from?” he asked himself.

Christa did the same thing with his other arm and said, “Yeah, tell us.” With that, Timmy gave them an abbreviated list of all his accomplishments and things he does by himself.

“Cool,” said Susie, looking at Christa with a devilish grin. Christa did her best not to laugh, but she looked she was about to burst out laughing. Timmy didn’t even notice; he was looking down at the ground again.

Susie asked, “So you’re a football player and a wrestler?” She gave his muscular arm a squeeze and continued, “You must be pretty tough.” Christa giggled to herself as she watched her friend set up poor unsuspecting Timmy.

“Ever been kicked in the balls before?” Susie asked, trying to hide her smile.

Timmy blushed, and answered quietly, “No…uh…that’s never happened.”

Christa didn’t wait for her friend to keep going, and blurted out, “Do you think you could take a kick from each of us?”

“Oh my god, what is going on?” Timmy thought. But he said to her “I dunno, I have no idea what it feels like.”

Susie didn’t try to hide her grin anymore. She said, “Well, I’ll kick you, then Christa will. If you stay standing, we’ll tell everyone you’re dynamite in the sack.” Christa laughed loudly, and once again Timmy blushed.

Christa continued where her friend left off and said, “If you go down, you have to come back home with us and be our slave for the rest of the night.”

Timmy said, “That doesn’t sound like such a good idea. I mean, people would know you’re lying if you told them that. I don’t go out much.”

Susie stood in front of Timmy and grabbed his cock through his pants, replying, “Well, if you stay standing…” Timmy instantly realized what she meant by that, and reluctantly agreed.

Both girls giggled with glee. Susie took a few steps back and said “Ok, Timmy spread your legs a little bit, sweetie.” Timmy felt very awkward, but did as he was told. Susie said “I won’t hurt you too bad,” then without warning, she swung her leg back as far as it would go, then set her black high heeled feet forward in a blurry arc. It was a perfect kick, the instep of her foot smashing between Timmy’s legs and crushing both of his balls.

Timmy let out an incredible groan as he fell to the ground like a rock. He cradled his aching balls in his hands as he laid on the ground in fetal position, moaning to himself.

Susie started laughing triumphantly, saying, “You went down! Now you’re our slave!” However, Christa didn’t look as pleased as her blonde-haired friend. Susie stopped laughing when she saw Christa and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I didn’t even get my turn,” Christa answered bitterly.

Susie answered, “Is that all? We have all night. Plus, since he went down, he’s our slave now.”

She turned to Timmy, who was still in agony on the ground, and said to him, “C’mon, my little sophomore, get up.” She started to help him up with Christa, and as he stood, his legs wobbled; he had never felt anything like that. Susie continued, “Now spread your legs again, it’s Christa’s turn.”

He tried to comply since he was pretty sure his night would get much worse if he argued. Before he could get his balance and establish a firm base, Christa’s foot was already on its way. Her pointy toe slammed viciously into his right testicle, giving Timmy the impression that she’d ruptured it. He went down again and started to feel like he was about to puke. He felt like he was about to cry; although he was incredibly shy and was often intimidated by speaking to people, he never wanted to cry before.

Christa said, “Let’s get him to your house. We can’t keep this up much longer or we’ll get caught out here.” She motioned to Susie and said, “Go get your car so we don’t have far to go. It doesn’t look he’ll be going that far.” Then both girls started to giggle like, well, schoolgirls.

Timmy thought “Wait…CAR?!” He managed to choke out a question, asking, “You… can… drive?”

Christa looked down at Timmy and smiled, answering “Of course, silly. We ARE seniors.”

SENIORS?!?!?!?! This was going to be a long night for Eastern’s star running back.

Part 2

As Timmy Williams sat in the back of Susie’s car, he was starting to feel a little light-headed. The feeling wasn’t caused by the two, thunderous kicks he had just received or because he was physically uncomfortable in the back seat. Timmy, simply, was terrified. He had no idea what these girls (SENIORS!!!) had planned for him…not that he didn’t have the means to find out; Susie and Christa were discussing what they were going to do, laughing and not making the effort to keep their plans a secret. Timmy was just too scared to listen. Not that he was a wuss; he had played in tons of high-pressure football games and wrestling meets. He just didn’t trust these girls who had, just a few minutes ago, destroyed him so easily.

Susie pulled her car up in front of Christa’s house, and both girls got out. Timmy was a little hesitant to join them, knowing that he was in for a long night. Susie and Christa waited by the car, looking in at him, staring really. Feeling uncomfortable, he got out and joined them. His balls still ached a little, but he could move, and Timmy, Susie, and Christa walked into the house.

“You know, I can do anything I want to you. My mother’s on a huge business trip and she says I can take care of myself,” Susie said to Timmy. Christa laughed mockingly when Timmy squirmed a little, and then she made her way towards him, her sexy hips moving from side to side. Timmy, although he was very shy, watched as she came. He was hypnotized by the way she sauntered, so mesmerized that he realized she stopped and put her hands on his shoulders only when her hips stopped moving. He looked to the floor quickly so their eyes wouldn’t meet, but he still wouldn’t have been able to stop what happened next. Although he was looking down, he never saw it coming as Christa kneed him viciously in the balls, then did it again before the pain could set in or before he could react. Timmy doubled over from the surprise but the pain only took a few seconds to hit him like a ton bricks. He fell to the floor, cradled his balls in his hands, and curled himself into fetal position.

Both girls gave each other a playful hug, holding on to keep each other standing as they were laughing very hard. For a couple of minutes, the room was filled with noise; the girls laughing and Timmy groaning.

Both girls had recovered slightly, and started to make their way over to Timmy, who was still on the floor. Susie prodded him with her right heel gently, and said “Damn, Christa, you really nailed him.” She moved her black high heel so it was by his chest, and then nudged him onto his back with it.

She smiled innocently at him and asked “Are you okay?” Surprisingly, he nodded; he was used to lying about how he felt physically, since he’d been a football player and a wrestler. When he said that, Christa trotted over, being careful not to fall in her silver pumps.

They both said at the same time, as if they rehearsed it, “Well, then get up!”

Wobbly, Timmy got to his feet, his legs very shaky under him. He kept a hand covering his crotch so he wouldn’t be on the wrong end of a surprise assault on his balls. He stood there, carefully watching both of them when he thought to himself, “I’m a football player and a wrestler and I’m getting beat up by girls!” His shyness vanished, and it was replaced by aggression. He suddenly charged, going after the first girl he saw, which happened to be Christa. Like the seasoned wrestler he was, Timmy took her down with ease and pinned her to the floor. Christa, unable to move, was terrified – what was this guy going to do? Before anything could be decided, Timmy felt a hand on both of his balls. Oh shit! The hand tightened and pulled, forcing Timmy to move.

“Get the fuck off her, asshole!” Susie screamed as she twisted slightly. Timmy was in so much pain he could barely scream. Susie felt how weak Timmy was, and she let go a little, only to clamp back down on his balls with both hands. He was starting to pass out when Susie was thinking about letting him go, and lucky for her, she did. The instant she did, Timmy retched violently, making a mess on the floor.

The girls forced him to keep it up when he had the ability to move, which wasn’t for a long while. He was on his hands and knees when both Christa and Susie stood over him.

Christa spoke up first saying, “You know, we still own you.” She glanced over at her friend then continued, “Take your shirt off for us.”

Timmy, knowing he was defeated and would only prolong his misery if he disobeyed, complied. He revealed his muscular body, and Susie and Christa wasted no time, touching his body immediately. His shyness returned, and he turned red. While they were feeling him up, Christa slid behind him, and held his hands behind his back. Susie, smiling devilishly, drove her knee up in a blur between Timmy’s legs, and then did it again…and again…and again. Christa, not being strong enough to hold this huge athlete, let him drop to the floor.

Christa walked around to the front, and caressed his face, starting to feel a little bad for him. She said, “Just a few more and we’ll take you home, ok?”

Timmy, who had tears in his eyes, nodded his confirmation.

Susie, grabbing him under his arms, picked him up slowly. “Spread ‘em a little,” Christa said to Timmy as she put her hands on shoulders. As soon as he did, she kneed him in the balls, very hard. The kneed him over and over, and after about six she stopped, stepped back and kicked him with her pointy-toed pumps, hitting him dead on. Timmy’s body went limp and he passed out. Susie let him fall to the floor in a heap.

Both girls stood over Timmy’s unconscious form, Susie smiling triumphantly. She looked over at her friend, saying “Same time next week?”

Christa returned the smile and replied, “Hell yeah! What party?”

Susie answered, “Well, I always had a thing for soccer players…”

The End……???

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